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3 To N. Ferenc about Mr. Pellionisz (mind)  30 sor     (cikkei)
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+ - Cat Stories & Photos Needed for Book (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I'm writing a book about cats from around the world. If you have any funny
stories about your cat please send them to me (in English). I also need
color photos if you have them. Thanks.


+ - Re: church-state relations (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

on the subject and/or opinions that you may have on the subject. my
thesis will most likely be something like "why, unlike the polish catholic
church, didnt the Hungarian catholic church participate significantly
in the nations struggle against Communism?

If you can read Hungarian consult the works of Jeno Gergely and Sandor Balogh.
+ - To N. Ferenc about Mr. Pellionisz (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I assume Mr. N. Ferenc is fairly new to the Internet. Otherwise, he might
understand better why Mr. Fencsik and myself lose patience with Mr.
Pellionisz. Mr. Pellionisz is the follower of a rightwing party in Hungary
and uses the Internet to propagate that party's ideology, which is certainly
his right. My problem is not so much with his ideology (although I don't
consider his politics a viable alternative for Hungary), but the way he
chooses to participate on Internet forums.

If Mr. N. Ferenc would have to suffer Mr. Pellionisz's personal insults day
in and day out, maybe he would also lose his patience, perhaps even faster
than me. I have been the object of Mr. Pellionisz's scorn for a year and a
half. I have been called everything under the sun from traitor to communist,
ignorant historian who used anti-Hungarian history books while teaching East
European history, and altogether a stupid, unpatriotic woman. So, please
don't be surprised that if very little charitable feeling is left in me for
Mr. Pellionisz. There are two things I cannot stand: (1) stupid people (2)
people who twists the truth and who treat other people shabbily. Mr. Erdey,
notwithstanding his titles, falls into the first category; Mr. Pellionisz
into the second.

And last but not least. Could I ask how it is that such letters are always
addressed to Mr. Pellionisz's opponents, never to Mr. Pellionisz himself,
who, in fact, is responsible for the tone of these exchanges. When he is
quiet (sometime for months) the Hungarian-language "Forum" becomes an
interesting discussion group, where people with different ideas discuss
political and economic matters in a more or less civilized manner. That
civility immediately disappears after Mr.Pellionisz begins his vitriolic
attacks against those who don't share his rightwing ideology.

Eva Balogh
+ - RE>Confronting the IMF (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kocsis Tamas wrote at Aug 31:
>Az eredetit [Endrey's letter to Horn] eddig nem olvastam,csak a szoc/lib
>sajtoban a rola megjelent lekicsinylo, elbagatellizalo, hitelesseget ket-
>segbevono cikkeket. Szamos ujsag nem is foglalkozott a level tartalmaval,
>csak a (szokasos) szeme'lyeskedesig jutottak el: ki a fene ez a ficko, na
>nehogy ma' kiralyi tanacsos legyen, csak etet itt minket, esatobbi.
<FORUM #1734>

Fencsik Gabor wrote at Sep 4:
>The Net being what it is, there is no way to tell whether Dr Vitez Lo'fo"
>Anthony Endrey, Dr. Jur., LL.B. (Hons.), QC, etc. actually exists, or if
>he is just another figment of Dr Pellionisz' lively imagination.  Someone
>acting as Her Majesty's Counsel for the States of Victoria and Tasmania,
>while residing in Hodmezovasarhely, is just the kind of character to spring
>-- fully armed -- from the head of the good Doctor.
<HUNGARY #419>

Sorry, I could not resist.

Let see now the real stuff:

>Tamas Kocsis sees an analogy between the proposed IMF lawsuit and the
>Dalkon Shield-type mass tort cases against pharmaceutical companies:
>In order to make sense of this analogy, Tamas would need to ask the
>question: what is it exactly that the IMF is selling?  And what does
>it mean for the IMF's "customers" to stop buying?

I try talk about a long-running legal proces which hurt by itself.
There is 2000 bn $ bad debt around the world. Hungary's debts far not
that bad as the rest, it is even among the best ones. If its flawless
repayability will be questioned, the whole bad debt stock will be
strongly effected, and I tell you, not positively. The net damage
would be bigger by one magnitude at least than the Hungarian gross
debt. ( 'gross' here means 'tokkal-vonoval').

>What Hungary is trying to sell is government paper.  It has to keep
>selling the stuff because the state spends more money than it takes
>in.  In the market for government paper, the IMF is a very prominent

Until now I believed that the Magyar bonds were bought by German and
Japan housewives. At least now I know that after every single MNB emis-
sion in Frankfurt or Tokyo the IMF intervenes and buys out everything,
so I don't have to worry for the financial balance of Fr. Mueller and
Mrs. Tagaki, anymore.Thank you very much for enlightening me. :) :) :)

The only problem that we discuss *loans* here that have nothing to do
with bonds. That's an other story (already discussed in FORUM.)

>The second mistake is the belief that confronting the IMF is good for
>Hungary.  This is a very dangerous proposal.  The disaster it would
>cause is comparable to losing a war.  There would be economic collapse
>and hyperinflation.

That would be the possible consequence after the declaration of comp-
lete refusal of paying off without any plausible excuse.Endrey's idea
is different however. We would make a completely legal court action
against IMF and World Bank i.e. we put the morons into suspense. They
have no ground to destroy the Hungarian economy because everything is
completely legal. And this situation would settle for years, during
Hungary could take every single oportunity to propagate the trial in-
ternationaly, with heavy emphasize onthat how bad, biased and harmful
for Hungary, for the region, for the emerging markets, how a cold-war
obsoletes they are, how they mishandle everything. Even the grass not
as green anymore in Hugary as it used to be. USA would not be very
happy with this scenario since they try to play the role of the bene-
factor who pulled the East-Europian countries out of the claws of the
evil Russian Bear and give then a Nice Happy Future. East Europe lives
now a life neither nice nor happy but way under the living standards
of late communism. And that future is still have to be seen. The only
myth which still in effects that the western powers are fundamentally
goodwilling, they want to help.If this myth were lost they would have
nothing to keep the region democratic, out of Russian influence.

>To find out what would happen under such a
>scenario, take a look at Peru. They have tried this tactic, and their
>economy has gone down in flames.

They did with completely empty Treasury, without carefully planning the
action. It was easy to yoke them again because they did not have ground
to tactical moves neither finantially nor politically (Peru is on a re-
mote, politically uninteresting part of the world.) They were easy tar-
get, mild financial force were enough. Hungary however has considerable
reserves and can not be driven to the wall so easily. Besides, Hungary
is in East Europe, and if she wants she could really mess up the wes-
tern powers' tiny game with Russia or can turn Balkan completely into
flames, turmoil. Funny,but those NATO experts still deeply believe that
Hungary means the biggest stability risk to the region's peace. (I just
wonder, why ;) :) ;) We sould cash in on this belief, suckers always
have to be exploited, you know.
Western powers don't risk.They even shudder at the mere thought of any
risk. Just look at the recent scenario in Balkan. They did not dare get
involved militarily regardless of the fact that Milosevich made clear
weeks before that anything happens they would not support the Bosnian
Serbs anymore. It still needed first the Croatian army to rout the Bos-
nian Serbs. Now they are taking part in kicking the dead lion,they even
think themselves war hero...very pathetic.

+ - Re: RE>Confronting the IMF (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kocsis Tamas wrote

: ...East Europe lives
: now a life neither nice nor happy but way under the living standards
: of late communism.

Could you, please, quantify this?  Excepting the former East Germans, is it
for every EE nation?  How far below standards of late communism is, e.g.,
Poland, and are the Poles closing the gap or not?

--Greg Grose
+ - Visiting Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Arriving in Budapest on Sept 13th and would like contact. Acompanying
son looking for business posiblities. I'm 74 and just looking.