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+ - HL-Action: Request to President Goncz (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

****************** CALL FOR ACTION ****************


  In spite of several requests of the Csangos (the Hungarian minority
in Moldova, Romania) the Roman Catholic Curch is still not offering
them the Holy Masses in their native tongue. Even the Hungarian
minority in Slovakia do not receive sufficient support from the
Catholic church: They still do not have an own Catholic bishop despite
their adjuration to the Pope.
  On June 3 the President of Hungary, Arpad Goncz, will meet the Pope.
This is an excellent opportunity to ask President Goncz to intervene
at the Pope on behalf of the Csangos and the Hungarian minority of

What to do:
  Please write a letter to President Goncz and ask him to speak up in
favour of the Csangos and the Hungarian minority in Slovakia during
his meeting with the Pope. Feel free to use the attached form letters.
Letter #1 is written in Hungarian, letter  #2 in English.

Address of President Goncz:
Dr. Arpad Goncz
A Magyar Koztarsasag Elnoke
1357 Budapest, Orszaghaz, HUNGARY


letter written in Hungarian:


Dr. Arpad Goncz
A Magyar Koztarsasag Elnoke
1357 Budapest, Orszaghaz, HUNGARY

Tisztelt Elnok Ur!

tudomasom szerint On junius 3-an, Szent Adalbert halalanak
1000-ik evfordulojan, talalkozik a Papaval. Ez a talalkozas egy
kivalo alkalmat kinal az Elnok Urnak a Csango es a szlovakiai magyar
honfitarsaink szorult helyzetere felhivni a Szentatya figyelmet.

Csango testvereinknak  mind a mai napig nincs lehetosege
magyar Istentiszteletet latogatni. A helyi roman puspok, Petru
Gergel, a csangok es az erdelyi magyar puspokok hatarozott keresere
sem engedelyezi a magyar nyelvu Szentmiseket. Tekintettel a kedvezo
politikai korulmenyekre a Szentatyanak csak egy szavaba kerulne, hogy
ezt a tarthatatlan allapotot megszuntesse.

A szlovakiai magyar honfitarsaink a paphiany az egyik legnagyobb
gondja. Tiz ev mulva varhatoan a mai plebaniaknak a fele rendelkezik
sajat lelkipasztorral.  A "Jopasztor Alapitvany" szerint, a helyzet
javulasat egy magyar pupok kinevezese hozhatna. Az alapitvany e
keresere a Papa eddig nem tett eleget, valoszinuleg a szlovakiai
puspoki kar ellenallasa miatt.

Kerem tisztelt Elnok Urat, jarjon kozbe a Szentatyanal csango es a
szlovakiai magyar testvereink erdekeben.

Oszinte tisztelettel

<nev, cim>

letter written in English:


The Honorable Dr. Arpad Goncz
President of Hungary
1357 Budapest, Orszaghaz,

Dear Mr. President:

please speak up in favour of the Csangos and the Hungarian minority in
Slovakia on the occasion of your meeting with the Pope on the 3rd of

Several Csango congregations have been asking for years, that the Holy
Mass shall be offered in their archaic Hungarian language. Up to now
their bishop Petru Gergel has refused this request. This denial is
both contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and is
also an affront to their most basic human rights. Furthermore it
promotes the cultural assimilation of a unique nation. Considering the
advantageous political situation one word of the Holy Father would be
enough to solve this unsustainable problem.

One of the major problems of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia is the
diminishing number of pastors. At this rate within 10 years their
number will halve. To help the situation, the "Jopasztor alapitvany"
has appealed to Pope John Paul II to name a Hungarian bishop. This is
opposed by Slovak Catholic interests and to date there had been no

Mr. President, please intervene on behalf of the Csangos and the
Hungarian minority of Slovakia at the Pope on June 3.


<name, title, address>
+ - Re: Wanker (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 07:20 PM 5/6/97 -0400, Ferenc Novak wrote:

>Poor Joe, apparently hallucinating, now projects his own thoughts
>(?) onto others.
>He is like Moricka in the classic joke saying: "Nekem mindenrol AZ
>jut eszembe!"

Except that it was *you*, who thought of that.  It's also interesting to
see that you note every reference to masturbation.

>Whatever he means by all this, let's hope he washes his hand before
>switching to the keyboard.

Ah, yes.  Written like a true reactionary right-winger.  And that's good,
because I was wondering if Hungarian right-wingers were anti-sex, and
sex-is-dirty kind of people, like their brethren in the West.  It seems
that you are.  It's no wonder your politics are so unattractive.  But, then
again, I've never salivated over heroes, gods, or nation.

Joe Szalai
+ - More on Sarlos (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

The following article was in today's University of Waterloo 'Gazette'.
Hungarian-Canadian financier Andrew Sarlos, who died last week, had a close
UW connection.  He was a member of UW's board of governors from 1981 to
1987 and again from 1988 to 1994; he served as the first chair of the
board's audit committee.  Sarlos was also awarded an honorary degree in
1995.  Well known as the man who had made more than one
multi-million-dollar fortune on the Toronto Stock Exchange (and lost
multi-millions too, with a collapse in 1982), Sarlos led an exciting life;
born in Budapest during the Nazi occupation, refugee to Canada during the
Hungarian revolution of 1956, work in engineering and then finance, and
late in his life intense activity to build up business links between Canada
and his homeland and help create a capitalist economy in Hungary.  He was
named to the Order of Canada in 1992.

Joe Szalai
+ - Re: church growth in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I do strictly adhere to this principle.
The reality is capitalism, at the moment.
However, one main characteristic of reality is
that it is dynamic and forever changing.
I hope for something better.

Eva D

>        But let me have a little sarcastic comment, whenever you
> advocate those communistic beliefs you should remember that piece
> "Reality won't go away when you stop believing in it.".
> J.Zs
+ - Re: church growth in Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> I too happen to think that it would be much preferable for those people in
> Hungary in need of a psychological crutch to find it in religion, be it
> Mormons or Jehova's Witnesses or Islam or Buddhism or Hare Krishna, than
> drowning their sorrows in alcohol or in killing themselves in despair.

this seems a somewhat dodgy stand. "I know this to be a lie,
but it is a"good" lie for some less intelligent people... "
I would prefer a society that doesn't
produce more and more unhappiness - even amongst its elite.
(look at the vip list of scientology.)

Eva D
+ - Re: Peddling Snake Oil (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 01:07 AM 5/6/97 GMT, Agnes wrote:

>For those who are not familiar with the
>system in Quebec, children of catholic fathers go to catholic school
>because that's were their education taxes are going.  Everybody else goes
>to the protestant school system.  Since my husband declared that no child
>of his will go to a catholic school, everybody was declared Jewish and my
>children went to the protestant system.

        Only in Quebec!!

>To make a long story short, we had a lot of problems with
>the identity crisis of our children and if I could start over again, I
>would definitely do it in a different way.

        What do you mean by that? You wouldn't marry a renegate Catholic? Or
you wouldn't settle in Montreal? (Actually, that would be a terrific
decision.) In that case, you could send you children to any school you wish
and I would avoid religious schools. (I myself had horrific experiences as a
Protestant in a Catholic school but in those days there was no other choice
for a girl in my city.)
        I know people who bring up their children without any church
affiliation and perhaps that would be a good solution in that case, except
that an educated person ought to know something about the Judeo-Christian
tradition: the Bible, both the Old and the New Testament. (Mind you I took
compulsory religion for eight years and I still get mixed up with my bible
        So, what would you do differently? Eva B.
+ - Re: Oz vernacular (was: Re: church growth etc.) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
 (MDtoCEO) writes:

>Then I do object.  Narcissists worship themselves.  I do not worship

Your posts indicate otherwise, as does your boastful screen name.

>I worship Sam.

Then you are well and truly screwed, both from a psychological viewpoint
and a metaphysical one.

>Doesn't everyone?

Fortunately, your particular pathology appears to be sui generis.
Sam Stowe

"That boy, Frank -- he lives inside
his own heart. That's an awful big
place to live in..."
-- Karl Childers