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+ - Re: No HUNGARY content, but it's funny ( 31 sor ) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>Felado :  [United States]
>Temakor: Re: No HUNGARY content, but it's funny ( 31 sor )
>Idopont: Thu Apr 10 01:45:13 EDT 1997 HUNGARY #965
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>no, no, no... Joska ba'... I was musing about 1 million monkeys writing
>(for all intents,
>apparently randomly) on the Internet and NOT producing anything. :-) :-)
>BTW, I have no idea what the source is... it just came flying by... like
>much else from
>the Net.

I've seen that quote before but with a slight difference.  The quote I saw
had an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters
reproducing the Bible.  I guess that in polite company one didn't use that
quote, unless you had the monkeys reproducing Shakespeare.

Joe Szalai
+ - Re: The First Hungarians in America (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Andrew J. Rozsa wrote:
> >On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, jeliko wrote:
> >
> >> Maybe, it happened this way.
> [......]
> jeliko,
> I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that you have given me some
> of the most honest belly-laughs in ages. Brilliant. Thanks.
>  :-))))
> Bandi
Yes, I4d love to have a ( German! ) beer with Jekiko

P.S. I apologize for "German", but North American beer?
No thank you. ( Maybe, exept for some new SMALL breweries.)
If I would comment Bud or Michelob ( both light ) I would
be sued...not for being wrong, but for telling the truth...
( And, to be honest, having see and tasted a lot in the World,
German beer is their best hightec product ( together with BMW,
but BMW is Bavarian, not German ).
+ - Re: No HUNGARY content, but it's funny (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Andrew J. Rozsa wrote:

> >> >Why didn4t you say you were starting a new thread about
> >> >listoholics? :-)
> >> >M
> >>
> >> Is that an advanced form of Netoholism? :-)
> >
> >The very last phase, the hopeless one. The symptoms will
> >be tangible for the environment as well. And considerable
> >"Realitaetsabloesung", loosing touch with reality takes
> >place...Its not quite like BSE, its rather Jacobs-Kreutzfeldt.
> Maybe we should create a business that cures people of it.
> The only problem is that I would come across as a blathering
> hypocrite.

Than you are bound to become successful :-)
> >> Rozsa Sandor Rablovezer (at least that's what my mother used to call
> >> me - I used to wonder why?  I no longer wonder since Trey - - Andrew
> >> III--- was  born, 10 years ago) :-{
> >
> >Well, in many generations the sins of the fathers will be sanctioned
> >by the breed...You are not alone, brother.
> >M
 You mean that my
> mother's threat "you will find out what I went through when you have
> a son of your own" became true.

Exactly this is whar I mean. Isn4t it interesting that exactly this
was my mother4s thret, too? There must be a forgotten, archaic wisdom
behind or - better and - end the working of higher justice behind. Juj,
juj s ott leszen siras es fogak csikorgatasa...( still, I wouldn4t like
to miss it...:-) )
+ - HL-Action: write President of ICJ (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

****************** CALL FOR ACTION ****************


  Hungary's position in the Danube lawsuit at the International Court
of Justice in The Hague is very promising. However, even if the court
rules in favour for the environment it is possible that the Slovak
government does not accept the sentence.
  It would be useful if the World Court threatens with UN sanctions in
case of non-compliance, since this would force Slovakia to respect the
decision of the court.

What to do:
  Please ask the president of the International Court of Justice, Mr.
Schwebel, to incude a recommendation for United Nations sanctions in
case of non-compliance. Feel free to use the attached form letter.
Note that Schwebel will only take notice if he receives numerous
  Unfortunately we do not have the e-mail address. Please
do not hesitate to send him a fax or a snail mail.  PLEASE
  Fax number:  ++31-70-3649-928



The Honorable Stephen Schwebel
President of the International Court of Justice
Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ,
Den Haag
The Netherlands
(FAX:  ++31-70-3649-928)

Dear Mr. President:

Congratulations on your well-deserved appointment as the new
President of the International Court of Justice.  Your professional
standing and reputation is sure to further increase the reputation of
the Court.

This year, for the first time in history, your Court will decide on an
environmental lawsuit concerning the Danube. The precedent you set
will affect all humankind.  In ruling on the dispute between Hungary
and Slovakia, you and your fellow judges can establish that rivers,
forests, and oceans are not the sole properties of nations, and that
national governments do not have the right to destroy the planet's
unique ecosystems, even if they happen to be within their borders..

Mr. President, your Court has already set a precedent when it
accepted the Memorial of the international NGOs. You have established
a second precedent by visiting the Danube wetlands during the first
week of April. You have seen that the ecosystem of the Szigetkoz is
dying due to the loss of groundwater, caused by the rerouting of the
Danube. This region used to supply the Danube with the oxygen needed
to digest the wastes. Now the "lung" of the river has been cut out and
the dammed river has been turned into an open sewer. Shipping has
suffered because of flimsy construction and because the dam can not
handle ice. In addition, half of the populations of Dobrohost, Vojka
and Bodiky have already fled, because of their isolation and the
physical danger they face.

Dear Mr. President, you are fully aware of the above and it is
certainly not our intention to belabor the obvious or to try to
influence your decision. What we are concerned about is not the
ruling you will make, but the enforcement of that ruling. If in the
fall you rule that the Danube must be returned into its natural
riverbed, that ruling might not be carried out if not backed by
sanctions. Therefore, Mr. President, we would respectfully suggest
that you consider setting yet another new precedent by incuding in
your ruling a recommendation for United Nations sanctions in case of


<Your name, title and address>
+ - Re: The First Hungarians in America (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Bob Hosh wrote:

> If my memory serves me right, Jeliko's topic , with a little more digging,
> lead to: "Washington's Hungarian ancestry" by Mabel Thacher Rosemary Washburn
> an article in Vol. 29, no. 4, 1935 of the Journal of American History.

This story has been published by many, I particularly like the way Ladislas
Farago presented it in his book "Strictly from Hungary" (Walker and Co, New
York, 1962). A copied a part of the story here:

" ... there is in New York a dedicated Magyar historian who collects famous
Hungarians like Billy Rose collecting Picassos, both genuine and bogus. Our
historian keeps count of us, records our achievements and list us
diligently in a roster that keeps growing by leaps and bounds. He is as
elated when he stumbles upon another Hungarian who made good as Lord
Rothschild, the late great entomologist, must have been when he found
another species of the Blatta orientalis for his famous cockroach
  Just the other day, when I happened to bump into him in the reading room
of the New York Public Library, I thought to detect a special glow on his
erudite face. I was right. He was aglow.
 "Guess what?" he said.
 "You found that warm water was invented by a Hungarian," I said.
 "No," he said sharply. "But I have discovered that George Washington
  was a Hungarian."
 "You're kidding!"
 "This is far too serious a matter to kid about," he shot back sternly.
 "According to Mabel Thacher Rosemary Washburn, the well-known American
genealogist, the authenticated lineage of George Washington could
hitherto be traced only to John Washington of Tuwhitfield in Lancashire,
England, who lived about the middle of the fifteenth century. Before that
everything went blank! But now, I have . . ."
  "You mean to tell me," I interrupted him in some excitement,
"that you have now . . ."
  "Yes," he said with proud finality. "I have established beyond the shadow
of a doubt that the Father of Our Adopter Country was also a descendant of
our beloved Native Land. He is a lineal descendant of our own Szent Istvan,
better known hereabouts as St. Stephen, first king of Hungary, who reigned
from 1001 to 1038."
  "You don't say."
  "But I most definitely do. Stephen married the German princess Gisella
and in association with her sired Agatha, who in turn married Edward I.
Among their issue was Margaret -- St. Margaret of Scotland -- who married
Malcolm III, son of Duncan I . . . and so on, down the line to Henry I,
youngest son of William the Conqueror. Henry's great-great-great
granddaughter, Margaret Butler, married Lawrence, son of our John
Washington of Tuwhitfield. Do you follow me?"
  "I am afraid I don't," I said. "As a matter of fact, I lost you somewhere
at the issue of the first Edward."
  "Of course," he said with scholarly condescension. "But have here a
genealogical table in which I demonstrate George Washington's Hungarian
origin, without the shadow of doubt."

- end of quote from the Farago book.

Barna Bozoki