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+ - Canoe '97 - World Championships (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Fellow Listers:

Some days ago, I posted a message requesting feedback from all of you out
there regarding your interest level of this event, in order to help
rationalize the 'required communication equipment to adequately service the
needs of the Hungarian Team'.  It so appears, that my intent was lost
through the wonders of my writing skills .... again:-(, since several
messages came back requesting clarification.  Please accept my apology for
not having been clear enough.  Rather than individually answering your
notes, I'll try again ...

Hungary is sending the largest delegation of 52 (so far registered)
countries to this event.  Their delegation will consist of at least 50
athletes, plus a dozen or so VIP's.

In the past, similar events have suffered from equipment deficiencies to
the degree, that messages intended for respective teams were forwarded far
after the event was over with and forgotten about.  Since we want to make
this year's event a most memorable one for the Hungarian Team at large, we
are looking for feedback from all of you out there of your individual
intent ... most specifically;

Please Email me privately, if you intend on sending a message to the
Hungarian Team during their stay in Canada, (between Aug 14th or so, to the
26th) and whether you wish to do so via Email, or via FAX.  This feedback
from you, combined with others we are exploring will help determine the
requirement for equipment provisioning.

Please Email me privately, if you are interested in getting immediate
information of race results.  This feedback from you, combined with others
we are exploring will help determine the equipment/manpower requirements.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday (June 11).  We have until June15th,
to rationalize the 'communication equipment requirement for the Hungarian

Please Email me privately, if you are interested in receiving a team roster
(not available until the Hungarian National Team Trials - will follow the
World Tour they are now participating in.  Should be available during the
first two weeks of July).

In closing, I must add; - It is my personal hope and desire that all of you
out there will want to take the time to write a few lines of good wishes
and or congrats to the Hungarian Team.  While it goes without saying that
there are countless issues of more importance ie; political, environmental,
economical etc etc... this upcoming event represents an opportunity to make
a serious difference in individual human lives by extending such a teeny
effort .... which will undoubtedly result in ... well, better results...

If this remains unclear, I definitely concede, that I need the help of 'an
better writer' out there.... please come forward at will!!!  You will most
certainly be welcomed:-)!!!

Best regards,
Aniko Dunford

+ - Long time you're in hiding .... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Hugh!

Been wondering about ya!  .... You well?  Your family must be in Namerica
by now? Gawd you're lousy at corresponding with little people like
moi.:-(!!!  Must be all them academically enclined keeping your

Just wanted to drop you a few lines to share a few things ....  Mandy's
reluctant return to Canada has actually been pulled off ... without major
scars.  She loved living in Europe sooo much!  I am elated, since she'll be
graduating with at least honors, speaks totally fluent Hungarian, has
matured incredibly in a short ten months, and qualified last weekend for
the Junior World Championships to be held in Lahti Finland in July. (Junior
means under 18)  In fact, strongly so.  From 119 females ac cross Canada,
she ranked 2nd the first day and 3rd the second day.  Four are being taken
to the champs.  In Nova Scotia, she is the only female.  The others are one
from Mississauga, and two from Lac Beauport Que.  Get this ... for a tad of
trivia .... of the four, three are of Hungarian background!

Mandy's elated, and is totally ecstatic.  They are soon leaving for a
training camp in Lake Beauport, followed by a trip to Hungary (to which she
said "Great!  I'm going Home!) on July 5th for another training camp.  From
there they leave for Finland on the 17th of July with the racing to begin
on the 20th (which happens to be my birthday - and she thinks it to be a
real cool omen).

Of course you realize that makes me snitty ... since I get to loose her all
over again for the summer, just when I was sooo looking forward to having
her home.  Then, she's been 'wedging' her way around requesting that we
'purchase' a home in her other home, so that she can always feel like she's
home no matter which home she's at .... are you following this???
Geesshhh!  It also means that my finances are about to take a serious
'shitkicking' ... between traveling to Finland to be followed by Montreal
for the Nationals ....  oh boy!  Say .... are there any universities in the
US offering scholarships for Kayakers???:-)))

Speaking of finances .... shortly after arriving home, got a phone call
from Revenue Canada informing me, that they will be on sight the following
week for a tax audit of our business.  It was not that great (the process I
mean), but we faired out pretty well all the way around.   They found us to
be entirely legit with our financial reporting... (good, now hopefully
they'll leave us alone for awhile).

That's about it ... except that Slovakian girl I was asking your advise on
 ... way back when ...  Mandy and I met her and her parents while in
Hungary.  Very very nice family.  If all goes well, she'll be coming to
live with us for a year or so.  She really wants to learn to better speak
English, and her parents can't possibly afford to send her to a school and
board her.  We'll let you know.  Take care, hope all's well at your
extremely "silent" address:-)...

+ - Re: George! A first.... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 09:18 PM 6/7/97 GMT, you wrote:
>"Andrew J. Rozsa" > wrote:
>>>and people, even though I do not feel the need of regular -->>
>>>George Antony
>>>Please accept my sincerest thanks. Today, for the first time in all
>>these years on the Net somebody drove me to a dictionary.
>igazan orvendetes ez a felsofoku muvelodes amit ti itt az
>orrunk (sot: orraink) elott szemermetlenul elkovettek. Nem
>lett volna ildomos, hogy egyiktek, de talan inkabb Bandi,
>mert o megnezte, felutotte stb., mig george..
>pan7e7gyr7ic (p2n  -j9r 9k, -j: r9k) n. 1. A formal
>eulogistic composition intended as a public compliment. 2.

By Jove, somebody (finally!) got it! :-)

Felvagni konnyebb mint kozolni. Szerintem.

+ - A Fate Worse than Death (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Joe Szalai writes about Hungary and other survivors of the great
Socialist experiment:

> ...most, if not all, of these countries in transition will have a
> second class capitalist economy for a long, long time.

True.  Since they started the decade with a second-class Socialist economy,
this is inescapable.  Most of the countries in your list will probably be
stuck for quite a while somewhere on the periphery of the world economy.
Just as certainly, a few of them will take off and build first-class
economies in a single generation, as dozens of countries have done in
this century.  It mostly depends on the inventiveness and enterprise of
their own peoples, and enlightened leadership by their political elites.

Second-rate or not, the Hungarian economy is nothing to sneeze at.
A dollar invested this January in a random mix of stock in the Budapest
stock market would have yielded something like 55 cents by now, even with
the controlled slide in the currency conversion rate.  I can only hope
your retirement fund paid as much.  In fact, if you have a few kopecks
to spare, then I would suggest you stay away from those trashy Indonesian
gold mining stocks they peddle on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Instead,
mosey on down to your favorite stock broker and pick up some Hungarian
stock while it is still cheap.  After all, it is never too soon to think
of your retirement days, is it?

Gabor Fencsik
+ - Re: A Critique of the Soros Foundation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 02:01 PM 6/8/97 -0400, Johanne wrote:


Si! (Sen~ora).

+ - Re: A Critique of the Soros Foundation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi, Gabor!

At 03:42 PM 6/7/97 -0400, you wrote:
>At 06:47 AM 6/3/97 -0400, Johanne wrote:
>>Joe and I are probably equally opposed to *corporatism.* Me, because I am
>>opposed to anything in which individuals' identities and needs are
>>submerged in mass organizations.
>This sounds so strange from someone who used to be in tha Navy (Marines?).

I was a commissioned officer in the US Navy. (1974-1979).
>Or is it there that you found out?

Yes, and no. I have always been an individualist (to a fault, I admit). But
I also recognize that people are social animals, no man is an island, etc.
etc. It is just a question of degree as to how much one subordinates
oneself to a group. I feel that the difference is the degree of worthiness
of the cause one is working for. I felt the military to be worthwhile -
and, remember the military are also referred to as services (but there was
also a period in my life when I wanted to be a nun, for the same reason,
even tho I wasn't Catholic). Also a factor for me was the traditional one
that the armed forces offered a path of advancement which wasn't available
to me at home (Colin Powell is another example of this). I tend to be
reluctant to subordinate my own needs and desires to a corporate group
whose aims I feel are mainly the perpetuation of a power structure - I
could never dedicate my being to IBM or ATT, for example.
>Gabor D. Farkas




Johanne L. Tournier
e-mail - 
+ - Re: George! A first.... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

"Andrew J. Rozsa" > wrote:
>>and people, even though I do not feel the need of regular -->> panegyrics
>>George Antony
>>Please accept my sincerest thanks. Today, for the first time in all
>these years on the Net somebody drove me to a dictionary.

igazan orvendetes ez a felsofoku muvelodes amit ti itt az
orrunk (sot: orraink) elott szemermetlenul elkovettek. Nem
lett volna ildomos, hogy egyiktek, de talan inkabb Bandi,
mert o megnezte, felutotte stb., mig george..

pan7e7gyr7ic (p2n  -j9r 9k, -j: r9k) n. 1. A formal
eulogistic composition intended as a public compliment. 2.
Elaborate praise or laudation; an encomium. [Latin
pan6gyricus, from Greek pan6gurikos (logos), (speech) at a
public assembly, panegyric, from pan6guris, public assembly
: pan-, pan- + aguris, assembly, marketplace; see ger-
below.] --pan e7gyr i7cal adj. --pan e7gyr i7cal7ly adv.

1. (n.) An expression of warm admiration or approval:
2. (n.) A formal expression of commendation and admiration:
      condemnation (antonym)