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3 VIENNA or BUDAPEST: Cheap tix wanted (mind)  4 sor     (cikkei)
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+ - Foreign words in Hungarian (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

One ought not to be a purist about foreign borrowings but at the same time
the Hungarian written media often uses English words when there is a
perfectly good Hungarian equivalent. Way, way back there was a huge discussion
 about what to call the new "foldalatti." Foldalatti or metro. (For those who
don't understand Hungarian: fo2ld = earth, ground; alatt = beneath, under; i
= a suffix to make adjectives out of nouns. So, it is the mirror translation
of the British English "underground." The metro won out for reasons of

The word "szia - sziasztok" bothers me a great deal and I am still not
accustomed to it, finding it jarring. The Hungarian dictionary seem to think
that it is a corruption of "szervusz- szervusztok" as opposed to a mistaken
borrowing from English. The first time I encountered it (and the very fact
that I remember the incidence tells you how jarring I found it!) was in 1956
December, 1957 January from fellow refugee students in Austria. So, it does
go back a long way and therefore the dictionary might be right that it has
nothing to do with "see you."

Eva Balogh
+ - Re: Please make me an optimist (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> Dear Reader,
> I am a student of the ELTE university in Budapest, Hungary, in the faculty of
> arts. I study in the American Studies Department, and in this semester I am
> taking a course in cognitive linguistics. I am writing to you now to ask for
> your help. I have to do a linguistic research for which I need American
> English native speakers write about their concept of optimism. So I would
> like to ask you to answer these questions bellow, and to send the answers
> back to me ) till Thursday, May 11.
> The questions:
> 1. What are your first thoughts when you hear this word: optimism?
> 2. Would you say you are an optimistic person? Why or why not?
> 3. Do you agree with the saying that 'life is unendurable without hope'?
> Please answer them as naturally as if you were talking with friends.
> Thank you very much for your participation.
+ - VIENNA or BUDAPEST: Cheap tix wanted (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hello fellow .hungary readers.  The following is a post I've got floating
around on some of the travel groups.  I thought I'd put it here, as well,
since Hungary is our destination this summer.  Any and all info/leads/etc.
will be greatly appreciated.
+ - immigration into Canada (free evaluation) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Application for Permanent Residence in Canada (FREE evaluation)

If you want to develop your full potential and look for a better life,
Canada could be an ideal place. You might think Canada is too cold to
live in. In fact, the climate in the southern part of the country is
quite like that of New York or Beijing.

As the second biggest country in the world, Canada just has a
population of approximate 28 million. Most of the people are living in
the southern part of the country. Currently, Canadian government
implements a very open immigration policy. Last year there were more
than 200 thousand immigrants. The job market has good demands in
hundreds of fields.

It's very safe to live in Canada. In addition, the Canadian government
gives good benefits to permanent residents such as free health

As a Canadian immigration consulting firm, Kelet Michtina L.L.C. would
like to take this chance to encourge you to immigrate into Canada.

The Canadian government requires that any person who wants to
immigrate to Canada as an independent immigrant must apply for an
immigrant visa. In order to get an immigrant visa, you and your
dependents must satisfy the visa officer that you meet the
requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. The
basic requirements are:
1. you meet health requirements;
2. you must be law abiding and will not be a risk to the security of
3. you should have a valid passport or travel document;
4. you need to have enough money to look after yourself and your
   dependents in Canada until you become self-supporting;
5. you need to provide all documents requested by the visa officer to
   establish your admissibility; and
6. pay the processing fee and landing fee.

In addition, you must score sufficient points under the selection
system. In general, if you have a bachelor degree, one year of working
experience, and good capability of English or French, you will have a
good chance to pass the selection system.

No matter where you are living (e.g. Asia, Europe, Australia, or
Africa, etc.), you can successfully immigrate to Canada within 6 to
12 months. You don't need to wait for a long time and work hard for
"green card" as in some countries. You can stay in the country where
you are now and apply for permanent residence. Actually, the canadian
government has a strange regulation, which says that you must be
outside of the country in order to get permanent residence visa.

If you are interested, you may fill out the attached form. After you
complete it, please email (or use regular mail) or fax it back to us.
We will evaluate your case absolutely FREE. If you pass our evaluation,
you will have a very high chance (above 98%) to pass the point-based
selection system assessed by Canadian Immigration Office.

Good luck to you and may God richly bless you.

Kelet Michtina L.L.C.
May 1995


        Preliminary Application Forms for Permanent Residence in Canada

Your name: _____________________________
Date of birth: _________________________
Sex (please select):  O Male    O Female
Nationality: ___________________________

Address: _______________________________ (street, or P.O. Box)
         _______________________________ (city, province or state, zip code)
         _______________________________ (country)
Phone:   _________________________
Fax:     _________________________
Email:   _________________________

EDUCATION (post high school):
1. attending dates: _________________________________
2. school:___________________________________________
3. major: ___________________________________________
4. degree or certificate: ___________________________

1. attending dates: _________________________________
2. school: __________________________________________
3. major: ___________________________________________
4. degree or certificate: ___________________________

1. attending dates: _________________________________
2. school: __________________________________________
3. major: ___________________________________________
4. degree or certificate: ___________________________

1. years (from / to): _______________________________
2. employer: ________________________________________
3. address: _________________________________________
4. duties: __________________________________________
5. position: ________________________________________

1. years (from / to): _______________________________
2. employer: ________________________________________
3. address: _________________________________________
4. duties: __________________________________________
5. position: ________________________________________

1. years (from / to): _______________________________
2. employer: ________________________________________
3. address: _________________________________________
4. duties: __________________________________________
5. position: ________________________________________

ENGLISH or FRENCH LANGUAGE CAPABILITY (Please select by crossing):
ENGLISH       speak read write  FRENCH         speak read write
fluent          O    O     O    fluent          O      O    O
well            O    O     O    well            O      O    O
with difficulty O    O     O    with difficulty O      O    O
not at all      O    O     O    not at all      O      O    O

MARITAL STATUS (please circle)
        1. single 2. married 3. divorce 4. separation

_____ (age 19 or over); ________ (age under 19)

Do you have a relative in Canada (please select)?
        O Yes (please specify the relationship)

        O No


After you complete above form, please email (or use regular mail) or fax it
        Kelet Michtina L.L.C.
        14 Easton Avenue #258
        New Brunswick, NJ 08901

        Fax: 1-(908)699-1699
+ - Hunglish (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> English has gone through an enormous amount of growth through
> borrowing; [...] >
Indeed, one could argue that English is a mongrel language formed
entirely from the blending of (some) Celtic, lots of Germanic [Anglo-
Saxon], a fair infusion of Norman-French, and a rich dose of Latin and
Greek -- to cope with all of which its grammar has been undergoing
gradual simplification (still happening: cf. recent creeping death of

Hungarian, in contrast, is very much sui generis, although it has of
course been absorbing words from other languages (and linguistic groups)
for a thousand years (e.g. "kira'ly" and "udvar" from Slavonic, "iskola"
from Latin, etc);  more recently (18th-19th century) an effort was,
however, made to generate new words from Hungarian roots, rather than
take over foreign ones, when new terms were needed: thus it has e.g.
"gyufa" formed on analogy to German "Zu~ndholz", "pa'lyaudvar" rather
than "Bahnhof", etc.

What one now encounters is a twofold phenomenon:
(a) the transliteration of foreign, mainly English, terms for new
 concepts, such as "byte" and "software", usually in a phonetically
 pathetically incorrect form (inevitable, given the difference between
 most vowel and some consonant sounds in English and Hungarian)
(b) sloppy preference for foreign words where Hungarian ones could be
 found, for decades encouraged by the ubiquity of Soviet-inspired
 Marxist terminology; e.g. "bro'ker" in place of "to~zsdeu~gyno~k", etc.

The answer to (a) could be sought in a revival of the Language-renewal
(Nyelvu'jita's) efforts of the 18th-19th centuries (whose worst
excressences, such as e.g. "dalnok", rapidly died a natural death);
there is no excuse for (b) -- certainly not amongst Hungarians actually
living in Hungary!

> [...] the economic and political success of a country depends on its
> ability to interact with other nations. >
Yes, but while the World remains rich in languages that means learning
each-other's, not reducing one's own to a sub-pidgin.

Stephen Pa'lffy

PS. I consistently translate my Christian name into the language I
happen to be talking/writing -- Istva'n, Stephen, Etienne, Stefan,
Stefano, Esteban, etc. all seem to be the same to me, but it does seem
to annoy bureaucrats of all nations, who would appear to insist on the
form shown in whatever document(s) on is carrying...
+ - hungarian media law (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


  As I'm making a paper on the Hungarian media policy, I'm looking for some
answers! I can't find the "new Hungarian media law". Is the law already
voted, or isn't it? Where can I find it? Is it still the government who
pulls the strings in the state-run television and radio?

  Are there some limits on cross-ownership,... concerning the private media?
Where can I find the laws on this issues?

P.S. If you would be so kind, you can always fax me at my girlfriends'

        Fax: (00) (32) (0)3/457 51 32

        Thanks in advance and regards!

My e-mail adress is;

                Grysolle Steven