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+ - Re: Translations of Chandor Patofy (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Chairman Mao ) wrote:
: I would like to read the poetry of Chandor Patofy (excuse
: misspelling please) in English.  Can anyone recommend a
: translation that is currently in print and, if possible, give the
: ISBN number.  Thank you.

: Carl Varady	

: -- 
: Chairman Mao:	There's no time like the present.	

I can only help you to correct the spelling: Sa'ndor Peto"fi
*  Laszlo Prising                         *
*  22 Elkhorn Dr., Apt. 426               *
*  North York, Ontario, M2K 1J4, Canada   *
+ - To all Hungarian football fans (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


To all the football fans on this newsgroup:

As your country is one of the strongest footballing nations in
the history of the World Cup, I'd be interested to see what the
"all time national XI" of your country would look like. I invite
you to send me your choice for an all star team, for which you
can select any player from this century. Include substitute
players and/or a coach if you want, and do give me your reasons
if you want to. I'll post a summary to this newsgroup. I'm
looking forward to your replies.

Jack van Rijswijck

+ - Re: Translations of Chandor Patofy (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Laszlo Prising ) wrote:
: Chairman Mao ) wrote:
: : I would like to read the poetry of Chandor Patofy (excuse
: : misspelling please) in English.  Can anyone recommend a
: : translation that is currently in print and, if possible, give the
: : ISBN number.  Thank you.
: I can only help you to correct the spelling: Sa'ndor Peto"fi
: Bye,

that's the OTHER poet, the one he wants is Csa'dor Pato'ffy, who wrote 
"tip-toe hunkies" in 1948, NOT in 1848.... :)
double bye,
+ - Re: Magyar (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

question to tama's, clary and other

compact liguistics? what is the origin(s) of:

so:re bor mindenkor
bora so:r meggyo:to"r????

o.k. it's late, but i'd like some explanans if possible! :)


) wrote:
:  (Steven C. Scheer) writes:
: >linguist, so these are amateur observations. However, having lived
: >far away from Hungary for many, many years, it is interesting that when
: >I hear it now during visits home, I think I can almost hear the 
: >music of the language as if I were a foreigner. As if I were, mind
: >you. Kellemes tovabbi szorakozast . . . 

:  If you're extremely tired and/or you can hardly hear the speech, you'll 
:  succeed in hearing "the music" too, even if you live in a Hungarian speaking
:  society.
+ - A Gyulafehérvári Sorok (1310-20 korul) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

E 15 soros nyelvemlékünk a harmadik legrégebbi összefüggő
szövegünk. A három részből álló szöveget ugyanaz a kéz írta
különböző időpontokban. Feltevések szerint az író János ba-
rát volt, a marianus ferencesrendi szerzetesek provinciálisa.
A magyar szöveg három részből áll:

I. 5 sor, Jözus nevéről szól
II. 4 sor, hogy látják a hívők Krisztust
III. 6 sor, Krisztus szenvedéseiről szól

A magyar szövegek a latin szentbeszédek vers módjára
összecsengő összefoglalóinak (distinctio) fordítása. 
A  nyelvemléket tartalmazó kódex jelenleg is Gyulafehér-
váron van (Alba Iulia - Romania).

A XIV. századi nyelvemlékek helyesírásával nagyjából
megegyezik, a kancellária XII. századi helyesírásán alapul.

A kettőshangzók még megfigyelhetők,  holott a XII-XIV sz.
között lezajlott nagymértékü monoftongizáció minden nyelv-
járásban kipusztitotta a korábbi diftongusokat.

** Betühív átírás / az olvasat átírása

Habro†agben walacnok kegu††ege -
eleeknek [kegu††e] vruk†sege.
Koor†agbon walaknok ege††ege-
Scíuk†segben walaknok beusege.
ehezeu [cnec eleg†ege ?]

Hábroságban valáknok kegyüssége
éléknek kegyüsse ürüksége
kórságbon valáknok egéssége
szükségben valáknok bősége
éhező [knek eléksége ?]

Chudalatu† míuín(e)c ielenetuiben
vnu(n) zaiaual mu(n)dut igen(e)c tono†agaban
†ce(n)t oltaru(n) kuner kepeben.
oz kerezt fan figeu kepeben

Tsudálatus mívinek jelenetüiben
ünün szájával mundutt igének tonuságában
szent oltárun küner képében
oz keresztfán figgő képében

Vnun tonohtuananac arulatia
Nemzetuí nepnech vadulatia.
J(e)r(usa)l(e)m uara†anac ti†te† fugadatia.
I†ten fianach artotolon†aga.
halalanoch †cidalmo† quína.
bbodug a†cunnac †cemehel la[tatia]

ünün tonoktványának árulatja
nemzetüi népnek vádulatja
Jeruzsalem várasának tisztes fugadatja
Isten  fiának ártotolonsága
halálánok sidalmos kína
bódug asszonnak szeméhel látatja

+ - SHOUTING & SWEARING (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

An interesting point (to me anyway) has been brought up
and mentioned in several postings.
	That Japenese & Hunragian laguages don't support any
"shouting and swearing".
	Does anyone have any info as to WHEN AND WHAT LANGUAGE
DID shouting & swearing originate??
	Having been born in the US and having lived in US for
over 50 years, I've heard a substantial amount of "..shouting & swearing".
and have (unfortunately) done a lot of shouting & swearing.
	I'm not so sure everyopne is correct about not being able to
in Hungarian because I sure heard a lot of raised voices of my 
grandparents, in laws, and father IN Hungarian while growing up.
	Have NO idea WHAT they were saying but it sounded like shouting to
me alomg with their "angry looks".
	So, where did it start???

Oliver Tershansy
a/k/a The AntiRush

+ - NATO expansion (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Have you guys read this recent Washington Post editorial from which
the following is a quote?

>     Galvin's words also echo the strong reservations recently voiced in
>Washington by Paul Nitze, a leading hawk in previous Democratic and
>Republican administrations. Nitze and other retired U.S. ambassadors joined
>to issue a public statement opposing NATO expansion now. So does George
>Kennan, who along with Nitze wrote the key national security documents that
>guided America in the dawn of the Cold War.
>     What a spin of the Washington merry-go-round: While conservative
>generals, some of Ronald Reagan's favorite diplomats and other foreign policy
>thinkers on the right line up to cut Russia some slack, liberal and moderate
>Democrats at the top of the Clinton administration have grabbed the banner of
>NATO expansion and being firm on Russia.

Looks to me like another Jalta sell-out might be brewing, but this time
by GOP.  Can these guys ever think in terms other than just US vs.
Russia?  They also keep talking as if by expanding NATO to include the
four Cental European countries would bring NATO on Russia's border.
Well, it would not.  There would still be Ukraine and Belarus in
between, yet you don't hear them complaining!  Russia still keeps
talking as if those countries were part of Russia and the so called GOP
hard liners tacitly agree with it by towing the Russian line.

I am no Clinton fan, but I think in this issue he is right: this is a
historic opportunity to expand and secure the boundaries of freedom in
Europe before the curtain rolls down again for another 50 years.  Right now
Russians are in such a mess that they can only talk loud, but carry a
wet noodle instead of a big stick.  Later, after they are once again
resurrected by infusion of Western capital, who knows?

Joe Pannon
+ - Re: TOPO Hungarock group (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Wally Keeler > wrote:
>I'd like to know is this music is available on cassette. I am interested 
>in any rock that is not just an imitation of Western (US) rock, but 
>infuses its own cultural beat, so to speak.

I have a feeling that if they have a CD out, they probably also have a
casette on the market.  But I doubt you could get it here.  Besides, as
I was told, the TOPO group is not even in the first league in this kind
of music, so you might find some better ones out there that may be
available in Hungarian book and gift shops in the US and Canada.  I'd
bet Toronto has at least one of those shops.  Probably around Bloor
Street somewhere. 

>Also, is there any distinctly Roma Rock or Roma Rap cassettes?

This is something our Romanian fans in s.c.r. might know better. ;-)

>Hi Joe, Fancy meeting you here.

What do you mean "here"?  This _IS_ my "home group" after all. 
I only visit s.c.r. after my missed adrenalin shots.

+ - Re: Hungarian and Sumerian? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

CLARY Olivier ) wrote:
: In article >  
(Janos Szamosfalvi) writes:
: >E'n olvastam middle e's old english-t
: >-- a middle english egy kicsit me'g hasonlitott a modern englishre, the 
: >az old english olyan volt mint egy ma'sik nyelv.   

: Ez igaz. De nem tudom, mik a datumok, hol a hatar a ME-re, meg az OE-re,
: az eddig emlegetett 500 evhez kepest, talan tudod? 

Nem tudom mivelhogy a linguistics ko:nyvem ma'r nincs meg, de meg fogom 
ke'rdezni a volt TA-met.

: Azt hiszem, a maganhangzo-
: valtozas a magyarban is van a HB ota, de amiert sokkal tobbet valtozott azota
: az angol, mint a magyar, az az eros francia hatas ugye? Hodito Vilmos stb.

Deha't akkor a magyar me'rt maradt meg annak daca'ra hogy it volt 
a to:ro:k, a ne'met, azta'n ne'ha meg latinul besze'ltek az urak.... ?
+ - Re: NATO expansion (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

It just occured to me whether these former hard liners are taking this
new position for nostalgic and existential reasons.  After all, they
were "big boys" at the time of Sovietunion, while now they are almost
forgotten.  In other words their personal fortunes might have been too
tied to the US-Soviet confrontation.  What do you think?

+ - Re: Hungarian and Sumerian? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

T. Kocsis ) wrote:

: >valamelyest a mostani magyarra.   E'n olvastam middle e's old english-t
: >-- a middle english egy kicsit me'g hasonlitott a modern englishre, the 
: >az old english olyan volt mint egy ma'sik nyelv.

: Hozhatnál néhány angol példát. 

Majd ko:ru:lne'zek a ko:nyvta'rban mivelhogy a linguistics ko:nyvemet 
(amiben pedig sok e'rdekes dolog volt) visszaadtam a ko:nyvesboltnak 
fe'la're'rt.   Ki gondolta hogy me'g szu:kse'g lesz ra'....
+ - Re: Poet Avenues & Streets (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Wally Keeler ) wrote:
: I am doing a comparative study of Moscow, Dublin, London, Paris and 
: Budapest. I am trying to determine which city cherishes its poets and 
: writers the most by naming streets, avenues, squares, city blocks, subway 
: stations, parks, etc. after their best literary authors.

In my home village, about 20 - 30% of the streets are named after writers
or poets.  Of course, we had Peto:fi in school there; Illye's in the next 
village just a couple of miles away.

I don't think there's any significant Magyar writer or poet whose name isn't
carved in stone somewhere in Budapest.