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1 USA: NSF grad qtatasi osztondijak (mind)  140 sor     (cikkei)
2 $100,000-os palyazat fenntart6o fejlodes iromanyra (mind)  64 sor     (cikkei)
3 Ladakh-fejlodes (mind)  37 sor     (cikkei)
4 Tiltakozzunk (mind)  28 sor     (cikkei)

+ - USA: NSF grad qtatasi osztondijak (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)



Graduate Research Fellowship Applications

>>  For the 1996 National Science Foundation Graduate Research
>>  Fellowship Program, application materials are available by several
>>  different methods.  The document below explains how application
>>  forms can be obtained, completed, and submitted electronically; by
>>  using a combination of electronic entry and hard copy mailing; or by
>>  simply completing a hard copy set of application forms and mailing
>>  them to the Fellowship Program.
>>  We are sending this notice to all Coordinating Officials listed in
>>  the NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Directory, who have
>>  submitted an Internet e-mail address, and ask that you forward the
>>  information to all Departments of Science, Mathematics, and
>>  Engineering.  We would like this information to reach as many
>>  seniors and first-year graduate students who are interested in
>>  applying the the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program.
>>  If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to
>>  contact us by e-mail at  or by phone on (703) 306-1694.
>>  Sincerely,
>>  Richard P. Metcalf
>>  Associate Program Director
>>  NSF Graduate Fellowships
>>  ============================================================
>>National Science Foundation
>>Graduate Research Fellowship Program
>>Application materials can be obtained by the following methods:
>>A. Via the Internet:  Electronic application using NSF's FastLane
>>B. Via the NSF's Science and Technology Information System - STIS
>>     a) Online forms using Word for Windows 6.0 on your computer
>>     b) Blank forms printed on your laser printer
>>C. Hard copy forms mailed to your address
>>D. Hard copy forms picked up in person
>>A. Via the Internet: This feature is new for 1996. With Internet
>>access and a supported World Wide Web browser an applicant can
>>submit an application electronically using the NSF FastLane
>>Graduate Research Fellowship Program process.  Referees of
>>applicants who use FastLane can submit a Reference Report form
>>using FastLane.  Security is provided to ensure that both
>>applications and references can be seen only by authorized
>>persons.  The Fellowship Program process is on the NSF FastLane
>>Home Page, which is located at the following URL:
>>               http://www.fastlane.nsf.gov
>>The FastLane Home Page contains instructions on "How to Use
>>FastLane."  To access the NSF FastLane Graduate Research
>>Fellowship Program process, click on the appropriate icon on the
>>FastLane Home Page.  You will see instructions on how to use the
>>FastLane Graduate Fellowship process.  For questions concerning
>>the submission of applications or references using the FastLane
>>Graduate Fellowship Program process, please contact Daniel
>>Hofherr, Division of Information Systems, National Science
>>Foundation.  Phone: (703) 306-1142, ext.4686
>>The 1996 Graduate Research Fellowship Program Announcement can
>>also be accessed from the menu on FastLane.
>>B. Via the NSF's Science and Technology Information System - STIS
>>This feature is also new for 1996.  With access to Internet e-
>>mail, you can have the Program Announcement and application forms
>>sent directly to you via e-mail.  Each application form is
>>available in two (2) versions: a Word for Windows 6.0 Online form
>>and a PDF printable blank form.
>>Send an e-mail message to: 
>>Leave the Subject Line blank.
>>In the body of the message enter:
>>get nsf95121.txt
>>get fmgfkitd.txt
>>get fmgfkitp.txt
>>get fmgfkitd.doc
>>get fmgfkitp.pdf
>>The first "get" command informs STIS to send you the 1996
>>Graduate Research Fellowship Program Announcement (nsf 95-121).
>>The second and third commands are for the Instruction Sheets for
>>the (d) doc forms (Word for Windows 6.0) and the (p) PDF forms.
>>The "binary" command tells STIS that the rest of the files are
>>other than "text" files. The fifth line is for the entire kit of
>>application forms in the Word for Windows 6.0 Online format and
>>the sixth line is for the kit in the PDF format.
>>The files from STIS can be saved as DOS files.  The .doc files
>>can be accessed through Word for Windows 6.0 or later version.
>>These files can be printed as blank forms or, you can complete
>>the forms using your computer and then print them out.  The .doc
>>forms are locked with access only to the fields where information
>>is requested -- the forms must NOT be altered.  TIPS:  To go from
>>one field to the next, you simply TAB over.  For fields such as
>>the applicant's proposed plan of research or previous research
>>experience where more than one paragraph may be necessary, the
>>applicant should compose the response in a separate document and
>>cut and paste the response into the field.  All other fields are
>>direct entry.
>>The PDF files require Acrobat Reader software, which is available
>>free from Adobe.  The URL to the Adobe Acrobat Reader software
>>is:  http://www.adobe.com/software.html
>>Once you have loaded the free software, you can access the PDF
>>files through the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which will produce the
>>blank application forms.  As many copies of the forms as you like
>>can be printed on your laser printer.
>>The Instruction Sheets mentioned above ("get" lines 2 & 3)
>>explain how you also can "get" the individual forms that are in
>>the application forms kit.  The individual file names are listed
>>on the Instruction Sheets.
>>For more information about getting NSF publications and materials
>>via STIS, send an internet e-mail message to:  
>>In the body of the message enter:  get nsf9564
>>C. Hard copy forms mailed to your address
>>Printed materials may be obtained by direct request to:  NSF
>>Graduate Research Fellowship Program, Oak Ridge Associated
>>Universities (ORAU), PO Box 3010, Oak Ridge, Tennessee  37831-
>>3010.  Telephone (423) 241-4300, FAX (423) 241-4513, or Internet
>>D. Hard copy forms picked up in person
>>In Washington, DC, materials may be obtained at the ORAU-NSF
>>Fellowship Operations office, 1019 19th Street, NW, Suite 605.
>>In Oak Ridge, TN, materials can be obtained at the ORAU-NSF
>>Fellowship Operations office, 702 South Illinois Avenue, Suite B-
+ - $100,000-os palyazat fenntart6o fejlodes iromanyra (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


 International Dialogue On Sustainable Development
  To Be Conducted On The Internet

New York, NY -- An international essay-writing competition with
$100,000 in prizes for the best essays on sustainable development is
being sponsored by the Earth Pledge Foundation, it was announced by
Leslie Hoffman, executive director of the Earth Pledge Foundation. An
innovative prize structure with interim awards has been created to
promote a year-long, worldwide dialogue on this critical issue.

The concept of sustainable development was endorsed by the 1992
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (also known
as the Earth Summit) in Rio. The competition and dialogue will be
conducted on the Internet via the Earth Pledge Foundation's World
Wide Web server. The URL is http://www.earthpledge.org/. The United
Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which has a strategic alliance
with the Earth Pledge Foundation, will assist contestants without
access to the Internet by allowing them to send submissions by mail
to regional offices around the world.

A grand prize of $25,000 will be awarded to the best essay. Runner-up
prizes will be awarded in each of four categories: General Public;
Academics, Scientists and Journalists; Industry and Non Governmental
Organizations (NGO's); and Individuals under the age of 18. An
additional category for children's artwork will open later in the

Each essay will be evaluated by an international panel of judges.
Scores will be determined on the basis of five criteria: writing
quality, originality of concept, persuasiveness of argument,
practicality of solution, and factual accuracy.

"It is not our aim to invite polemics for either side of the
conflict between environmentalists and developers," said Theodore W.
Kheel, president of the Earth Pledge Foundation. "We are looking for
a full exploration of how to make the Earth a sustainable

Throughout the year-long competition, information will be added
regularly to the server and contestants will be encouraged to check
in often. Interim prizes of $500 will be awarded every two months and
winning essays, along with the judges opinions, will be displayed to
stimulate an ongoing dialogue. The contest's final winners will be
announced at an awards dinner sometime after the closing of the
contest on April 9, 1996. A book of all winning essays will be
published and distributed worldwide.

The Foundation was formed in 1991 by Theodore W. Kheel, its
president, to create public awareness of, and interest in, the United
Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro.
EPF has continued to promote sustainable development, the primary
concept advanced by the Earth Summit, through a variety of
interconnected projects, many of which involve the recital of the
Earth Pledge:

"Recognizing that people's actions toward nature and each other are
the source of growing damage to the environment and resources needed
to meet human needs and ensure survival and development, I pledge to
act to the best of my ability to help make the earth a secure and
hospitable home for present and future generations."

+ - Ladakh-fejlodes (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Wolf Gyuri Ladakh-beszamolojarol a kovetkezo a velemenyem:

Az onellatas "nagy aranak" es nyilvan kegyetlen dolognak tartja, hogy a 
nepesseg jelentos reszet kolostorba kuldtek.Csakhogy egy zart teruleten 
(mint Ladakh, vagy a Fold bolygo)
termeszetes korlatai vannak az elelmiszertermelesnek, mig a nepesseg 
szaporodasa atmenetileg tulhaladhatja a fenntarthato elemiszertermeles 
hozamat.(azonmodon, hogy bevonnak nem fenntarthatoan termelt termeket is, 
de ez katasztrofahoz vezet)
Vagyis a hatekony fogamzasgatlas kora elott mindenhol "szabalyoztak" a 
nepesseget, volt ahol a csecsemok megolesevel( allitolag Kina egyes 
reszein ma is megolik a lanycsecsemok egy reszet)
mashol, az onszabalyozashoz nem eleg zart kozossegekben az idonkent 
ismetlodo haboruk, ehinsegek es jarvanyok vegeztek ezt.Ehhez kepest a 
Ladakhi modszer a leghumanusabbnak tunik!
Gondolom, ma mar a fogamzasgatlok megoldhatnak ezt a problemat, de a 
"fejlodes" Ladakhban ,es mashol ugy soporte el a regi 
nepessegszabalyozast, hogy nem hozott ujat helyette. Ha jol ertem, ma mar 
a nepesseg ott is szaporodik, vagyis a Ladakhiak is ratertek a vilag nagy resze utjara, 
ahol, tudomasul kell vennunk, joval tobb ember el, mint amennyi szamara 
fenntarthato modon elelmiszer termelheto!A mai vegyszeres-iparositott 
mezogazdasag rovid uton elpusztitja a talajokat, stb.stb. hozzajon a 
felmelegedes, nemsokara szembe kell neznunk a "globalis 
nepessegszabalyozas" kerdesevel, nem tudom, adatik -e  majd ehhez olyan 
humanus eszkoz, mint a Ladakhiake volt.
A ladakhi "fejlodes" nekem inkabb bomlasnak tunik, persze, az, ha ok 
megmaradnak elszigetelten a vilagtol, az mit sem valtoztat az emberiseg 
tobbi reszenek katasztrofaba rohanasan.
A kerdes nem Ladakh sorsa, hanem az emberisege, es engem nem tolt el 
optimizmussal, ha kepzett ember egy ilyen folyamatot latva csak olyan 
semmit nem jelento es sokszor cafolt kozhelyet tud mondani, hogy:" 
Velemenyem szerint a fejlodest nem lehet leallitani, (s nem is kell),".
Egy problema megoldasanak legalapvetobb feltetele, hogy azt problemanak 
tekintsuk.Ha  a "jelenseg" a "fejlodes" velejaroja, akkor nincs mit 
megoldani rajta.

Bobko' Csaba
+ - Tiltakozzunk (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Kedves HIX-elok,

      A HIX FTP-szerverre (HIX.MIT.EDU ezen belul a PUB/MISC directoryba
BEKAEVOK.BMP neven) foltettem egy (bitmap) kepet amely egy (gall) kakast
abrazol, amint "szarik a vilagra", folotte egy iras:

                 Some really authentic things from france

      A tiltakozas lenyege az lenne, hogy ezt a kepet szamitogeprol,
modemen keresztul elkuldozgetnenk kulonbozo francia illetosegu intezmenyek
fax-jaira. Ez a tiltakozasi forma mar ismert az amerikai modemes vilagbol es
mi mar meg is tettuk nehany alkalommal - persze az esti orakban, mert ugy
      Jo lenne persze, ha minel tobb helyrol es tobb helyen jelenne meg nekik
a kep - fogyasztvan ilyen modon a fax-papirjukat...
      Az elso lepes az volt, hogy nem vettem bagettet, de ez nem bizonyult eleg
meggyozonek, mert megiscsak robbantottak   :-))

Remelem hasznat veszitek a kepnek Ti is minel hamarabb.

Udvozlettel, Novaki Andras

ui.   Ha valakinek konnyebb a kepet UU-codolva kezelni, ugy is elkuldhetem.
uui.  Az egesz kep talan meg szar-kasztikusabb volna ha zarojelben alairnatok
      a szoveget franciaul - mintegy a gyengebbek kedveert:
            / Quelques choses authentiques de la france /

Sziasztok, N.A.