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1 Hungarian Music Slandered (mind)  81 sor     (cikkei)
2 Hungarian Defamation (mind)  174 sor     (cikkei)

+ - Hungarian Music Slandered (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


          The question whether an independent musical history similar to
that or western Europe, which can be traced back over centuries, also exists
in Hungary is not easy to answer quickly,  Although names like Dohnanyi,
Bartok, and Kodaly have during this century become synonymous with a musical
idiom fed from folklore sources, Hungarian music was associated right up to
the 10 th century only with gipsy music.  Since the migration of the gipsies
from northern India over a thousand years ago and the settlement of some of
these wanderers in the wastes of the Puszta, they had developed a musical
style of their own, which even Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Schubert, and Weber
used to add interesting splashes of color to their music.  These are
erroneously described as "alla turca" ( =3D in Turkish style).  It would be
more accurate to described them as "a la hongroise" =3D in Hungarian style.
Intellectually and financially dependent on Vienna, the Hungarians had no
opportunity to develop their own cultural sovereignty.  Although Franz Liszt
claimed at his first appearance as a pianist "I am a Hungarian", he was
unable to feel himself one, firstly because he had been born in eastern
Austria the son of a German-speaking estate manager and had only a
rudimentary knowledge of Hungarian secondly because he always remained a
passionate supporter of French Romanticism.  However, at his piano evenings
in Hungary he studied gipsy music.  He defined its features as the "gipsy or
Hungarian scale" (with augmented fourth, minor sixth, and major seventh),
the sudden changes of tempo from "slow" and "fresh", the intentional
avoidance of triple time and a particularly bold tonal color created by the
combination of Violins, flute, clarinet cello, bass and zimbal (a board with
strings which were struck with sticks).  Berlioz also paid his respects to
Liszt symbolized " a sort of aristocratic Hungarian Marseillaise".  The
other works in our program were also composed on the wave of popularity for
all things "gipsy"  They are pieces in which original methods are developed
(Brahms), their inflections are imitated (Sarasate) or which serve to
portray gipsy life on the stage in operettas in a prettified and distorted=

While we Hungarians are busy establishing ourselves in separate, little,
exclusive organizations as Catholic Hungarians, Reformed Church Hungarians,
Jewish Hungarians, Unitarian Hungarians, Republican Hungarians,  Democratic
Hungarians, AMOSZ, NCHA, etc., a major producer of international music CD's
is quietly producing and selling hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of
CD's all holding program notes written by an unknown German that state all
Hungarians generally and together have no real national or ethnic cultural
identity at all--that everything we call Hungarian in our music really
originated with the Gypsies; that Hungarian music is really Gypsy music, and
that Franz Liszt was nothing more than a misguided German-Austrian.

"Although names like Dohn=E1nyi, Bart=F3k, and Kod=E1ly have during this=
become synonymous with a musical idiom fed from folklore sources, Hungarian
music right up to the 19th century was associated only with Gypsy music. ...
Intellectually and financially dependent on Vienna, the Hungarians had no
opportunity to develop their own cultural sovreignty.  Although Franz Liszt
claimed...'I am a Hungarian,' he was unable to feel himself one because he
had been born in eastern Austria, the son of a German-speaking estate
manager..."  by Uwe Kraemer (for the LaserLight Digital Series by Delta
Music, Inc.)

Is it possible that for once this century we all could try to remember that
we really are Hungarians first and that we do have a well-established,
racial, linguistic and cultural identity going back to the Sumerian
empire--which preceded all of our latest self-inflicted divisions by at
least 4,000 years--and do something about this unsubstantiated slander?
Surely I'm not the only Hungarian American who has university education in
history, archeology and music from reputable Western universities and who
learned that such statements are not only unsubstantiated slander, but may
even qualify as a hate crime considering the potential quantity of sales to
non-college educated persons of many ethnicities, or just less-well educated
second/third generation Hungarian Americans, etc..----Cecilia L.=

For complaints about the program notes of "The Beautiful World of Classical
Music: HUNGARY" call or write to:
                              Delta Music, Inc.
                            Zur Muhle 2, Frechen 4
                             K=F6ln, Germany  50226
                          tel: (011) 49-22-346-0060
Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker -  - San Jose, CA
+ - Hungarian Defamation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In the past several years, as Hungarians and Hungarian Americans have sought
improved political standing, new treaties, international investments and
trade for Hungary.  We have been denied the full consideration accorded most
sovereign nations, especially those with ancient cultures.  A number of
senior politicians and officeholders as well as members of the media have
expressed a certain lack of respect for us.

How can we explode these false impressions?  Here are facts, based upon
western sources, which refute the falsehoods.

Myth 1: "The Hungarians caused World War I by over-reacting to an isolated
assasination incident by  a couple of individual madmen."

Reality:  French documents rediscovered in 1988 by the Mitterand government
described how a major arm of the French government--claiming to represent
the entire government--both paid for the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand
(who was not that friendly to Hungarians in the first place), and other
Austrian and Hungarian leaders, and spurred the Russian army to mobilize and
begin invading Austria-Hungary before either the German or
Austrian-Hungarian armies were mobilized.

Earlier documents uncovered and eyewitness interviews of  English
decision-makers conducted by Professor Carroll Quigley of Georgetown
University, Tragedy and Hope, and Dr.'s Clough and Colefield Economic
History of Europe, clearly show how the English engaged in a variety of
means of serious political, financial and other sabotage against
Austria-Hungary to both weaken the country overall and politically isolate
and strengthen an element the English knew it could defeat in a war, and
then engaged in the most outrageous activities to provoke that very war.
The English were also formally allied with the French and Russians with whom
they were in close communications.

In short, the well-documented reality is the English, French and Russians
started  World War I--all in an attempt to make all of non-pure-white
(remember racial prejudice was the norm  among most West European nations
who honestly believed they must be God's chosen because God allowed them to
militarily dominate so many non-pure-white peoples--"manifest destiny") East
Europe the last colonies of one or more of the West European powers.
(Russia itself was to have been an English colony, but the people just
didn't know it yet...)

Myth 2:  "So what if the Triple Entente really started World War I,
Austria-Hungary, especially Hungary deserved to be broken up and have its
people suffer as someone else's minority because the empire mistreated more
cruelly than any other major state non-Austrians and non-Hungarians."

Reality:  Investigators on behalf of first the victorious Triple
Entente--particularly Americans, and later the League of Nations found that
the reports by Czechs, Slovaks, Romanians, etc. were for the most part
outright lies about events that never happened, or were exaggerations.
There were some real incidents of discrimination and abuse, but there were
few instances of widespread discrimination that Hungarians themselves did
not also suffer in areas of non-Hungarian majority, or by Austrians
throughout the dual monarchy.  Some of the propaganda was even found to have
been produced outside of Austria-Hungary by the same element of the English
government that produced the inflammatory lie that the Germans were
universally raping the women and slaughtering and eating babies in Belgium.
Moreover, almost  all of the so-called popular national ethnic movements
among the Czechs, Slovaks, etc. were also discovered to be funded primarily
by  English, French and Russian funds, and the leaders educated partly in
these countries.  Funds were provided to both organize and disseminate
anti-Hungarian and Austrian propaganda about mistreatment of other ethnic
groups    Also claims that many areas were populated by non-Magyar
majorities were found by extensive--and repeated--censes by several groups
(the West didn't want to believe the first census) to be false--after these
areas had been already transferred to other countries without checking for
the accuracy of such claims.

At the same time, the English and French were decrying the alleged
mistreatment of Austro-Hungarian minorities, the English were abusing the
Irish to the point of armed rebellion--and were also discriminating against
and seriously mistreating Scottish and Welsh--both in the ancestral
homelands that had been joined with that kingdom, and in England itself.
The French treatment  of Basques, Bretons (Celts who also still speak
Gaelic), and North Africans was little better than the  English mistreatment
of its own Celtic minority.  In the U.S., who became an ally of the Triple
Entente, genocide was being practiced against native Americans, and black
Americans were still being lynched by the dozens year after year.  There are
no incidents of Hungarians committing genocide against minority peoples as
the Americans and English practiced against Native Americans and Irish, nor
of  wholesale land clearances and lynchings such as the English practiced
against the  Scots or the white Americans against the blacks.

Myth 3:  "The Hungarians are mostly anti-Semitic, fascists, who allied
willingly with Hitler, and helped slaughter their own Jewish population."
This is generally coupled with "West Europe was not anti-semitic and
therefore more noble and sympathetic."

Reality:   First of all the reason East Central Europe had large Jewish
populations and West Europe did not is because the Western countries had
either massacred or deported them centuries before --and continued to retain
emigration blocking laws and repressive measures for any remnants.  Consider
the massacre of the Jews of Lincoln, England in its own cathedral in the
1100's, the "auto-da-fe" and inquisition in Spain, and even as late as the
turn of the century the famous "Dreyfus Affair" in France.  East Central
Europe accepted the Jews and in some countries like Hungary they became
well-integrated, even intermarried with the rest of the population.  Hungary
even had a number of noblemen such as the Banffy's (barons) who were Jewish.

Hungary even had a large element of its own population that had been Jewish
before emigration from the West dating back to the time the Magyars had been
part of the Jewish Khazar empire--and accepted into its folds Jews fleeing
the Arab conquest of  old Judea, as per Arthur Koestler The Thirteenth
Tribe, and other researchers.  (Mr. Koestler himself wisely cites several
researchers in his statements.)

Hungary also did not willing ally itself with Hitler.  She literally had no
other choice.  The West already made it clear by its abandonment of its
commitments in the Versailles treaty to Czechoslovakia and Poland, that
Hungary--who had been considered even less worthy of defense as a former
enemy--would have no help either.  Hungary had even less of an armed forces
than the other nations under that same treaty, and finally Hitler actually
invaded Hungary with a small panzer division and rounded up all the members
of parliament at gunpoint and told them they would not be allowed out of the
parliament building until they passed a treaty that was what Hitler wanted.
This was not done in either Austria or Romania.

Finally, the Holocaust Memorial itself notes that Hitler had to arrange for
the massacre of thousands of Hungarians who were either known or even
suspected of being in the resistance--and their entire families, beginning
on May 15, 1944, and invade Hungary a second time with a full military
invasion, and depose the Horthy government all before the Germans--not the
majority of Hungarians--could begin putting Jews on trains to the
concentration camps.  Until 1944, the Hungarians themselves--without any
significant armed forces of their own--and no help from any other
country--had successfully blocked the massacre of any Hungarian Jews.
Hungary is the only country in all of Europe, West or East, that can say this.

Myth 4:  "The Hungarians are the remains of barbaric, nomadic invading
Asians who don't belong  in Hungary, and have no culture of their own."

Reality:  The Hungarians, as defined by the population of about 1250 CE,
were Eurasian; neither fully Asian nor European in race.  The archeological
and anthropological evidence of the late 19th and 20th centuries provided by
a researchers from several nations, including the U.S. and England,  says
that Hungarians always were Eurasian--a blend of both races, and may have
been an ancestral race  to both East and West.  The linguistic studies also
support this.  Magyar, according the Society of Sumerologists, and others is
the only still living language descendant of the ancient Sumerians--the
first known civilization in the world.  The Sumerian- Magyars also
originated in the Danube basin, the Balkans, and spread to the area
surrounding the Black Sea, all before 7,000 BCE.  Like the Jews, they may
well be considered to have finally returned home after centuries of
wandering, in about 800 CE.  Even considering just their "modern history,"
the Magyars are an identifiable element of the Khazar empire in 500 CE (they
were the records keepers, scientists, and tax collectors and accountants of
the empire, besides constituting part of the armed forces), and established
their own separate modern nation long before most other nations in Europe.
The "official" date is 896, but that is just when they finally got a joint
agreement from the western "powers" that existed at the time to recognize
them as an established kingdom in a sense they understood.  Only a few other
nations in either modern Europe or Asia, such as Scotland, France and China,
are older than Hungary.

The "good" peoples of the Bible are also sometimes used to justify what
peoples for which the Judeo-Christian West ought to have greater sympathy
and support--as God's chosen.  If that's the case, the Sumerian- Hungarians
ought to be  very well protected and respected, because according to the
consensus of archeological/anthropological data, they were the race of
Abraham who went with others of his city to the Jews and intermarried with
them and gave the Semitic and Hamitic peoples a linkage with God they did
not enjoy before.--The Magyars were Ur of the Chaldees and Ur of other
places (Ur is the ancient Magyar word for "men/lords.").  They were also the
"children of the nephilim" whom Joshua was told not to harm, and the Magyars
were also the Magi--Magi-of-Ur.  The West destroys what it considers the
best of its own religious and social heritage when it tries to destroy

Those few of us who have been hearing these false views need more help.
Please become one of the vigilant and do not let these things be said
Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker -  - San Jose, CA