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+ - Re: Another Example of Slovak Intolerance (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (Joe Panon) wrote:
>>>Talking about racism, what is wrong with Mongolia ?
>>	nothing at all.   but it is somewhat empty after 
>>	the hungarian ancestors left it and infested europe
> [...garbage deleted...]
> Internet.  When I see such bellicose bullies from a tiny country like
> Slovakia, I can't help recalling those famous lines from the movie...
Don't be fooled by the size. A 'tiny country like Slovakia' is capable
of HUGE surprises.  (By the way, Magyaria is just as tiny, and look at
the size of the bellicose bullies coming out of there.)

+ - About Slovak fascism, general remarks (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In this text, before having further recourse to it, I am introducing the
term "fascism" both in general and more specifically in the Slovak context.

The image of a fascist in usually associated with a caricature of a
brutal man in a brown uniform, black high boots and a truncheon. This 
image belongs to other times when the fascists did not have to keep 
discrete about their nature. Today, a fascist is more likely to wear 
a nice cravate and to operate from his keyboard. Rare are fascists 
who display their adherence to a fascist ideology openly.

Historically, the fascism is a reactionary movement in the epoch after
the WWI. In its primitive form, it was based on rejection of social 
theories whose fundaments were resumed in "The Social Contract" by
Jean-Jacques Rousseau of Geneva. These social theories are sometimes
called "Modernisme" because they are opposing the old social theories 
established since Niccolo Machiavelli.

The response to the Rousseau, to the Declaration des droits de l'homme 
et du citoyen after the Frech Revolution, to the US Declaration of 
Independence, US Constitution, by Hegel, Feuerbach, Marx, Nietzsche, 
and many others, resulted in an intellectual "bouillon" which brought 
Marxism, classical socialism, national socialism and fascism, communism,
but also modern liberalism, modern conservativism and many forms of 
modern social contracts and capitalist participatory democracy.

What the fascists are reacting against in particular are the social 
theories of the French Revolution and the principles declared in forms 
of slogans:

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

Liberte - freedom of thinking, freedom of speech and of opinion, 
no oppressive government intervention in the daily lives of the 
citizen, no illicit searches and seizures, secret of communication,
guarantees of the privacy, no intimidation, violence, prosecution or 
arrest for opposants, and where the majority rules but cannot 
terrorise the minority which retains unalienable rights.
The contemporary Slovak tragedy connotation is obvious.

Egalite - in the sense of civic equality, while people differ, they 
all should stand equal in the eyes of the law and to have the same
rights, the same obligations and the same chances for all purposes 
for all citizen. 

To put it into Slovak context, all the people have to pay the same
taxes if they realise the same revenue. Or, all the people have to
get equal chance in a public action, such as voucher privatisation.
Or, noone is above the law and noone may stay impunished because his
criminal deed is overriden by his political affiliation. Or, simply
that the laws and the Constitution will be respected by the government.

Fraternite - that all the people are a part of humanity that has to 
be respected and cherished at a level above the law. 

In the Slovak context, that means the political culture (or the lack 
thereof), hat noone will be attacked, slandered, badmouthed because 
of his racial, national or political appartenance (real of supposed).
That the opposition will not be devil-painted, the President not
scapegoated and that the opposants not beaten. That the hate propaganda
will not get support in State-run newspapers, TV, and radio. Of course
it means much, much more... elsewhere.

The support of fascism comes primarily from desperate people, whose
anxiety facing the chaos (that characterises a democratic society),
economic anxiety, social anxiety, existential frustration, but very
often intellectual and moral deficiency, are throwing into the maelstrom
of hate philosophy. Inherent inefficiency of a democratically organised
society in their perception will be hiding the auto-corrective features
and these people, desoriented, will prefer a strong hand to protect 
them from the freedom, offering them a parallel reality with no need
to think.

"Fascism is reaction," said Mussolini. In Italy, fascists have proudly
called themselfs by this name. In Spain, the fascism lacked the national
and racial connotation, but this has been very developed in the German
fascism, called nazism for its national orientation and its national-
socialist roots, nationalism, racism and racialism that eventually 
brought the holocaust, the most horrible tragedy the humanity ever 

While not all nationalist movements are fascist, in Slovakia, the clero-
fascist movement was among the strongest pronounced ones in Europe. For 
the Catholic hierarchy, embracing the fascism was the mean to get back 
the control of the social values after the secular Czech influence on 
the society. In Slovakia, the racialist fascism brought the "Jewish 
Decrees" and eventually the deportations. Yet there were many brave 
individual Catholic priests who spoke out and acted against the 
deportation of Jews. 

Vatican also protested: after the article from the SME daily 
of 30 August 1996, "Vatikan a  vojnova republika" by Marian Lesko,
when in october 1941 the Slovak President Mgr. Tiso said in Povazska 
Bystrica that "social principles of Pope Encyclics and the principles 
of the national socialism are identical... only those who did not 
compare them may pretend the contrary", the Pius XII revoked Tiso from
the "Prelati Domestici" list. Also in 1941, Vatican protested against
the racial laws. In March 1942, Mgr Burzio was asked to intervene to 
stop the transportations. His reply: I am not sure whether a [diplomatic]
intervention can stop ... fools. And there are two fools: Tuka, who 
ordered it, and Tiso, a priest, who lets him do.   In Fall 1944, when 
Vatican protested against the terror against civilians, Tiso answered
that "Czechs and Jews have who for five years lived well, joined the 
rebels". The article (in Slovak) can be found at URL

After the war, an important part of the fascist Slovak emigration went 
to Canada. They continue to be active, promoting extreme nationalism, 
racial and national hate. Their views are naive and understanding of
the current Slovak issues frozen somewhere at the post-war level.

After the split of Czechoslovakia, Slovak fascists abroad are known for 
their points of view supporting the government minority policy and some are 
loudly welcoming restrictions of the civic freedom in today's Slovakia, 
run by a red-brown nationalist coalition. 

Many people are calling the their publication, Kanadsky Slovak, to be 
nationalist and extremist. They also have a mailing list Slovak-L (on the 
listserv of the University of Buffalo, NY), gatewayed to USENET newsgroups 
as bit.listserv.slovak-l. Listowner of Slovak-L maling list, Mr. Frajkor, 
is an Associate Professor at the University of Carleton, Ottawa, member of
the editorial board of the Kanadsky Slovak.

What are the principal characteristics of the contemporary Slovak fascism?

Extreme nationalism. Historical mission that comes from the big history
that Slovaks did not have. Continuity with the Slovak State 1939-45 and 
with Great Moravia, defunct a thousand years ago. 

Violence and threat of violence, racket, State-organised crime, all that 
as means to impose the views on others and to strenghten the central 

Reliance on a leader, autocratic form of government, cult of personality
of a charismatic Fuhrer. 

Corporatism and creation of a "national capitalogenous layer of loyal 
entrepreneurs" (authentical expression). Privatisation of the State 
property for symbolic amounts into hands of a few hundred privileged, 
composed of members of the former communist ruling class, apparatchiks 
and StB agents.

Abandon of any ideology in drive to grab and keep the power. Random 
walking political "strategy", unlimited opportunism. No values in 
politics, except the Law of the Stronger.

Continuing to feed the "regulated hate" among the population and 
maintaining the state of "revolution psychosis", conspiration theories, 
deshumanisation of the enemy (Magyars, Czechs, Jews, the President, 
opposition, intellectuals...)  to eventual scapegoating and witch hunts.

The self image of being a superior race or nation is clearly present 
with one interesting Slovak specificity, "poor little us", whining about
the past injustices and thousand-year oppression. 

Adoration of symbols: bonfires, shepherd instruments (valaska), Devin hill,
etc., romantism a la 19th century. 

Reaction against the values of liberalism and Western democracy. 

On the individual level, a Slovak fascist is characterised, in addition 
to the above above picture:

Irrational, emotional adoration of the Nation. "Uncomfortable" facts 
are ignored and the picture of parallel reality interpolated from the 
"positive" facts. There also are "our facts" and "their facts", to be
ignored and fought against. "Our facts" don't even have to be facts,
hearsay is accepted.

Ignorance outweighted by arrogance, self-sufficiency, hostility to the

Absence of scruples, ethics, replaced by tribal dialectics. A lie is not 
a lie, a crime is not a crime, if committed in the interest of the Nation. 
The person who dares to disagree or even to think cannot be of our 
magnificent tribe.

Fear of discussion. Discussion means the need look for facts and need 
to think, staying on the level of emotional hatred being easier.

The various concrete expressions of the above symptomes will be described
on the Slovak-L list. In order to prevent Mr. Frajkor from censuring them, 
they will be crossposted also to soc.culture.czecho-slovak .

Roman Kanala

(No copyright. Feel free to use where appropriate. Sorry for my poor English.)
+ - Re: About Slovak fascism, general remarks (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Roman Kanala,

Thank you for your eloquent posting of August 30, 1996. It is extremely 
clear the dilution  Mr. Frajkor is suffering of.
I am personally in process of locating members of the board of trusties 
at University of Carleton, Ottawa. NAZI orientations like his are to be 
isolated, curtailed and expelled from the society. It is hard for me to 
believe that a young generation could end up studding in a place as the 
University of Carleton under Mr. Frajkor's guidance. 

A. Albu
+ - Re: A different story about the war in Yugoslavia (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Barry S. Marjanovich wrote:
> Shame!!!

Yeah Barry, Genocide, good idea!

Ghost (00)
Joost Stenfert Kroese                          
Some people never learn.
+ - Re: Exchange rate ;Can.$<>Hun.Forint.Also best way to s (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > ,  writes:
>What is the best way to send money to the old country(HUN.)  IF the
>recepient does not have bank account (folyoszamla)

I think the best way is to tell them to open a bank account first,
where you can send the money to. I tell you why. 
You send them $$$$ and let suppose  they want to change it to Forint. 
As cash, check or something like that it is converted on the currency's
buying price. If the same money is transferred from a devisa account
to a Forint account it is converted on a higher (near to the average of
sell and buy)  price.

I changed swiss frank to forint last week. On the street and
in the banks i would have gotten 119-121 Ft for it. Through
account transfer I got 125 Ft at OTP Bank.

+ - REWARD for Customized 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

REWARD of up to 10,000 USD for information leading to
the recovery of the customized 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
plate:Ontario 123 SYP)stolen in Warsaw(Al.Szucha), Poland, on
August 24, 1995, at approximately 1130 hrs local time.
     This truck was parked on Al. Szucha, a street on Embassy Row,
just opposite the Vatican Mission and the guarded government
complex (Building of the Council of Ministers) and under the
noses of several soldiers patrolling the street. It was gone
in 10 minutes.
     This vehicle was metallic blue in colour, with champagne
leather upholstery. It had a powered sunroof and was extensively
modified for off-road use. Its 5.2 litre V-8 engine was altered
to put out approx. 350 hp. Characteristic visible modifications
included: an external high performance oil filter (Racor), 
an auxiliary oil pump (PreLuber Marine-5000), Jacobs' OmniPak,
Borla stainless steel exhaust system (headers and CAT-aft),
a raised(4")and independently regulated(variable pressure in
the front and rear)suspension system (Rancho RS9000), 30"x12.5"
all-terrain tires (Dick Cepek, model CK653R) mounted on 15"x9"
polished cast-aluminum wheels (Progressive, model 57), a black
grille and brush guard with rear light protectors (Go Rhino),
a black steel porthole Safari roofrack (Con-Ferr, 39"x53"x4",
model G-9823), a golden colour steel rear axle truss bar
(Con-Ferr) under the rear axle differential, a Class IV frame
mounted hitch bar, winch harness receptacles in the front and
rear, a Global Positioning System (Eagle AccuTrail) white dome-
shaped satellite antenna permanently mounted on the roof between
the front windshield and the sunroof with the computer console
in the cabin, Air Band Navcom ICOM IC-A21 transceiver, two sets
of rectangular fog and terrain lamps (Dick Cepek C-808 and water
resistant Hella 115 Road Star) attached to the brush guard above
and below, two round 6" auxiliary lamps (Hella 500) attached to
the tailgate on either side of the rear license plate(within the
license plate well), smoke coloured plastic air deflectors (GTS
OmniGard and AeroWing) mounted in the front and rear.
     Detailed description of this vehicle, including photographs,
is available on the Stolen Web Page at

     Anyone, who has information about this theft or knows the 
present whereabouts of this truck, is asked to contact
Wild Fire International (Canada) at tel./fax: 403-885-5273,
send E-mail to   or write to WFI,
P.O. Box 181, Blackfalds, Alberta T0M 0J0, Canada.
     All contacts will be held in strict confidence. 


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