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+ - Popular Front (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

The pinko tendencies in recent outpourings of Dr Pellionisz are looking
more worrisome by the day.  The good Doctor made a somewhat shaky debut
on HUNGARY a few weeks ago with a piece mostly remarkable for legal non-
sequiturs and garbled syntax.  The piece was urging the expropriation of
the expropriators, a quaint 19th century notion borrowed by Dr Endrey
from the Communist Manifesto.  That was dubious enough, but then things
started going downhill real fast.  Downhill and leftward.

Lately, Dr Pellionisz began fancying himself in the vanguard of the world
revolution, leading the unstoppable march of the oppressed masses toward
something or other.  Everywhere you look, the proletarian masses are joining
hands with liberal professors and "practically everybody in between" in a
veritable Popular Front.  Struggling mightily against evil imperialists
and their running dogs.  Don't forget the running dogs.  Imperialists are
useless without their running dogs.  And the dustbin of history.  Got
to have that.  Onward and upward under the banner of Dr Pellionisz,
until the final victory.

For weeks now, Dr Pellionisz has been foaming at the mouth continuously
about the evil instruments of neocolonialism and capitalist exploitation.
If the good Doctor keeps carrying on like this, he will soon be expelled
from the Spartakist faction for left-wing deviationism.  Even those guys
have their limits.  Don't say you haven't been warned.

Gabor Fencsik

+ - Re: IMF, 56 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I doubt it is necessary to answer another 150+ lines of conspiracy theory
from Andra1s Pellionisz blow by blow, so just a few points. He writes:
> The parallel of '56 and '95 is astounding. Tiny Hungary, in both cases,
> was rather freshly subjugated to an awesome monolith ('56:Soviet
> Union, '95:IMF-WorldBank).
Hungary was subjugated to the SU, having lost a war against it (and against
all anti-nazi forces in the world, including the US). Hungary is in no way
subjugated to the IMF-World Bank "awsome monolith". Visit the place sometime
and look for IMF soldiers, World Bank tanks, etc.

> Presently, for instance here in the list of "Hungary", the three lonely
> characters who stand isolated in their opposition to Dr. Endrey's
> planned Hungarian lawsuit against IMF/WorldBank for negligent damages,
> originate from Hungarians (Balogh-Fencsik-Kornai), while over 250
> international (albeit non-governmental) organized movements
> (NGOs) are marching, for years, against IMF/WorldBank in the USA,
> Europe and in the Third World.
Three against the whole world, huh? I prefer to keep the matter in a
somewhat less heroic perspective: yet another mailing list is about
to be invaded by the paranoid mega-postings of Mr. Pellionisz in the
service of yet another campaign of his, and some people don't like it.

> Mr. Kornai of '95 is the cut (in more than one ways) of Mr. Rakosi of '56
Well, clearly Mr. Pellionisz is not interested in arguing with a mere
participant of this list, he needs a bad guy of historic importance.

> '56. These oily figures have much less of the plain stupidity and
> rigidity of "hatchet men". Mr. Kornai, for instance is about as mindful
> of the doomed nature of IMF (he hastens to put in writing that he
> does NOT endorse IMF policies)
BS. I don't think the IMF is in any way doomed, nor do I think that the
bitter medicine it advocates is entirely uncalled for in the case of
Hungary. I said I don't fully endorse everything they do, and I don't.  In
particular, I see them as squandering some opportunities at pushing harder
for structural reform, but ultimately the responsibility for such reforms
lies with Hungary, not with the IMF.

> (As Mr. Kornai tried to reassure himself and his
> likenesses in "Forum" in 1990 that Hungary was still a tiny neighbor
> to a still-existing huge Soviet superpower).
To quote from last week's Magyar Narancs: "A world separates Russia from
Hungary. The Ukraine".

> Later, the same Mr.  Kornai put forth a replacement, another trademark BIG
> LIE (in "Forum") that '56 was NO FREEDOM FIGHT AT ALL!
People interested in this debate should check out FORUM 461-476 on the
HIX archives.

> There is a huge difference between deadly, "sinister-in-his-
> sophistication" Mr. Rakosi and the naive starry-eyed students who
> fell victim of brainwashing so bad that they took socialist brochures
> literally in 1956. There is a huge difference between Mr. Kornai and Ms.
While charm is not a strong side of Mr. Pellionisz, I find the picture emerging
here, with E1va Balogh as a naive little girl and me as a devilish sophisticate
rather charming. Wake up, Andra1s, this is one tough lady who could eat you for
breakfast, unless she follows the advice of Radno1ti's epigram:

  "Csu1ssz-ma1ssz la1bam elo3tt s ne1zd el se taposlak. Uta1llak.
           Fe1reg vagy s fe1rget irtani undorodom."

On this cheerful note I shall conclude this posting, with only one remark of
clarification: I make no effort to derail Dr. Endrey's lawsuit. My effort is
dedicated entirely to the much more worthy cause of maintaining a cordon
sanitaire around Mr. Pellionisz.

Andra1s Kornai
+ - Re: 56-95: Hungary in World focus (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

You all sound like a bunch of children, pointing your fingers at each other and
names.  If you really want to do something, why not leave the comfort of your
American jobs and go home and help?
+ - Re: Hungarian lobby in the USA (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> Dear Constantin,
> I may be "based" in a Western country, but I travel to Hungary and Erdely
> several times each year for stays that average one month.
> Devices like snail mail and e-mail and other resources including the
> telephone and print media, not to mention TV and radio, help me stay close
> to the situation.
> I don't think it matters one iota where anyone is based!

Pardon the geographer getting into this one, but where you are colors
your interpretation. One month stays in any country, while of empirical
value do not transmit the problems Hungarians face day to day. Where you
stay in Erdely/Transylvania will also color that impression. Do you stay
in Brasov, Kolozsvar/Cluj, Temesvar/Timisoara or majority Magyar judets?.

And remember, are you getting the biases that creep into new and
information from any place. Where they are based is important too. Read
Romanian Press Review and there is a bias, but then read this list and
there is a definite bias.

Discuss on this is an issue that is vital to both sides, and need a fix.

Darren Purcell
Dept. of Geography
Florida State University
+ - Magyar-Roman Barati Tarsasag (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I mentioned the Hungarian-Romanian Friendhip Society earlier this week
and got enough replies that I thought a post of the president's address
would be good.

Maggyar-Roman Barati Tarsasag - Pecs
Dr. Iglo'i Zolta'n

Janus Pannonius u. 15
H-7621 Hungary
He does not speak English or Romanian but people around him can and will
be glad to translate.

HOme phone number


Sziastok/La Reverdere
Darren Purcell
+ - Re: Clinton-Iliescu Meeting (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, paul >
>Are you kidding?  What is it that we are unfamiliar about concerning
>the Hungarians in Transylvania?  We know they are not allowed to
>practice their culture in peace.

What do you mean? That depends on what "their culture" is. There are
Hungarian newspapers and magazines printed in Romania, Hungarian
television is broadcasted thru all the cable networks in Transylvania,
so what is this culture of them that is forbidden in Romania?

>  We know that they live under a
>political system which was imposed by the Allies, and whose existance
>is in contrast to the principles those same Allies claimed would be
>followed when it came time to draw international borders after WWI.

Such an allegation sends us back to the old topic of what population
is majoritary in Transylvania. I do not intend to argue on this, I just
have little doubts about Romanians' preponderence (in number) in this
old Romanian region.

>What is it that we don't understand?
That Hungary and Romania should both be supported to join the European Union,
who will sooner or later end to the supression of borders all across the

Constantin Donea
+ - HUNGARIAN FOOD (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

i recently went to hungary and thought the food was the best on the
planet. can anyone tell me:

1) is there a FAQ with recipes?
2) recommend a good cookbook?
3) tell me how to make "golden dumplings", a dessert of cake-like
        dumplings, with "ewe's cheese" [really like sour cream] on top???

please cc: any info to my personal account!
thank you !!!!
     _   /|             _______________________________
     \'o.O'                     Julia Kushner
        U               _______________________________
+ - Re: HUNGARIAN FOOD (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Julia,

I have a long history of cooking Hungarian food. There are several
good cookbooks. I'll send you a list of my favorites. And answer any
questions you may have.

Bob Hosh

+ - Re: HUNGARIAN FOOD (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


If I had to choose only one cookbook out of the many available in
English for Hungarian cuisine, I would recommend George Lang's Cuisine
of Hungary.  It's much more than just a collection of recipies, it's
a window into a region, its people(s) and its history.

Good luck finding it!


Hugh Agnew

+ - Constatin's [Dmessage (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Finally someone said it! Get both of them in (Constantin's remark about
getting both in the EU and then supposedly the borders become
meaningless) and then it works.

I am not so simplistic to believe that simply dropping the borders would
create ethnic kinship in the slavic sea, but it might go a long way
toward getting the competition between the groups in the pecking order to
get Europe's love, affection, and investment.

One thing that would come out of it would be delineation of sub-regions
and in this case, the combination judets into regions. Now while Funar
and his ilk will try to do everything in their powers to prevent the
uniting of Magyar areas of dominance (Central Transylvania), by accession
to specific treaties of the EU, they will have no choice.

Of course, there is the issue of gerrymandering Transylvania. Someohow I
could see northern Transylvania being linked in a region to Iasi and the
Danube Delta region. Don't laugh, look at American districts, and
historic divsion of cities and suburbs to gurantee white dominance in
representation. Seriously, the University at Cluj probably has the GIS
technology to make maps that could gurantee either side a majority
district or two in ERdely/Transylvania. is that the answer, two regions,
one Magyar and the other Romanian?

Keep it up Constantin...somehow the two sides will realize that
continually beating Romania over the head is not going to help either
side at all. And that Hungarians in the US seem to be a lot angrier about
this than the Hungarians I lived with. They gave a damn all right, but
were a lot closer to the situation and perhaps seeing it up close reminds
people of the big picture.

Darren Purcell
Department of Geography
Florida State University
+ - Re: Clinton-Iliescu Meeting (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Constantin Donea wrote:

>>the Hungarians in Transylvania?  We know they are not allowed to
>>practice their culture in peace.

>What do you mean? That depends on what "their culture" is. There are
>Hungarian newspapers and magazines printed in Romania, Hungarian
>television is broadcasted thru all the cable networks in Transylvania,
>so what is this culture of them that is forbidden in Romania?

How about the closing of the Hungarian University, the limiting of the
number of students who can study to teach in Hungarian high schools,
thereby causing a shortage of high school teachers for Hungarian
students.  What the Rumanian government hopes to do is slowly kill off
the number of people who can read and speak Hungarian in Rumania, by not
teaching the children the language.  As the older generation dies, so
will the newspapers and tv channels.  Besides, a cable tv channel is nothing.
If it is like in the US, they tend to be small by nature, so it's
existance says nothing of the health of the community.  In the US entities
as small as towns can have cable channels.

>I just have little doubts about Romanians' preponderence (in number)
>in this old Romanian region.

If true, it is due to resettlement efforts by the government, just as
the Isreali government is doing illegally on occupied palestinian land.
this effort has been going on for 80 years, so it wouldn't be unlikely to
se it starting to pay off.  right after WWI, though, it is widely known
that the Hungarian population was far greater than the Rumanian population
of this old Hungarian region.

Paul Gelencser
+ - Re: Borders (was Constantin's message) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


> I am not so simplistic to believe that simply dropping the borders would
> create ethnic kinship in the slavic sea, but it might go a long way
> toward getting the competition between the groups in the pecking order to
> get Europe's love, affection, and investment.

     Agree. There were no borders in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the
Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Union.  There continued to be national
tensions and the eventual breakup of them all. Let us be optimistic
but not idealistic about whether simple geographical changes will
bring about changes in human nature.

> and in this case, the combination judets into regions. Now while Funar
> and his ilk will try to do everything in their powers to prevent the
> uniting of Magyar areas of dominance (Central Transylvania), by accession
> to specific treaties of the EU, they will have no choice.

      It depends on the people in those regions.  The EU has, for
example, brought about the union of the Swiss French with France, nor
the Belgian French with France.  Nor the Austrian Germans and  the
Flemish with Germany.  Maybe the Hungarians will want to remain in the
countries they are living in, and not have to pay off a share of the
immense national debt Hungary has rung up.

    Jan George Frajkor                      _!_
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+ - NE HAGYJ TOK AZ ISKOL T!! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hali All !!

Ez a k vetkez  lev l a Bocskai Sz vets gt l j tt 1 db. az eg sz h zba, gondolta
publik lom, az erd lyi magyarok r sz re:
(M g olvasd a v g n az  n komment rom!)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
                        NE HAGYJ TOK AZ ISKOL T!

   Honfit rsak, Bar taink! Az erd lyi magyar nemzeti k z s g,  s az  t k pvisel
RMDSZ s#lyos helyzetben v!vja harc t a magyars g megmarad s  rt.
Ez a k zdelem most els sorban hovatartoz sunkat megjelen!t  anyanyelv nk rt,
iskol ink v delm ben folyik.
   A Bocskai Sz vets g 1955.szeptember 16- n, szombaton d lut n 3 "r ra
a budapesti H s k Ter r l indul"

>                           TILTAKOZ  MENETET
hirdet. R vid besz deket k vet en a menet a D"zsa Ggy rgy #ton  t a a Rom n
K zt rsas g budapesti nagyk vets g hez vonul, ahol  ll spontj t egy petici"
 tad s val a hivatalos Rom nia k pviselete el tt is ismerteti.
    Az  gy, ami rt ki llunk, az eg sz nemzet  gye. Egyben Eur"pa egyik t rt -
nelmi k rd jele: mi t rt nik a kontinens legnagyobb l leksz m#  kisebbs g vel?
A helyes  v lasz  rdeke az  nrendlekez si elvekre  p!tkez  Eur"p nak is!
    Szeptember 18- n kezd dik a tan v Rom ni ban, a magyars got s#jt" t rv ny
jegy ben. F lmilli" erd lyi magyar al !r s val #tban van m r a tiltakoz"
staf ta az Eur"pa Tan cshoz.

>   A megmarad s rt k zd  erd lyi magyars gnak  reznie kell, hogy nincs
> egyed l!

Gyertek vel nk szeptember 16- n! Hozd el bar taidat, ismer seidet!

>                             Terjeszd e felh!v st!

Budapest, 1995. szptember 8.

      /itt gy ny r  al !r s(ok) van(nak)/
     A Bocskai Sz vets g Orsz gos Eln ks ge
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ki van itt k zt nk erd lyi - magyar?


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