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+ - Re: communists and experts (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>     Who generates these ideas that the old Communists are the experts,
> or that they are the skilled leaders and strong handed economic
> managers?  And who believes in them?  Is there any considerable support
> of this idea in Hungary?
It's the first time I ever hear about the strong hand, or even about the
desire for strong hand. Something tells me that for the average Hungarian,
who either experienced life under a variety of strong hands or heard from
his/her parents what it was like, the idea of a strong hand is not very
attractive.  As for expertise, this is a long and mixed story.  When the
communists started out around 1947 they were anything but experts.  In fact
the communists selected the people put in leadership positions solely on the
basis of their loyalty to the cause, and the incompetence of these "worker
cadre" (munka1ska1derek) was legendary. It was only after 56 that the
situation began to improve, and in the sixties competence started to rank
with loyalty.

By the seventies most of the original worker cadre have retired, and the
younger generation put more and more emphasis on actual ability. Also, the
sixties and the seventies were a period of increasing prosperity, with the
countriside finally getting out of centuries of deep poverty and finally
building reasonable houses, even buying cars. Go to any village or small
town in Hungary and you will see that the characteristic "boxhouse"
(kockaha1z) style of the period is still much in evidence. The roots of the
idea of "communist expertise" are to be found in this period.

In the eighties, communist alleigance, already something of a token thing by
the late seventies, became increasingly meaningless, as carreers now could
be had without even nominal membership in the party. Still, the majority of
leadership positions were occupied by people who were at least nominally
communists. When the "change of system" (rendszerva1lta1s) came, the newly
elected government was eager to fill these positions by its own cadre,
making loyalty again the leading criterion for selection. This encountered
a great deal of resistence, partly because those who had the power were
loath to relinquish it (surprise, surprise) and partly because people still
remembered the worker cadre and didn't want a replay.

So when Csurka declared that "expertise is a communist ploy" (a szake1rtelem
bolsi tru2kk) this struck one kind of chord in the few ready to lick a new
ideological ass in return for power, but struck a very different chord in
the majority, who felt that one of the significant results of societal
evolution, de-ideologization of leadership, was now threatened. The
communists were of course eager to exploit this development, and did so
quite successfully. But in fact the level of expertise in the government has
never been so low -- everybody who was genuinely talented has left the state
sector as soon as large-scale private enterprise became possible. There are
quite a few ex-communist experts in all kinds of leadership positions
outside the government, earning big money in the private sector. But the
giant sucking sound accompanying the migration of talent from the
state-owned to the private sector (a process started in the eighties and by
now essentially complete) could not be reversed by the communists.

Nor could a victory of the right-wing parties (quite possible in the next
elections, though by no means certain) reverse the trend, not even if MDF
gave up on its own political lithmus tests. Government will not pay as well
as the private sector, and if privatization is complete there won't be
anything left to steal. The story of Mr. Pa1l, soon to become head of the
state oil company soon to be privatized, is typical. This kind of revolving
door between government and industry is pretty bad, though it's nothing
compared to Mr. Klaus and his minister of privatization having a huge stake
in Harvard Investment, the company that ended up with over 20% of the
coupon-privatized Czech assets.

Since I have to choose between two evils, I actually prefer for Mr. Pa1l to
steal the oil company to its remaining state owned. As a representative of
the state he has no reason to make it a very successful enterprise, but as a
private owner he will. MDF could have put its own person there (it's not
that I prefer Mr. Pa1l to any other thief) but they missed their chance. So
Mr. Pa1l now walks away with the prize, actually proving that he has better
maneuvering sense (an important part of business expertise in a heavily
regulated industry) than whoever his rivals were. And the meek, as Frank
Zappa said, shall inherit nothing.

Andra1s Kornai
+ - IMF debt write-off request by Hungary!? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Soros stated very bluntly in "Spectator" (19 Sept) that the impending
Hungarian financial crisis is "the next Mexico". (He added that this is
so explicit that he does not even consider it a mistake to declare it
before the fact). After his declaration, to say so is no longer tabu
for political parties in Hungary, either. Yesterday, KDNP (Christian
Democrats) held a forum in Debrecen. Gyorgy Szakolcay (economist) took
his turn to state that Hungary must declare a 5-year moratorium on
the IMF debt.

[I used to post news items on this list about Dr. Endrey. For some
strange reason, someone (?) became obsessed with me. Not with the man I
publicized. Same now? "Don't bite my finger, look where I am pointing!"]
+ - Re: To Eva Balogh: no, it wouldn't be stupid (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I see! They just should be greedy on a more ethical way...
The Hungarian Way... By the by, why always these
people with money encouraged to be greedy, but
not all those living on wages??????????
In Hungary  t h e s e   l a t e r  ones pay more than 90% of the income tax.
(those who should ALWAYS tighten the belt and think
of Their Country and not their family's needs...)
East and West  -  employees get the squeeze, those
with the money, get more of it, with less and less risk
involved.    Also (HVG)  the majority of money
borrowed sonce 1990 went to finance/credit businesses!!

> Eva
>         It is important that Hungarian entrepreneurs be
> greedy. That motivation could result in growing successful
> Hungarian businesses.
> Tony
> >
> > So Hungarian entrepreneurs are not greedy by definition?
> > Fascinating proposition... All this utopian thinking...
> > 
> >
> >
> > >
> > > Tamas
> > >         In my experience with American business, mergers have frequently
> > > resulted in the ruin of the acquired company. However, this has not been
> > > the result of a sinister plan. It has resulted from greed (take the
> > > revenue from the business but don't put any capital into it) or
> > > incompetence (not understanding the business and mismanaging it).
> > > These risks certainly apply to privatization of Hungarian businesses
> > > as well.
> > >         I believe the real hope is that Hungarian entrepreneurs will be
> > > able to build new businesses.
> > >
> >
+ - Re: IMF debt write-off request by Hungary!? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


: Soros stated very bluntly in "Spectator" (19 Sept) that the impending
: Hungarian financial crisis is "the next Mexico".

That's OK, it looks like Kohl is the next Clinton, since German loans
still seem to be flowing into Hungary.

--Greg Grose
+ - Euphoria Tape...Try it with a Lover! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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> -------------------------------------------------------
+ - Germany throws in a hat against IMF for Hungary (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Now comes the hard part. Hungary watchers may have been saddened
that the IMF boys left Budapest in a huff.The $300 million standby
deal would have been sweet. Never mind. The 1 Billion Deutche Mark
loan to Hungary, just signed, is dandier. Good timing, too. But
perhaps Suchman was overly rude. Diplomacy is sufficient. Insults
aren't necessary.

Altogether, a good progress in '95 vis-a-vis '56. At that time, the
Russians, pissed off by Molotov cocktails, also left town in a hurry.
Germans thought they might check in, to replace early checkouts, but
the welcome mat wasn't out. Curtain down. And the UN-tanks never
came! [Nem jottek az Enszek...] Seems like the UN can't quite figure
out a good Ostpolitik. Some have practice in Empire Building, some don't.

Bosnia may be a good scoop for the "New World Order" guys. They have
experience with "manage a trois" of major World religions. Wish them
good luck.

Hungary is a juicier bit. Better fits in with gobbled up Czeh Republic,
Slavonia, Croatia, anyway. And Sudetenland can't be too far away.

IMF-boys, your bluff was called! Your SZDSZ-puppets, watching the cards
from behind, missed an Ace, and in spades.

Fire them!
+ - Olcso Internet (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Targy: Olcso Internet?
> Temakor: uzlet, tudomany, politika
Szerzo: Zsadanyi Pal, ujsagiro, a  MUOSZ tagja

A napokban  shareware program on-line regisztracio kapcsan
levelezesbe bonyolodtam egy amerikaival. Elcsevegtunk az
Informatikai Szupersztradarol, ami szerintem nem lehet
az Internet a jelenlegi allapotaban, mert az szaz sebbol verzik.
Ket es fel evtizedes multja folytan keresztben-hosszaban
foltozgatni kell, aminel mar jobb lenne venni egy uj ruhat.
Az egyik legvonzobbnak amerikai partnerem az olcsosagat
jelolte meg. Meddig lesz az??????????????

Volt egyszer egy ISO OSI, de azt az amerikaiak le akarjak
tarolni a butacska Internetukkel, ami nekik ma meg
talan jo, de szerintem nekik is hamarosan meggyulik vele
a bajuk. Az egyik legkritikusabb pont: beletoben van a 32-bites,
vagyis 4-bajtos IP cimmezo. Most az IP Version 6-osban, ami hogy-
hogynem a 4-es valtozat utan jott hirtelen, 16-bajtosra akarjak
novelni, ami nem kis bonyodalmat fog okozni az Internet millionyi
cimtaraban, hogy a hardver routerek fix tablazatairol ne is
kezdjunk beszelni (ki kell dobni egy oriasi hardverhalmazt?).

Az ISO OSI-ban valtozo hosszusagu, akar 48 bajtos cimzes is
hasznalhato lenne, azaz, nem kellene az Internet
kifoltozgatasaval bajlodni, hanem az Internet tapasztalatokkal
kellene feljavitani az OSI-t. Egyelore az amik szaladnak az
Internetuk utan. Nekunk meg alig van beleszolasunk, majmoljuk
az amikat. Ma mar hagyomanyosan OSI fellegvar Europa is
el-Internetesedett. Ez Magyarorszagra is ertendo. Ahogy
azonban az amik altal szinten sokaig ignoralt ISDN-nel
hirtelen valtozott Amerikaban a helyzet, ugy akar az Internet
is akarmikor kegyvesztette valhat. Ha az amerikai piac
befolyasos szereploi ugy dontenek, szoval megint nem rajtunk mulik.

A piaci trend nem az, amit sok hirszolgalat frocskol az olvasok
fulebe, hatalmas fejlodeseket kimutatva az Interneten.

Nezzuk a tenyeket! 1995. junius 30-ikaval bezarolag mar vagy
12 millio elofizetoje volt a FIZETETT on-line szolgaltatasoknak!
Az Internetre becsult hasonlo szamadat: 20-30 millio.
Egy evvel korabbi megfelelo adatok: 7 millio elofizeto es
vagy 15-25 millio Internet felhasznalo. [Sajnos a vezenylet nelkuli
Internetben csak becsles adhato, meghozza ekkora hibahatarral!]
Augusztus 24-e utan -- nemi csinadratta kozepette -- megnyilt a
Microsoft Network. A Microsoft sajnos nem ad hivatalos adatokat, de
allitolag mar az elso nap betelt az 500.000-es kedvezmenyes eves
elofizetoi dijra igenyt tartok tabora. Egyesek szerint az MSN mar
tul van a mai legnagyobb szolgaltatok elofizetesi szamain.
Most a legelol az America On-Line all 3,5 millioval, amit a
CompuServe kovet 3,4-gyel. A 3. Prodigy vagy 2,8 millional tart.
A tobbiek altalaban felmillio alattiak, de van vagy 4-millios on-line
banki szolgaltatast hasznalo tabor, akiket ujabban szinten
beszamitanak, szerintem logikusan.

Osszesitve: a fizetett szolgaltatasok elofizetoi szamai joval nagyobb
utemben fejlodnek, mint az Internete. Emellett az Internet is
rohamosan no, foleg az uj Webmania folytan. Ez azonban olyan uj
interfesze az Internetnek, ami vegre talan ki tud lepni abbol a
hulyeseg halmazbol, aminek egyik legfajobb pontja a nem 26-betus
ABC-t hasznalok nem angol-amerikai vilaga.
A masik a megbizhatosag hianya. Barmit fel lehet rakni a Webekre,
ha igaz, ha nem. NINCS AKI KONTROLLALJA!
Akar uj Orson Welles oruletet kezdemenyezhet barki:
"Itt vannak a Marslakok!!!!" Az amerikaiak meg fejvesztve
menekulnek miatta, mint Orson Welles radiojatekatol.

Ami az ABC-t illeti, tessek elhinni, tisztelt Internetet hasznalo garda,
hogy mi a CompuServe-on (de remelem, az MSN-en is) akarmikor
at tudunk kuldeni a sajat halozati partnerunknek tokeletes magyarsaggal
irt leveleket, sot, Attached -- azaz, csatolt binaris allomanyokat,
mondjuk egy Word for Windows allomanyt a tuloldalra, minden UUEN/
DECODE-olas, MIME-olas (majmolas!) es egyeb extra faxni nelkul.
Az Internet meg meg mindig a regi 7-bites diliben elve: nem meri a 8-bites
kodokat tovabbitani, hatha valaki nem tudja fogadni a tuloldalon.
Jelentkezzen nalam az, akinek van olyan hardver/szoftver eszkoze,
ami eles feldolgozasban mukodik es nem kepes 8-bites paritasnelkuli
protokoll fogadasara. Nem hiszem, hogy tele lesz a levelladam.
Ettol a hulyesegtol jelenleg circa 10 millio (nem anglo-amerikai)
netitzen (halopolgar?) szenved. Miert??????????????????

A regi Jugszlaviaban volt egy ceg, amelyik olyan telefoncsatlakozokat
gyartott, amelyek segitettek eltakaritani azt a problemat, hogy a
vilagon ahany Postai Telefonigazgatosag, annyi fele-fajta
telefonkonnektor volt forgalomban. Most ennek befellegzett, mert az
ITU-T (volt CCITT) elfogadta az RJ konnektorszabvanyt. mint az
egesz vilagon alkalmazando konnektorcsaladot. Szegeny jugo baratunk
uzlete hamarosan befellegzik. Nos, en azt az idot varom, amikor az
idetlen szabvanyok szerint kod- es dekodolo levelezo programok
iroi mennek tonkre azert, mert a Presentation Layerbe rakott
rutinokkal az alkalmazok elol transzparensen elrejtett modon
kezelodik az akarmilyen protokoll szerint kozlekedo alhalozat
hulyesegei (mondjuk a 7-bites forgalom).
A kodrendszerrel persze meg tovabbi bajok is vannak. A legrosszabb
a helyzet a MeSe/PiCi-DOS--WinDog vilag tajan a Code Page
filozofiaval, ami azt kepzeli, hog a szlav nemzetek (igy a magyarok!!!),
csak egymas kozott akarnak kommunikalni, legalabbis szep
helyesirassal. Persze, meg mindig ott vannak az olcso fekete-feher
monitorvezerlo katyak, amiknel PROM-csere kell a kijelzes
megvaltoztatasara. Szerintem mar azok is fekete-feher VGA-s
konfiguraciok, amik grafikusan kezelhetok. Bele lehetne mar
nyugodni, hogy az erdemi hardverbazis alkalmas arra, hogy a
kinaitol a heberen, a cirillen, az arabon es az europai nepek
betuin at mindennek a megjelenitesere kepesek volnanak, ha
megfelelo kodrendszeri filozofiat hasznalnank.
Amiben foltetlen elore kellett volna azonnal jutni a
Windows 95 megjelenesevel, az a 16-bites UNICODE
bevezetese. Nagy elmulasztott alkalom, a Win95 megint csak
az amerikaiake. B.G. csapata pedig itt fog szerencsetlenkedni
a magyar, a zsido, a hottentotta vagy tudom is en milyen
valtozataval, az egyetlen UNICODE-os, konnyen
nacionalizalhato valtozat helyett.
A UNIX-ok 8859-es kodcsaladja a kombinalt szovegkezelessel
(compound strings) mar ma kepes a tobbnyelvu kommunikacio
tamogatasara. A UNICODE azonban, amit mar a 8859-es
csaladba is felvettek, itt is nagyot lenditene elore a dolgon.
A szoftveresek konnyebben irhatnanak a UNICODE tamogatta
-- eleg szeles palettat jelento -- nyelvekre lokalizalhato szoftvereket.

A Webtemahoz visszaterve. A hakkerek mar a harmadik hatalmas
rest utottek a minap a Secure-HTML-es Netscape Mosaic
bongeszon. A fo rohej az, hogy a betorest percek alatt tudjak
produkalni, akar 40-bites, exportengedelyes Mosaicrol,
akar 128-bites, csak az amerikai kormanyhivatalokban
hasznalhato DES-kodolast alkalmazo Mosaic bongeszorol van szo.
Nos, a 100.000 ma letezo es gombamod szaporodo Webszerver
alkalmazoi kozt milliok hasznalnak olyan S-HTML bongeszot,
amirol azt hiszik, hogy megbizhato, rabizhatjak hitelkartyajuk
szamat. Komoly banki szolgaltatasokat alapitottak rajuk.
Az Interneten. Mar varom az elso katasztrofalis betorest az
ilyen bankokba. Eddig csak az emlitett hakkerek joakaratan
mult, hogy nem hasznaltak ki tudasukat. Viszont elkotyogjak
a Newsgroup-jukban, amit BARKI elolvashat. Bunozok is!
Akikkel megint az lesz a helyzet, mint a szazad elejen, amikor
lovasrendorok uldoztek az auton furikazo bankrablokat a prerin.
Elgondolhatoan nagy sikerrel.

Az olcso Internet egyre inkabb illuzio. Raadasul
egy sereg elavult faxnija van. Szerintem alkalmatlan az igazi
uzleti szolgaltatasok lebonyolitasara. Mar egyre kevesbe
olcso, Amerikaban is! A legutobbi hir: minden nyilvantartott
domennevert (Domain Name) katalogus tetelenkent evi
50$-t kell fizetni. Es ez meg csak a jeghegy csucsa, tovabbi
penzszedok fognak meg jelentkezni. Egy rosszabbert pedig
egyre kevesebben akarnak majd fizetni, amitol egyre dragabb
lesz, mert az uzemeltetesi teher egyre kevesebb alkalmazora
harul at. Amugy: az akademiai halozati alkalmazok is egyre
inkabb kenytelenek lesznek hasznalni a fizetett halozati
szolgaltatasokat, mert az ugyfeleikkel maskepp nem fognak
tudni megfelelo kapcsolatot fenntartani. Jo, ha kezdik
abbahagyni az ingyen manna Internet abrandokat.
Persze, az ugyfeleikkel majd meg lehet/kell fizetteni a halozati
dijakat is.

Valami olcso akademiai halozati infrastrukturara azert
szukseg van, hogy a jo otletek kapjanak valamilyen
kezdolokest a kibontakozas elott. Azutan mar profi modon
kell versenyezniuk, fizetett szolgaltatokon at, nehogy
mesterkelten olcso, de rossz szolgaltatast tudjon
valaki sikerre vinni a korszeru fizetettekkel szemben.

Volt kollegamnak, Szondy Tamasnak a szojarasa jut meg
az eszembe az olcso Internet kapcsan:
"Olcso nonek -- hig a leve."
+ - Re: translation - thanks (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Thanks to Eva Balogh, Andras Kornai, Joe Pannon, and Louis Elteto for
their helpful comments on the two poetic acrostics I posted.  They were
reassuring too because I'd figured out all but the hard part (which I'd
never have got).

Yes, Revai was Petroczy's wife and since he was in exile after the
Thokolly rebellion, they had a long correspondence.  So the ur is "lord
husband," but I doubt that desire = lust or even erotic in this context
since the "poem" is actually a hymn to be sung to the melody of a well-known
Czech-language hymn translated from a German hymn.  Putting the
suggestions together, does the following seem reasonable?

Eva Balogh:  ER consoles her complete? lord with a wish?

Andreas Kornai:  ER consoles her lord/husband who is full of desire.

Joe Pannon:       the same but desire = eros

Louis Elteto:  ER makes her lord/husband happy by [fulfilling] his wish
                [for a hymn from her].

The last verse of his hymn reads:

                Enekle egy Arva, kuldi o Tarsanak,
                Isten adgya, lassa szemelyet tarsanak,
                En is en Tarsomnak
                Versfok vegek, kinek kuldem, megmutatjak.

Again, I'm grateful for any and all response.

Norma Rudinsky

+ - Dr. P.'s alliance with C (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

To Those Sane:

It interests me that Dr. Pellionisz cites his credibility as not being
a pseudonym for Dr. Endrey from a picture in Budapest Week in a short
article by Condon.  Had he read my editorial page in the same issue
(which he may have), he would have recognized my agreement with Eva
Balogh that he was a Smallholder and pretty BIG-time trouble, as are
his cohort, Torgyan, and ultra-rightist, Csurka.  The terrible danger
in such people, as Csurka's Oct. 22 call to rally suggests, a day
before Memorial, is that they abuse real, felt needs in the populace
for personal gain.  I agree with Eva Balogh that Torgyan (especially
in alliance with Csurka) reflects enormous danger for Hungary,
especially minorities.  It is too simple and too dangerous to consider
a doctor P. or Torgyan or Csurka --as present day media does --as
dismissive, as clowns.  Hitler, too, was called a clown in his early
political life and his methods for rise to power reflects their's.
Stonewall is one suggestion --by all media, including Internet.  I,
for one, will, from now on answer respondents to Pellionisz with
personal messages only --warning of his danger.

Laszlo Petrovics-Ofner

--- MOMS 3.0