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+ - Software Development (C++, Virtual Reality, Medicine) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

We develop software that introduces augmented reality to the operating
room. The development is done in the United States and in Austria. The
product is in clinical trials in Europe and we need developers to
expand our engineering capacity. For well defined subprojects with non
proprietary technology like CT and MRI imaging data acquisition we also
resort to contract assignments. At this time we are looking for
permanent employees (preferable local developers) for a development
unit in Budapest.

The technology of Artma is internationally recognized. You can learn
more about future US market developments (and Artma) in the market
study Surgical Automation and Image-Directed Surgery: Technologies,
Trends & Opportunities, 1994-2000
Medical Data International, 2 Park Plaza, Suite 750, Irvine, CA 92714,
Tel (714) 251 2725, Fax (714) 251 2873
or you can shape the future yourself by working with us:

Osztrak-amerikai, specialis orvosdiagnosztikai szoftvert (virtual
fejleszto ceg Budapest szekhelyu fejleszto kozpont letrehozasahoz
keres. Lehetoleg egyetemi vegzettsegu, az Apple ceg object orientalt
kornyezetet (MacApp) es a C++ nyelvet hasznalni tudo jelentkezoket
varunk. A QuickTime ismerete is elonynek szamit. Magyar nyelvu
erdeklodok tovabbi informaciot kaphatnak: dr. Pongracz Ferenc, telefon:
218-1544 (Budapest). Reszletes szakmai oneletrajzot angolul vagy
nemetul a kovetkezo cimre kerunk:
dr. M. Truppe, ARTMA Medizintechnik Gmbh Am-Kanal 27, A-1110 Wien,


Austrian-American company developing special (virtual reality) software
for medical-diagnostics is looking for
for a developing unit in Budapest. We are interested in candidates with
university background, working knowledge of MacApp and C++. An
experience with QuickTime is advantageous. Further information in
hungarian can be reached on phone: Ferenc Pongracz PhD, tel +36 1
218-1544. The resumes with past experience can be mailed to: M.Truppe
MD, ARTMA Medizintechnik Gmbh
Am-Kanal 27, A-1110 Wien, Austria

Michael Truppe, MD
Artma Medizintechnik GmbH, Am Kanal 27, A-1110 Wien, Austria, Europe
Tel:+43 1 74040300 Mobile:+43 664 2058930 Fax:+43 1 74040740
Artma Biomedical, Inc., 5 Triad Center Suite 600, Salt Lake City UT
Tel (801) 575 6263, Fax (801) 575 8421
+ - ACH/ALLC '95 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> ===========================================================================
> ===========================================================================



                         JULY 11-15, 1995

On behalf of the Executive Councils of the Association for
Computers and the Humanities and the Association for
Literary and Linguistic Computing, we cordially invite you
to attend the seventh annual joint international conference,
to be held at the University of California, Santa Barbara,
July 11-15, 1995.

This conference is the major forum for discussion of the
preparation, encoding, and use of character-based electronic
text and for computer-based research in literature,
linguistics, and related humanities disciplines. It will
include presentations on the development of new computing
methodologies for research and teaching in the humanities,
on the development of significant new materials and tools
for humanities research, and on the application and
evaluation of computing techniques in humanities subjects.

The Association for Computers and the Humanities is a
professional society for scholars working in computer-
related research in literature and language studies,
history, philosophy, and other disciplines of the

The Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing was
founded in 1973 as an international association to promote
the development of literary and linguistic computing.

As a preliminary event, an optional tour of the city of
Santa Barbara has been scheduled for the afternoon of
Tuesday, July 11, from 1pm to 4pm.

The conference will officially begin in the late afternoon
and evening of Tuesday, July 11, with a reception, opening
addresses, and an optional banquet.

Concurrent sessions will begin on the morning of Wednesday,
July 12, and continue through to closing at noon on
Saturday, July 15.

An optional beach barbecue will be held on the evening of
Friday, July 14.

An optional winery tour will take place on the afternoon of
Saturday, July 15, after the closing of the conference.

Room and board accommodations are available in campus
dormitories at economical rates, and rooms are available at
special conference rates at a variety of area motels and

Details are given below.

Air Transportation to Santa Barbara:
The Santa Barbara/Goleta Airport provides jet service by
United Airlines from major international airports in San
Francisco and Denver. Several forms of transportation are
available between Los Angeles International Airport and
Santa Barbara, including commuter flights, rental cars and
bus service, particularly the Santa Barbara Airbus, which
has several scheduled pick-ups daily from LAX.  Please
phone them directly at (805) 964-7759 for more information.
Or, you can send them a fax at (805) 683-0307.

Complimentary Shuttle Service:
UCSB Campus Conference Services will provide complimentary
Shuttle Service to campus from the Santa Barbara Airport
ONLY.  The shuttle vehicle will be marked "UCSB
Conferences."  Pick-up will be in front of the terminal or
near the baggage area.  If you do not see the shuttle
vehicle, call the Anacapa Residence Hall Desk at 893-2189.
Please make sure to write this number down so that you can
easily access it upon your arrival.

Bus service to Santa Barbara is provided by Greyhound.
The Greyhound terminal is located in downtown Santa Barbara.
Taxi service is available from the terminal to campus.

Train service to Santa Barbara is provided by Amtrak.
The Amtrak terminal is located in downtown Santa Barbara.
Taxi service is available from the terminal to campus.

UCSB is readily accessible from US 101.  When driving
north on US 101 (from LA), travel through Santa Barbara and,
about 10 miles north of Santa Barbara, take the Airport/UCSB
Highway 217 exit which leads directly onto campus.  When
driving south on US 101 (from San Francisco), take the
Storke Rd./UCSB exit, travel about 1 mile on Storke turning
left onto El Colegio Road which leads directly onto campus.
When entering campus, stop at the campus gate and request
directions to Anacapa Residence Hall; however, if you will
be arriving on Wednesday and especially if you are NOT
residing on campus, you may wish to ask for directions to
the University Center, where registration will continue to
take place and the conference sessions will be held.

Parking at UCSB is by permit only.  When you arrive
at UCSB you can receive directions and a temporary parking
permit from the gate attendant by identifying yourself as an
ACH/ALLC attendee.  This temporary permit will need to be
replaced with the permit you will receive either when you
check-in at the Residence Hall or during Registration if you
are staying off-campus.  Parking is complimentary for those
residing in the Residence Hall.  Please indicate with the
Desk Staff at check-in if you will be needing a permit.
Attendees residing off-campus may purchase a weekly parking
permit by indicating this on the Registration Form.  There
is a substantial savings in purchasing a weekly pass, as the
daily parking rate is $5.00.  Parking citations are issued
for failure to display permits and/or parking in incorrect

The Santa Barbara Area:
The city of Santa Barbara, founded by the Spanish in the
18th Century, is considered to be one of the jewels of the
California coast.  It lies approximately 100 miles northwest
of Los Angeles, nestled against the Santa Ynez mountains
overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  In July, the days are warm
(75 degrees F) and the nights are cool (55 degrees F) with
occasional morning fog. Nearby are excellent ocean beaches,
lakes, forests and mountains with varied hiking trails.
Daily excursions can be made to the Hearst Castle, the
flower fields of Lompoc and the Old World Village of
Solvang.  In Santa Barbara you can visit the Mission, our
famous Court House or the Botanical Gardens.

Casual clothing is in order with a sweater or light
jacket occasionally needed for the evenings.  UCSB is
essentially a walking campus, so be sure to wear comfortable

On-site registration will be held from 2 to 7 pm on
Tuesday, July 11 in the Anacapa Residence Hall. Registration will
resume in the University Center on Wednesday, July 12, from
8 am to 3 pm.

On-Campus Housing Information:
Plan A includes lodging Monday through Friday nights and the
following meals: breakfast and lunch on Tuesday (the
Welcoming Reception Tuesday evening is included in the
registration fee; there is an additional charge for the
Banquet Tuesday evening); breakfast, lunch and dinner on
Wednesday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday;
breakfast and lunch on Friday (there is an additional charge
for the Beach BBQ Friday evening; if you prefer a dining
commons meal Friday night, you will need to purchase a
ticket at the door of the commons); breakfast and lunch
on Saturday.

              Plan A Cost:  $315.00 (Single Occupancy)
                            $249.00 (Double Occupancy)

Plan B includes lodging Tuesday through Friday nights and
the following meals: lunch on Tuesday (the Welcoming
Reception Tuesday evening is included in the registration
fee; there is an additional charge for the Banquet Tuesday
evening); breakfast, lunch and dinner on Wednesday;
breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday; breakfast and lunch
on Friday (there is an additional charge for the Beach BBQ
Friday evening; if you prefer a dining commons meal Friday
night, you will need to purchase a ticket at the door of the
commons); breakfast and lunch on Saturday.

              Plan B Cost:  $268.00 (Single Occupancy)
                            $215.00 (Double Occupancy)

If you wish to stay in the dormitories for the extra
night of Saturday, July 15, you may do so for a lodging
fee of $42, single occuppancy, or $29, double occupancy.
No meals are included in this fee.

Commuter Lunch Packages are available for those residing
off-campus or in University Apartments.  Four and Five-lunch
packages are available, depending on your length of stay.

                     Cost:  $33.00 (4 lunches)
                            $42.00 (5 lunches)

University Apartments: A limited number of off-campus two
bedroom apartments are available on a weekly basis only,
Sunday through Saturday.  The apartments could easily
accommodate those traveling with families.  Meals and campus
parking are not included.

                     Cost:  $454.00 (weekly rate)

Off-Campus Accommodations:
Blocks of rooms have been reserved, at special conference
rates, for the hotels listed (except for Fess Parker's Red
Lion Resort, where reservations will be based on
availability only).  Rooms will be released June 9, 1995.
Thereafter, reservations can be obtained only on a space
available basis.  The conference takes place during the
heavy tourist season and rooms may not be available if you
do not act prior to the release date.  Please contact the
hotel directly as soon as possible.  To obtain the special
rate, please identify yourself clearly as an attendee of the
1995 Joint International Conference--ACH/ALLC.  (You will
need to ask for the UCSB special rate if you choose to stay
at Fess Parker's Red Lion Resort.) The special rates given
below will not necessarily apply to Friday or Saturday night
stayovers; please check with the individual hotel should you
need additional accommodation.

None of the hotels listed below are within walking distance
of the UCSB campus.  Rates do not include 10% tax.  You will
be asked for either first night payment in advance or a
current major credit card account number to hold the room.

[The following hotels offer morning and evening shuttle
service to and from UCSB.  You MUST indicate your needs at
the time you check-in.]

     Pacifica Suites
     5490 Hollister, Goleta, CA  93117
     (805) 683-6722
     $85 (Single); $95 (Double)
     Rate includes up to two complimentary cooked-to-order
     breakfasts, two rooms, two TVs, microwave, stereo,
     refrigerator, pool and Jacuzzi.  Complimentary
     beverages served from 5 - 7 p.m.

     Best Western South Coast Inn
     5620 Calle Real, Goleta, CA  93117
     (805) 967-3200
     $73 (Single/Double)
     Continental Breakfast included.

     Holiday Inn
     5650 Calle Real, Goleta, CA  93117
     (805) 964-6241
     $63 (Single/Double)
     Free airport shuttle service also provided.

     Best Western Pepper Tree Inn
     3850 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA  93105
     (805) 687-5511
     $120 - $136 range
     Located mid-way between downtown Santa Barbara and the
     UCSB campus. Free shuttle service also provided to and
     from the Santa Barbara Airport.

[The following hotels do NOT offer shuttle service to UCSB.
You must provide your own transportation.]

     El Encanto Hotel
     1900 Lasuen Road, Santa Barbara, CA  93103
     (805) 687-5000
     Located in the foothills of Santa Barbara, with a
     15 minute drive to campus, the historic El Encanto
     Hotel features garden villas and cottages with
     spectacular views of the ocean.

     Fess Parker's Red Lion Resort
     (Reservations based on availability only)
     633 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara, CA  93103
     (805) 564-4333
     Located directly across from the ocean near Stearn's
     Wharf and downtown shopping.  Airport shuttle service
     available.  Please contact the resort ahead of time to
     inquire about the service. You must ask for the UCSB
     special rate when making your reservation.

Tour Information:

Santa Barbara City & Shopping Tour:
     Tuesday, July 11, 1995
     (1:00 - 4:00 pm)
     Cost: $24 per person (3 hours)

A scenic driving tour will feature a stop at the Santa
Barbara Mission, with its dramatic twin towers and lovely
inner courtyard and garden.  A stop at the courthouse, one
of the most beautiful public buildings in the country, along
with a ride to the top of the clock tower for a 360 degree
view of the city is included.  Time will be devoted to
sampling the wonderful modern and antique shops, galleries
and boutiques in the downtown area, as well as at the new
mall "Paseo Nuevo."

Winery Tour:
     Saturday, July 15, 1995
     (1:00 - approximately 5:30 pm)
     Cost: $28 per person (4.5 hours)

Enjoy a scenic drive from Santa Barbara through the Santa
Ynez Mountains and over San Marcos Pass.  Once in the
Santa Ynez Valley, a visit to one of Santa Barbara County's
award-winning wineries will be made for a tour and wine
tasting. A stop at the Danish village of Solvang where Danish
architecture, windmills, charming shops and interesting
outlet stores is also planned.

****************************** cut here ***********************************

Registration Form

July 11-15, 1995
University of California, Santa Barbara
+ - Re: Jane's Figures-Sequel II (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On 25 Mar 95, I > wrote:

>...           ...           ...             ...         ... Indeed,
>recently we saw massive capital transfer from petrol producers, who
>did not have an infrastructure able to absorb such a huge amounts in
>useful investments, to banking sector in the developed countries,
>who has put them in form of loans to poor countries, that bought
>arms. It's a hyper-oversimplified reasoning but explains many
>unfortunate phenomenons we saw recently.

Oops, rereading my text I realize that again it is not quite clear
what exactly the poet wanted to express. When speaking about
"recently", I meant since about mid-seventies. These facts have been
widely published and consequences discussed in literature and subject
of many dissertations through the world's universities. Thanks for
the correction and apologies to conspiracy theory adepts.

Roman Kanala
+ - subscribe. please. :) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

+ - Re: Southern Slovakia in 1938-19 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, Norb the
Hungarian > writes:
> Jan George Frajkor wrote:
>>   As for why Czechoslovakia refused to seriously disucss returning
>> Magyar-inhabited areas it received under Trianon, that is perhaps
>> because Hungary refused to seriously discuss giving up those Slovak
>> and ruthene-inhabited areas...
>         The Ruthenians did not want to be in a Czecho-Slovak state.

Interesting opinion and rather a new to me. I would be grateful if you
show your sources you are basing this opinion on.

>> ...of Lower Slovakia (the northeastern part of Hungary today) which it
>> was allowed to keep by Trianon.
>         I know we've been over this quite often, but the appearance of
> this marvelous piece of rubbish always begs the asking of these two
> questions:  Just when was the territory referred to as "Lower Slovakia" a
> part of Slovakia?  And, when was "Lower Slovakia" (_today_ the
> northeastern part of Hungary) not a part of Hungary?

I had a book edited in 1911 or 1913 in the USA where American Slovaks
exclaimed "we want Sopron, we want the northern side of the Balaton".
Fortunately, history went an another way - imagine the instabilites if
roughtly a half of the Slovakia's population was non-Slovak.

Sorry, I am not able to give more precise information about the book
it has been probably confiscated by the commies after I escaped from
Czechoslovakia. I bought it in an Antikvariat in Prague in late seventies
and doubt it will come again under my eyes...

>         Ha professzor (vagy Phd-es) letemre en ilyen ocsmanyul tudnam a
> tortenelmet, vagy annyira radikalis lennek, hogy nem tudnam a nacionalista
> (vagy eppen Marxista....) hazugsagokat kiszurni, szegyelnem a "tudasomat"
> nyiltan hangoztatni, nemhogy kihirdetni a poziciomat/vegzettsegemet.
Yes, it's sorrowful. There ideed are people who try to come with some
revolutionary ideas every six months. The problem is when these revolutionary
ideas are all the same all the time. Don't be upset: the guy does it
routinely as to throwing such texts into arena and waits the gladiators to
be upset. There are such Slovaks, but fortunately, there are different
Slovaks as well.

Roman the Slovak