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+ - Re: Help w/info! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Shirl wrote:
> At 11:05 PM 6/19/96 -0600, you wrote:
> >
> >Hi, Ive read that there is an agency in Hungary that tracks
> >down birth certificates.  I'm looking for my mother's.
> >
> >Does anybody have any info regarding this???
> >
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
> >
> >
> >Mik
> >
> I am also interested in seeing an answer to this question posted in the
> newsgroup. It is so hard to find information for genealogy in Hungary that
> any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Shirl

I don't know of any agency like this. But what I know is that when I
needed my birth certificate, I had to write to the Hungarian Consulate in
the US to get it. After all it is a top state secret that I was born and
where and when I was born!!! I sure hope they eased up some since then.
J. U. Hill
+ - Re: Need Genealogy Researcher (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tony and Celia Becker wrote:
> Dear Doc;
> At 06:15 AM 6/19/96 GMT, you wrote:
> >I am looking for someone who can help in my research of Belasco's from
> >Pressburg Hungary, who immigrated about July 1902 to the US.
> >
> >Thank you,
> >
> >D.R."Doc" Begnal-Young,  
> Are you aware that the city that used to be called Pressburg is now called
> Bratislava and is in the Czech republic? (southeast corner at Hungarian
> border--it was part of the Trianon booty...)
> Cecilia L. Fa'bos-Becker
> San Jose, CA
> N0BBS, Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker -  - San Jose, CA

The Hungarian name of Bratislava was (and still is) Pozsony, and if memory
serves me right it is
in Slovakia, not in the Czech Republic. It is NW of the double cities of

Joseph Udvarhelyi Hill
Napa, CA
+ - Hapsburg heirs visit Vienna after 80 years (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>From the news:

* Sons of last Austro-Hungarian emperor were in Vienna yesterday for
  first legal visit after nearly 80 years in exile.
    - Felix and Carl Habsburg visited parliament and thanked
      supporters for letting them come back home.
    - Habsburgs were banished in 1919 after the defeat of the
      Austro-Hungarian empire in World War 1.

Does anyone have more data about them?  How old are they?  Where do they

+ - Re: Magyar Hirlap on the WWW! (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 12:17 PM 6/19/96 GMT, Dajka wrote:
>Dear Friends,
>At a press conference, the General Director of Magyar Hirlap Jozsef Kovalcsik
>has announced today that Magyar Hirlap Online is now available on the WWW.
>The address is:

        The Magyar Hirlap, in my opinion, is the best daily paper in Hungary
and therefore I am very glad that it is available on the Internet. I checked
out the site some time ago and I find the design very nice too.

>Magyar Hirlap Online's language is Hungarian, but we intend to publish a
>weekly (and later on, a daily) digest of current news and events in English.
>The online version is updated daily.

        I am delighted that Magyar Hirlap plans to publish English-language
summaries. There are many non-Hungarian speakers who would like to follow
the Hungarian daily press more thoroughly than they can do now.

        Congratulations and thanks,

        Eva Balogh
+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 6:13 PM 6/20/96, heringer wrote:
>In article >,
>>Agnes Heringer wrote:
>>> Thank you, George, for defending me.
>>Think nothing of it, it's only fair.
>>>Actually, I am glad to read on this
>>> forum that I and all my friends and acquaintances are in the minority!
>>I don't think that one can be that unequivocal about that.  This list
>>cannot be taken as a representative sample of Hungarian migrants.  More
>>likely, it has among its members mainly intellectuals who, in my
>>are generally more adaptable than working-class people.
>>George Antony
>I don't have any working class people among my friends/acquaintances.  I
>think 99% of the 56 generation were intellectuals, the 48 generation
>business people.
>Regards, Agnes

Hungarian Refugees Granted Landing
by Major Occupational Groups
Eighteen Months ended April 30, 1958

OCCUPATIONAL GROUP                              NUMBER          PERCENTAGE
Destined to the Labour Force                                            %
of total workers
2       -
1,811   8.0
825     3.6
transportation                                                          739
communication                                                           45
commercial                                                              235
2,429                10.7
1,356                  6.0
fishing, trapping, logging                                      64
578                      2.6
manufacturing and mechanical                    10,297                  45.6
4,128                   18.3
not stated
91                      .4

total   22,598

Peter I. Hidas

Hungarian Studies
Department Of Russian and Slavic Studies
McGill University
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

At 02:32 PM 6/21/96 -0400, Peter Hidas gave some statistics about the 20
some thousand Hungarians who arrived in Canada after 1956. Thank you very
much. I was not familiar with these figures but my overall impression was
that there were quite a few non-professional people among us.

        Eva Balogh
+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>In article >,
>>Agnes Heringer wrote:
>>> Thank you, George, for defending me.
>>Think nothing of it, it's only fair.
>>>Actually, I am glad to read on this
>>> forum that I and all my friends and acquaintances are in the minority!
>>I don't think that one can be that unequivocal about that.  This list
>>cannot be taken as a representative sample of Hungarian migrants.  More
>>likely, it has among its members mainly intellectuals who, in my
>>are generally more adaptable than working-class people.
>>George Antony
>I don't have any working class people among my friends/acquaintances.  I
>think 99% of the 56 generation were intellectuals, the 48 generation
>business people.
>Regards, Agnes
 Agnes Agnes Agnes:you realy made a boo boo here.All my friends where
"working class people,and none of them became intellectuals.Me neither,since
what I learned came from the greatest Teacher LIFE.
+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>In article >,
>>At 08:47 AM 6/20/96 +1000, you wrote:
>>>Agnes Heringer wrote:
>>>> Thank you, George, for defending me.
>>        >Think nothing of it, it's only fair.
>>>>Actually, I am glad to read on this
>>>> forum that I and all my friends and acquaintances are in the
>>        >I don't think that one can be that unequivocal about that.
>This list
>>        >cannot be taken as a representative sample of Hungarian
>migrants.  More
>>        >likely, it has among its members mainly intellectuals who, in
>>        >are generally more adaptable than working-class people.
>>Hi all!  Really, a last quick note on this George/Agnes:  (you'll both
>>this, I promise)
>>Re 2nd last line above....George could you define "mainly intellectuals"
>>please?  but do so after July 9th, so that I can respond?
>>Agnes:  Taking it from my somewhat obnoxious reply in answer to your
>>original post ( for which, I really have apologized).... but Boy, a boy!
>>When I loose it, I do it well.... It was not until the last post, that I
>>actually saw what you wrote:  "those who are NOT intermarried".... for
>>extremely stupidly I thought I read (and read again, and again)  "those
>>ARE intermarried".... and based my entire 2nd response to your post
>>accordingly.... Explanation you ask?,  Well, let's just 'humbly" say;
>>most amazing display of stupidity by Aniko herself!!!!.....(although,
>>adjectives have popped to mind).
>>Important, to note that in reality, I do and will continue to stand by
>>philosphy of my posts which responded to yours wholeheartedly.   In this
>>particular instance however, had I read what you originally wrote; would
>>likely have approached it altogether differently... (and who ever said,
>>this group is not capable of teaching a few lessons along the
>>So sorry again to you Agnes....along with the rest of you who most
>>comprehended from the beginning...and were making plans on my behalf to
>>enroll me in the next "basic English comprehension" lesson.....thanks
>>being patient!!!!
>>George again:  re your last three words above.... can we take that up,
>>July 9th? Having been raised in a family of working class, I can argue
>>point quite strongly...since the circumstances of "that life" along with
>>examples set,  have taught me well (oh well... rather well... I still
>>up now and then). And I would still love to pick from here... perhaps
>>privately?  (you know... to save face and all)!
>>Best regards,
>>Aniko Dunford
>Have a nice vacation, Aniko!  Pls. read my reply to Andy on the subject.
>Also, my opinion is that being raised in a working class family doesn't
>mean not to be an intellectual!  My husband was the prototype of a
>"munkaskader", but he became an intellectual!  Also, I have a good friend
>who only finished 8 elemi and by self-education, and seldom met anybody
>who would be more cultured than this guy.
>Regards, Agnes
>Agnes:just one question:what or whom do you call Intellectual?Andy.
+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>In article >, 
>>>In article >,

>>>>>In article >,
>>>>>>Quoting Agnes Heringer
>>>>>>>As far as I am concerned, the cultural difference cannot be
>>>>>>Dear Agnes:
>>>>>>If I were made to believe this statement to be a fact, I would truly
>>>>>>consider the threat of humanity to be in danger of extinction...
>>>>>>an exteremely serious statement, one which I wholeheartedly disagree
>>>>>>I give humanity  more credit than this.... and have, and and
>>>>>>and so far, it has not yet let me down.
>>>>>>Now, if you were to say that religious differences cannot be
>bridged, I
>>>>>>would give your thought pattern the necessary leaway it deserves...
>>>>>>cultural?... No bloody way!  I repeat,.... I give humanity far more
>>>>>>that that!  Sorry Agnes, your statement is truly "out to lunch" at
>>>>>>my opinion!
>>>>>Aniko, I came with my family to Canada in 1963. I have worked 30
>years in
>>>>>Canadian companies.  So did my husband.  Maybe it is our fault,
>>>>>all my friends and acquaintances - unless intermarried - are in the
>>>>>boot.  In all these years, I had one non-Hungarian girlfriend, who
>>>>>happened to be British (European culture) and repatriated 18 years
>>>>>There is one Canadian couple (I used to work with the husband) with
>>>>>we occasionally get together.  As I mentioned in my note, that does
>>>>>mean that we do not get on with each other - I have terrific rapport
>>>>>my son-in-laws - but simply, we are on another plane culturally.
>>>>>I was 30 when I came to Canada, but I have friends who were
>>>>>18 and have the same problem.  Incidentally, those who emigrated to
>>>>>US, fare a little bit better, I am told.
>>>>>Regards, Agnes
>>>>>Agnes:somewhere something went wrong.I came to Canada in 57 all by
>>>>myself.It is ture that in the beginning my free time was spent with
>>>>Hungarians,but somehow I managed to marry a french Canadian girl,and
>>>>brought us a Son.They both live now in the Us.We had more hungarian
>>>>then canadian,this is true,but I can not understand what "cultural
>>>>differences"you can find beetween two human beings.Ok.so you like
>>>>like Frank Sinatra and big band.Just wondering how much effort if any
>>>>pur into understandung the Canadian "Culture"?
>>>>I live now in Toronto and I hardly have any Hungarian friends,most of
>>>>past away,and I sociolise with canadians more then ever before.We both
>>>>our respect for each other,and mutualy aggree or disagree on subject.
>>>>Agnes,I wish you could tell me what you find so different beetween the
>>>>cultures,and then I might agree with you.
>>>>Andy Kozma.
>>>Andy, I just had a private correspondence on this with Aniko.  You are
>>>intermarried.  I mentioned that those who intermarried are different.
>>>are the differences?  I don't like hockey or baseball, rock music or
>>>megamusicals.  I am sorry, I tried.  Just as in all these years I
>>>get used to Bartok, no matter who is playing his violin concerto.  I
>>>remember lunch hours when I was just unable to join conversations about
>>>ballgames, sex talks, etc.  Yes, I could converse about children,
>>>and office "traccs".  I remember the only colleague I could discuss
>>>Stratford was a Hong Kong Chinese. - We could get a 50% discount to
>>>Stratford and the opera.  There were 5 of us who took advantage of the
>>>opera susbscription.  I used to work for Esso....  I envy you both.
>>>Agnes:I am sorry,but I can not agree with you.First when we lived in
>>Hungary we discussed soccer,sports entertainment and socoial life
>>sex.Then we were younger.Second,my intermarriage broke up after 6
>>I never had too much going on with my inlawa.Metter of fact they did not
>>even come to our wedding since we were different in our religion.
>>Third,I made all the effort from the very beginning on,to try to
>>myself to the anglo/saxon language.Most of the other Hungarians were
>>close together,still talking Hungarian.I realised that this will be my
>>home,and the most important thing was to learn the language.With that I
>>think came to like Hockey especialy in Montreal,and football.But don't
>>this was the msot important in my life.It was to make a living helping
>>bring up my Son,and fianly having some fun.No I did not go to any
>>still hate rock "music".
>>For me it is noise,but the "old"style music still gives me shivers.
>>My present wife was born in Canada and most of our friends are
>>Canadians.But,and there is a big But Agnes,don't forget the canadians
>>all emmigrants.From all over the world,and we except them,and let them
>>there own culture,not as in the Us,where evrybody has to have the
>>"culture".Now if you have anything against that,I will aggree with you.
>>I just wish Agi,that you would look at anyone else as a human being.We
>>have differences,but somwhere there we could find something wich is
>>agreed on.Now that I am retiered I lost lots of friends from either
>>through this marvelous invention Internet,I am able to correspond all
>>the world,not just "Hungary".I find it amasing and very enjoyable since
>>way you don't see the people,they don't see you,so you are on a blind
>>I hope,and I wish I was able to explain why I think my way,and why I
>>maybe you will try not to be so stringent about cultures.
>>Bets regards:Andy.
> God, Andy you all think I am in an ivory tower!  I am not!  I didn't
>even go on the internet for the Hungarian connection!  I went because my
>husband suffers from a progressive, degenerative brain disease - not
>Alzheimers, a different type of dementia, very-very rare.  He is
>completely mute now and doesn't understand anything, can't read or write
>and I was looking for some kind of support group on the internet.  I
>discovered this group by "surfing".
>I also agree with you in that I wish Canada would be like the US -
>melting pot and not mosaic.  I also lived 14 years in Montreal prior to
>coming to Toronto.  We were members of the Viking Ski club (x-country)
>and I am still missing them.  Here we are members of a bridge club.
>Everybody is great, however, now, that my husband's bridge is pitiful,
>only the Hungarians are inviting us for social bridge.  And my closest
>friends are still Hungarians.  I can't change that.  But I am glad that
>my daughters are "real" Canadians, although some times they also show
>some "csokeveny"european mentality...
>Regards, Agnes
>Agnes: I am sorry if you misunderstood me.God forbid from having american
culture through and through in Canada.I am not talking about the so called
meltingpot,wich is not working anyway.The mexicans and spanish people use
there own language,and even the Governement has Spanish as a second language.
We at least have 2 official langugaes with wich realy nobody is satisfied with.
But the effort is there,and "we" also encourage people to have and further
there own culture.That does not mean they are not canadians.It is
understandeble if different culture stick together,not only because of there
language,but there customs,wich might be strange for us.But I think this
does not mean we are all excluded,since we try to speak to each other in one
Unfortunatly you can not compare Montreal to Toronto.That is another
culture,much closer to the European one.Toronto has one "culture" monney.
See You Agnes.Andy.
+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


I am sorry, but I deleted your original message before reading it, and
caught on only after reading Andy Kozma's responses. I will start with the
explanation that I am also one of the "different" ones due to local
marriages, although my second wife is a third generation Hungarian.

My decision also was that this is my home and I have to learn its history,
be familiar with its geography, its customs, etc., at least as well if not
better than the natives do. To feel at home I have to know as much about it
as I have known about Hungary. There were people I did not associate in
Hungary and there are people, even those who wrk fro me that I do not
associate with outside work related activities. One has to find friends who
have some similar interest or are the renessance types. If one is
interested in opera, than subscribe to the local performances and
participate in fund raising for it and you will meet some people with
similar interests. Nobody will search you out for your interests unless
they are aware of it. But be prepared to share other experiences also.
Most Hungarians I know who are immigrants do not understand even the basic
rules of baseball or American football, thus naturally they do not like it.
But most folks are interested in some sports. A coworker of mine belongs to
a dinner club, where memebers get together once a month and the host
prepares a special meal. Our children were involved in 4H clubs, and we
have made some lifelong friends among the folks we met there. There are art
organizations where one also can find some interesting characters. In the
US there is an organization for just about everything from garden clubs
to Shakespeare afficionados, search them out and I am sure you will find
people with common interests who eventually may become good friends. I
spend a fair amount of time in godforsaken places near old nuclear weapons
program sites and found people who have almost all operas on CDs or on
laser discs, the wife of one of the engineers is a soprano at the Chicago
Civic Opera, while a single friend of mine at one of the sites always
starts his conversations with ladies by asking if she can list any of the
people who arrived in Europe during the days of the Roman empire. (PS he is
not often finding success).
There are in many places history clubs also, if that is your interest, and
you can both learn and contribute.

So as the phone company says "reach out and touch someone".

However, the least differentiation I have found is based on nationality.
My friends are a duke's mixture in their origin.
It is also true that my wife and I have some different interests and in
some areas she has a different set of interests and friends and so do I. As
an example she is a good ballroom dancer and goes to various competitions,
while I am strictly a social dancer with two left feet. But she has met
some people there who became both of our friends because there other shared

We have also found folks who are genuinly interested in another country's
customs, foods, culture, etc.

+ - Miscellaneous, including the location of the Czech-Slov (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Group;

Ooops!  Many "thank you's" for the kind messages advising me that my earlier
posting located the city of Pressburg/Bratislava/Poszony on the wrong side
of the latest border in that area.  It's obvious I either need yet another
update to my already updated and still out of date maps, or a new pair of
glasses--maybe both.

Second, there is some slight interest indicated in the WRTC-96, and its
needs for various types of assistance.  Besides the quantities of people
still undoubtedly rolling around on the floor laughing at my latest
predicament--if you want the latest comedy installment ask me off line what
happened when I went to the Russian consulate for information yesterday
(hint: two hours "detention?" for five minutes of information...), it is
true that most of the HUNGARY readers are not likely to be in the SF Bay
area July 10-15--or if they are smart, will _want_ to be by the time
"Murphy" decides to leave the WRTC-96 and find someone else to bother.  So,
succeeding information will be posted through Andy Rekay and various more
local Hungarian groups including (now,now they might actually have some
members who might like to do something besides writing postings to
deliberately tweak this group) Siliconvalleynet.  I'm told there is a
recently rearranged group connected with UC Berkeley, for instance.

Thank you for your assistance and patience in this matter.  It now looks
like we have about 8 Hungarians coming, and between 30 and 52 Slovenians, 20
to 40 Russians and Ukrainians, and among the staff supplies we're thinking
of budgeting an entire case of "Excedrin," as we find more and more gaps in
what we thought "somebody had already taken care of," or assumed "knowledge"
of someone or other--or several someone's.  International public relations
specialists, I'm afraid these company execs and engineers in WRTC-96
weren't...  If they survive, they might qualify afterward, though. ;-)
However, in the meantime, I think I've already picked out the next victims,
er committee members, to send on the next visit to the Russian consulate...


N0BBS, Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker -  - San Jose, CA
+ - Re: query (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >, 
  Do you know of other places with the same - or Hungary-related - names
>anywhere in theworld?  Please share it with us.


There is a Town of Kossuth in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA. Manitowoc County is
located on Lake Michigan, about 80 miles north of Milwaukee. It is immediately
northwest of the City of Manitowoc.

In Wisconsin towns are rural jurisdictions, more often than not consisting of
square miles. Towns are governed by a 3- or 5-person board, and are the only
governing body in the state to have a form of direct democracy -- the annual
meeting of a town's electors has some powers that the board does not, including
the power to approve the town budget and set the tax levy.

David Hinds
+ - hun. lang. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Of the eight characteristics you add on Hungary, Hungarian language and/or

culture, you sadly miss six right answers.
- The Hungarian culture IS a European culture; after all, Hungarians have
lived in Europe for exactly 1100 years now. Isn't that enough for you?
- The Hungarian race IS a European race. In 1100 years people of (perhaps)

darker skins interfear with light-coloured Slavs and Germans. Mixtures is
the logical consequence. In every way, Hungarians are NOT of a Mongolic
race. What makes you think so? The 'roots' of the Hungarian people lie in
the Urals. That makes Hungarians a Uralic people, with a Uralic language.
Nothing Mongolic Turk with that.
- The Hungarian history is European history. It were the Hungarians, who
saved Europe from the Turkish and the Tartaric dangers. The only role the
Hungarians could have played, is the role of victims. Because we WERE
victims throughout history.
- The Hungarian religion is NOT imposed Christianity; the Hungarian people

was Christianised as early as the year 1000 AD.
- The Hungarian economy is a complete free market-economy by now.
- The Hungarian politics are dominated by issues, not by other countries.
Have you ever been in the country? Or rather, have you ever been in
country outside yours? Do you know what a democratic country is?
Do you happen to know anything about Hungary? Guess not. So, please, don't

write nonsense.


+ - Re: Cultural Information re: Hosts of contest NEEDED,pl (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>CONTRY: Hungary
>CULTURE:Non  European
>RACE:      Non  European ( Mongolic Turk)
>RELIGION: (Impoused) Cristian
>HISTORY: Play the role of mercenaries (Very relible for Austrians)
>ECONOMY: Dependening on Austria,GERMANY
>FUTURE:   Unknown
+ - Clubs in Budapest?? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hello there. I'm looking for some info on clubs in Budapest that
play lots of dance music, and where I can meet other foreigners
when I come to Budapest in two weeks. Anyone knows where to look ?

+ - Re: on careless cross-reference... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Andras Kornai writes in Hungary #704:

>> Cross reference
>> between lists of different working languages is especially inconvenient.

>Needless to say, a large number of HUNGARY participants reads Hungarian.
>Nevertheless, I feel I should take some of the blame here, as I was
>to translate some of the Hungarian material that I reposted on HUNGARY. The
>language of Goebbelsian propaganda is not easy to replicate in English,
>it is traditional to leave extressions like "Lebensraum" untranslated.
>Applying the same translation methods to FORUM would necessarily leave a
>deal of the material untranslated, or would require lengthy glosses, which
>good for semantic analysis but miss the emotional impact of the original.
>For example, when a leading light of FORUM at the time, Istvan Csorna,
>the Hungarian president "Szovjetpartizanarpibacsi" (check out FORUM 796, Dec
>24 1992), what could one do? It is hard to translate the expression not
>because it is, strictly speaking, ungrammatical in the original Hungarian
>is, but any speaker of Hungarian understands what is meant, just as any any
>speaker of English would understand "me much hungry you me food get") but
>because in the lengthy glossing process the bloodcurling awfulness of the
>original is entirely lost.

Well, maybe we can find it, bloodcurling awfulness and all.  I would like, if
I may, help out our Andras by translating the term that gave him so much
trouble he needed two whole paragraphs to describe:

"Szovjetpartizanarpibacsi" ==> "Sovietpartisanunclearpi"

i.e. Soviet partisan uncle Arpi (Arpad Goncz, elected by Parliament as
president of Hungary, who likes to brag of his WW2 partisan/guerilla

That wasn't difficult, was it, Andras?  Or should I say "me translate you no
can" ;-)

+ - Re: American needs Hungarian cultural help (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Eva S. Balogh wrote:

> At 02:32 PM 6/21/96 -0400, Peter Hidas gave some statistics about the 20
> some thousand Hungarians who arrived in Canada after 1956. Thank you very
> much. I was not familiar with these figures but my overall impression was
> that there were quite a few non-professional people among us.

It is true, that there were many who had no degrees or special training.
There were, however, many who obtained them, once given the opportunity
in their adoptive land.  With their number, these educated Hungarians became
professionals, thereby shifting the ratio within a few years.

Some of you may recall the anecdotes floating about some people who were
"ship" doctors, engineers, etc.  These were the ones who suddenly declared
themselves to be in possession of a degree, while crossing the Atlantic
Ocean.  That's the reference to the ship.