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+ - Re: Measuring the rights? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Peterke, are you really engaging yourself into a discussion with
a lunatic spider? You never heard about "dissimulation"as a
symptom when mentally mixed up people are able to fake
once in a while even a dazzling logic, misleading the unsuspicious
    Princess Augusta visited once the Hungarian madhouse "Lipotmezo"
In one of the cells a well dressed, handsome young man, with
extremely intelligent mouth work fell on his knees, explaining her
how he fell as  a victim of a family plot. His relatives put him
here, to be able to steal away his fortune. He was so convincing,
that the princess promised in tears, that she'll help him immediately
    The young man kissed her hand in tears too, and when she
turned away to the exit, he kicked her ass powerfully.
     - "And that's...- he said smiling - just for a reminder, not
to forget your promise..."
     This is just about the inner logic of certain fellow hix-mixed ups.

-lajcsi -
+ - re the csurka scenerio (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

correct me if i am wrong tamas but didnt csurka himself work for the
communists? Perhaps it is he who should be punished...hey, why not
punish the catholic church as well.if you read articles from the
Vigilia (and of course the katolikus szo) you would find copius
homage yet today even some of them cry out for revenge. the problem is,
 who is to blame for the shameful deeds of yesterday. and
most importantly, who is "without sin" and is fit to throw the first
stone. there are many anxious volunteers i am sure, but they are who i
fear most. For the sake of those who must live in hungary, isnt it time
to move on.....
dini metro-roland
+ - Re: "We know better" attitude (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

> If you know a better or more succesful country than the USA, I sure
> would like to hear about it!!!
> Laszlo Balogh
> (Not related to Eva Balogh)

ok, the last HVG (16th September) using the statistics
of the Geneva Worldeconomic Forum and the International
Manager-training Institute:   (I  know, probably  part
of the world-wide anti-US conspiracy of iffy intellectuals...)

US is indeed first in being "competitive" in the list of the
50 "developed" countries.  (Hungary Is at the other end,
with only Venezuela and Russia to follow...)

BUT. - For human resources and education, US is in the second
       half (= 25 countries are ahead of the US);
     - in equal opportunities it is even further down;
     - For alcohol and drug abuse it has just managed one
       better position than Russia.
     - Five countries had been marked better for their
       governmental work.

I know, these are only shabby statistics from a magazine;
the facts are evident from lots of sources - there are
better and more successful places - depending ofcourse
what you mean... If competitiveness and military production
and spending that counts, US is the best and the most successful,
I fully agree!

+ - Nagymaros (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Could you please send me info all pro and con
past and present on Nagymaros,  www sites, etc.,

+ - (no subject) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Magazine article on winemaking in Hungary

From:  (ClaySierra)
Date: 1995/09/04

MessageID: #1/1

organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
reply-to:  (ClaySierra)
newsgroups: bit.listserv.hungary

There is an article on Hungarian winemaking in the Sept. 8 issue of
magazine. If you would like to read it, contact Jehovah's Witnesses in
your area at the local Kingdom Hall or by telephone to receive a copy.
Clay Shannon,

Yes, the JWs love drinking, and defend the right more than the
breweries. Take a look at the defense written bi "Booze" Rutherford, the
alcoholic 2. president of the Watchtower Society. You can find some
interesting stuff on:


+ - HUNGARY Question about the population in Transylvania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

*.: The about 23 million population in Romania :
    How it is distributed ?
    How many live in Transylvania and how many
    in the rest part of Romania?
*.: Is there "ethnic mix" in the Serb(ex-Yugo) - Romania
    border line like in the Hungarian - Romanian border line
    or not? If not why the "ethnic line" so "sharp"?
    I know it may be found in the historic books but not available
    at this time over here.
    Short and velo:sch answers are preferred.
+ - Hungarian Marketing Project (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with any information on the
following subjects about Hungary:
-Degree of nationalism (opinions of those who live in Hungary?)
-copy of 1994 BOP
-Existing regulations on foriegn trade
-Current laws affecting marketing
-What major foriegn firms/businesses are located or invest in Hungary
-What name brands exits in Hungary in regards to everything from beauty aids to
clothes and sneakers
-Level of technology
-Existing marketing agreements
-Existing trade barriers (tariff and non-tariff)
-Local economic trends
-Types of advertising currently in use
-Restrictions on advertising

Also, any other information on the culture,etc. of Hungary that might be
useful.  In this project we have to find a product to market in Hungary and do
the corresponding research, etc.  Please send any information regarding this
message to my personal e-mail address   .

Thank you,
Melany Dow
Alfred University, Alfred, New York
+ - Romania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

HUNGARY Question about the population in Transylvania
*.: The about 23 million population in Romania :
    How it is distributed ?
    How many live in Transylvania and how many
    in the rest part of Romania?
*.: Is there "ethnic mix" in the Serb(ex-Yugo) - Romania

HOw about visiting your friendly neighbourhood library?
+ - Re: Magyar Cserkeszek (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Agi,
        Szerbusz.  Lattam a nevedet es gondoltam hogy "drop-olok neked egy
line-ot".  :)
        Here's something to make you smile...
-Marshall Laci

27-Sep-95 16:21:00-GMT,5333;000000000001
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 (8.6.12+bestmx+oldruq+newsunq+grosshack/8.6.12) id MAA23083; Wed, 27 Sep 1995
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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 1995 12:20:45 -0400
From: Laszlo Marshall <laszlom>
Message-Id: >
X-within-URL: http://www.il.ft.hse.nl/~maartenl/Smiley.html
Subject: Smiley.html


                                SMILEY FACES...


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+ - Re: Paul's appeal to the President (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

tiha von ghyczy wrote:

>I am stunned and saddened by its lack of grace and clarity.

Can you be more clear as to what was unclear?  What I wrote seems perfectly
 clear and
concise to me.

>If we do have a legitimate case, surely, one must be able to state it
>concisely and without endless digressions which seem to please
>the author alone.

Disgression???  I made my point with 2 short examples.  The whole article
was 3/4 of a page!

It seems that Mr. Von Ghyczy is trying to smoke-screen the issue.  Do you,
Mr. Von Ghyczy, disagree with the points made or are you critisizing the
writing style?

Paul "the source of the farcical cacophony" Gelencser
+ - Re: Romania (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hidas ur writes, basically, go to the library.

Isn't that what Internet is all about, making such collections obsolete
(please take this tongue in cheek-I like books)?

Whoever posted that, keep asking, it starts good debate and gives people
a chance to discuss.

Darren Purcell
Department of Geography
Florida State University
+ - American democracy (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am very confused when I read the following:

>Felado : 
>Temakor: Re: "We know better" attitude ( 5 sor )
>Idopont: Tue Sep 26 04:58:39 EDT 1995 HUNGARY #441
>- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
>Please, please someone tell Eva Balogh, that
>the US is not the democratic paradise she thinks
>it is, and other countries have good reasons
>to hesitate about copying it's structure.

What does the "we know better" attitude have to do with democracy or its lack
thereof. I thought that the discussion was about economics.

As far as American democracy is concerned, I am quite satisfied. But I was
also satisfied with Canadian democracy and I am sure I would be quite happy
with Australian or English democracy. I have great personal freedom as an
inhabitant of this country--yes, I am satisfied. Whether it is a paradise? Of
course, not. But it is a pretty decent place.

Eva Balogh
+ - Rebellion now and then? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I find it amusing that Mr. Csurka's call to arms against the existing order
is in any way compared to the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

NPA describes it this way:

>The Hungarian Revolution of 56 was just as undemocratic, as the way how
>a bunch of traitors and occupators forced their unwanted presents on the

Of course, it takes a little time to figure out what NPA actually means by
the above sentence because his English is not at all clear. But I assume he
wants to compare one "revolution" to another "revolution," and claims that
there is no difference between the two. Well, he is wrong. The first
revolution, that is in 1956, was against a totalitarian regime where there
was no other way of expressing political opinions different from those of the
ruling party. This is not the case today. Today, there are free elections and
freedom of association. There are several parties and their is a freedom of

And one more thing. The demonstration which took place on October 23,
starting at 2-3 p.m. can be in no way construed as a "lazadas" or a
"rebellion." It was supposed to be and WAS a peaceful demonstration for which
we, the students, had a permit from the Ministry of Interior. No one called
us for "rebellion" in order to topple the regime. We went to demonstrate to
express our sympathy for Poland.


>but whoever
>is trying to deny the rights of the masses for Public Disobedience and
>peaceful demonstration in the case of unsolvable political situations,
>shame on her/himself only!

No one denies any such right. But Mr. Csurka does not talk about a peaceful
demonstration. He keeps talking about overthrowing the regime--how can you
overthrow a government by peacefully demonstrating on the streets of

And at last:

>I wonder how would be the tone of the critic in the case of the same
>situation, let's say, done by the far-left?

Exactly the same!

Eva Balogh
+ - Arms... (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


        Dear Joe Pannon!
        Thanks for the info; I didn't know about that split.  I noticed dif-
ferences between FORUM and SZALON, of course (with due overlaps), but I
thought, that HUNGARY, the only list accessible to non-Hungarians must be
sort of a FORUM in English.  If some lines of thought are unwelcome by tacit
agreement or per definition, I apologize.  I certainly didn't want to be
the proverbial elephant in the china shop :-)

        Dear Eva!
Your posting:
>...But as an active participant of the 1956 events, greatly object to linking
>Mr Csurka's antidemocratic ideology with the 1956 Revolution, which was
>the outpouring of democratic yearnings of the Hungarian people...
        Since English is not the mothertongue for either of us, I would like
to clear something up.  Do you feel that in my posting I (inadvertedly)
linked Mr. Csurka to the Revolutionaries of 56?  This is what your wording
suggests.  And if it is so, I owe you more than apologies.

My posting:
>>Csurka must be a real idiot if he announces an ARMED UPRISING on month
>>in advance with exact date and location
Your remark:
>Hmm!  I think that this is a real possibility

        Eva, there were issues we agreed upon, and many more on which we
didn't, so as far as there are "camps", we are quite often in different
ones.    Still, please don't consider me arrogant if I give an advice,
in general, completely decoupled from the topic discussed:
*never underestimate your adversary*.
Wars, intellectual or real ones were lost, sometimes just causes perished
because people thought that the other side is a bunch of idiots.  Granted,
once in a blue moon this is true, but most the time it is not.  Anybody who
doesn't start with the assumption that the adversary is at least as smart as
he/she is, is courting disaster.

        Tamas Toth
+ - Re: Eva vs Eva; Socialism (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Petrovics Ofner wrote:

: Those of you who qoute outated Marx's texts about the family...

Those of me who quoted Marx's outdated (is there any other kind?) text did so
because you brought him up...

: ..., need to
: realize that he talks about the "bourgeoise family"

Well, I beg your pardon, but he mentions the BF only to say it must be
eliminated.  Now, I'd bet money that what you call the NF is exactly the BF.

: --an economic
: conceptualization.. Marx and Engel could not take advtange of
: Frenczi's and Frued's work on the family as the soil from which
: personality is nurtured.

Yes, I agree; the connection between early upbringing, the family, and
personality was much too deep for anyone who lived earlier than 1900...

: The idea is simple.  Neuclear families create a Self.  Ego.  Egoism.
: Self-ishness.  To foster an identification with the larger group --be
: it kibbutzim or the proletaruate ideal of society as a whole
: --requires the breakdown of the nuclear family.

Well, I guess Marx & Co. called it correctly afterall...  (Pardon the "I",
we meant we...)

: Such a breakdown was never undertaken by the Marxist Empire.  In fact,
: the Russian Empire was hardly Marxist at all.  The nuclear family was
: idealized.

Too bad, we guess...

--Greg Grose
+ - Clinton-Iliescu meeting (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Dear Colleagues,

I just learned from Laszlo Hamos, the president of the Hungarian Human Rights
Foundation, that President Clinton told President Iliescu that for ten days
his mail was flooded with human rights and  other comlpaints and therefore he
will NOT GRANT PERMANENT MNF and will even scrutinize the yearly extension of

Thanks to all of you who helped in making the Hungarian Lobby heard laud and
clear. You can make a difference only if you have power, and we have that:
1.64 million American votes can change the outcome of elections, let us use
it. Let us use it, NOT to deny MNF to the suffering Romanian people, but to
make sure that they will receive MNF or helycopters ONLY IF they provide the
most basic rights to our brethren, cultural autonomy,  the right for the
chilren to speak their mother's tongue, to vorship in their own churches and
to wave their flags at the soccer games or at their national holydays.

The next stage of the Iliescu visit is California, we hope that our
West-Coast friends will do their part too. I know they will.

If you want to continue to participate in such efforts in the future, you can
register at the following addresses:

If you want to use the E-Mail media, please contact the president of the
Hungarian Anti-Defamation League, Dr. Andrew Simon at

If you want to participate in our broadcast-fax effort, send your fax number
to Dr. J. Laszlo Bollyky at 203-967-4845

Best regards and many thanks: Bela Liptak
+ - Re: "We know better" attitude (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I rest my case!!!

.and Germany?... Can't even come close. California itself can take more

than Germany, let alone the whole USA.

Laszlo Balogh
(Not related to Eva Balogh)
+ - Hungarian lawsuit by Dr. Endrey against IMF (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Christopher Condon's article in "Budapest Week" (21-27 Sept.) about Dr.
Endrey's lawsuits is worth quoting, for a number of reasons. First, because
apparently it is far beyond the intellect of some to memorize whose idea is
the lawsuit, and who negotiated a $400,000,000.00 break. "All the same".
And the name Dr. Anthony ENDREY is so similar to Dr. Andras Pellionisz!
Both starts
with "Dr."; who can tell the difference? Some letters are common. For the
mentally handicapped I point out that  s,j,l,z,i,p can only be found in
one, while y,t,h only in the other. As a homework I recommend that the
handicapped attempt to find out which set of letters belongs with which
name. One week should be enough to work this out. I will try to help out
those falling behind.
Christopher Condon helps avoiding confusion, e.g. by displaying Dr.
ENDREY's photo in his article -- and I tell you, we don't look similar at

"Confusion" may of course arise as one realized that the mere mentioning of
DR. ENDREY's name helps providing publicity to his cause. Too late! There is
no shortage of publicity IN HUNGARY "...he is getting plenty of support from
all corners. Endrey said he has received thousands of letters offering moral
and financial backup." - so tells us Christopher Condon.

There is however, another danger to confuse us, based on the "Budapest Week"
article: "..and the same time, Endrey took pains to distance himself from
any partisan politics. 'I am not doing this for any party or group. This for
all Hungarians - Jew, gentile, Gypsy or whoever'".  This is MY POINT as well:
there is an issue here (just like the Soviet subjugation) that should concern
us ALL! Thus, it is simply silly to dream up either the "Endreys" or
"Pellionisz-es" as "Torgyananist Csurka-supporters" or "Csurkist Torgyan-
supporters" [Csurkista torgyanc? Torgyista csurkanc? Are you serious?]
It is simply insane to try to frame the center of patriots as "leftist
extremist" or "rightwing extremist" (especially crazy to use BOTH
at the same time :-).

"RUSZ-KIK HAZA!" [Russians go home; Tanks go home!] did not divide our populus
in '56. VAST MAJORITY STOOD UNITED - and the tiny sliver of population; the
traitors, quickly found themselves completely isolated. In '95 it should
not divide our populus, at all, when on the 23rd of October thousands may
shout "BAN-KOK HAZA!" [Banks go home!]. Those couple of miserable voices
who out of naivite or disloyalty subserve not their Nation but Foreign
Powers - already
find themselves isolated. The picture is already telling.

The "hesitant" or the "timid", and the "weak" of course are paralyzed, out of
fear, of '95 "backfiring". YES, there were plenty in '56 who feared that the
revolution may "backfire". YES, it is a fact that EVERYTHING that you ever
do may backfire. And if you are paralyzed, that can backfire, too. Even
LIFE may "backfire" -- fetus is aborted, adults committ suicide if
conditions become unbearable! Those who really can improve on the fight,
should do so, and
quit yakking about it!

AKI MAGYAR VELUNK TART! [Hungarians, we are together!] -- is the IDENTICAL
outcry of both '56 and '95 peaceful demonstrations in the (military) Freedom
Fight in '56 and (financial) Freedom Fight in '95. And just like in 56,
the better part of the civilized World was rooting for heroic Hungary, in
'95 the better part of the civilized World, 250 international organizations,
already root for Hungary by condemning IMF! Sure, there are some
"extremist" voices around. "Magyar Nemzet" reports today, that some
such as David Korten in Balaton Bulletin, even call for DISSOLUTION of IMF!
This is just as "crazy" an idea, in '95, as calling for DISSOLUTION of
Soviet Union in 56! Another generation was necessary for such maximalist

In '56 the most important for Hungary was that the United Nations does not
betray our (military) Freedom Fight. The UN did.
In '95 the most important is for Hungary that the United Nations does not
betray our (financial) Freedom Fight. Now we bill them for the other
abandonement as well, lest they repeat their earlier mistake.

To be fair, there is also a DIFFERENCE of '56 and '95. Hungarian emigration
in the USA on 23rd of October '56 was paralyzed in their support of the
Hungarian nation, as there might have been true "Szalasi-fascists" of '45
among them (although USA Immigration Office was to have screened them out).
Because of some bad apple, the whole basket was discounted. In '95,
Hungarian emigration in the USA (with the help of 50 years passed!) will
not permit any shameful (and at this time obviously phony) application of
the classic
strategy of "divide et impera", used by those rooting against Hungarians
in their (financial) Freedom Fight.

Should there be any, rooting against OUR interest. Ask yourself: "do you
serve their INTEREST [kamat], or our INTEREST [erdek]?" - before you
compell us to ask you.
+ - Re: *** HUNGARY *** #368 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Everybody!

 Well, this article won't be as cheerful as the greeting above...
 I was born in Hungary and I have been living here for more than 21
years now, but all the same my description might not be objective
because of the facts mentioned before.
   Hungary is a little state with great problems. As you probaly know
"we" have a lot to pay to the West and during the 19s the amount of
money to pay have increased (as far as I know) about 40 percent due to
governing methods.
   In 1994 there was an election where the socialists have won and
now MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) are on the top with SZDSZ
(Democtarts). Their new financial minister has developed a special
program so that the country should be able to pay its debts and try
to develop itself. So privatization began (in 1990) and is going on
(very slowly). They expect people to work on their own in their small
businesses, but the country has no money to support this mission; the
interests are high (30-38%) and very difficoult to obtain from the
government. The one who wants to borrow money from a bank has to show
three times the amount (in any form, eg: cars, land, house...) he
wants to borrow as an insurance. How can a person start his/her new
bussiness in these circumstances? How can he/she profit more than
40% to be able to pay for the bank and to insure his/her life?
Nowadays the government wants to decrease ist spending, so it wants
to close hospitals, primary schools, and wants studentn to pay at
universities almost as much as one of the parents earn monthly.
(You should know, that the average unemplyment in Hungary is about
15%, but in the eastern areas it much worse than in the west region.)
Taxes are also very high. I think most of the people are not
contented. They hardly have the money to live, so how should they
spend on culture? They try to live taking advantages of the black-
economy: after the official 8-hour working they work another 4-6
hours to get more money. For those who can work after the 8-hour work
at firms life is much easier.
People are often afraid of being fired due to privatization or a new
order from the government which may ruin the firm they  work for.
The financial minister and though the goverment is very strict, but -
in may people's oppinion- the don't think carefully.

Hungary needs educated personel to suck western finance. We also have
cheap labour. People want to work (most of them might not want to
learn more however they should increase they knowledge).
Have a look at the SUZUKI-cars or RABA-trucks or TUNGSRAM! These
firms are pleased to be here in Hungary (in the western part)...

Do you want to experience some culture from Hungary?
People are friendly in spite of those mentioned. Well, have a trip to
here and see what's here! You won't see things I mentioned above in
the eyes of the people. This is not Balkan...

  That's all for now.

  Bye!                             Zoltan Szentesi

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+ - Let's Hear It (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I will contue writing to you unrelentingly and with no restraint
until, weighed by guilt, you write long, lewdly, leering letters,
lapping lips --from home.


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--- MOMS 3.0
+ - Eva vs Eva; Socialism (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Those of you who qoute outated Marx's texts about the family, need to
realize that he talks about the "bourgeoise family" --an economic
conceptualization.. Marx and Engel could not take advtange of
Frenczi's and Frued's work on the family as the soil from which
personality is nurtured.

The idea is simple.  Neuclear families create a Self.  Ego.  Egoism.
Self-ishness.  To foster an identification with the larger group --be
it kibbutzim or the proletaruate ideal of society as a whole
--requires the breakdown of the nuclear family.

Such a breakdown was never undertaken by the Marxist Empire.  In fact,
the Russian Empire was hardly Marxist at all.  The nuclear family was


--- MOMS 3.0