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+ - American going to Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am a recent college graduate who will be going to Budapest in September
to live and work there for a year.  Unfortunately, I don't yet have a job
or a place to live.  The purpose of this post is not to solicit jobs
(although, hey, if anyone wants to offer one... :)  but rather to ask for
advice and suggestions on a couple things:

1) Job stuff--where to look, what type of jobs to look for (teaching
English or other stuff), etc.  I should mention that while I have been
studying Hungarian for the last couple months, my language skills are
still rather limited.  Also, I have a lot of experience with computers,
especially desktop publishing and graphics.  Anyone know of the prospects
in that field?

2) Apartment stuff--where to look, how to get a roommate (either American
or Hungarian), what I can expect to pay.

3) A good, cheap place to stay (ie, hostel) when I first arrive, until I
can find an apartment.

4) I have looked at the Hungarian Web sites, and haven't found much to
help me with the above issues.  Am I not looking in the right places (I
know, for example, that the Czech homepage has a classifieds section.
Anything similar on the Hungarian page?)

ANY information or advice you can offer would be most appreciated.
Please respond to this account ).  Thanks.

Greg Horowitz

+ - History is bunk (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

It is eerie how much the debate between Mihai Caragiu and his
opponents resembles earlier debates on HUNGARY and on s.c.m.  In the
interest of trying something relatively new here, I'd like to submit a
reformulation of the famous Ford thesis: nothing that happened in
Transylvania prior to 1975 matters today. To be sure, the situation 20
years ago was to some extent predicated on the situation 40 years ago,
which in turn depended on the situation 60 years ago, and so forth.
However, assuming a modest discount factor of 3-4%, what happened 20
years ago has only 50% relevance, what happened 40 years ago has only
25% relevance, and what happened prior to WWI in a year is of less
significance than what happens now in two weeks.

I conclude that the situation of ethnic Romanians or Slovaks in what
used to be the Austro-Hungarian monarchy is a subject that should not
play such a pivotal role in our debates. Carefully nurturing
centuries-old grievances can only lead to Bosnia. No doubt by today's
enlightened standards many minorities were mistreated -- let's just
say Seton-Watson was a forerunner of applying those more enlightened
standards and leave it at that. If I were to defend Hungary's policies
in the court of History I would add that Romania and Slovakia are
fully independent nation-states today, while the minorities falling
under the supposedly more modern and more enlightened, and certainly
more Western domains of the French and the British tend not to have
independent statehood (the Irish being the sole exception in a long
list of Celtic, Gaelic, Occitan, Provancal, etc. etc.).

However, I'm not in the slightest interested in making such a defense.
History's court has yet to deliver its first impartial verdict. Let's
move on to more interesting issues. Question number one: cui prodest?
Are there any political forces either in Hungary or in Romania who
stand to gain from a more poisoned relationship between these two
countries?  The answer is a clear and resounding yes: the nationalists
and ultra-nationalists on both sides would lose the last vestiges of
their legitimacy if conflicts would be smoothly resolved.

Question number two: what's the worst we can expect? As far as I'm
concerned, the worst Hungary can expect is the increased influx of
skilled workers who speak the language, and the worst Romania or
Slovakia could expect would be losing some territory by some miracle.
I say miracle, because it is obvious that (a) Hungary will not lift a
finger no matter how badly Hungarians outside its present borders are
mistreated and (b) the current ethnic mix makes readjustment of
borders by plebiscite dependent on the will of a significant number of
Slovaks or Romanians to secede.

Question number three (actually, the only truly interesting question)
is about the best case scenario: what can we do to bring about
something good? Personally I think both Slovakia and Romania would be
served well by granting territorial autonomy to some parts, and in
general by lessening the control these states exert on all aspects of
civil society. Hungary, as a first step, could improve the situation
of the Rom (incidentally, a significant, and much abused, minority
both in Slovakia and in Romania).

Andra1s Kornai
+ - Re: American going to Budapest (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Hi Greg,

I'm in a hurry right now--will try to get back with more info latter--
but try "all the gophers in the world" with "Hungary", go to the
Technical University in Budapest--I think it's BME--they have posts--
although mainly in Hungarian--try the other universities in Budapest
too.  Hit any local travel agency in Budapest--including the state
agency IBUSZ, ask for a list of people who take in paying guests--
once you hit a couple of contacts, you'll have breakthroughs.  The
Hungary Section in the European Forum on CompuServe is excellent--a
lot of very helpful people.  I'll try to get you some e-mail addresses.
Got to go now--it's Monday, and I have a ton of work.

Tom Angi, 
Lived in Hungary for year 1990-91
+ - The magic number is 3 in hungarian. (Re MacCartney) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

>>Just one more try, Sandor, and you might get it REALLY right! ;-)
>>Fog ez menni, Sanyi!

Macartney !!! :-)

Did I got 1 attaboy.

+ - Arpad's people (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

New on this list. Native Hungarian, Dutch citizen (44), trained in
mathematics, living on management consultancy, now in US on a private

Having no idea whatsoever who subscribes to this list and with what
expectations, let me briefly raise an issue which fascinates me and will
continue to study.

At least one recent publication in Hungary:

        - Dr. Makkay Janos: A magyarsag keltezese

strongly argues that the language (and ethnicity) of the people who, under
Arpad's leadership, invaded the Carpathian basin in the 9th century was

According to his thesis the Hungarian language was already present in the
Carpathian basin at the time of this invasion (conquest/honfoglalas) due to
the prior arrival of the Hungarians.

His arguments are very strong (on logic) and refreshingly free of the
customary Hungarian chauvinism. Any opinions?

As a related bit of news, Bereminyi Giza, Hungarian author/movie director
(Tanitvanyok, El Dorado), who is a good friend of mine, is planning to start
production of a film on the time of Almos. I am trying to convince him that
the actors should speak some ancient Turkic, not Hungarian or, Isten forbid,

Would someone help me support the cause?

Name: tiha von ghyczy
Date: 08/12/95
Charlottesville, Va.
+ - Hungarian law/yer (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Jo napot!

I would like to get in touch with someone who do know the Hungarian law.
I got to know the administration of justice in property questions.
In exchange I can tell about the Swedish laws, if you*re interested.

If you can*t offer this, maybe you know some good lawyers that are easy to
communicate with by electronic media, like fax or e-mail.

The difficuties when handeling contacts with Hungarian companies and persons
is the lack of effecitve communication.

You can answer me magyarul, but when Hungarian letters are hard to use by
I would prefer English.


/Oliver Karacsony
+ - R.W. Seton-Watson's Credentials as a Propagandist (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Several members of this newsgroup referred to R.W. Seton-Watson as a
propagandist.  While some correspondents on this list may resent this
label, there is some factual basis for this.

In both World Wars he had served in intelligence and in propaganda

   In 1917 he was " seconded for work in the Cabinet's intelligence
   bureau until early in 1918, he was entrusted with the Austrian
   section of the Crewe House enemy propaganda department.  As a member
   of that department's mission to Italy he helped to prepare a basis
   for the successful Rome congress of subject Habsburg nationalities
   in april 1918...

   " On the outbreak of war [World War II.] he joined the foreign
   research and press service and in 1940 the political intelligence
   department of the Foreign Office, serving as a personal link with
   his friend Dr. Benes, the head of the provisional Czechoslovak
   Government in London.   1.

_DNB_ catalogs his many accomplishments, and traces his evolution
from a pro-Hungarian young scholar to a supporter of Czechoslovakia,
Romania, and Serbia.

Notes: 1. Wickham Steed, "Seton-Watson, Robert William," in _Dictionary
          of National Biography, 1951-1960_, 7th Supplement, ed. by
          E.T. Williams and Helen M. Palmer (Oxoford: Oxford
          University Press, 1971),  877-880.

Victor F. Marx

+ - Fwd: ==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-309 Popular (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Forwarded message:
Subj:    ==>FREE 1yr MagazineSub sent worldwide-309 Popular USA Titles
Date:    95-08-14 17:16:37 EDT
From:    DormRA
X-To:      DormRA

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+ - Re: Arpad's people (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Welcome to the list!

I was surprised to read your letter, not so much about its contents, but
because rarely do people who are new to a list throw in such a devisive
issue.  But I guess it can be interpreted as a new

Under ideal circumstances I would leave this kind of topic to the
experts, if for nothing else than to spare science from amateurs.  I don't
claim to be a historian, but I guess I know enough not to make myself
look as careless as you.  Somehow my instinct tells me that you were
never a victim of any of the overzealous historians that are in abundance
in the countries surrounding Hungary and are much too eager in the
rewriting of history.  They share your enthusiasm and you might be able
to provide them with some "valuable facts".  May I suggest to you to
talk to some of the US war veterans about the Enola Gay exhibit...
Similarly, they don't like to have their past pulled out from underneath
them.  Or is it a coincidence that apparently the most important thing that
you seem to have decided is that the actors should under no
circumstances speak Hungarian?  I guess anything is better than

Needless to say, that you are not the first of your kind that I
have come in contact with, and the overall feeling that I am left with
is one of "why?".  I got used to it and my only answer is, in case of
need, don't expect more understanding than however much you're willing
to offer.

And consequently, I confess to being one of your "chauvenistic
Hungarians" which isn't hard since you labeled me long before I knew about
it. As a matter of fact, all one needs to do is disagree with you to
deserve that label.  I'm not sure about in Holland, but around here,
this practice is losing its effectiveness.

                                Zsolt Nagy
+ - Tozsde hirek (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

___MAGYAR ELEKTRONIKUS TOZSDE____________________________HU-ISSN_1216-0229

 Budapesti Ertektozsde     1995. julius ho

Budapesttol 100 Km-re..jol megkozelitheto helyen, Balatonakarattyan
Balatonra nezo, 40 m2 ketszintes  vizkozeli,  komfortos nyaralo 562 m2
telekkel elado. Ara: 4,8 millio HUF
Jelige:X950811 a kiadonal.

Kerjuk kedves olvasoinkat tamogassak a MET mukodeset !!
(KOZZETETELI lehetoseg :tozsdei termekek, ingatlan,  (X) jelolt tajekoztatok)
(kozzeteteli tarifa az AETF ajanlasa alapjan )
FIGYELEM: Akik rendszeresen, jelentos tamogatast kuldenek a MET fenttartasahoz
lehetoseget tudunk biztositani a terjeszto szoftver beallitasaval,
hogy a kozzeteteleket ne kapjak meg.

 A BET 1995. julusi adatai

Csokkeno azonnali forgalom...  arfolyam tobbe kevesbe  emelkedo.

Azonnali piac

Az azonnali forgalom juniushoz kepest 1 milliard forinttal csokkent, a
reszvenyforgalom aranya  39 %-t tett ki. (A reszvenyek a tozsden jegyzett
ertekpapirok neverteken szamolt ertekenek azonban csupan 8%-at, a
kapitalizacionak pedig 18%-at adjak.) A BUX - egy honap alatt 2,1 %- kal
nott, julius vegen 1490,62 ponton zart.

Juliusban 92 milliard forint ertekben vezettek be kincstarjegyeket, 26
milliard forint ertekben 5 uj allamkotvenyt, ket uj karpotlasi jegy
sorozatot, ket reszvenytarsasag reszvenyeit; ot diszkont es egy kamatozo
kincstarjegysorozat es egy allamkotveny

# ...Reszvenyek

Enyhen emelkedo arfolyamok ... a reszvenypiacon 5,74 milliard forintos

Tovabbra is jelentos az automatikus kereskedesbe bevezetett reszvenyek
(Danubius, Globus,  Pick,  Primagaz,  Soproni  Sorgyar,  Pannonplast,
Egis,  Global,  Graboplast, Pharmavit,  Richter  Gedeon)  forgalombol
valo  reszesedese.  Julius  honapban  a reszvenypiaci  uzletek  71 %-at
erre  a  tizenegy  automatikus  papirra  kotottek, arfolyamerteken szamolt
forgalomban pedig aranyuk 81 % volt. A bevezetesi kategoriak alapjan
szetvalasztva a cegeket a magasabb szintu kovetelmenyeknek megfelelo  14
jegyzett ceg adta az uzletek 61 %-at es a forgalom 72%-at.

P/E mutato 19,85-rol 21,81-re nott,
P/BV 1,25
osztalekhozam 4,35-rol 4,31-re csokkent.

A reszveny piac kapitalizacioja -az uj bevezeteseknek is koszonhetoen
1 %-kal nott, julius vegen 179,5 milliard forintot (1,42 milliard US dollar)
tett ki, de meg mindig nem eri el a tavaly ev vegi erteket. A honap
legkeresettebb papirjai az EGIS (1,3 MdFt) a Danubius (790 MFt) es a
Richter (416 MFt) voltak.


Az  allamkotvenyek  piacat  3-szoros forgalomnovekedes  (1788  millio  Ft)
jellemezte.  Viszont   a kincstarjegyek forgalma kozel a felere (6.1
milliard Ft) esett vissza juniushoz viszonyitva.

 Befektetesi jegyek

Julius  honapban 34 befektetesi alap jegyeire arfolyamerteken 919 millio
forint ertekben kotottek uzletet a tozsde parkettjen. 1995-ben ilyen nagy
forgalmat meg nem regisztralt az ertektozsde. A befektetesi jegyek
megelenkult forgalma juniushoz kepest 4-szeres emelkedest jelent, viszont
nem tobb, mint az osszforgalom 6 %-a.

Karpotlasi jegy

A karpotlasi jegyek forgalma juniushoz kepest 30 %-kal csokkent.
Arfolyamerteken 244 millio forint forgalmat bonyolitottak a BET parkettjen
a brokerek juliusban. A havi zaroar (240 Ft) a nevertekre (1.742 Ft)
vetitve csak 14%-os arfolyamnak felel meg. Ket uj sorozat bevezetese
kovetkezteben a karpotlasi jegyek kapitalizacioja 31 milliard forintra
nott, ami a tozsdei teljes kapitalizacionak 3%-atjelenti.

 Hataridos piac

A BET hataridos piacan juliusban osszesen 115 millio forintos forgalmat
regisztraltak a termekek arjegyzoi. A nyitott kotesallomany a honap vegen
339 kontraktusra emelkedett, arfolyamerteken pedig 180 millio forintot ert


A hataridos piac forgalmanak meghatarozo termeke - az elozo honapokhoz
hasonloan - a 3 honapos diszkont kincstarjegy volt. Az osszforgalomnak a
61%-a (70 millio Ft), es a nyitott kotesallomanynak is 61  %-a ( 110
millio Ft) esett erre a termekre.  A  119 kontraktusnyi nyitott
kotesallomany a masodik legnagyobb volt juliusban.  A kereskedest az
elszamoloarak stabilitasa jellemeztek, ami annak a kovetkezmenye lehet,
hogy a 3 honapos kincstarjegyek hozamesese megallt, sot a hataridos termek
mogottes piacat a hozamok lassu emelkedese jellemezte. Juliusban az
elsodleges piacon egy honap alatt 42 milliard forint erteku kincstarjegy
kibocsatasara kerult sor.


A legkisebb kotesegysegu (BUX* l00Ft) es a hazai piacon ujdonsagnak
szamito hataridos termekre juliusban az elozo honaphoz hasonloan  13
millio forint ertekben szulettek uzletek. Ez a juliusi forgalomnak csupan
12%-a, viszont a nyitott poziciok szama ( 163 kontraktus) a legnagyobb a
piacon. Az elszamolo arak stagnaltak, ami osszefugghet azzal, hogy a BUX
azonnali ertekenek aprilisban tapasztalt dinamikus  novekedese lelassult,
s juliusban csak 30 pontot emelkedett.  A BUX kosaraban szereplo 17 papir
(Danubius, Domus, Dunaholding, Egis, Martfui Sorgyar, Fotex, Global,
Globus, Goldsun, Graboplast, Inter Europa Bank, Pannonplast, Pick,
Primagaz, Richter Gedeon, Skala-Coop T, Zwack) a tozsde
reszvenyforgalmanak 88%-t reprezentalta julius honapban.

 Devizak (DEM, USD)

A BET hataridos devizapiacan a marka jatszotta a vezeto szerepet. A nemet
markara 13 uzletkotesben 20 millio Ft, dollarra 7 uzletkotesben  12 millio
Ft ertekben szulettek kotesek, utobbibol foleg a kozelebbi lejaratokra,
markabol pedig a decemberi lejaratra.  Mindket deviza eseteben nott a
nyitott kotesallomany: a DEM nyitott kotesallomany 42 millio Ft-ot, az USD
pedig 19 millio Ft-ot tett ki a honap vegen.

Tozsden kivuli piac

1995 marciusatol lehet a Budapesti Ertektozsde keretein belul az OTC
piacon levo 7 leglikvidebb tarsasag 11 reszvenysorozataval kereskedni. A
tozsdei szabadpiacon julius honapban egyetlen uzletkotest sem realizaltak,
mikozben az OTC piacon ezen cegek forgalma kozel 2 milliard forintot tett
A  brokercegek  lejelentett  statisztikai  szerint  juliusban  a
reszvenypiac  a  tozsden koncentralodott: a tozsden kivuli
reszvenyforgalom 2,2 milliard forint volt, ami a teljes reszvenypiaci
forgalomnak csak 24%-at jelenti. A legnagyobb forgalmat a privatizacio
elott allo MOL Rt torzs, illetve a OTP Bank Rt torzsreszvenyei ertek el. A
statisztikak szerint e ket vallalat papirjai adtak az OTC reszvenyforgalom
78 %-t.
Az allamkotvenyek piaca tovabbra is az OTC piacon koncentralodik,
juliusban az osszes forgalom 90 %-t bonyolitottak a tozsden kivuli
forgalomban. Diszkont kincstarjegyek OTC forgalma hasonlo aranyt kepvisel,
befektetesi jegyek OTC forgalma haromszorosa volt juliusban a tozsdei
erteknek. Karpotlasi jegyekbol tizszer tobbet forgalmaztak a brokercegek
az OTC piacon, mint a tozsden.

Osszessegeben a brokercegek tozsdenek lejelentett statisztikai szerint
juliusban   80 milliard forint ertekben forgalmaztak ertekpapirokat a
brokercegek a tozsden kivuli piacon, ami 85 %-a a teljes junius havi
ertekpapirpiaci forgalomnak.

       Budapesti Ertektozsde vallalatai (1993.julius 31)
          Equities' capitalization ( as of 3l,July,l995)

Vallalat neve              Reszveny          Zaroar          Kapitalizacio
                           neverteke        1995.07.31.            Ft
Company                   Nominal value     Closing price     Capitalization
                              HUF           31.07.1995           HUF
Agrimpex Rt. (nev.)                10 000        9 500    1 156 853 000
Agrimpex Rt.(bem.)                 10 000        9 000       99 009 000
Aranypok Rt.                       10 000        4 100      176 300 000
Balaton Fuszert Rt.                10 000        3 500      420 000 000
Bonbon Hemingway Rt.                1 000        2 095      356 150 000
Csemege Julius Meinl Rt.           10 000       11 000      203 500 000
Csopak Rt. (nev.)                   1 000          560      448 616 000
Csopak Rt. (bem.)                   1 000          575      229 367 500
Danubius  Hotels Rt.                1 000        1 315   10 520 000 000
Domus Rt.                           1 000          525      857 325 000
Dunaholding Rt.  (nev.)             1 000        4 000    6 800 000 000
EGIS Rt.                            1 000        2 770   21 566 430 550
Elso Magyar Szovetkezeti Sorgyar    1 000        2 Z00    2 356 200 000
Fanix Rt.                           1 000          895      147 675 000
Fotex Rt.                            100           168   10 471 124 160
Garagent                            1 000        2 095      771 064 750
Global TH Rt.                       1 000        1 400    5 259 002 000
Globus Rt.                          1 000        1 235    1 230 649 095
Goldsun Rt.                         1 000          500      531 985 000
Graboplast Rt.                      1 000        1 515    3 457 987 500
Hajdutej                            1 000        1 800    1 802 520 000
Human                               1 000        1 110    3 008 100 000
Hungagent Rt.                       1 000        1 300      390 000 000
Ibusz Rt.                           1 000          910    1 201 655 000
Inter-Europa Bank Rt.              10 000       10 250    2 229 887 500
Kontrax Irodatechnika Rt.           1 000           10        5 000 000
Kontrax Telekom Rt.                 1 000           21       10 500 000
Konzum Ker. es Ip. Rt.                400          492    1 057 800 000
Nitroil Rt.                        10 000       16 000      439 840 000
Novotrade Rt.                         500        1 235    1 319 686 420
Pannonflax Rt.                      1 000          270      120 842 820
Pannonplast Rt.                      100         1 385    4 155 000 000
PannonValto Rt.                     1 000          565      988 750 000
Pharmavit Rt.                        100         5 999   10 588 235 000
Pick Szeged Rt.                     1 000        6 700   17 801 893 300
Primagaz Rt.                        1 000        3 355   10 736 000 000
Richter Gedeon Rt.                  1 000        2 050   34 634 672 100
Skala-Coop Rt.   S                  1 000        1 700       81 877 100
Skala-Coop Rt.   T                  1 000        2 325    8 601 981 525
Soproni Sorgyar Rt.                 1 000        2 105    1 364 040 000
Styl Ruhagyar Rt.                   1 000        1 100    1 298 000 000
Sztrada Skala Rt.  (nev.)          10 000        6 600       27 390 000
Sztrada Skala Rt.  (bem.)          10 000        3 500      102 375 000
Zalakeramia Rt.                     1 000        2 480    4 372 031 680
Zwack Unicum Rt.                    1 000        3 050    6 100 000 000

Olvasoi keresre ....

A karpotlasi jegyek tozsdei forgalma (1992. december 1.-1995. julius 30.)

                     Kotesek    Forgalom      Havi        Havi    Nevertek
                     szama db    MFt)         atlag ar    zaroar       Ft
1992 dec                 83    213.16          804           800      1241
1993 jan                 35    43.40           744           740      1257
    feb                  24    36.96           754           760      1273
    marc                 92    334.08          724           663      1288
    apr                  161   299.09          662           685      1305
    maj                  234   268.31          659           600      1321
    jun                  458   439.12          579           570      1337
    jul                  608   691.66          558           560      1353
    aug                  494   674.41          565           565      1369
    szep                 581   712.63          584           590      1385
    okt                  436   767.66          597           610      1402
    nov                 1067    2027.57        703           750      1422
    dec                  802    2674.37        714           670      1442
1994 jan                 555    1494.17        703           690      1462
    feb                  725    1759.86        658           665      1482
    marc                 1026   2122.64        654           670      1501
    apr                  849    1668.16        613           570      1522
    maj                  981    1946.73        552           570      1543
    jun                  1058   2564.98        584           550      1565
    jul                  1096   1753.87        561           560      1588
    aug                  1181   2137.53        512           455      1612
    szep                 1097   1672.01        458           450      1638
    okt                  720    757.05         395           405      1663
    nov                  714    809.88         420           410      1690
    dec                  532    672.13         398           405      1715
1995 jan                 445    463.24         382           330      1742
     feb                 397    49520          341           305      1742
     marc                652    620.74         302           265      1742
     apr                 537    265.05         209           205      1742
     maj                 624    301.54         246           236      1742
     jun                 558    353.17         242           238      1742
     jul                 556    244.38         244           240      1742
Osszesen:              19378   31284.75

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On Crossing a Boundry to Cyberspace

As a new member to a network, I am thrilled at the prospects such a
medium holds for changes in my life and  with the newfound voice it

At first I thought the group was talking about Macartney and I thought
of Paul and thought, O, boy, they're discussing the Beatles.  But
MacCartney aside, put in its place McCarthy, MacDonald, or E.G.
MacMuffin and you still have a very narrow slice of reality.

This reality is real and important and to be valued.  I know little
about computers but do feel that a network can work variously as a
whole or in subgroups.  In the present situation with a narrow
discussion on philosophy, only a small percentage of membership needs
are met.  Yet, it seems silly to presume that everyone vie for new
topics.  Rather subgroups might form along common interests.

I also feel a great  need to develop a code of ethical conduct, not
just an informal etiquette.  I am revolted when someone attacks
another person spewing such venom that it bleaches the colors from my
screen.  Most vomiting is done privately --even if one is nauseous in
public places.  Perhaps a simple code can be established that personal
rancor be handled one-to-one, not through the entire network.

One hears a lot about the "world as one place," and it is a statement
that is perceived as clearly true, but only in the abstract --one
still sees boundaries, differences, regionalism.  But having stepped
into the world of cyberspace I am awed by the concreteness and clearer
reality that the earth is truly one place and that all things are one
thing to the earth.

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--- MOMS 3.0