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1 OMRI Daily Digest - 24 April 1995 (mind)  60 sor     (cikkei)
2 CET - 24 April 1995 (mind)  362 sor     (cikkei)
3 DunaTv 19. heti musora - 95. majus 8. - majus 14. (mind)  748 sor     (cikkei)

+ - OMRI Daily Digest - 24 April 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

No. 80, 24 April 1995

CEI MEETING IN CRACOW. Representatives of the Central European
Initiative countries, meeting in Cracow on 21-22 April, appealed to all
sides in the Bosnian conflict to extend their cease-fire beyond 30
April. They also condemned Serbian attacks on Bihac, the killing of two
French UN peacekeepers, and the "terrorist bombing" of Dubrovnik
airport. Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina signed a declaration on national
minorities, endorsed previously by Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and
Macedonia. The creation of a permanent Secretariat and the admission of
the five associate members (Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, and
Ukraine) is to be discussed at the next CEI meeting, in Warsaw on 6-7
October. Poland, which is chairing the CEI in 1995, backs the full
admission of the five associate members, according to Polish CEI
representative Jozef Wiejacz. -- Jakub Karpinski, OMRI, Inc.

on 21 April amended the law on post and telecommunications, empowering
the government to auction off licenses for telecommunication operators
and courier services. The bill preserves the state-owned Polish
Telecommunications' monopoly on international telephone calls. The
Polish Post maintains its monopoly on handling regular letters and
parcels up to 2 kilograms. -- Jakub Karpinski, OMRI, Inc.

spokesman Peter Ondera on 21 April announced that one week earlier
police seized 17 kilograms of radioactive material and detained nine
suspects from Ukraine, Hungary, and Slovakia. According to Ondera,
specialists are currently investigating whether the material is weapons-
grade uranium. -- Sharon Fisher, OMRI, Inc.

reported that the country's railroad workers ended a four-day strike
after reaching a new labor agreement with Hungarian State Railways
management. The 86-hour strike, which halted most domestic services and
all international traffic to and via Hungary, was the first indefinite
work stoppage on Hungary's railroads since 1904. Most of the country's
70,000 railroad employees took part in the protest. -- Jiri Pehe, OMRI,

[As of 12:00 CET]

Compiled by Jan Cleave

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
Alapitvany tamogatja.

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+ - CET - 24 April 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Monday, 24 April 1995
Volume 2, Issue 79


  Police in Slovakia claim they've made one of the biggest
  seizures of suspected uranium to date.  The Slovak Interior
  Ministry said the nuclear material was bound for Hungary,
  where it probably would have been sold to a western buyer. The
  Slovaks said the well orchestrated sting operation has smashed
  an international smuggling ring.  Police seized nearly 37 and
  a half pounds of radioactive material after they stopped a car
  just outside the east Slovak town of Poprad. Narcotics
  officers had followed the Hungarian registered car and its two
  Hungarian occupants, since it entered Slovakia from Ukraine. 
  Later four Slovaks, two Ukrainians and another Hungarian were
  arrested in a series of raids across eastern Slovakia.  All
  nine men have now been formally charged with either illegally
  possessing, or conspiring to possess radioactive material. 
  Slovak investigators are currently testing the material to
  determine if it is uranium and if it is weapons grade.  They
  should have the results today.  If the material does turn out
  to be weapons grade, the haul will be a major step in
  international efforts to smash illicit trade in uranium from
  nuclear installations in the former Soviet Union. And it would
  dwarf the six pounds of highly enriched uranium which Czech
  police seized last fall in Prague. --James Drake


  Hungarian railway unions have ended a crippling four-day-old
  strike after reaching an agreement with the management of
  Hungarian State Railways, or MAV, over work practices.  Union
  and management negotiators hammered out a compromise yesterday
  under which an arbitration procedure will be started if they
  can't agree on future work schedules.  The strikers had sought
  the right to veto the scheduling of their shifts, but
  management wasn't prepared to concede that.  MAV officials had
  warned that the railroad could lose lucrative transit
  contracts if the strike continued, adding that the agreement
  is an important step toward modernizing Hungary's loss-making
  railway network.  MAV Deputy Chairman Istvan Sipos said the
  agreement will let the railway system transform itself from "a
  socialist-type of company to a market-sensitive firm". 
  Railway Workers Free Trade Union Chairman Istvan Gasko said
  the union has signed an agreement that seemed to be
  unobtainable before the strike started.

  Nomura Equity Research said Hungarian drug firms will initially
  benefit from recent changes in the country's health care
  system, but over the long term they'll have to adapt
  themselves to new market conditions in order to survive.
  Nomura also said last month's 9 percent forint devaluation
  could help boost the competitiveness of Hungary's
  pharmaceutical firms, even though foreign drug companies have
  already been allowed a 28 percent price rise to compensate for
  the total forint devaluation forecast for this year.

  Nomura said pharmaceutical consumption will fall 5 percent this
  year.  Last years' reforms to the Hungarian health care system
  were aimed at reducing the cost of medication.  The reforms
  are likely to be amended but will still call for a cut in
  state subsidies for patients' drug prescriptions.  Nomura
  said, in the short term, the tighter state reimbursement
  measures will help those Hungarian pharmaceutical companies
  which produce cheaper versions of generic drugs.  But Nomura
  warns, in the longer term, Hungarian drug companies will need
  to change if they want to survive in an increasingly
  competitive market.  They may need to merge, buy companies
  abroad or be bought out by foreign firms.

  A consortium of European oil and gas companies, including Czech
  Republic's CPP Transgas, Hungary's MOL, Austria's OMV and
  France's Total plans to invest around $1 billion in the
  construction of a liquid gas terminal on the Croatian island
  of Krk.  The consortium, which includes gas firms from
  Croatia, Slovenia, and Slovakia, has already invested $1
  million in a feasibility study.  The Malta-based Adria LNG
  Company will manage the project.  Under its first phase, the
  consortium will supply gas to central Europe and the Adriatic
  region.  No completion date was given.


  By David Fondler

  Central European stock markets were generally up last week, as
  foreign investors re-appeared in Warsaw and Budapest.  Neil
  Greer, the East European Specialist Salesman at CS First
  Boston in London, spoke with David Fondler.  Greer starts by
  summing up the mood:

  Greer:  It's been a very exciting week.  Certainly Poland has
  seen a lot of action, we're seeing renewed interest in
  Hungary, and to a lesser extent, but also in the Czech

  CET:  Where has most of the action been?

  Greer:  Really the biggest push, and what everybody is talking
  about this week has been in Poland.  The market was up for the
  third straight week.  We expect that the market will continue.
  There seems to be a lot of steam behind it.

  CET:  Why the renewed interest in Warsaw?  Are foreign investors
  going back there?

  Greer:  What people were waiting for was the market to reach
  some sort of plateau where they felt safe going in, but the
  driver to their interest was the fact that the companies had
  become very good values.  Once a few people came in just to
  buy the good valuations, the market did reach a plateau and
  since that was the signal a lot of people were waiting for,
  we've seen increased foreign interest in the market over the
  last few weeks.

  CET:  People have been saying all year that Poland is the place
  to put your money.  Is this the boom that had been predicted
  all year?

  Greer:  This would seem to be it.  Although boom is not
  necessarily the word I'd use.   One of the things that I think
  is going to begin to show, is that now Poland isn't the
  cheapest in Central Europe, I think people are going to begin
  looking at the other Central European republics, now that
  they've got good flavor in their mouths about what good value
  can be found and how these other markets can perform

  CET:  Turning to those other markets, what about Hungary?  You
  mentioned that there's some renewed interest there, and things
  did look up this week in Hungary.  What do you see happening
  on the BUX index?

  Greer:  What we were seeing is while there was interest in
  buying at the market levels we've seen, there wasn't
  necessarily interest in selling at those levels.  And when
  this kind of stalemate occurs, one of two things has to
  happen, either the sellers have to get bored and are willing
  to sell at the market price, or the buyers have to begin
  bidding up for the stocks, and we've seen in a couple of
  stocks, notably pharmaceutical stocks, Egis and Richter, and
  also the construction companies mostly among them Zalakeramia,
  are stocks that in the last week, the last three days, people
  have actually bid up for the stocks and said "now, I want to
  own the stock and I'm willing to pay a couple percent premium
  to what yesterday's close was", and that's driven up these
  stocks 5 percent for the week.

  CET:  Part of the attraction though was the low prices of the
  stocks, in comparison with the growth and earnings reports of
  these companies.  Is it too late, or is it getting too late,
  for people to get into these stocks at the low prices?

  Greer:  We don't believe so.  Again, when people are investing
  in Central Europe, they're looking for 30 percent prices rises
  a year for several years.  It is a long-term true growth
  story, the big difference between, for example, buying a
  Hungarian pharmaceutical firm at five times earnings, versus a
  German pharmaceutical firm at five times earnings, is that we
  see real earnings growth continuing for a much longer period
  of time as the Hungarian firm develops versus the German firm
  which has already developed, and has to either increase sales
  or cut costs.

  CET:  Let's talk a little bit about the Prague Stock Exchange
  now.  We see some optimism there, although not as much as
  Budapest or Warsaw.  What's happening in Prague?

  Greer:  The situation in Prague is somewhat similar to the
  situation in Hungary, where you've got people who want to buy
  some certain stocks, most notably the construction stocks, to
  pick out some of the best, IPS Praha in the construction
  industry, CVM Moca in the cement industry and Chlumcanske
  Keramika, the tile maker.  There's interest in these
  companies, but again you have a problem where a lot of the
  stock is held by the voucher funds, and they hold it at much
  higher costs than the current market price, and they're kind
  of unwilling to let it go at these current prices, where the
  buyers, who see the Czech market being kind of slow at the
  moment, aren't willing to necessarily raise their bids above
  yesterday's market price by too much.  So it's a bit of
  stalemate there, but as we've seen in Hungary, these things
  can break out.

  CET:  Any highly attractive companies or stocks around the
  region that you're looking at now?

  Greer:  As we've said, we think that the Polish stocks have a
  fair way to run, most notably the small manufacturing
  companies.  The company I probably like more than any in the
  whole region right now is Pannonplast, which is a diversified
  plastics producer in the Hungarian Republic that is currently
  benefiting from the increase in infrastructure construction in
  Hungary and would continue to benefit as the construction boom
  in Hungary shifts over to residential construction of the
  course of the next couple of years.


  By Duncan Shiels
  Sir John Birch was the Head of Chancery, or number two at the
  British Embassy in Budapest at the height of the Cold War in
  the early 80s.  He then served three years at the foreign
  office as head of the East European department and became
  London's Ambassador to Budapest in 1989.  CET spoke with the
  ambassador about his nine years in Hungary, which covered two
  very different periods.

  CET:  What were the two types of opponents to the Communist
  Party in the early 1980s?

  Sir John:  There were the critics of the regime who had, in a
  way, they were armchair critics.  They had jobs and they had
  families.  I wouldn't underestimate their role because they
  were a strong critical force.  Some of them felt that they had
  to go along, that it was better to work within the system, not
  as a member of it but within it, to bring about change.  But
  their circumstances meant that they weren't prepared to suffer
  what dissidents did, where their families were penalized and
  they couldn't get a telephone unless of course they let the
  authorities tap it.  Then there was a much smaller group who I
  think really did get the Party on the run, of dissidents,
  people like Rajk, Demszky and Haraszti, who in a way were the
  real champions who suffered greatly.  But the thing that the
  Party was clever enough to know was that they shouldn't make
  martyrs of the dissidents and so they never got into the sort
  of confrontation that they did, for example, in Czechoslovakia
  between the Party and Charter 77.

  CET:  So coming back to those two groups of dissidents, I
  suppose historically they became two strands in later
  political life.

  Sir John:  Well, I think you're right.

  CET:  The Democratic Forum and the Free Democrats.

  Sir John:  Yes, I mean on the whole, the academic, rather
  armchair critics of the one-party state ended up in the
  Democratic Forum and of course the founders of the Free
  Democrats were the dissidents.  I mean, the dissidents, one
  has to remember, they were not a popular group in Hungary in
  the 80s.

  CET:  Why not?

  Sir John:  Well, I think people felt that they were likely to
  rock the boat.  They'd watched the terrible convulsions in
  Poland with Solidarity and they'd seen the Russians, you know,
  martial law, Russians on the border.  They just felt that
  Hungary would do better, I mean the ordinary population, if
  people just accepted.  And things gradually seemed to be
  getting better.  They didn't want to have a great

  CET:  In that period in the early 80s there was quite a close
  relationship between the British and the US Government.  I
  wonder if the British had perhaps a more flexible position, or
  the possibility of a more flexible policy, because they
  weren't the superpower.  I wonder if you had a different role
  within the NATO allies, diplomatically in those early days,
  because it was Britain and not the United States?

  Sir John:  I think maybe we did.  It was, of course the Reagan
  years, and they were quite difficult, I think.

  CET: What do you mean?

  Sir John:  Difficult in that Reagan was seen as someone who was
  staunchly anti-Communist and I remember a number of his
  appointees who came here who accused the Hungarian leadership
  of being almost puppets of Moscow, who talked in terms of
  "satellites", the "satellite countries", which, of course,
  we'd stopped doing when it became appropriate, I mean a good
  decade before.  They weren't satellites.

  CET: Why weren't they satellites?  Why do you say they weren't

  Sir John:  Because they'd been able to show that they had plenty
  of internal room to manuever in how their domestic
  arrangements were made.

  CET:  Did you make an effort with these newly arrived US
  diplomats to sort of re-educate them?

  Sir John:  No, I just sat there and listened sometimes, in
  amazed silence!

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+ - DunaTv 19. heti musora - 95. majus 8. - majus 14. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MOZAIK    DUNA TV musora 1995. majus 8. - majus 14.                 

                      DUNA TV

  A DUNA TV adasa muholdrol egesz Europaban, Eszak-Afrikaban
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 Jo TV-nezest!

1995. ma'j. 8. he'tfo"
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 PUFO'KA KALANDJAI  /ism./   (13')
      Belga anima'cio's film
14.25 GAZDAKO~R   /ism./    (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Zala Simon Tibor
      XIII/8.: Jorda'nia - a sivatag utazo'ja
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Francois Floquet
      Feisal Ibn Jazi sejk amolyan teru~leti korma'nybiztos Jorda'nia 
      de'li re'sze'n. Ez az a teru~let, ahol a legenda's hiru" elhagyott 
      va'ros, Petra is tala'lhato'. A ko~rnye'ken e'lo" beduin to~rzsek 
      fontos mege'lhete'si forra'sa ez o"si mesterse'gu~k mellett, a 
      turista'kat kalauzolja'k a vadrege'nyes teru~leten.
15.40 AZ EMBERISE'G KALANDJA   /ism./   (51')
      XIII/5.: A Maldiv-szigetek csavargo'ja
      Spanyol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Alberto Oliveras filmje
      Zene: Juan Carlos Perez. Rendezo"-operato"r: Yon Inchaustegui
      To~bb mint ezer sziget tala'lhato' India partjaito'l de'lnyugatra, 
      a Csendes-o'cea'n vize'ben, egyma'sto'l olykor ko"bajita'snyira. 
      Oliveras e's sta'bja egy barcelonai fiatalembert keresett a 
      teru~leten, Xavit, aki imma'ron hat esztendeje lakik a noma'dok
      ko~zo~tt, mert megele'gelte a civiliza'cio' a'lda'sait.
16.30 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo'  /ism./    (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta. Rendezte: Kardos Ferenc
17.20 DINI, A KIS DINOSZAURUSZ     (12')
      A do~gevo"k ta'mada'sa
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat
17.40 Mese
      MUSTI: Musti szappanbubore'kot fu'j   (5')
      PILI E'S POLI: A napraforgo'          (5')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HIRADO'   (15')
18.15 MELBA   VIII/4.   (50')
      Ausztra'l filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Roger McDonald. Zene: William Motzing
      Operato"r: Dean Semler. Rendezte: Rodney Fisher
      Fo"szerepben: Linda Cropper, Hugo Weaving, Peter Carroll, O~do~n 
      Gyalog, Todd Boyce
      Nelli keme'nyen kiharcolta a londoni operakedvelo" ko~zo~nse'g 
      elismere'se't, de hiveket szerzett Pa'rizsban, Be'csben is, mi to~bb, 
      minden oroszok ca'rja ku~lo~nvonatot bocsa'jtott rendelkeze'se're, 
      hogy Pe'tenva'ron e'lvezhesse az ausztra'l operae'nekes elo"ada'sa'-
      ban a Ro'meo' e's Ju'lia't. Szakmai te'ren teha't osztatlan sikere-
      ket aratott, ellente'tben a maga'ne'lete'vel.
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Operato"r: Va'radi Ga'bor. Rendezte: Zsupos Zolta'n
      A XVII-XVIII. sza'zad folyama'n, a Hollandia e'szaki re'sze'n fekvo" 
      Franeker va'ros egyeteme'n hozza'veto"legesen 1200, fo"ke'nt 
      erde'lyi dia'k tanult, a reforma'cio' jegye'ben. A te'mako~r 
      holland kutato'i nyilatkoznak a filmben, az akkori ido"k eseme'-
      nyeinek, e'letmo'dja'nak gazdag forra'sanyagait felhaszna'lva.
20.00 MU"-TEREM-TE'S    (45')
      Ke'pzo"mu"ve'szeti magazin
      Szerkeszto": Nagy T. Katalin
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 A'RVERE'S KISU'JSZA'LLA'SON   IV/1.  (49')
      LICIT   (1.)
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Zolnay Pa'l, Na'dasy La'szlo'
      Operato"r: Na'dasy La'szlo'. Rendezte: Zolnay Pa'l
      Van egy alfo~ldi kisva'ros, Kisu'jsza'lla's. Sze'p e's okos emberek 
      lakja'k: kunok. Sze'pen besze'lik a magyar nyelvet, tiszta'n, 
      e'rtheto"en, izesen; ami a szivu~ko~n, az a sza'jukon. Jo' fo~ldeken 
      dolgoztak, gyarapodtak. A ko~rnye'ken nagybirtok nem volt, de 
      sza'mos o~tven-, nyolcvan-, sza'zholdas gazdasa'g, "kula'kfe'szek", 
      ege'szen 1949-50-ig. Akkor lecsapott ra'juk a ne'pi demokra'cia.
      Fordult a to~rte'nelem kereke, e's ma ezek az emberek a'rverezik 
      vissza volt javaikat. Tanu'i lehetu~nk egy folyamatnak: hogyan 
      kell "igazsa'gosan" sze'tverni egy jo'l mu"ko~do~, ge'pesitett 
      nagyu~zemi gazdasa'got.
22.00 A KA'RPA'T-MEDENCE TA'NCAI  II/2.   (40')
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Halom Jo'zsef
22.40 TANGO'   /ism./  (56') 
      Spanyol te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Antonio Larreta, Manuel Marinero, Miguel Hermoso, 
      Luis Arino. Zene: Bernardo Bonezzi. Operato"r: Hans Burmann,
      Tote Trenas, Hugo Colace. Rendezte: Miguel Hermoso
      Szereplo"k: Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano, Antonio Ferrandis, 
      Luis Brandoni, Mario Santana, Miguel Rellan, Susana Becker
      A mulato' beindul. A to~rzsvende'gek, a mulato' tulajdonosai e's 
      alkalmazottai ko~zo~tt bara'ti e's szerelmi sza'lak szo~vo"dnek. 
      Itt mindenki megkapja kedvenc itala't, kedvenc muzsika'ja't e's 
      azt az uta'nozhatatlan hangulatot, melyet csak a Tango' nyu'jthat
23.35 VERS     (8')
      Biro' Sze'p Anna
      A ballada't elmondja: Molna'r Gizella
1995. ma'j. 9. kedd
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 VA'LTO'   /ism./    (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga
15.00 NYELVO"RZO"  /ism./   (30')
      Nyelvmu"velo" mu"sor
      Szerkeszto": Matula A'gnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andra's
      Angol sportto~rte'neti sorozat
      Operato"r: Chris Openshow
      TO~RTE'NETE'BO"L        (12')
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Operato"r: To'th-Szo~llo"s Andra's. Rendezte: Szila'gyi Pe'ter
16.05 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'   (53')
      XXVI/15.: La'ngolo' otthonok
      Anglia, 1940-1944
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: David Wheeler. Zene: Carl Davis
      Operato"r: Ray Sieman, Peter Lang. Rendezte: Peter Batty
      A ha'boru's helyzet, a hadbale'pe's fenekestu~l felforditotta ege'sz 
      Anglia't. A hadia'llapot minden egyes a'llampolga'rt egyetlen 
      ko~zo~s ce'l fele' terelt: tu'le'lni e's mine'l to~bb borsot to~rni 
      az ellense'g orra ala'. A politikai vezete's ebben marade'ktalanul 
      megegyezett, a to~megek pedig leheto"se'geik szerint ko~vette'k a 
      hadia'llapot elo"ira'sait. Az angolok a legjobb forma'jukat hozta'k 
      ebben az ido"ben - nyilatkozta a film ke'szito"inek J. B. Priestley.
17.00 SZINHA'ZI E'LET   /ism./   (30')
      Szinha'zi magazin
      Szerkeszto": Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Bala'zs
17.35 Mese
      TOM E'S JERRY: Ho'csata    (8')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HIRADO'   (15')
18.15 EROICA   /1957./   (80')
      Lengyel film
      Zene: Jan Krenz. Operato"r: Jerzy Wojcik
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Jerzy Stefan Stawinski. Rendezte: Andrzej Munk
      Szereplo"k: Edward Dziewonski, Barbara Polonska, Kazimierz Rudzki, 
      Jozef Nowak, Henryk Bole, Mariusz Dmochowski
      I. te'tel:
      Dudus a ne'met za'ro'vonal, a varso'i felkele's katona'i e's a 
      vo~ro~so~k hada'lla'sa ko~zo~tt u~zletel, udvarol, re'szegeskedik. S 
      ko~zben akarva-akaratlanul e'letvesze'lyes megbizata'st hajt ve'gre.
      II. te'tel:
      A ne'met hadifogolyta'bor lengyel foglyai emberi mivoltuk mini-
      muma'nak mego"rze'se e'rdeke'ben a katonai, tiszti becsu~let 
      regula'iba kapaszkodnak. Igy e'l ko~zo~ttu~k annak a hadnagynak a 
      legenda'ja, akinek sikeru~lt a szo~ke's...
19.35 HAMU    (6')
      Magyar anima'cio's film
      Rendezte: Cako' Ferenc
      A film, amely az e'rtelmetlen ha'boru'to'l valo' fe'lelem a'bra'-
      zola'sa, a Berlini Fesztiva'lon fo"dijat kapott.
19.40 VARSO' E'PITE'SZETE   X/6.    (10')
      Rendezte: Anna Gatuszko
20.00 GAZDAKO~R   (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto": Papp Ferenc. Mu"sorvezeto": Dr. Gyo"rffy Sa'ndor
      Nyakunkon a fagyosszentek. Hata'rszemle gazda- e's agrono'mus-
      szemmel. Gazdaportre'k a Ka'rpa't-mţedence'bo"l. Agra'rhirek. 
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  -  A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 A'RVERE'S KISU'JSZA'LLA'SON   IV/2.    (59')
      Licit   (2.)
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Zolnay Pa'l, Na'dasy La'szlo'
      Operato"r: Na'dasy La'szlo'. Rendezte: Zolnay Pa'l
22.10 BELSO" VILA'GUNK  /ism./  (49')
      VI/3.: A ta'pla'lkoza's rejtelmei
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Josida Ricu. Zene: Hazsaisi Dzso'
      Operato"r: Ohucsijama Maszalori, Carl O. Lofman
      Rendezte: Koide Goro
      Az eme'szte's e's felszivo'da's folyamatai. A stressz, az orvos-
      sa'gok, az alkohol hata'sa a belso" egyensu'lyra. Ku~lo~nfe'le 
      eme'szto"rendszeri betegse'gek kialakula'sa.
23.00 VERS     (3')
      Berda Jo'zsef: Ele'gia
      Elmondja: Ma'di Szabo' Ga'bor
1995. ma'j. 10. szerda
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 SZIPPANCSOK   (24')
      Eszkimoho' szippancsok ; Az a'rma'nyos a'rny
      Belga anima'cio's film
      Francia dokumentumfilm
      Zene: Francois Tusques, Bernard Vitet
      Operato"r: Jacques Weber, Yves Delacroix
      Rendezte: Bernard d'Abrigeon
      Kairo' fo"pa'lyaudvara't Ramszesz Fa'rao'ro'l nevezte'k el. A csarnok 
      e's az ege'sz e'pu~letegyu~ttes ku~lso" megjelene'se'ben a korabeli 
      mecsetekre emle'keztet, a mozdonyvezeto" laka'sablaka'bo'l a 
      piramisokra lehet la'tni.
15.30 A ZENE ARCAI   /ism./    (50')
      Komolyzenei magazin
      Chopin-Vuka'n: 12 Preludes Op. 28. II/2.
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Bartalus Ilona. Rendezte: Koltay Bea'ta
      Elo"ado'k: Creative Art Jazz Trio, Vuka'n Gyo~rgy - zongora, Berkes 
      Bala'zs - bo"go", Bala'zs Eleme'r - dob
16.20 VADMADARAK     (17')
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Bodrossy Fe'lix
      Hogyan e'lnek tova'bb - megva'ltozott ko~ru~lme'nyek ko~zo~tt - a 
      soroksa'ri Duna-a'g vizimadarai.
16.40 DELFI E'S BARA'TAI     (25')
      52/2.: Vesze'lyben a tenger
      Spanyol rajzfilmsorozat
      Rendezte: Antonioni D'Ocon
17.05 MUZZY COMES BACK    XX/11.    (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.10 THIS IS THE WAY    40/31.    (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Mlolna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
      O~sszeszedju~k az eddig tanult ke'rdo"szavakat, amik a ko~vetkezo" 
      ta'rsasja'te'k sora'n igen hasznosnak bizonyulnak. Ke'so"bb 
      o~sszehasonlitjuk a busz, a szeme'lyauto' e's a repu~lo" tulajdon-
      sa'gait, hogy mega'llapitsuk, melyik gyorsabb, melyik biztonsa'-
      gosabb. To~bben pro'ba'lnak po'lo't va'sa'rolni, de sikertelenu~l, 
      mert azok vagy tu'l nagyok, vagy tu'l kicsik. Megtudjuk ve'gu~l, 
      Thimbo mie'rt nem igaza'n alkalmas arra, hogy kosaras, computer-
      programozo', nindzsa vagy modell legyen.
17.40 Mese
      STAFLIK E'S SPAGETKA: Fe'nyke'peze's   (8')
      MESE'K A NAGYVILA'GBO'L: Az ellopott diszno'   (5')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 DICSO"SE'G MINDENKINEK   II/1.    (98')
      Kanadai-angol film
      Rendezte: Eric Till
      Fo"szerepben: R. H. Thomson, John Woodvine, Kate Trotter
      Ez a film Frederick Banting to~rte'nete, akit az I. vila'g-
      ha'boru's e'lme'nyei arra tanitottak: ko~telezo" ku~lo~nbse'get 
      tenni le'nyeges e's le'nyegtelen dolgok ko~zo~tt. Ko~rzeti orvos-
      ke'nt kezdte, szivo's munka'val felfedezte az inzulint - de nemcsak 
      e korszakalkoto' eredme'nye'e'rt, hanem erko~lcsi tarta'sa elisme-
      re'seke'ppen is kapta meg az orvosi Nobel-dijat.
20.00 RE'GIO'K   (45')
      Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
21.15 "BOLDOG, SZOMORU' DAL"   (15')
      Ba'lint Andra's mu"sora Kosztola'nyi Dezso" mu"veibo"l
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Ba'lint Andra's. Operato"r: Hala'sz Miha'ly
      Rendezte: Bencze Zsuzsa
22.05 SCHUMANN: KARNEVA'L (Op. 9.)    (28')
      Hegedu"s Endre zongoraestje a Zeneakade'mia nagyterme'bo"l
      Szerkeszto": Bartalus Ilona. Rendezte: Veszpre'mi Andra's
22.30 A TO~RZSFO"NO~KO~K PARADICSOMA   /ism./ (28')
      XIII/8.: Jorda'nia - a sivatag utazo'ja
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Zene: Osvaldo Montes. Rendezo"-operato"r: Francois Floquet
23.00 VERS   (3')
      Ka'nya'di Sa'ndor: Fa'to'l fa'ig
      Elmondja: Bala'zs E'va
1995. ma'j. 11. csu~to~rto~k
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'     (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 EMLE'KKE'PEK - RE'GI HIRADO'K     (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
14.30 MlT ESZIK AZ EMBER   V/1.     (46')
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" film
      Zene: Akihiko Takashima. Forgato'ko~nyv: Takao Segi
      Operato"r: Masami Gato. Rendezte: Youchi Ueda
      A sorozat a vila'gban kialakult e'tkeze'si kultu'ra'k nyoma'ba ered, 
      ismertetve a legfontosabb e'lelmiszereket. Az elso" re'sz a hu'st 
      ja'rja ko~ru~l, euro'pai pe'lda'zatokkal, felhaszna'la'si mo'dokkal.
15.15 YAZD    (13')
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Operato"r: Ve'ka's Pe'ter. Rendezte: Rambod Lotfi
      A film az o"si ira'ni va'ros, Yazd egyedu~la'llo' e'pite'szeti 
      emle'keit, e's a va'rosto'l 80 km-re fekvo" Csa'k-Csa'k nevu" 
      o'kori Tu"ztemplomot mutatja be.
15.30 E'JJELI ZENE   /1943./  (83')
      Magyar film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Tiszay Andor, Tima'r Kato'. Zene: Dr. Fries Ka'roly, 
      Marai La'szlo'. Operato"r: Eiben Istva'n. Rendezte: Ba'n Frigyes
      Szereplo"k: Sa'rdy Ja'nos, Ladomerszky Margit, Bilicsi Tivadar, 
      Kelemen E'va
      Ha egy eljegyzett la'ny nem a vo"lege'nye'to"l kap e'jjeli zene't, 
      abbo'l hamarosan nagy botra'ny kerekedik. Pallay ezredes 
      eltiltja Katinka la'nya't Tardy Miklo's e'nekesto"l, so"t a fe'rfival 
      me'g azt is megige'rteti, hogy igyekszik kia'bra'nditani maga'bo'l 
      a la'nyt. 
17.05 KERTGAZDA   (20')
      Kerte'szeti magazin
      Szerkeszto": Komisza'r Lajos
      Tavaszi teendo"k a kertekben e's a kerte'szetekben. O~tletcsokor 
      e's e'rdekesse'g egy ku~lo~nleges gyu~mo~lcsro"l.
17.30 Mese
      PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: Segitse'g, baj van!    (24')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 DICSO"SE'G MINDENKINEK   II/2.     (99')
      Kanadai-angol film
      Rendezte: Eric Till
      Fo"szerepben: R. H. Thomson, John Woodvine, Kate Trotter
      Banting e's csapata ma'r to~bb sza'z a'llaton ve'gzett kise'rletet. 
      A proble'ma egyre szertea'gazo'bb, s az eredme'ny megszu~lete'se'nek 
      ku~szo~be'n beindul egy ge'pezet, amely sza'nde'ka'to'l fu~ggetle-
      nu~l feszu~ltse'geket induka'l az orvos e's munkata'rsai ko~zo~tt. 
      S o'hatatlanul felmeru~l a ke'rde's, kit re'szesithetnek elo"szo~r 
      a sze'rum gyo'gyito' ereje'ben, s ki va'llalja eze'rt a felelo"s-
20.00 VA'LTO'     (45')                  
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HIRADO'       (15')
21.15 TIZPARANCSOLAT    (57')
      X. Parancsolat: Felebara'tod ha'za't, mezeje't, ma'sfe'le jo'sza'-
      ga't ne kiva'njad!
      Lengyel filmdra'ma
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Krizysztof Kieslowski, Krizysztof Piesiewicz
      Zene: Zbignyev Preisner. Operato"r: Jacek Blawnt
      Rendezte: Krizysztof Kieslowski
      Szereplo~k: Jerzy Stuhr, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Henryk Bista
      A testve'rek e'vek eltelte'vel apjuk temete'se'n tala'lkoznak 
      elo"szo~r. A hagyate'k szege'nyes, de felfedeznek egy be'lyeg-
      albumot, melynek valo'di e'rte'ke're csak lassan e'brednek ra'.
22.10 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'  /ism./   (53')
      XXVI/15.: La'ngolo' otthonok
      Anglia, 1940-1944
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: Neal Acherson. Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Ray Sieman, Peter 
      Lang. Rendezte: Peter Batty
23.00 VERS     (5')
      Reme'nyik Sa'ndor: Ahogy lehet
      Elmondja: Boe'r Ferenc
1995. ma'j. 12. pe'ntek
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NlKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'     (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 RE'GIO'K    /ism./   (45')
      Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
15.00 Olvaso'naplo'
      E'DES ANNA   (1958. - ism. - 84')
      Magyar film
      Kosztola'nyi Dezso" rege'nye nyoma'n irta: Bacso' Pe'ter, Fa'bri 
      Zolta'n. Zene: Ra'nki Gyo~rgy. Operato"r: Sze'cse'nyi Ferenc
      Rendezte: Fa'bri Zolta'n
      Szereplo"k: To~ro"csik Mari, Kova'cs Ka'roly, Mezey Ma'ria, Fu~lo~p 
      Zsigmond, Greguss Zolta'n, Ba'ro' Anna, Gobbi Hilda, Makla'ry 
      A kis csele'd, E'des Anna mindenesnek szego"dik Vizy me'lto'sa'go-
      se'khoz. Vizyne' bu~szke a jo' va'sa'rra az ige'nytelen, szorgalmas 
      lea'nnyal, de nem veszi embersza'mba. Az asszony unokao~ccse meg-
      ko~rnye'kezi a la'nyt, aki ha'la's a sze'p szavake'rt, e's enged 
      neki. Amikor a'llapotos lesz, a fiatalu'r otthagyja o"t. Anna 
      megala'ztata'sai ve'gu~l trage'dia'ba torkollanak.
16.20 ZENEI PILLANATOK    (4')
      A szopra'n-saxofon e's a klarine't
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" sorozat
      Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
16.25 ASZTALTA'RSASA'G   /ism./   (45')
      Vende'gse'gben a zso~go~di Nagy Imre Mu'zeumban
      Vende'gek: Egyed Pe'ter iro', filozo'fus, Mo'zes Attila iro', A. 
      Vinczeffy La'szlo' festo"mu"ve'sz, Kova'cs Andra's Ferenc ko~lto"
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Temesi Ferenc. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
17.10 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/11.  /ism./   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.15 THIS IS THE WAY   40/31.   /ism./   (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
17.40 Mese
      VIGYA'ZAT, FIU'K!:...parkolo' !  (7')
      SZUTYI, A KIS KE'ME'NYSEPRO": A gazda'tlan ido"   (7')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's     (5')
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 TANGO'    VIII/5.   (58')
      Spanyol te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Antonio Larreta, Manuel Marinero, Miguel Hermoso, 
      Luis Arino. Zene: Bernardo Bonezzi
      Operato"r: Hans Burmann,Tote Trenas, Hugo Colace
      Rendezte: Miguel Hermoso
      Szereplo"k: Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano, Antonio Ferrandis, 
      Luis Brandoni, Mario Santana, Miguel Rellan, Susana Becker
      A Tango'ban esku~vo"re ke'szu~lnek. Marita, a titka'rno" e'ppen 
      depresszio's, de fo"no~ke ke're'se're az elleno"rzo" hivatalnoknak 
      bedobja a "pa'rduc-hadmu"veletet". Marcos az utca'ro'l szed fel 
      egy tango'-zene'szt, akit re'go'ta tisztel e's becsu~l.  
19.10 A LO'DARAZSAK EGY E'VE     (29')
      Ne'met ismeretterjeszto" film
      Zene: Michael Scherzinger. Rendezo"-operato"r: Ju~rgen Bundy
      A lo'darazsat az elo"ite'letek miatt ma'r a kipusztula's fenyegette,
      eze'rt 1984 o'ta az euro'pai ve'dett a'llatok lista'ja'n szerepel. 
      A film ve'gigko~veti egy dara'zsfe'szek e'lete't a'prilisto'l, a 
      fe'szeke'pite'sto"l okto'ber ve'ge'ig, az o~reg kira'lyno" pusztu-
19.40 VARSO' E'PITE'SZETE   X/7.   (10')
      Rendezte: Anna Gatuszko
20.00 KO~ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN     (45')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
      Scott Fitzgerald rege'nye alapja'n irta: Julius Epstein,Philipe 
      Epstein, Richard Brooks. Zene: Conrad Salinger
      Operato"r: Joseph Ruttenberg. Rendezte: Richard Brooks
      A II. vila'gha'boru' uta'ni Pa'rizsban pezseg az e'let. Ko~nnyen 
      szo~vo"dnek szerelmek, de ugyanolyan gyorsan meg is szu"nnek. A 
      romantikus to~rte'net egy iro'  e's egy gazdag amerikai la'ny 
      szerelme'nek, ha'zassa'ga'nak ko~nnyes, szomoru' kro'nika'ja.
23.10 VERS   (3')
      Batsa'nyi Ja'nos: A la'to'
      Elmondja: Sinko' La'szlo'
1995. ma'j. 13. szombat
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's   (5')
09.05 SLAPAJ    (22')
      Mint akinek a foga't hu'zza'k
      Belga anima'cio's film
09.25 NYELVE'DESANYA'NK         (30')
      Nyelvmu"velo" mu"sor
      Szerkeszto": Matula A'gnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andra's
10.00 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/11.    /ism./   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
10.05 THIS IS THE WAY    40/31. /ism./      (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
10.25 KEDVES...   /ism./    (45')
      Szo'rakoztato' magazin -- no"kro"l no"knek
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Barko' Judit, Kalocsai Andrea
      Rendezte: Bozsogi Ja'nos
11.10 KO~ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN   /ism./   (45')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's   (5')
12.05 KA'NON   (30')
      A reforma'tus valla's liturgikus ta'rgyai
      Valla's e's kultu'ra
      Szerkeszto": E'zsia's Aniko'. Rendezte: Ku'tvo~lgyi Katalin
12.35 KIMBA, A FEHE'R OROSZLA'N  (22')
      52/8.: Sa'skaja'ra's
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Ardwight Chamberlain. Zene: Ted King.
      Operato"r: Will Am Smith. Rendezo": John Rust
      Magyar mesefilm
      Zene: Va'ry Ferenc. Forgato'ko~nyv: Tarbay Ede
      Operato"r: Kaplony Miklo's. Rendezte: Hollo's La'szlo'
      Szereplo"k: Meixner Ildiko', Keme'ny Henrik, Ne'meth Marietta, 
      Koffler Gizella, Kova'ch Eniko", Horva'th Ka'roly, Sima'ndi Jo'zsef, 
      Gyo~ko~s Kato', Balogh Kla'ra
14.00 LAPOZO'     (15')                                    
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
      Finn ismeretterjeszto" film
      Rendezte: Ilkka Hannula
      Ha visszagondolunk azokra az ido"kre, amikor me'g kezdetleges 
      u'szo' ja'rmu"vek uralta'k a tengert, a hajo'za's lassu' volt e's 
      gyakran keru~lt vesze'lybe a matro'zok e'lete, mege'rthetju~k, 
      mie'rt viseltetett nagy fe'lelemmel a tengeri kigyo'k ira'nt az 
      ember. Kivetitette, felnagyitotta fe'lelmeit, ba'r te'ny, hogy akad 
      egy-ke't veszedelmesebb tengeri kigyo', amely ra'ada'sul me'reg-
      fogakkal is rendelkezik.
      Mu"velo"de'sto~rte'neti vete'lkedo"
      Szerkeszto": Lengyel Gyula
      A csaknem 1200 hazai e's hata'ron tu'li ko~ze'piskola's csoport 
      re'szve'tele'vel zajlo' vete'lkedo" do~nto"je Szent Istva'n kira'ly 
      szu~lo"va'rosa'ban, Esztergomban zajlott.
15.40 CIMBORA -- Tallo'zo'    (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta
      Rendezte: Horva'th Z. Gergely e's Kardos Ferenc
      Ma Me'szo~ly Miklo's lirai mesevila'ga'val ismerkedu~nk meg, 
      mu"sorunk ma'sodik re'sze'ben pedig Zsigmond kira'ly udvara'ba 
16.30 VA'RATLAN UTAZA'S   XIII/4.    (45')
      Duncan e'letre kel
      Kanadai ifju'sa'gi film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Lucky Moud Montgomery
      Zene: John Welsman, Don Gillis. Operato"r: Manfred Guthe
      Rendezte: Paul Shapiro
      Szereplo"k: Sarah Polley, Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna, 
      Mag Ruffman, Jackie Burroughs, Cedric Smith
      Rachel ke'rde'se're, bogy mie'rt nem ment fe'rjhez, Marilla egy 
      u'jsa'gban la'tott nevet va'laszt ki, mintha az lett volna hajdani 
      ke'ro"je. Azt gondolja, ezzel eleje't veheti a tova'bbi faggato'-
      za'snak, a'm amikor megjelenik egy va'ndorkereskedo", aki ve'let-
      lenu~l e'pp ezt a nevet viseli, Sarah nekila't, hogy o~sszeboro-
      na'lja az egykori szerelmeseket.
17.30 Mese
      TOM E'S JERRY SH0W   2.   (23')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 HALKAN A BASSZUSOKKAL     /1975./  (83')
      Francia filmvigja'te'k
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Pascal Jardin. Zene: Claude Bolline
      Operato"r: Jean-Jacques Tarbes. Rendezte: Jacques Deray
      Fo"szerepben: Alain Delon, Nathalie Delon, Paul Meurisse
      Simon ma'r bu'csu't mondott minden fo~ldi hivsa'gnak; miuta'n 
      ha'zassa'ga za'tonyra fut, jelentkezik a papi rendbe. U'gy gondolja, 
      itt biztonsa'gban lesz, az egyha'zi szolga'lat tala'n meghozza 
      lelki be'ke'je't. Mit lehet erre mondani: ember tervez...
      XIII/6.: A selyemu't
      Spanyol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Alberto Oliveras filmje
      Zene: Juan Carlos Perez. Rendezo"-operato"r: Yon Inchaustegui
      A korabeli Selyemu't va'ndorainak nyomvonala't ko~vetve jutott el 
      Japa'nba a sevillai festo", Salvador, hogy tanulma'nyozza a ma 
      ko~zel 170 millio's ne'p e'lete't.
20.30 TENGERSZEM    (19')
       U'tko~zben Csa'sza'r Ange'la'val
       Operato"r: Jankura Pe'ter. Rendezo"-operato"r: Sipos Istva'n
21.00 HIRADO'   (15')
2I.15 A GLEMBAY CSALA'D  III/1.    (46')
      Horva't te've'film
      Miroslava Krleze rege'nye nyoma'n irta: Artur Vrdoljak
      Zene: Arsea Dedic. Operato"r: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
      Rendezte: Artur Vrdoljak
      Szereplo"k: Mustafa Radarevjc,Bernarda Oman, Tonko Lonza, Ena 
      Begovic, Ervina Dragman
      Za'gra'b, 1913. A horva't nagyburzsoa'zia egyik vezeto" csala'dja a 
      ce'g fenna'lla'sa'nak jubileuma't u~nnepli. Az alkalom tisztelete're 
      hosszu' e'vek o'ta elo"szo~r egyu~tt minden rokon. Egyetlen e'jszaka 
      to~rte'neseibo"l fe'ny deru~l a csala'd so~te't mu'ltja'ra, vagyona'-
      nak eredete're, jelenlegi u~zelmeire.
22.00 MARNIE    /1964./      (125')
      Amerikai film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Jay Preston Allen.  Operato"r: Robert Burks
      Zene: Bernard Herrmann. Rendezte: Alfred Hitchcock
      Fo"szerepben: Tippi Hedren, Sean Connery, Martin Gabel
      Marnie Taylor oly elragado', hogy fo"no~ke az elso" adando' 
      alkalommal olta'rhoz vezeti. Ba'r a fe'rfi ne'ha'ny jelbo"l sejti, 
      hogy a la'ny mu'ltja'ban titkok lappanganak, me'gis va'llalja a 
0.05 VERS    (2')
     Buda Ferenc: Ne rejto"zz el
     Elmondja: Cserna'k Ja'nos
1995. ma'j. 14. vasa'rnap
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's   (5')
09.05 BENJI     (22')
      XIII/9.: A baj nem ja'r egyedu~l
      Amerikai ifju'sa'gi filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Len Jauson, Chuck Menville
      Operato"r: Jarry Callaway. Rendezte: Joe Camp
      Fo"szereplo": Chris Burton
      Yubi helyett a vada'szok egy hozza' hasonlo' fiu't fognak el. A 
      gyerek szu~lei feljelente'st tesznek, e's Yubi hia'ba bizonygatja, 
      hogy o" nem a Parker-gyerek.
09.25 POPEYE     (22')
      Popeye o~ro~kse'ge; A kincsvada'sz
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat
10.00 SPORTKE'PEK (heti o~sszefoglalo')   (120')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Juni Gyo~rgy
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's   (5')
12.05 LUMEN 2000     (30')
      "Veletek vagyok..."
      Kereszte'ny tanu'sa'gte'telek
12.35 ION KAPITA'NY NYILA     (102')
      Roma'n kalandfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Alexandru Mitru. Operato"r: Stefan Horva'th
      Zene: Lucian Metianu. Rendezte: Aurel Miheles
      Fo"szerepben: Vladimir Gaitan, Carmen Ghiman, Amzan Pellea, Ion 
      1492-ben II. Mohamed to~ro~k uralkodo' seregei megta'madja'k Vlad 
      herceg havasalfo~ldi uradalma't, hogy bekebelezze'k a teru~letet e's 
      leiga'zza'k ne'pe't. A szulta'n szo~vetse'get ko~t Vlad herceg ellen-
      se'geivel, a boja'rokkal, akik ela'rulta'k ne'pu~ket. Az a'rulo'k 
      ko~ze'tartozik a herceg kincsta'rnoka is, akinek a la'nya, Ilina a 
      herceg hu" katona'ja, lon kapita'ny kedvese.
14.15 KUTYAPORTRE'K       (48')
      Francia ismeretterjeszto" sorozat
      A ne'met ro~vidszo"ru" vizsla
      Zene: Sebastien Regnier
      Operato"r: Thieny Garon, Gilles Roussel
      Rendezte: Gilles Roussel
      A ne'met ro~vidszo"ru" vizsla't kitarta'sa, jo' szimata e's e'le'nk-
      se'ge miatt kedvelik a vada'szok. Aktiv, mozga'se'hse'ge csillapit-
      hatatlan, gazda'ja'e'rt mindenre hajlando'.
15.05 BELSO" VILA'GUNK    (49')
      VI/4.: Bonyolult vegyi u~zemu~nk: a ma'j
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Josida Ricu. Zene: Hazsaisi Dzso'
      Operato"r: Ohucsijama Maszalori, Carl O. Lofman
      Rendezte: Koide Gorro
15.55 VILA'GTO~RTE'NET   20.   (26')
      A forradalmak kora
      Angol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat a TlMES magazin vila'g-
      to~rte'neti atlasza alapja'n
      Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operato"r: Philip Wooley
      Rendezte: John Selwyn Gilbert
      A gyarmatosita's felbecsu~lhetetlen gazdagsa'got eredme'nyezett 
      az u'jkori Euro'pa'ban, de nem egyenlo" me'rte'kben. A ku~lo~nbo~zo" 
      orsza'gok e's birodalmak egyma'ssal is hadban a'lltak a hegemon 
      szerepeke'rt a politikai szfe'ra minden teru~lete'n, de a kulcs-
      ke'rde's a kiva'ltsa'gok, a kiva'ltsa'gosok rendje'nek felsza'mola'sa 
16.25 POSTABONTA'S -- LEVE'LVA'LTA'S    (15')
      Szerkeszto": To~ro~k Erzse'bet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Ka'lma'n
16.40 EMLE'KKE'PEK -- RE'GI HIRADO'K    (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
16.55 TA'NCHA'Z   (30')
      Ne'pzenei magazin
      Szerkeszto": Rosta Katalin. Rendezte: Szomjas Gyo~rgy
      Zenei rendezo": Halmos Be'la
17.30 Mese
      SZIPPANCSOK: A mesemondo'ko~r     (24')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HETI HIRMONDO'      (60')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Csa'ky Zolta'n
      Francia-olasz filmdra'ma
      Irta: Andre' Cayatte, Jacques Prevert. Operato"r: Henri Alekan
      Zene: Joseph Kosma. Rendezte: Andre' Cayatte
      Fo"szerepben: Pierre Brasseur, Serge Reggiani, Anouk Aime'e
      A veronai szerelmesek tragikus to~rte'nete kise'rt ebben a 
      ha'boru' uta'ni szerelmi roma'ncban.
20.30 A GLEMBAY CSALA'D   III/2.   (41')
      Horva't te've'film
      Miroslava Krleze rege'nye nyoma'n irta: Artur Vrdoljak
      Zene: Arsea Dedic. Operato"r: Vjekoslav Vrdoljak
      Rendezte: Artur Vrdoljak
      Szereplo"k: Mustafa Radarevjc, Bernarda Oman, Tonko Lonza, Ena 
      Begovic, Ervina Dragman
      Napvila'gra keru~l az a csala'dot e'rinto" botra'ny is, miszerint 
      a gyo'ntato' atya a ba'ro'no" szereto"je. Glembay me'ly o~sszeu~t-
      ko~ze'sbe keru~l emiatt elso" ha'zassa'ga'bo'l sza'rmazo' fia'val, 
      Leone'val. A ba'ro'no" csa'bita'sainak a fiu' is egyik a'ldozata. 
      Ignjat Jacques Glembay ezt a megra'zko'dtata'st nem e'li tu'l.
      Angol ismeretterjeszto" film
      Zene: Denis Vaneck. Operato"r: Jean Claude Docouret
      Rendezte: Andre S. Labarthe
      A Csendes-o'cea'n szigetvila'ga'ban minden szigetnek megvan a 
      jellegzetes, olykor egyedu~la'llo' mu"ve'szeti stilusa. A felhasz-
      na'lt anyagok ku~lo~nbo~zo"ek, de a szingazdagsa'g mindegyikre 
      jellemzo". Az o'cea'nia mu"ve'szet ku~lo~nleges vila'ga'ba Jean 
      Guiart, a neves francia etnogra'fus kalauzol el minket.
      Operato"r: Gilles Grange. Rendezte: Charles F. Joron
22.55 VERS    (3')
      Bella Istva'n: Arccal a fo~ldnek
      Elmondja: Papp Zolta'n