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1 RFE/RL Daily Report - 22 December 1994 (mind)  53 sor     (cikkei)
2 VoA - Europai Kozosseg (mind)  434 sor     (cikkei)
3 DunaTv 2. heti musora - 95. januar 9. - januar 15. (mind)  747 sor     (cikkei)

+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 22 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

                   NO. 241, 22 DECEMBER 1994

interview with Uj Szo on 22 December, Miklos Duray, chairman of
the Coexistence movement, said the first steps taken by the new
Slovak government suggest "a totally new political orientation" is
in the offing. "We have to be ready to stand up to militant
linguistic and national ideas--if necessary, with the help of
public disobedience," Duray noted. He singled out recent
statements by Culture Minister Ivan Hudec on the protection of the
official Slovak language, claiming such policies "would try the
patience of Slovak citizens of Hungarian origin living in the
south of Slovakia." Duray also said the adoption of a law on the
protection of the Slovak language is unnecessary. "If the ruling
coalition decides to adopt such a law, we will have to appeal
abroad, like during the communist period," he remarked. Jiri Pehe,
RFE/RL, Inc.

According to Radio Budapest on 22 December, the Historical
Investigation Committee, established by the previous Hungarian
government to examine the country's recent history, has been
abolished by the present socialist-liberal government. The head of
the committee, Frigyes Kahler, learned from the media that all
investigations were to be stopped. The role of the committee was
considered very important because of the blatant omissions in
history books written under communism. The investigations,
however, may have proved uncomfortable for some politicians who
were returned to power in the spring 1994 elections. Judith
Pataki, RFE/RL, Inc.

[As of 12:00 CET]

(Compiled by Penny Morvant and Jan Cleave)
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - VoA - Europai Kozosseg (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

     title=European Union: Past, Present and Future
    byline=Francis Ronalds
    editor=Nancy Smart

content= actualities in audio services

         //Editors note: This focus is being run on the wire
         early to give services a chance to translate. It is
         slated for air on Thursday, December 29 //

anncr:   The Voice of America presents focus!

Cart:    Focus theme up, establish, under

Intro:   On January 1st, the European Union will expand from 12
         to 15 members, as Austria, Sweden and Finland join in,
         enlarging the common market to 340 million citizens.  At
         a recent summit conference in Essen, Germany, six more
         countries from East-Central Europe were promised aid and
         trade so that they could build the political and
         economic institutions that will prepare them for
         membership within a few years.  In the perspective of
         Europe's long march toward unification, why has this
         process moved so gradually, step by step, as it has?
         What is likely to be the timetable for the EUs further
         explansion to the east?  And what about the desire of
         France and other Southern European countries to direct
         aid across the Mediterranean, to the countries of North
         Africa beset with economic crises and political turmoil?
         In this focus, Frank Ronalds will look at the origins,
         the evolution and the likely future of European Union.

Host:    Of all the far-sighted statesmen who have worked to
         build a United Europe, historians agree that France's
         Jean Monnet (zhan mo-nay') was the most important.
         During the First World War, when Monnet was in his 20s,
         the French government sent him to London to facilitate
         British and French cooperation in that great struggle.
         During World War Two, he was the only Frenchman on the
         British supply council in Washington, where he served a
         similar function in coordinating the allied war effort.
         Professor Walt Rostow of the University of Texas, known
         for his many works on international economics, recalls a
         conversation with Mr. Monnet in June, 1947:

Tape: cut one -- Rostow

         "He held out his vision to us, of the future.  And he
         said to us: 'first, you must modernize the French
         economy, because without France there can be no Europe.
         Then we shall bring unity to Western Europe.  And after
         that, the power of prosperity and unity in Western
         Europe will disintegrate Stalin's empire in Eastern
         Europe and they will join, as they should, in this
         European unity.  And then, and only then, will Europe be
         able to play its role in the world."

Host:    Jean Monnet's prophetic remarks to Walt Rostow, then an
         international public servant with the United Nations,
         came just two weeks after U.S. secretary of state George
         Marshall made a speech at Harvard University offering
         American help in rebuilding Europe's war-devastated
         economy.  He proposed that the Europeans themselves
         cooperate in determining how the aid would be divided
         up.  The man named to coordinate this process as
         secretary of the O.E.E.C. -- The Organization for
         European Economic Cooperation -- was also a Frenchman,
         Robert Marjolin (ro-bear' mar-zho-lan').  In an early
         interview with the Voice of America, Mr. Marjolin said
         that the Marshall Plan laid the groundwork on which
         European unity could be built:

Tape: cut two -- Marjolin

         "Without the Marshall Plan, without the reconstruction
         of Europe which it made possible in the years after
         1947, the integration of Europe would have been

Host:    One major figure who worked with Mr. Marjolin on the
         British delegation to the O.E.E.C. Was the economist and
         businessman, Eric Roll.  Now 87 years old, Lord Eric
         Roll is the president of S. G. Warburg, the largest
         investment bank in the United Kingdom:

Tape: cut three -- Roll

         "The O.E.E.C. played an extremely important part. First
         of all, in its early stages, before it really existed as
         an organization to any great degree, it helped greatly
         through the division of Marshall aid, and the scrutiny
         of the use to which Marshall aid would be put by the
         different participating countries, as a very powerful
         cement, so to say, in making sure that American aid was
         used in the best collective sense.  Then, later on, of
         course, it created a series of very powerful links
         between the participating countries. (Opt) First of all,
         on a personal basis, it sort of molded a series of
         teams, and in fact, it's very remarkable to observe how
         some of the friendships, and some of the close
         cooperation that developed between individuals, of all
         the different countries at that time, has persisted down
         to this day.  And many of them have reappeared in other
         economic and political organizations like, for example,
         the Brussels Commission (of the European Union).  There
         are many people there who played an important part in
         the early stages, who had their apprenticeship, at it
         were, in the O.E.E.C." (End opt)

Host:    Lord Roll sees the addition of three more countries at
         the beginning of the year as a logical extension of the
         original concept:

Tape: cut four -- Roll

         "The Marshall Plan was really the rock on which Monnet
         and the others were able then to build the idea of a
         European economic community.  In the vision of an
         enlargement, whether it is to the immediate candidates,
         like Austria, Finland and Sweden -- Norway, Alas, not
         yet -- or whether it is going beyond to the former
         communist countries in Eastern Europe, the principle is
         the same.  There is nothing in that expectation of an
         enlarged Europe that runs in any way counter to the
         original conception.  I am all for it and I am delighted
         that that seems to be the general opinion."

Host:    During the four-year period of the Marshall Plan, from
         1948 to 1952, Western Europe made two giant leaps
         forward.  In 1950 came the European Payments Union,
         under which the currencies of member countries became
         convertible.  In 1951, under a plan developed by Jean
         Monnet, came the creation of the European coal and steel
         community, which had the effect of tying the French and
         German economies so closely together that future
         military conflict between them became impossible.  But
         there were also setbacks along the way.  The European
         economic community came into being through the treaty of
         Rome in 1957, but it included only six members.  Britain
         at first held back, fearful of abandoning its empire
         preference trading system.  Later, when London applied
         to join, France's president Charles de Gaulle vetoed its
         membership. After general de Gaulle resigned his
         presidency in 1971, Britain reapplied and was admitted.
         Soon membership increased to ten and then, after the
         fall of the Franco and Salazar dictatorships in Spain
         and Portugal, to twelve.

         Today, according to Andreas van Agt (ahn-dray'-ahs fahn
         ahgt),  the European Union is concerned most of all
         about its competitive strength compared with North
         America and East Asia -- especially since is it only now
         coming out of a recession and must deal with a high
         level of unemployment.  A former prime minister of the
         Netherlands, Andreas van Agt is now EU ambassador in

Tape: cut five -- van Agt

         "The initial drive towards European integration was
         basically to build a bridge between France and Germany,
         to create a community that would secure peace in Europe
         for decades to come.  That we all take for granted now.
         Talking about European integration now is much more
         talking about our economic competitiveness, our
         industrial competitiveness.  And in that perspective,
         taking in countries such as Austria, Finland and Sweden
         will certainly strengthen the mechanisms we have apart
         from other advantages that go with it."

Host:    (optional) Ambassador van Agt sees a very serious
         challenge coming from East Asia, as well as the western
         hemisphere.  Unlike many economists, however, he does
         not consider Japan, where he served at EU ambassador
         before coming to the United States, as a particularly
         dangerous competitor:

Tape: cut six -- van Agt

         "There are certainly concerns in Europe with regard to
         our competitiveness.  And most notably but not
         exclusivly with regard to our prospective position in
         the competition with the Asian countries.  Let me say
         here, to my personal conviction, Japan is a setting sun.
         Japan is a sun that has passed its zenith and is on its
         way to the horizon again.  But there is more in Asia
         than Japan.  China, of course, is the challenge for the
         future.  You will have to do quite a lot to remain
         strong enough in that game, notably in terms of
         industrial innovation anf flexibility of labor markets,
         that are serious problems, indeed." (End opt)

Host:    Since the collapse of communism five years ago, the
         European Union has been widely criticized for not giving
         the countries of Eastern Europe more help in their
         efforts to build democracy and free market economic
         systems.  Stanley Hoffman says that there should have
         been more aid but even more important, the Western
         European countries should have opened their markets to
         more products from the east.  Professor Hoffman is the
         chairman of the Center for European Studies at Harvard

Tape: cut seven -- Hoffman

         "Certainly a first step in relations between the
         European Union as it is now, and the Central and Eastern
         European countries which are not yet members but will
         later become members, a first step would be a gradual
         elimination of the barriers which still limit the access
         of goods from these countries to the European Union.
         The association agreements which were signed some years
         ago still maintain a number of protectionist barriers in
         areas which are very important to the East European
         countries -- in particular, in agriculture and also
         steel and textiles.  Before any enlargement, there
         should be a gradual dismantling of these barriers. (Opt)
         Of course, that's easier to say than to do.  A key
         country, France, is in the middle of an election
         campaign, which always makes protectionist pressures
         rather more audible or visible.  But sooner or later
         that issue will have to be taken up." (End opt)

Host:    The recent European summit meeting in Essen, Germany was
         attended by leaders from Poland, Hungary, the Czech
         Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Rumania.  Ambassador
         van Agt points out that the current members of the
         European Union made a firm commitment to admit those six
         countries to the EU -- although they did not set any

Tape: cut eight-- van Agt

         "One gets often confronted with the criticism that the
         European Union is not doing enough to promote democracy
         and the construction of market economies in Central and
         Eastern Europe -- Poland, etcetera.  All industrial
         tariffs will be eliminated within two years.  There,
         what we are doing for them is certainly not too bad.  Of
         course, I am not going to tell you that our performance
         in perfect and couldn't be any better.  It's true that
         we have a problem in agriculture."

Host:    Ambassador van Agt says that the agricultural problem is
         acute because there are many farmers in Western Europe,
         who collectively represent a potent political force, who
         are barely making a living, even though farm prices are

Tape: cut nine-- van Agt

         "This is a serious problem in France, it is a serious
         problem in many, many, of the countries.  Agriculture of
         course has to do with the very survival of many farmers
         in our countries, notably small farmers.  We don't have
         the type of farming that Americans are familiar with:
         the sort of industrial farming, the grand scale farming.
         We still have many of these traditional family farms
         when dad and the children work from the early morning
         until late in the evening just to survive.  And it is
         quite a social problem what to do with these people when
         agricultural prices go down to a degree than they cannot
         go on any more."

Host:    While agreeing that more should be done, Michael Emerson
         believes that the European Union has not been given
         sufficient credit for its efforts.  As  E.U. ambassador
         in Moscow for nearly six years, first to the Soviet
         Union and now to Russia, he says that the dizzying rate
         of change has made things difficult, but much has been

Tape: cut ten-- Emerson

         "Fundamentally, yes, we have to go for massive trade
         expansion with Russia and the whole of East and Central
         Europe.  Today, in the relationship between the European
         Union and countries like Poland and Hungary, trade is
         growing very, very fast:  about twenty-five to
         thirty-five percent per anum, compound rate.  And so the
         wheels are really turning there.  In the case of Russia,
         we have eliminated practically all import duties on
         industrial products.  We have given what, in fact, no
         other major trading country has given to Russia yet:
         tariff preferences, which virtually means scrapping all

Host:    Ambassador van Agt says that the EU has provided over
         two thirds of all western aid for Eastern Europe, and
         this aid must come from a limited pool:

Tape: cut eleven -- van Agt

         "We have committed ourselves to opening our doors for
         Poland  and the other five, for full membership, within
         a couple of years.  It will cost a lot of money to
         prepare these countries for that.  And that money, of
         course, spent there cannot be spent any more to the
         benefit first of all of our own European Union member
         countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Southern Italy,
         Greece, which still receive substantial amounts of money
         from European sources."

Host:    There has also been a significant difference in approach
         between Germany and France over the allotment of aid for
         Eastern Europe as opposed to North Africa.  Stanley
         Hoffman of Harvard says that the countries of Southern
         Europe are concerned about the population explosion,
         especially in Algeria, and what some describe as Islamic
         fundamentalism there:

Tape: cut twelve -- Hoffman

         "Germany is more interested in a quick extension to the
         east, and France -- also Spain and Italy -- are very
         worried about the need for providing assistance to
         Mediterranean countries which otherwise could be in deep
         political turmoil and could send hundreds of thousands
         of political and economic refugees to Europe.  There is
         certainly tension here.  But usually in the history of
         the European community and the European Union, this sort
         of tension was resolved by doing both:  by finding a
         compromise and moving on both fronts."

Host:    At the Essen conference, it was agreed that the European
         Union would provide $6.6 billion to the Eastern European
         countries over the next five years, and $3.3 billion to
         North Africa.  But professor Hoffman says that the very
         size of the European Union -- or, rather, the number of
         members in it -- could create a serious problem.  For
         example, must all countries be represented on the
         European council of ministers?  Will it be possible for
         the smaller countries to outvote the five most populous
         ones, even though the latter represent nearly 80 percent
         of the total number of citizens?  Such questions will be
         considered at a kind of constitutional convention to be
         convened in 1996.  It is possible, professor Hoffman
         says, that a decision will be made similar to the "great
         compromise" made at the American consitutional
         convention of 1787, which created two houses of
         congress: a senate, in which all states had equal
         representation, and a house of representatives, in which
         the number of congressmen were determined by the state's

Tape:  cut thirteen -- Hoffman

         "The institutions are very complicated and already have
         trouble functioning with 12 members.  I don't think that
         you could have the same structure with 15 or 20.
         However, there is a very, very deep disagreement among
         the members about the sort of institutional reform that
         would be necessary.  And the 1996 conference on
         institutional revamping is going to be an absolutely
         decisive test for the future.  Will Europe of 20 or 25
         members be a tighter or a looser construction?  This is
         not decided yet.  The Germans are clearly pushing for a
         tighter construction with more federalist features.  The
         British are clearly at the other end.  And France is in
         that respect somewhat closer to Britain than to

Host:    There is also concern that the expansion of the European
         Union will slow down the pace of economic integration.
         Lord Eric Roll:

Tape: cut fourteen -- Lord Roll

         "Although I welcome the prospect of more members, I
         would even more welcome more decisive signs that the
         union, even as it exists now, before you have new
         members, is going to progress in the direction of
         greater economic and monetary integration.  I can't say
         at this stage when there might be a prospect of a
         monetary union.  Naturally, I would hope it would be
         before the end of the century.  For the moment, on that
         score, on economic and monetary union, the outlook is
         pretty misty."

Host:    Nevertheless, Lord Roll is optimistic:

Tape: cut fifteen -- Lord Roll

         "My feeling is that they will continue their progress,
         and that the countries of Western Europe, which are now
         members, will need to modify their policies.  It is no
         good expecting to have an enlarged market for your own
         produce, if you're not prepared to accept the imports
         from those countries to whom you want to export.  So I
         think in the end, although this is not going to be easy,
         and there'll be a lot of wrangling and a lot of
         bargaining and a lot of difficult negotiations, the
         ultimate benefit to be derived from all of them by a
         more liberal regime, both in and out, is so obvious that
         in the end they will not be able to resist."

Host:    Speaking for one of the European Union's newest members,
         Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari made a pledge:  "we
         intend to be an active partner," he said, "in the
         implementation of Jean Monnet's vision."

Voice:   This has been "focus," on the Voice of America.  Our
         program, on the origins and outlook of the European
         Union, which three additional countries will join on
         January 1st, was written and narrated by Frank Ronalds.
         Focus was produced by ____ and the director was ____.


21-Dec-94 11:23 am est (1623 utc)

source: Voice of America

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	Operator: Armando Nannuzzi 
	Szereplok: Nino Manfredi, Gina Lolobrigida
16.15	A HOS CSIRKEFOGO  IV/4.	/1991./	    50'
     	- szines, ausztral filmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyv: Sonia Borg. Zene: David Hirschfelder
	Operator: Dan Burstall. Rendezte: Oscar Whitbread
	Foszerepben: Cameron Nugent, Marcus Graham, Peter Fisher,
	Elaine Smith
	Mick uszalyra kerul, edesapjaval egyutt fat szallitanak a folyon. 
	Anyja elhuzodo betegsege miatt meginkabb szuksege van a csaladnak 
	minden fillerre. Lassan	csorogni lefele a folyon, ez az elvezetek 
	netovabbja ugyan, de kemeny fizikai igenybevetel is. Uj baratokat 
	szerez, festeget es egyre erosebb elhatarozasa, hogy nem folytatja 
	apja foglalkozasat, neki egeszen mas celjai vannak.
	-magyar dokumentumfilm-
	Szerkeszto: Kondor Ferencne. 
	Csabi 13 evesen onallo "gazdaja" egy tanyanak, ahol neha 1200
	birkat is gondjaira biznak.
17.40	Mese
17.55	Musorismertetes	  5'
18.00	HIRADO	         15'
18.15	A KO~PENY   (1959.)	71'
	-orosz jatekfilm-
	Forgatokonyv -- Ny. Gogol elbeszelese alapjan: L. Szolovjov 
	Zene: N. Szidelnyikov. Operator: G. Marandzsjan
	Rendezte: Alekszej Batalov
	Foszereplo: Rolan Bikov
	Tombolva suvitett a  petervari hires szel,  amely egyszerre a
	negy vilagtaj felol fujt, szorta a havat a jarokelok arcaba. 
	Nehez volt ebben a fergetegben vedelmet talalni, hat meg az 
	olyan emberkenek, mint Akakij Akakijevics, aki minden reggel 
	kopott, vasott, szitava vekonyodott kopenyeben vette fel a 
	harcot az elemekkel. Ez a kopeny volt Akakij Akakijevics eletenek 
	megkeseritoje. Mert kulonben nem igen hozta ot ki semmi a 
	sodrabol. Ki tudna megmondani, mennyi ideje koptatta mar 
	ugyanannak a hivatalnak iroasztalat, o maga is olyanna valt az 
	orokos kormolesben, mint valami pokhalos, poros, oreg akta. 
	Hivatalabol Akakij Akakijevics hazament szuk, koporsoszeru kis 
	szobajaba es vagy nyugovora tert, vagy sajat oromere masolgatott 
	meg egy keveset. Igy telt az elete. Igen am, de a kopeny! Mar 
	annyira vedlett volt, hogy szinte semmi vedelmet nem nyujtott a 
	fagy ellen. Igy aztan Akakij Akakijevics raszanta magat, hogy 
	felkeresi Petrovicsot, a szegeny, reszeges szabot : foltozza meg 
	a hutlen joszagot. Petrovics azonban kimondta az iteletet: uj 
	kopenyt kell csinaltatni!
19.25	KOLTOK TARSASAGABAN   /ism./	35'
	Me'cs Karoly musora
	-irodalmi osszeallitas-				
	Szerkeszto: Ugrin Aranka. Operator: Ramm Laszlo. 
	Rendezte: Szarka Janos
20.00	GAZDAKOR	45'
	Magazinmusor gazdalkodoknak
	Szerkeszto: Zala Simon Tibor
	Magazinmusorunkban a szovetkezetek atalakulasaval foglalkozunk.
	Bemutatunk egy burgerlandi gazdat, valamint a mosonmagyaro'va'ri
	Szaka'cs Ferenc gazdalkodot, a hajdu'na'na'si struccokat es egy 
	jol meno sajtuzemet is. Lathatnak a nezok ka'rpa't-medencei piaci 
	korkepet, lesznek agrarhirek es	szaktanacsok a Kerti patikaban.
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	13'
21.00	HIRADO		15'
	- amerikai filmdrama-   (1944.)
	Forgatokonyv -- Anna Seghers regenye alapjan: Helen Deutsch
	Operator: Karl Freund. Zene: Roy Webb. Rendezte: Fred Zinnemann
	Foszereplok: Spencer Tracy, Jessica Tandy, Herbert Rudley
	Az udvaron lecsupaszitott fak, amelyeknek torzsere  keresztben
	egy deszkat szegeztek. Ezekre a keresztekre feszitik azokat a 
	szo~ko~tt rabokat, akiket eloallit a Gestapo. 1936. -- Nemetorszag, 
	a het rab a westhofeni koncentracios taborbol szokott meg. Ha csak 
	egyikojuknek is sikerul eletben maradnia, s ures marad a keresztje,
	mar megerte. Ez viszont azon mulik, van-e meg olyan ember 
	Nemetorszagban, aki segito kezet nyujt egy szokevenynek.
23.00   MOZGO KEP   /ism./	25'
	Szerkeszto: Po~ro~s Geza. Rendezte: Buglya Sandor
23.25  	VERS		2'
	Ka'nya'di Sandor: Kobor kutya
	Elmondja: Gyo"rffy Andras			     
1995. jan. 11. szerda
8.00-14.00  KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO		15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
	Szip Pali dupla pacban; Veszelyes vizeken		   
14.40	PINOCCHIO KALANDJAI  VI/5. /ism./  50'
	- olasz mesefilmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Luigi Comencini. Zene: Fiorenzo Carpi
	Operator:Armando Nannuzzi
	Szereplok: Nino Manfredi, Gina Lolobrigida
15.30	DON QUIJOTE	28'
	XXXIX/34.resz: Sancho Panza kiszabaditasa 
	Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
	Sancho zarandokokkal talalkozik, majd verembe esik. Don Quijote
	elbucsuzik a hercegtol...
	-magyar dokumentumfilm-
	Rendezte: Dezso" Istvan, Preszter Elemer
	Sze'chenyi Peter festomuvesz, a tortenelmi csalad leszarmazottja
	Amerikabol Magyarorszagra telepult, s itt egy altalanos iskolaban 
	tanit angol nyelvet es rajzot. 
16.20   KAPCSOK		55'
	Ismeretterjeszto magazin
	Szerkeszto: Lengyel Gyula. Rendezte: Orba'n Agnes
	A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
17.20	THIS IS THE WAY	  40/14.	20'
	Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
	Tanit: Jilly Viktor
17.40	Mese
	FUTRINKA UTCA: Tajekozodo futas	 14'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO		15'
18.15	Fa'bri Zoltan eletmusorozat:
	PLUSZ MINUSZ EGY NAP	(1973.)	  92'
	-szines, magyar jatekfilm-
	Forgatokonyv -- Bodor Adam novellai alapjan: Fa'bri Zoltan,
	Zimre Peter. Zene: Petrovics Emil. Operator: Ille's Gyorgy
	Rendezte: Fa'bri Zoltan
	Szereplok: Anatole Constantin, Bencze Ferenc, Andrasi Marton,
	He'jja Sandor, Pe'csi Ildiko, Apor Noemi, Hangai Marta, Tyll 
	Attila, Simon Gyorgy, Haumann Peter, Kova'cs Karoly, Fa'bia'n
	Ferenc, Iva'nyi Jozsef, Kern Andras, Ambrus Andras, Kiss Gabor,
	Pagonyi Janos, Demeter Hedvig
	Baradla Geza eletfogytiglan elitelt haborus bunos negyedszazad 
	utan szabadulva a bortonbol, rogeszmesen tisztazni szeretne 
	hajdani tettet a megvaltozott vilaggal. Volt katonatarsat, a nagy 
	vitalitasu Obra'd Simont penzzel raveszi, hogy terjen vissza vele
	a faluba, ahol a buntettet Baradla elkovette. Obra'd elfogadja az 
	ajanlatot, bar sok ertelmet nem latja. S amint belemerul az uj 
	emberi kapcsolatok elvezetebe, el is felejti a valodi jovetele 
	celjat. Baradlanak ezzel szemben semmit sem sikerul tisztaznia a 
	faluban. S fiatalabb korosztaly nem is tud a szornyusegrol, akik 
	pedig hallottak valamit vagy emlekeznek, azok most hallgatnak es
	felnek. Baradla, minden vagyakozasa es probalkozasa ellenere 
	semmifele kapcsolatteremtesre nem kepes. Kivulmaradasa gyulolete't 
	igy Obra'd ellen forditja. 
19.50  	AB  OVO		7'
	-magyar, animacios film-
	Rendezte: Cako' Ferenc
20.00	REGIOK -- Tudositok Studioja	45'
	Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos
	Aktualis esemenyek, tudositasok, portrek, dokumentumok a hataron 
	tulrol. Ottani filmesek, videosok tudositanak gondjaikrol,
	mindennapjaikrol. Tehat filmek Erde'lybo"l, Vajdasa'gbo'l, 
	Felvide'kro"l, Ka'rpa'talja'ro'l  e's  Szlove'nia'bo'l.
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	13'
21.00	HIRADO		15'
	-szines amerikai film-
	Forgatokonyv: Richard Ford. Zene: Christopher Young
	Operator: Elliott Davis. Rendezte: Michael Fields
	Foszereplo: Sam Shepard, Lili Taylor, Dermot Mulroney          
	Meghokkentoen egyhangu elete egy pillanat alatt kifordul korabbi 
	medrebol a 18 eves George-nak, amikor edesanyja elhagyja a 
	csaladot. Egy hasonlo sorsu kanadai leanyhoz csapodik, akinek 
	elso pillanatra hatarozott uticelja van; ki kell hoznia a batyjat 
	a bortonbol. 
22.45   A JOVO OROKSEGE	XV/14.	/ism./	59'
	-  szines, japan, kulturtorteneti sorozat -
23.45  	VERS	 3'
	Farkas Arpad: A szivargasban
	Elmondja: Bala'zs Eva						 
1995. jan. 12. csutortok
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	EMLEKKEPEK - REGI HIRADOK   /ism./ 15'
	Bokor Peter musora
14.30	ESZAK ALLATVILAGABAN  /1975./	   23'
	XXVI/3.: Amikor az oszi levelek lehullanak
	- szines, finn termeszetfilm-sorozat -
	Rendezte: Tapani Korkolainen 
	Amikor  az eszaki felteken a feny ereje gyongulni kezd, 
	reggelenkent kod, napkozben csapadek szital a sargulo levelekre, 
	a borz feltunoen alapos takaritast vegez a barlangjaban, a 
	vandormadarak pedig csapatokba verodve keszulnek a nagy deli
	utazasra, - bizonyos, hogy a nyar eszrevetlenul elkoszont.  
14.55   Sa'rdy Janos filmjei:	80'
        UTOLSO  DAL
	-magyar jatekfilm-				   
	Rendezte: Ba'n Frigyes. Foszereplo: Sa'rdy Janos
	-magyar, ismeretterjeszto film-
	Rendezte: Lakatos Ivan
	A film bepillantast nyujt a konyv-, keramia- es o~tvo~s-restaura'-
	torok tevekenysegebe.
	-kornyezetvedelmi rovidfilm-
	Szerkeszto-riporter: Fo~ldi Katalin. 
	Rendezo-operator: N. Forga'cs Gabor
	A hazankon athalado kamionforgalom kornyezeti hatasat vizsgalja
	a film. Ezek a gepjarmuvek veszelyt jelentenek a lakossagra, az 
	utra es egeszsegunkre egyarant. A filmben megszolalnak a temaban 
	erintettek, es valaszt keresnek a megoldasra. 
	Szerkeszto: Nagy Laszlo. Rendezte: Ma'nfai Miklos
	Csak az evszakok valtoznak-e vagy mas valtozast is hoz az uj ev
	az erdok korul Burgerlandtol Hargitaig - erre a kerdesre keresik 
	a valaszt a magazin munkatarsai. 
17.30   Mese
	PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: A rejtelyes kutya	22' 
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO		15'
18.15	ANNA KARENINA	(1935.)	  90'
	-amerikai film-
	Forgatokonyv: Clemence Dane, Salka Viertel. Operator: William 
	Daniels. Zene: Herbert Stothart. Rendezte: Clarence Brown
	Foszerepben: Greta Garbo, Fredrich March, Basil Rathbone, 
	Maureen O'Sullivan
	Tolsztoj regenyenek fohose, Karenina Anna ferjes asszonykent 
	talalja meg az igazi szerelmet, s kalvarijaja valojaban a 
	valasztas, a dontes, - minden kovetkezmenyevel - a ket ferfi 
19.50   GONDOLATOK	8'
	-szines, csehszlovak animacios film-
	Rendezte: Irene Jandova-Kholova
20.00	VALTO -- Gazdasagi magazin	45'
	Foszerkeszto: Szabo' Laszlo Zsolt. Rendezte: Oblath Peter
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja		13'
21.00	HIRADO		15' 
21.15	TITO ES E'N   (1992.)	108'
	-szines, jugoszlav film-
	Forgatokonyv: Veliko Despotovic. Rendezte: Goran Markovic
	Foszereplok: Dimitrov Vojnov, Lazar Ristovski 
	Zorant - aki errol szerencsere nem tud, hiszen meg csak elemi
	iskolas - felto kezek terelgetik a szebb jovo iranyaba. Mint 
	gyerek feltetlen megfelelesi vagyaban meg tul is tesz osztaly-
	tarsain, csakhogy egy napon azoknak a bizonyos 50-es eveknek a
	"hatalmat gyakorloi" mar tul sokat kernek tole.
23.00	VERS	7'
	Me'liusz Jozsef: Szenasszeker Elegia  /reszlet/
	Elmondja: Galko' Balazs					      
1995. jan. 13. pentek		
8.00-14.00  KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	 15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	REGIOK  -- Tudositok studioja  /ism./	45'
	Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos		
15.00   BAYWATCH	47'
	XXII/20.resz: A nagy verseny
	- amerikai tvsorozat -
	Operator: James Pergola. Rendezte: Kevin Inch
	John az oregek otthona szamara nagy osszegu adomanyt iger, de a
	penz megszerzese nagyobb akadalyba utkozik, mint hitte volna.	
	XXVI/4.: Egy te'li nap e'szakon
	- szines, finn termeszetfilm-sorozat -
	Rendezte: Veikko Korkolainen
	A te'l a finn vadonban 4-6 honapig tart. Ez az evszak kemeny
	megprobaltatasok ele allitja az erdo lakoit, kulonosen azokat a 
	ragadozokat, amelyek csak e'lo" allatokra vadasznak. Vegyuk 
	peldaul a baglyot vagy a galamba'szhe'jat', de szenved a magvakon 
	e'lo" szajko is, amely osszel meg szorgalmasan gyujtogetett, 
	elelmet rejtett el a bokrok kozott, de most a ho miatt 
	elveszitette tajekozodasi pontjait.
	A klarinet
	- kanadai, ismeretterjeszto sorozat -
	Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
	-magyar, ismeretterjeszto film-
	Rendezte: Nagy Gyorgy
	A Duna-kanyar kapujaban fekvo varos tortenelmi es muveszeti
16.55   TALPALATNYI ZOLD   /ism./	45' 
	Kornyezetvedelmi magazin
	Szerkeszto: Gado' Gyorgy Pal. Rendezo-operator: Kocsis Tibor
17.40	Mese
	RE'MUSZ BA'CSI MESE'I: Melyik a legerosebb allat?	11' 
17.55	Musorismertetes		5'
18.00	HIRADO		15'
	-szines, del- afrikai filmsorozat- XXXIII/26.resz 
	Irta: Paul C.Venter. Operator: Jakes de Villiers
	Zene: Louis van Rensburg. Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
	Foszereplok: Ian Robert, Libby Daniels, Brian O'Shaugnessy
	Az itelet meghozatala utan mindenki lazas igyekezettel keszulodik 
	a nagy utra. Steenkamp, bar tagadja, nehezen szakad el osei 
	foldjetol, kulonosen azert, mert az uj helyen nem tudnak majd 
	foldet vasarolni, hiszen elfogyott minden penzuk. Kerwin, aki 
	ugyancsak kenyszerhelyzetben van, felajanlja segitseget.
19.10   MUZZY IN GONDOLAND  XX/14.  /ism./	5'
	A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek 
19.15	THIS IS THE WAY	  40/14.  /ism./       20'
	Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
	Tanit: Jilly Viktor
19.35	LISZT FERENC	XVI/8.	26'	
	- magyar tvfilm-sorozat -
	Rendezte: Szineta'r Miklos
	Liszt a nagyherceg meghivasat elfogadva Weimarban Carolyne-nal
	telepedik le. Otthonuk csakhamar a zenei es kulturalis elet 
	kozpontja lesz. Liszt elsosorban Wagner operainak lelkes es erto 
	tolmacsoloja, propagatora.
	Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	13'
21.00	H
RADO		15'
21.15	A BAL LA'BAM  (1989.-- ism.)	99'
	- szines ir filmdrama-
	Forgatokonyv: Shane Connaughton, Jim Sheridan
	Operator: Jack Conroy. Zene: Elmer Bernstein. 
	Foszerepben: Daniel Day Lewis, Roy McAnally, Brenda Fricker
	A tortenet egy ir mozgasserultrol szol, aki emberfeletti harcot
	viv azert, hogy teljes erteku emberkent tartsak szamon. A csalad 
	szeretete tartja az erot a fiatalkoraban toloszekbe kenyszerult 
	Christy Brown-ban, aki elismert festo lesz.  
22.55	VERS	2'
	Veress Miklos: Szerelmesenek
	Elmondja: Cserna'k Janos					
1995. jan. 14. szombat							
9.00	Hirek, musorismertetes	5'
9.05	SLAPAJ		23'
	Szegeny kutyak gazdag ebek				
	"A fulevel figurazik..."
	-magyar, ismeretterjeszto film-
	Irta: Ivanics Lilla. Operator: Abonyi Antal
	Rendezte: Pa'sztory Janos
	Kozremukodik: Tima'r Bela, Hu"vo~svo~lgyi Ildiko
	A hatarozoknak igen nepes csaladfajuk van, az elozo alkalommal
	mar megismert hely- es idohatarozo mellett most az eszkoz- es a
	modhatarozoktol tudhatunk meg mindent, mert ezek igen beszedesek. 
	Kamilla es Lala egy kicsit meg is sertodik, mert oket szinte nem 
	is engedik szohoz jutni. 
9.45	MUZZY IN GONDOLAND   XX/14.  /ism./	5'
	A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
9.50	THIS IS THE WAY	  40/14.    /ism./	20'
	Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
	Tanit: Jilly Viktor
10.10	OROSZLANSZIVU FIVEREK	V./2. -- /ism./	26'		   
	A vadhegyeken tul
	- sved mesefilm -
	Irta: Astrid Lindgren
	Zene: Bjorn Isfalt, Lasse Dahlberg. Operator: Rune Ericson
	Rendezte: Olle Hellbom
	Szereplok: Staffan Gotestam, Lars Soderdahl, Allan Edwall, Gunn
	Wallgren, Folke Hjort, Per Oscarsson 
10.35	PINOCCHIO KALANDJAI  VI/6. -- /ism./	50'                
	- olasz mesefilmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Luigi Comencini. Zene: Fiorenzo Carpi
	Operator: Armando Nannuzzi. 
	Foszereplok: Nino Manfredi, Gina Lolobrigida
11.25	ELSO SZERELEM  VI/3.  /1991./	25'
	- szines, norveg, ifjusagi film -
	Forgatokonyv: Jan-Olof Agren. Zene: Jacob Groth
	Operator: Henning Kristiansen. Rendezte: Leif Magnusson
	Foszerepben: Alexandra Royal, Johan Lilja, Linus Aberg
	Daniel es Anna baratsaga egyre melyul. Sot !  Amikor kipattan,
	hogy Szent Ivan ejjelere az Amerikabol visszatert Jester Annat 
	is meghivta a tancmulatsagra, Daniel igen furcsan erzi magat. A 
	nagy unnepsegre persze a szulok is keszulodnek, de nem kozos a 
	tervezett program.
	-roman, ismeretterjeszto film-
	Rendezte: Doru Chesu
	Iasi -- a XVII. szazadban epult templom a vilagorokseg resze. 
12.00	Deli harangszo, musorismertetes		 5'
12.05	FALAK A SZIV KORUL   X/10.		29'
	Az ujrakezdes		     
	- holland, eletvezetesi sorozat -
	Kozremukodik: Dr. Bruce Thomson orvos-teologus
	Lelki energiaink jelentos reszet arra forditjuk, hogy a multban
	szerzett seruleseink kovetkezmenyeit onmagunk es masok elott 
	elfedjuk. A megtort lelkek, a mely sebeket hordozok ugy erzik, 
	hogy fajdalmaikkal egyre inkabb egyedul maradnak. A musor azokat 
	az utakat ismerteti, amelyek a tehetetlensegbol es ketsegbeesesbol
	elvezetnek az ujrakezdes fele.
12.35	LESZ-E HOLNAP ?   X/10.  	24'54"
	Toprengesek az emberiseg jovojerol. Balogh Janos professzor
	Fajok kipusztulasa
	Szerkeszto: Matula Agnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andras
	XXVI/13.resz: Hajduk es tirpa'kok
	-ismeretterjeszto sorozat-
	Operator: Stenszky Gyula, Szabados Tamas. Rendezte: Gyenes Karoly
	A hajdusagi termekeny foldeken haladunk tovabb Hajdudorog, 
	Hajdubo~szo~rme'ny utvonalon. Ezutan mar a tirpakok lakta 
	Nyirse'g szele kovetkezik, majd a "fovaros":  Nyiregyha'za.
	-magyar,ismeretterjeszto film-
	Rendezte: Homoki Nagy Istvan
	Az erdei allatok eletebol ellesett pillanatok. 
14.00	LAPOZO		15'	 
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	KOZEP-EUROPAI MAGAZIN  /ism./	45'
	Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
15.00	CIMBORA -- Tallozo	50'
	Szerkeszto: E'. Szabo' Marta
15.50	Musorajanlat	10'
	XIV/13.resz: Kortarsaink
	Operator: Kardos Sandor. Eloado: Pilaszanovics Iren
	Rendezte: Ba'n Robert
	A kortars szociofoto nagy erzekenyseggel fordult a mindennapi
	emberek elete fele: a hetkoznapok esemenyeinek, a jelkepek 
	ertelemvaltozasainak, a faradt unnepeknek egyarant kronikasa.
16.30	A JOVO OROKSEGE	  XV/15.	59'
	Rombolas, ujjaepites
	-  szines, japan, kulturtorteneti sorozat -
	A filmet az UNESCO tamogatasaval egy alkotokozosseg keszitette.
	A ma emberenek hatrahagyott kulturalis orokseg ohatatlanul 
	felveti a kezeles mikentjenek felelosseget. Vajon Irak 
	archeologusainak van-e igazuk, akik hozzavetoleges rekonstrukciokat
	keszitenek, helyreallitjak a mult epuleteit vagy Carternak, aki 
	Tut-anch-Amon sirjanak feltarasakor csak regisztralt es elemzett. 
	Mit hagyjunk a jovonek?	
17.30	Mese 	22'	 
	Ege'r exterminator; Sivatagi csata;  U"rvendegek 
18.00	HIRADO	 15'
18.15	A KETARCU NO"	(1941.)  85'
	- amerikai filmvigjatek-
	Forgatokonyv: S.N. Behrman, Salka Viertel, George Oppenheimer
	Operator: Joseph Ruttenberg. Zene: Bronislau Kaper
	Rendezte: George Cukor
	Foszerepben: Greta Garbo, Melvyn Douglas, Constance Bennett    
	Lawrence Blake, hires New York-i laptulajdonos situraja kozben
	talalta meg elete parjat. A hazassag azonban felemasra sikeredett, 
	ot azonnal elszolitotta a felelosseg, a nyomdaszag, az ifju ara 
	pedig merfoldekre New Yorktol videken maradt a sileceivel. Ez nem 
	egy normalis kapcsolat, a  ho egyebkent is elolvadt, ugyhogy 
	Karin, az ifju feleseg felkerekedett, hogy a kormere nezzen 
	elfoglalt uranak. Ha't, mindannyian arra gondolunk, ami tortent... 
	Osszeallitas Jacobi Viktor operettjeibol
	Operator: B.Marton Frigyes. Rendezte: Koltay Beata
	Kozremukodnek: Csa'ka'nyi Laszlo, Ha'mori Ildiko, Kern Andras,
	Ba'nsa'gi Ildiko, Sze'khelyi Jozsef, Sztankay Istvan es meg sokan
	Jacobi Viktor legismertebb operettjeinek slagereit lathatjuk,
	hallhatjuk nepszeru eloadoink tolmacsolasaban.	
20.25  	A SZOKEVENY  32'	
	-magyar tvfilm-
	Rendezte: Balog Zsolt
	Egy kis falusi hazban fiatal szokeveny rejtozik. A hazigazda idos 
	hazaspar es a magat Peto"fi Sandornak nevezo szokeveny talalkozasa 
	a nep es a forradalom viszonyarol mond oszinte velemenyt.
21.00	HIRADO		15'
21.15	RETTEGES FOKA	(1991.)		128'
	- szines, amerikai thriller-  
	Forgatokonyv -- Wesley Strick munkaja alapjan: James R. Webb
	Operator: Freddie Francis. Zene: Elmer Bernstein, Bernard 
	Herrmann zenei anyagabol. Rendezte: Martin Scorsese
	Foszereplo: Robert de Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange, Juliette
	Lewis, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Martin Balsam
	Az eroszakos ugy targyalasa kozben a vedougyved nem tarja fel
	vedence artatlansaganak minden bizonyitekat, igy elitelik. Joval
	kesobb, szabadulasa utan hosunk feltunik a varoskaban es 
	egyertelmu jelet adja - utolagosan is - kulonvelemenyenek. A 
	celpont az egykori ugyved ur es csaladja. Ez mar nem zaklatas, az 
	uldozes es a megfelemlites kategoriajaba tartozik, a lelektani 
	kikeszites modszereivel... 
	(Filmben nyujtott alakitasaert de Niro-t es Juliette Lewis-t
	Oscar-dijra jeloltek.)  
23.20	VERS	3'
	Va'rady Szabolcs: Sze'kek a Duna felett
	Elmondja: Vallai Peter				        
1995. jan. 15. vasarnap			
9.00	Hirek, musorismertetes	   5'
	-szines, del- afrikai filmsorozat-  XXXIII/26. resz
	Rendezte:Dirk de Villiers
10.00	SPORTKEPEK (heti osszefoglalo)
	Foszerkeszto: Juni Gyorgy
12.00	Deli harangszo,  musorismertete   5'
	A bizalom haloja
	-francia dokumentumfilm-
	Operator: Jean Corneille. Rendezte: Henri Erimel
	XI/10.resz: Karmelitak es Brigitta-noverek Boxmeerben 
	- ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyv: Michel van der Plast. Zene: Pieter Verlinden
	Operator: Ben Tenniglo. Rendezte: Jan Gruyaert
	A kozepkori eredetu karmelita rend   nevet a Carmeli-hegyrol
	kapta, amely a Szentfoldon, Haifa varosatol keletre talalhato. 
	A vilagtol valo elvonulast jelkepezo kopar hegy lakoi Ille's 
	profetat tekintettek kovetendo tanitojuknak. A Brigitta-
	noverek jelkepe a Brigitta-korona, ami Krisztus szenvedeseit,
	sebeit szimbolizalja.
	Dini, gyere haza !
13.35  	BAYWATCH   /ism./	47'
	XXII/20.resz: A nagy verseny 
	- amerikai tvsorozat -
	Rendezte:  Gregory J. Bonnan
14.25   Frank Capra sorozat: 		
	"LADY" EGY NAPRA   (1937.)	96'
	-amerikai vigjatek-
        Forgatokonyv -- Damon Runyon regenye alapjan: Robert Riskin
	Operator: Joseph Walker. Zene: Balakeinikoff. 
	Rendezte: Frank Capra
	Foszerepben: Warren William, May Robson, Glenda Farrell, Ned
	A negy Oscar-dijra jelolt filmben Alma Annie igencsak 
	osszekuszalja a tortenet szalait. Hogy kicsoda Alma Annie? 
	Valaha jobb napokat elt, ez biztos, es Spanyolorszagbol hazatero
	lanyanak is ezt a latszatot szeretne fenntartani. Ehhez  meg 
	maffiozos kapcsolatait is latba veti, igy aztan egyaltalan nem 
	meglepo, hogy az utcai arusbol hamarosan igazi arisztokrata 
	pompajaban tundoklo lady fogadja lanyat a New York-i kikotoben. 
16.00	VILAGTORTENET  	7.	26'	
	Az okori vilag hanyatlasa		
	Szines, angol, ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat a TIMES magazin
	vilagtorteneti atlasza alapjan.
	Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operator: Mike Fash. Rendezte: Paul Fisher
	A hanyatlas, amely idoben meglehetosen nagy korszakot foglal
	magaban, pontositast igenylo kifejezes, hiszen azt a valtozast 
	hivatott lefedni, amelyet a nepvandorlas inditott el az 
	eurazsiai kontinens viragzo civilizacioi kozott. A nomadok 
	megjelenese uj helyzet ele allitotta a birodalmak nepeit, s a 
	kihivasoknak csak oly modon tudtak - vagy sem - megfelelni, 
	hogy az teljes mertekben megvaltoztattak  korabbi tarsadalmi 
	formacioikat. Ez a korszak a feudalizmus vajudasanak idoszaka
	Szerkeszto: To~ro~k Erzsebet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Kalman
	Bokor Peter musora
	Szinhazi magazin
	Szerkeszto: Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Balazs
17.30	Mese	   24'	
	SZIPPANCSOK: Hogyan gyoztek a szippancsok?;  Dupla Ficsur
17.55	Musorismertetes		 5'
18.00	HETI HIRMONDO		60'
	Foszerkeszto: Csa'ky Zoltan
19.00	ZABRISKIE POINT	 (1973.)	109'
	- szines, amerikai film-
	Forgatokonyv: Sam Shepard, Tonio Guerra, Fred Gardner, Clare
	Peploe,  Michelangelo Antonioni.  Zene: Pink Floyd
	Operator: Alfio Contini. Rendezte: Michelangelo Antonioni
	Foszerepben: Mark Frechette, Daria Halprin, Rod Taylor
	Az egyetemi sztrajkok alkalmaval Mark rendorgyilkossag gyanujaba 
	keveredik, ezert surgosen elhagyja a varost. Menekulese kozben 
	azonban radobben, nem csak uldozoi, hanem uldozoinek vilaga elol
	is menekul. 
	Szerkeszto: Hezso" Istvan. Operator: Szij Karoly
	Rendezte: Bokor Roland
	Kozremukodnek: Aleszja Popova, Bold Tuvshinbat, So'lymosi Tamas,
	Petho" Laszlo, Volf Katalin, Szaka'ly Gyorgy, Lada'nyi Andrea,
	Tero Saarinnen
	Egy eve hunyt el Ro'na Viktor, a nemzetkozi es magyar balett-
	muveszet kiemelkedoen nagy egyenisege. A vilaghiru tancmuvesz 
	emlekenek adozik a musor, amelyben a TANC VILAGNAPJA alkalmabol 
	reszletek lathatok legkiemelkedobb szerepeibol.
21.45	KATEDRALISOK KORA   /1984./	52'	 
	IX/3.: Isten a feny
	- ismeretterjeszto sorozat -
	Forgatokonyv: Roger Stephane, Roland Darbois
	Zene: Fr. Michel Albaric. Operator: Roland Dantigny
	Eloado: Georges Duby tortenesz. Rendezte: Roland Darbois
	Ezer ev utan Europa kiemelkedett a szegenysegbol. Egycsapasra a
	penz lett a foszereplo. Cluny csodalatos szellemi kozpont. 1100-
	ban megepul a nagy mu", a Cluny Apatsag, a Spanyolorszagbol 
	szarmazo aranybol, az Angliabol erkezett, kiralyok, allamfok 
	altal folajanlott penzbol. Alapveto mu a szo szoros ertelmeben.
	Zart hely, elzarva a foldi bajoktol. E csodalatos birodalom a
	szerzetesi muveszet legszebb alkotasa. Az innen indult mozgalom 
	kiteljesedese utan Ferenc es Domonkos eletutjan keresztul a 
	szerzetesi kultura kifejlodott. A szeretet vette at a hangsulyt 
	es ez tukrozodott a muveszetben es az epiteszetben is. 
22.35	VERS	2'
	Jo'zsef Attila: Szolt az ember
	Elmondja: Jorda'n Tamas