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+ - CET - 9 January 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

09 JANUARY 1995
Volume 2, Issue 6


**Romania Admits Spilling Oil**
  Romania says an oil spill which spread down a river
  into Hungary came from a state-owned oil refinery.
  That statement yesterday came on the heels of
  Romania's insistence Friday that it was not to blame
  for the spill. The Romanian environment ministry
  commission says the pollution is the result of a
  processing accident at the Petrosub SA refinery at
  Suplacul de Barcau. Romania reported last week that
  the pollution started on December 30 in the river
  Barcau, which becomes the Berretyo in Hungary.

  Contamination spread through 36 miles of the river in
  Romania and on into Hungary where authorities launched
  a clean-up operation with temporary booms. Hungary
  offered Romania equipment to clean the river but also
  accused Romania of being slow to control the spill.
  Hungarian environmental officials said last week that
  they'd managed to halt the spread of the pollution
  into the country and had removed 125 cubic meters of


**Hungarian Car Market Expands**
  South Korea's Daewoo Motor Limited has begun selling cars in
  Hungary. Two models, the Racer and the Nexia appeared with the
  new year, and the Espero will arrive in March.  Daewoo says it
  eventually wants to control a tenth of the Hungarian car market.
  It's forecasting sales of three thousand cars this year.  The
  company plans to begin building its Hungarian headquarters near
  Budapest in April.

**Drug Companies Privatize**
  GiroCredit is going to organize the privatization of the large
  Hungarian drug company Biogal pharmaceuticals and Hajdutej, the
  country's largest dairy. GiroCredit says a large share,
  possibly a controlling interest, would be sold in Biogal, which
  is Hungary's fourth-largest drug company. The country's three
  largest pharmaceutical firms are already traded on the Budapest
  Stock Exchange, and Biogal may also seek a listing after a major
  investor is found. GiroCredit hopes to sell some shares in
  Hajdutej to a foreign dairy and the company's management and


**Newness Wears Off New Markets**

  Emerging market stocks began with a bang last year, with
  investors eager to throw their money around in places like
  Central Europe. So far, this year it's been more of a whimper.
  CET's David Fondler spoke with Ian Kennedy, head of emerging
  market sales for Nomura International in London, who says there's
  a new skepticism about emerging markets:

  "You didn't see a rush of money into emerging markets
  at the beginning of this year that you saw for the past
  couple of years. Rueters is saying Eastern European
  bourses make good start for new year, and start year with a bang,
  but the volume is very low, so I would argue against that. Okay
  they've gone up but it's only been a couple of days."

  Budapest and Prague were only open on Thursday and Friday of last
  week. In Warsaw, traders took last Monday off. So because of
  the holidays, Kennedy says this first week was slow:

  "Budapest was basically slightly weaker when it opened on Thursday,
  basically its slightly higher, up five points over the week. Poland
  was closed on Monday, so it was opened 4 days this week, and
  basically it closed more or less flat for the week. It was quite strong
  at the beginning of the week, but there was some late selling today
  four percent down."

  The Prague market rose 2 percent Thursday and 1 percent on
  Friday. There are some changes on the Warsaw and Budapest
  bourses this year. Budapest has changed its name from the
  BSE index to the BUX index, and introduced over-the counter
  trading on the market's computer system. In Warsaw, a 2 percent
  transaction tax took effect with the new year.
  But to Kennedy, the big news in Warsaw will be the arrival of
  some new issues:

  "I think the market is tending to wait for the new
  issue of BPH, that is a newly listed bank. The first issue
  that came to the market was Beton this week, that opened at
  a 23 percent premium, so that was quite encouraging given
  that new issues in the previous months were opening below
  the issue price."

  There weren't any changes in Prague for the new year, except for
  what Kennedy sees as a shift in investor attitude:

  "Last year, there was a euphoria for any emerging
  market wherever it was and that proved to be wrong.
  There's not a huge amount of money moving flowing
  into emerging market at the moment when Prague opened there
  was the sort of big rush of foreigners looking to put into
  their new money into this area."

  Prague concluded last year on the downside, with a lack of
  foreign investor interest.  Despite its two up days last week,
  Kennedy see last year's trends continuing:

  "The problem is that foreign investors, the stocks
  that they like, the local funds are tending to hang on to,
  and the stocks the local funds want to sell, foreigners
  either have enough of it or they don't them to think they
  are a very exciting story."

  In addition, Kennedy is watching Slovakia, where the Bratislava
  index also had a flat first week. But -- despite some negative
  political publicity -- Kennedy says Bratislava has promise:

  "Slovakia is one of our favorite markets, given its
  strong economic prospects and also there's relatively low
  valuation of the companies. The negative press which Slovakia
  has I think is already in the price as far as investors are concerned."

  Kennedy says Slovakia's negative image is the result of political
  problems and doesn't reflect the investment numbers or potential:

  "I think Slovakia suffers from negative press from the
  Czechs and the Hungarians. I think it would surprise many
  people that Bratislava was up 105 percent in dollars last year,
  Prague was down, almost 30 percent in dollars, and Poland
  was down almost 50 percent."

  For this reason, Kennedy says Bratislava may be the best kept
  emerging market investment secret in Central Europe.


**The Face of Hungary**

  Of all the Central European presidents none is held in higher
  esteem by his own people than the president of Hungary,
  Arpad Goncz. Uncle Arpi, as he is known, has consistently
  topped opinion polls conducted since he was elected by a
  cross-Parliament concensus in May 1990. The fact that
  Hungary's new democratic institutions have functioned so
  smoothly since the change of system owes a lot to Goncz's
  calm and principled influence. CET's Duncan Shiels tried to
  find out what lies behind the popularity of a man who,
  constitutionally, is little more than a figurehead.

  Shiels: I began by exploring the political events of the past
  year, which have included the country's second general
  election since the change of system, as well as local and
  mayoral elections. What did he see as the most important
  events of 1994?

  Goncz: I think the most important indeed were the elections,
  but it was not a point, it was a period. Despite the fact that
  we predicted the elections would go smoothly, we still had
  concerns and reservations and probably the very same was
  true of the people. And I'm very happy and it's a great joy that
  reason prevailed.

  Shiels: What was your personal role? How did you see your
  main responsibility during that transitional period?

  Goncz: I think when you have a transitory period and you have
  expected yet unknown changes ahead, then reminiscences of
  the past come to the surface because of the uncertainties. I
  interpret the past in two different ways: one, the so-called
  "beautiful" memory of the period between the two world wars
  and the second, the recent past, the communist past may also
  resurface in a "beautiful" or "polished" way. Nostalgia from
  between the wars and from the communist period resurfaced
  together. Since I have nothing to do with executive power,
  under such conditions my only power is words, which is very
  close to my role as a writer and my only responsibility was
  to represent a realistic future vision; in other words to
  communicate a balance picture, both about the present and
  the future which is acceptable without party bias and
  acceptable for the majority of the population. This is what I
  hope succeeded.

  Shiels: You mentioned this nostalgia factor, for both the
  recent past and between the wars. It seems like the recent
  past won in the fact that the Socialists, who represented the
  last government under the old regime, got a very large number
  of votes. People have said that it's mainly for economic
  reasons or security reasons that people turned back toward
  the Socialists. Do you think there are any other reasons?

  Goncz: This was not a vote or victory for nostalgia. It's very
  difficult indeed to evaluate or measure what the factors
  were, but there was a strong negative element, to reject the
  style of the last government.

  Shiels: How would you describe that style?

  Goncz: Alien to daily life and realities of the country because
  the base of the style was the old order, the social order
  between the world wars. But it's not out of fashion, it's
  simply out of the list of possibilities, without great
  landowners, without big capital, without the old public
  administration, without a gendarmerie and so on. Now, we are
  living in a changed environment, international and inner
  political environment.


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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (jan.4) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
3/1995.                                         Budapest, January 04, 1995

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, January 3 (MTI) - Magyar Nemzet: Hungarian Prime
Minister Gyula Horn will not make a decision on the new president of the
National Bank of Hungary prior to the promised government reshuffle at the
end of January, according to a government official who wished to remain
anonymous. (The bank's former president resigned on December 14.) The
daily also reports that the prime minister wishes to include the appointment
of the NBH president in the upcoming coalition talks.

x x x x x

        Nepszabadsag: The State Property Agency (SPA) has made an
amended proposal to American General Hospitality, the potential buyer of
the HungarHotels chain. Although the new offer, made under pressure in
the wake of an investigation ordered by the prime minister, is a business
secret, the daily believes the SPA has tried to improve upon the earlier
conditions. The American firm has requested time to reconsider.

x x x x x

        Nepszava: Political State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior
Gabor Vilagosi said leaders of the Alliance of Free Democrats (AFD) do not
consider a change in the coalition agreement justifiable, or a division in the
ministry's leadership between both AFD and Hungarian Socialist Party
politicians. Under the original agreement, the ministry's leadership consists
entirely of AFD politicians.

x x x x x

        Magyar Hirlap: The Hungarian forint is expected to be devalued by
10-15 per cent in 1995, according to the vice-president of the National Bank
of Hungary. The forint was devalued by 16 per cent in 1994. Devaluation will
ultimately depend on whether the central budget deficit, without repayment
of the loans, surpasses HUF 282 billion or not.

x x x x x

        Kurir: The number of unemployed has dropped slightly from the
record in 1993, but no further decline is expected. The average time of
unemployment shows a lengthening tendency, and unemployment now
affects all groups, with every 10th first-time job seeker remaining without a

Hungarian Delegation To Attend U.S. Conference on Trade Boosting

        Budapest, January 3 (MTI) - A conference dedicated to investments
and trade development, to be held in Cleveland on January 12-13, with a
view to promoting economic restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe
and the influx of American investor capital will provide a good opportunity
for Hungarian and American companies to establish business contacts,
Csaba Kilian, director in charge of overseas affairs at the Hungarian
Investment and Trade Development Plc told MTI today.

        The Hungarian government will be represented by Zoltan Kis, state
secretary for agriculture, Istvan Major, state secretary for industry and
trade and Tibor Draskovics, state secretary for finance.

        Several major Hungarian companies will also be represented.

        Apart from Russia and Ukraine, representatives of 14 Central and
Eastern European countries will take part.

        Some 350 American companies have signaled their intent to
participate, and President Clinton is due to give a speech at the conference.

        The conference will hold plenary sessions to examine ways of
developing business ties with Eastern Europe. In addition, four industrial
working groups will be set up to examine investments in the construction
industry and tourism, environmental protection, transportation and
infrastructure, and public health.

Foreign Affairs Spokesman Holds Press Briefing

        Budapest, January 3 (MTI) - A charter flight of the Hungarian airlines,

Malev, has been granted permission to land in the town of Hurgada, Egypt,
indicating that Hungarian tourists stranded in that country could return to
Hungary possibly tonight, foreign affairs spokesman Gabor Szentivanyi
told reporters today.

        The spokesman said that thanks to action taken by Hungarian
foreign affairs and flight authorities, Malev could send a charter flight to
help secure the passengers who flew to Egypt on a trip arranged by the
Budapest-based company Emmanuelle Tours, and might return home
Tuesday evening.

        The return home of a group of Hungarian tourists hit a snag after the
owner of a hotel in Hurgada, a resort town located on the Red Sea, took the
passports of some of the Hungarian tourists in reaction to differences over
payment with Emmanuelle Tours.

        Spokesman Szentivanyi announced that the legal problem had been
sorted out, and the Hungarian tourists were returned their passports.

        Szentivanyi said in answer to a question on the current crisis in
Chechnya that Hungary recognised the status of Chechnya as a Russian
subject. Nevertheless the Hungarian foreign affairs spokesman was filled
with concern over reports of hundreds of casualties in fighting.

        Continued fighting will cause more suffering to local residents and
heavy bloodshed to the warring sides.

        In outlining the Hungarian position Szentivanyi said that an
immediate cessation of fighting and the continuation of political dialogue
appeared to be the sole solution acceptable to all.

        In Hungary's assessment the dispute that broke out between
Moscow and Grozny over the federation treaty ought to be settled through
negotiations as more fighting could jeopardise global peace and security
on account of the geopolitical position of the Caucasus.

        The spokesman added that this theme was in the focus of interest for
Hungarian diplomacy, stemming from its function as chair of the
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

        The spokesman also said that Prime Minister Gyula Horn would visit
Moscow in the first six months of this year.

        While the schedule for the prime minister's visit is currently being
coordinated, topics on the agenda of talks have not yet been defined.

        Szentivanyi, as reported, told newsmen that Prime Minister Horn
would pay a visit to Moscow in the first half of this year. The schedule of
the visit is still being coordinated, although no specific topics have been
named. As for Hungary, she wants to raise the case of Russian debts and
the issue of joining NATO.

        In this connection the spokesman reiterated that Hungary seeks full
membership in the North Atlantic organisation.

        Hungary is "ready to provide mutual information to those countries
that have questions or ideas about this topic. But it is still out of the
question that we should seek any prior consent from Russia."

        Finally the spokesman summed up the changes that can be
anticipated at the Austrian-Hungarian border now that Austria, Hungary's
western neighbour, was admitted a member of the European Union on
January 1, 1995.

        One of the key changes is caused by the fact that the customs code
of the European Union went into effect in Austria, as well.

        This will affect Hungarian exports too, mainly from the viewpoint that
exports bound for the European Union should meet certain plant and
animal health regulations.

        At present negotiations are under way with Austrian authorities to
set up more stations apart from the customs corridor in Hegyeshalom, for
carrying out crucial health and animal health examinations.

        As regards individual passengers" travel, Austria is expected to join
the so-called Shengen Convention in the spring which regulates the order
of border crossing among the EU member states.

        At the same time, due to the multi-level ratification procedures, the
regulations of the convention will only enter into force in Austria in only 18
to 24 months.

        Still, one can expect Austria to take a number of "Euroconform"
measures to introduce the Shengen regulations.

        For Hungary this will mean slightly more stringent border controls.

        The spokesman said that Hungary would strive to introduce border
control orders in keeping with EU standards, such as constant
consultations between the Austrian and Hungarian customs authorities.

        The Hungarian foreign ministry also urges the government to set up
an inter ministerial commission to handle future tasks.

        All in all, in Hungary's assessment, Austria's EU membership will in
no way diminish fostering Hungarian-Austrian ties, in fact it will promote

        Austria's role as a bridge is expected to grow in the future.

        Hungary holds the view that it is in Austria's interest to expand the
European Union toward the east. In any case Budapest will count on
Austria's support, said Szentivanyi.

OSCE - Minority Spokespersons Appointed

        Budapest, January 3 (MTI) - Foreign minister Laszlo Kovacs, acting
in his capacity as current chairman of the Organization for Security and
Cooperation in Europe, on December 30 appointed Serbian-born Vera
Jovanovic, the Bosnian-born Esad Muhibic and the Croatian-born Branka
Raguz as the three minority spokespersons for the Federation of Bosnia-

        According to a communique released simultaneously in Vienna,
Budapest and Sarajevo, and under the constitution of the Croatian-Moslem
Federation, the minority spokespersons were designated following
consultations with the president and vice-president of the Federation.

        The duty of the minority spokespersons, or ombudsman, is to
supervise the observance of fundamental freedoms and human dignity in a
way specified in the constitution.

        The three spokespersons will be installed in office during Kovacs's
visit to Sarajevo on January 20.

Defence Minister Keleti Receives Military Attaches

        Budapest, January 3 (MTI) - One of the most important objectives of
the Republic of Hungary is to join NATO, Defence Minister Gyorgy Keleti
said when he greeted military and air attaches accredited to Budapest, at
the Culture Centre of the Hungarian Armed Forces here today.

        Keleti recalled that last year the process of joining NATO had
considerably picked up in speed with the launch of the partnership for
peace project, and he expressed hope that the year 1995 would produce
similar results in rapprochement to NATO.

        Keleti said he was convinced that military attaches together with all
the arsenal of military diplomacy served peace and security.

        He said it was very important that the number of armed conflicts,
without new ones starting, should drop in all regions of the world.

        He also said the Republic of Hungary intended to develop friendly
relations with all countries last year.

        Of the military diplomats accredited to Budapest, Colonel Zoltan
Bajkai, military and air attache from the Czech Republic, expressed his
thanks for the best wishes procunced by the Hungarian defence minister on
the occasion of the New Year.

Vladimir Meciar's Visit to Budapest Discussed in Bratislava

        Bratislava, January 3 (MTI) - Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Schenk
met Hungarian Ambassador to Bratislava Jeno Boros in Bratislava on

        At the meeting, which had been initiated by Schenk, the two
politicians exchanged views on the current state of bilateral relations, as
well as the possibility of an official visit by Slovak Prime Minister Vladimir
Meciar to Hungary.

        In Budapest's view, a thoroughly prepared meeting could help the
two countries solve the problems that currently burden their relations, the
Hungarian ambassador said.

        According to the information received from MTI's correspondent in
Bratislava, Meciar will receive the Hungarian ambassador on Wednesday

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (jan.6) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
5/1995.                                 Budapest, January 06, 1995

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, January 5 (MTI) - Nepszava: The Hungarians in Slovakia
are not pro-basic agreement, they consider professional agreements to be
of far greater importance, according to the president of Coexistence, Miklos
Duray. However, they do support a repeated declaration of the inviolability
of borders, as that, in their view, implies the rejection of force. (page 1)

        - Nepszabadsag: There have been no results yet in the inter-ministry
coordination work created to stamp out the black economy. According to
the trade unions, a social programme should be worked out in order to
eliminate illegal work and trade. The article points out that the population
places a huge demand for products imported through illegal channels.
Incomes originating from the black economy now stand at nearly 25 per
cent of the GDP. (page 5)

        - Nepszabadsag: The Israeli Leumi Bank would like to sell its 50 per
cent share in the Hungarian Leumi Credit Bank Co. According to the daily's
Tel Aviv correspondent, the Israeli bank's Hungarian losses could be as
high as USD 20 million. (page 1)

        - Magyar Nemzet: It is possible that the social-economic agreement
will be signed by the end of February, according to the political state
secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Lajos Hethy. If all goes well, the
Coordination Council will finalize the text by February 11, after which
approval will be needed by the organizations represented in the Council.
(page 4)

* * *

        Budapest, January 5 (MTI) - Magyar Hirlap: The State Property
Agency (SPA) has re-negotiated the privatization of HungarHotels.

Statement by OSCE Chairman-in-Office

        "The Chairman-in-Office (CiO) of the OSCE has closely followed the
tragic events in Chechnya, the Russian Federation. He is convinced that the
crisis should be solved in full respect for the territorial integrity of
on the basis of the Russian Constitution and the principles of the OSCE. He
has informed the Russian leadership of his position at the early stage of the
crisis and made serious efforts in order to solicit the support of the
Russian Government for the involvement of the OSCE in its settlement.

        "Parallel to this, the CiO has had continuous consultations with the
Presidency of the European Union and its member States, representatives
of the United States and other participating States, in order to ascertain the
position of the OSCE community regarding the participation of the OSCE in
the process of resolving the conflict. He took note with satisfaction of the
fact that the views of the OSCE community fully coincided with the position
of the CiO and registered the high expectations and firm support
manifested towards the positions and activities of the CiO.

* * *

        Budapest, January 5 (MTI) - "As a result of intensive consultations,
the Hungarian ambassador in Moscow, accompanied by the ambassadors
of Switzerland and Italy, representing the two other members of the OSCE
Troika, conducted negotiations today in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
the Russian Federation and expressed the position of the CiO concerning
the crisis. He offered the help of the OSCE for the settlement of the conflict
and called the attention of the Russian Government to the position of the
OSCE participating States according to which the solution of the problems
in Chechnya should be found in conformity with the commitments
undertaken within the OSCE.

        "The CiO highly appreciates the fact that the Russian Government
reacted positively to this initiative and invited the Personal Representative
of the CiO to discuss how the OSCE could contribute to the settlement of
the conflict. Responding to this invitation, Ambassador Istvan Gyarmati, the
Personal Representative of Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs, Chairman-in-
Office of the OSCE, will travel to Russia on 9 January, 1995 and, upon the
conclusion of his talks, will report to the CiO, who will then inform the
Permanent Council of the OSCE on 12 January, 1995.

Statement of the Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for
Security and Cooperation in Europe

        Budapest, January 5 (MTI) - The Spokesman's Office of the
Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday afternoon sent a copy of
the following statement to MTI:

        "The Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE has followed with growing
concern the events in Chechnya, the Russian Federation. He deems it
necessary to declare, in conformity with the principles of the OSCE, his full
support for the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, which he
views as the only possible framework within which the crisis can be solved
in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

        "The Chairman-in-Office of the OSCE condemns the serious
violations of human rights in Chechnya. He is convinced that this conflict
poses a serious threat not only to the security of the Russian Federation
but of the whole region and the continent as well. Therefore he calls for the
immediate stop of the military operations which have already taken a heavy
toll of human life and have brought about huge destruction. The cessation
of hostilities would make it possible to start negotiations which is the only
acceptable way to solve the conflict in accordance with the principles of the

        "The OSCE is ready also in this conflict to contribute to the
settlement of the crisis and to the elimination of its consequences. The
Chairman-in-Office recalls that the OSCE has a number of means at its
disposal which can be used in order to find a satisfactory negotiated

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+ - DunaTv 3. heti musora - 95. januar 16. - januar 22. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MOZAIK    DUNA TV musora 1995. januar 16. - januar 22.                 

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 Jo TV-nezest!

1995. jan. 16. hetfo
8.00-14.00: KE'PES KRONIKA
  Tajekoztato musor
  A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban 
  20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00: LAPOZO
  Lapszemle, friss hirek (15)'
14.15: A SELYEMUT /30.resz-ism./     (49')
  Minden ut Romaba vezet
  - szines, japan ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat -
  Zene: Kitaro.  Rendezte: Hajime Suzuki
15.05: GAZDAKOR /ism./  (45')
  Magazinmusor gazdalkodoknak
  Szerkeszto: Papp Ferenc
15.50: IRANY A MARS!   (40')
  - szines, japan ismeretterjeszto film -
  Alig nehany evtizeddel ezelott csak sci-fi regenyekben vehettuk 
  komolyan egy ilyen vallalkozas reszletes leirasat. A filmben most 
  tudosokat lathatunk es hallhatunk, akik konkret szimulacios kiserletek 
  eredmenyeirol szamolnak be, amelyek a NASA - program szerves reszet 
16.30: PUFOKA KALANDJAI /ism./ (13')
  Viszontagsagok leghajoval
16.40: CIMBORA - Tallozo /ism./ (50')
  Szerkeszto: E'. Szabo' Marta
17.30: MAJK /1992./  (8')
  - ismeretterjeszto film -
  Szerkeszto-rendezo: Kondor Ferencne'
  A kozepkori varromokban gazdag Ve'rtes hegyseg labanal, Majkon, a 
  kamaduli szerzetesrend eputetei bujnak meg.
17.40: Mese
  MUSTI: Musti piknikezik (6')
  PILI ES POLI: A kismadar haza (5')
17.55: Musorismertetes (5')
18.00: HIRADO  (15')
18.15 JENNIE /1974./  (51')
  Lady Randolph Churchill
  VII/6.resz: Idegen tollak
  - szines, angol filmsorozat -
  Forgatokonyv: Julian Mitchell. Operator: David Motture, Ken Tester-Brown
  Zene: Andre Previn. Rendezte: James Cellan Jones
  Foszerepben: Lee Remick, Ronald Pickup, Cyril Luckham, Helen Norton
  "Keresztvetes" es "Oh, hajnal..."
  Erde'lyi Zsuzsa gyujtesebol
  Eloadja: Kecskeme'ti Pedagogus Enekkar. Vezenyel: Erdei Peter.
  Rendezte: Pa'linka's Albert
19.10: MA'RAI  (23')
  Emlekezes Ma'rai Sandorra
  - portrefilm -
  Szerkeszto-riporter: Szo"cs Antal. Operator: Va'radi Gabor
  Elmondja: Koltai Robert
19.45: ORGONAMUZSIKA  (17')
  Ma'te' Janos es Ella Istvan orgonal
20.00: MU"-TEREM-TE'S  (45')
  Kepzomuveszeti magazin
  Szerkeszto: Nagy T. Katalin. Rendezte: Buglya Sandor
20.45: ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja (13')
21.00: HIRADO (15')
  Portrefilm Taka'ts Jozsefrol
  Szerkeszto: E'. Szabo' Marta. Operator: Hala'sz Gabor
  Beszelgetotars: E'rdi Sandor
  Egy olyan ember vall eleterol, munkajarol, aki a hangjan keresztul 
  valojaban mar regi jo ismerosunk, mert az Amerika hangjat sokan 
  hallgattuk ebben az orszagban az elmult evtizedekben. Erdekes 
  szemelyesen is megismerkedni vele.
22.15: VERS (4')
  Szenci Molna'r Albert: XLII.zsoltar
  Elmondja : Miha'lyi Gyozo
1995. jan. 17. kedd
8.00-14.00: KE'PES KRONIKA
  Tajekoztato musor
  A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban 20-20 
  perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00: LAPOZO (15')
  Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15: VALTO /ism./ (45')
  Gazdasagi magazin
  Foszerkeszto: Szabo' Laszlo Zsolt
  A zuhanos kondorkeselyuk;  Kaloz-zsakmany
15.25: E'SZAK ALLATVILAGABAN  /1975./  (25')
  XXVI/5.: Riadalom a nadasban
  - szines, finn termeszetfilm-sorozat -
  Rendezle: Tapani Korkolainen
  A riadalomnak tobbfele oka lehet az osvadon lakoi kozott, de mindnel
  hangsulyosabb az emberi beavatkozas. A vadonban fellelheto burjanzo 
  elet az egyensulyon alapszik. Ennek befolyasolasa a teljes taplalek-
  lancot erinti, tehat egy novenyvedoszerrel kezelt mag nemcsak a
  madarfiokakat sorvasztja, hanem az oket becserkeszo ragadozokat is.
15.50: SIVATAGBAN, OSERDOBEN (II/1. - ism. - 94')
  - lengyel jatekfilm -
  Forgatokonyv -- Henryk Sienkiewich regenye nyoman: Wladislaw Slcsicki
  Zene: Andrzej Korzynski. Operator: Boguslaw Lambach
  Rendezte: Wladislaw Slesicki
  Szereplok: Tomasz Medrzak, Monica Rosca, Stanislaw Jasiukiewicz, Edmund
  Fetting, Zygmunt Hobot, Ahmed Marei, Ahmed Hegazi, Ibrahim Shemi, 
  Malija Mekki
  Henryk Sienkiewicz, Nobel-dijas iro 1911-ben irt regenye egyike a 
  vilagirodalom legszebb kalandregenyeinek. Az egzotikus tajakon 
  jatszodo, latvanyos, fordulatos kalandtortenet ket gyermekrol szol.
  A 14 eves lengyel fiut, Stast es a 8 eves angol kislanyt, Nelt 
  Afrikaban, a mult szazadban kereskedok raboljak el es tevekaravannal 
  Mahdi, a muzulman vezer taboraba hurcoljak oket.
17.25: 200 MILLIO EVESEK /1983./  (15')
  - magyar, ismeretterjeszto film -
  Rendezte: De've'nyi Laszlo
  A 200 millio evvel korabban letezett allatvilag tuleloit, a teknosoket 
  mutatja be a film.
17.40: Mese
  DINI, A KIS DlNOSZAURUSZ: A joszivu vadasz (12')
17.55: Musorismertetes  (5')
18.00: HIRADO (15')
18.15: A FERFIAK NEM ISTENEK /1936./  (80')
  - fekete-feher angol film -
  Rendezte: Walter Reisch
  Szereplok: Rex Harrison, Gertrude Lawrende, Miriam Hopkins
  Skeates, szinhazi kritikus ugy gondolja, hogy Edmond Davey Othello-
  felujitasban nyujtott alakitasat vitriolos biralattal illeti. Davey 
  felesege, Barbara, aki szinten a darab sztarja, a kritikus titkarno-
  jehez, Annhez fordul, s talalkozasuk eredmenye, hogy a gunyos cikkbol 
  lelkes ismerteto lesz. Ezek utan a siker nem marad el. Mellesleg a 
  titkarno szerelmes lesz a szineszbe. Csak kesobb dobben ra, hogy 
  rajongasa valoban a szinesznek szol, s nem a ferfinek.
  Beszelgetes a Costa Ricaban e'lo" Bornemisza Elemerrel.
  - magyar portrefilm -
  Szerkeszto: Juha'sz Arpad. Rendezte: Pa'sztory Janos
20.00: GAZDAKOR (45')
  Magazinmusor gazdalkodoknak
  Musorvezeto-szerkeszto: Gyulai Gyorgy
  -- Adasunk fo temaja a takarmanyipar. A Ka'rpa't-medenceben termett 
  gabona legnagyobb reszebol takarmany keszul. Hogy hogyan, arra keres 
  valaszt a szerkeszto. -- Forgatocsoportunk Burgenlandban jart, ahol az 
  osztrak allatkereskedoket megkerdeztek arrol, hogyan tekintenek 
  Europara. -- Lesz filmjegyzet, Vetomagajanlat es Kerti patika --
  Magazinmusorunk vegen a le'kai va'r arnyekaban barangolhat a nezo.
20.45: ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja (13')
21.00: HIRADO (15')
21.15: HETEDIK KERESZT (1944. - ism. - 107')
  - amerikai filmdrama - 
  Fogatokonyv -- Anna Seghers regenye alapjan: Helen Deutsch
  Operator: Karl Freund. Zene: Roy Webb. Rendezte: Freud Zimmermann
  Az udvaron lecsupaszitott fak, amelyeknek torzsere keresztben egy 
  deszkat szegeztek. Ezekre a keresztekre feszitik azokat a szo~ko~tt 
  rabokat, akiket eloallit a Gestapo. 1936.- Nemetorszag, a het rab 
  a westhofeni koncentracios taborbol szo~ko~tt meg. Ha csak egyikojuknek 
  is sikerul eletben maradnia, s ures marad a keresztje, mar megerte. 
  Ez viszont azon mulik, van-e meg olyan ember Nemetorszagban, aki
  segito kezet nyujt egy szokevenynek.
23.05: SZINHAZI ELET / ism./   (25')
  Szinhazi magazin
  Szerkeszto: Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Balazs
23.30: VERS (3')
  Vajda Janos: Utolso dal, Gina'hoz
  Elmondja: Kerte'sz Peter
1995. jan. 18. szerda
8.00-14.00: KE'PES KRONIKA
  Tajekoztato musor
  A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban 20-20 
  perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00: LAPOZO  (15')
  Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15: SZlPPANCSOK  (22')
  A rivalis; Bilincsbevert baratok
14.40: DON QUlJOTE (28')
  XXXIX/34.resz: Sancho Panza kiszabaditasa
  Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
  - spanyol ismeretterjeszto film -
  Zene: Jaime Perez. Operator: Luis Berraquero
  Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Eduardo Delgado
15.35: SIVATAGBAN, OSERDOBEN  II/2. /ism./ (91')
  - lengyel jatekfilm -
  Forgatokonyv -- Henryk Sienkiewich regenye nyoman: Wladislaw Slesicki
  Zene: Andrzej Korzynski. Operator: Boguslaw Lambach
  Rendezte: Wladislaw Slesicki
  Szereplok: Tomasz Medrzak, Monica Rosca, Stanislaw Jasiukiewicz, 
  Edmund Fetting, Zygmunt Hobot, Ahmed Marei, Ahmed Hegazi, Ibrahim 
  Shemi, Malija Mekki
  Mahdi taborabol a gyerekek sok sikertelen kiserlet utan megszoknek, s 
  elkezdodik bolyongasuk a vadonban, erdotuztol, vadallatoktol, 
  uldozoktol fenyegetve...
  - magyar ba'bfilm -
  Rendezte: Cs. Szabo' Istvan
17.15: MUZZY IN GONDOLAND XX/15. (5')
  A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata  gyerekeknek
17.20: THIS IS THE WAY 40/15. (20')
  Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
  Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
  Tanit: Jilly Viktor
  A gyerekek megismerik az angol honapok nevet, s megtanuljak elmondani,
  mikor szulettek. A honapok nevet ismerve azt is elmeselik, hogy 
  melyik honapban mit csinalnak. Az adas befejezesekent eleneklik a 
  honapok angol nevet: January, February, March, 
                       April, May, June, July.
                       August, September,
                       October, November, December.
17.40: Mese
  FUTRINKA UTCA: De jo vicc! (13')
17.55: Musorismertetes (5')
18.00: HIRADO (15')
18.15: Fa'bri Zoltan eletmusorozat:
  MAGYAROK /1978./ (106')
  - magyar film -
  Forgatokonyv -- Bala'zs Jozsef regenyebol: Fa'bri Zoltan
  Zene: Vuka'n Gyorgy. Rendezte: Fa'bri Zoltan
  Szereplok: Koncz Gabor, Pap Eva, Apor Noemi, Szabo' Sandor, Bihari 
  Jozsef, Gera Zoltan, Solti Bertalan
  A Il.vilaghaboru idejen egy maroknyi magyar paraszt Nemetorszagba 
  indul bermunkara. A szegenyseg hajtja oket, s abban remenykednek, hogy 
  igy elkerulik a katonai behivot. Mindennapjaikban kenytelenek 
  szembenezni a fasizmus, a haboru lelekpusztito borzalmaival.
20.00: REGIOK -- Tudositok Studioja (45')
  Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos. Musorvezeto: Farkas Boglarka
  -- A porfelhok lovagja: Me'sza'ros Janos biciklivel a sivatagban. /Jo'zsa 
  Erika kisfilmje Sydney-bol/ -- Mukedvelo szinjatszok: Az erdelyi 
  amatorok tragikomediaja. /Kacso' Sandor dokumentuma/ -- Amerikai magyar 
  portrek: Magyar Imre divattervezo./ Ba'rdos Karoly es Ola'h Karoly 
  riportfilmje Amerikabol/ -- Mo'ra Ferenc Erde'lyben. Kisfilm Gagyrol /A 
  sze'kelykeresztu'ri Demeter-Zsigmond Ibolya riportja/
20.45: ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja  (13')
21.00: HIRADO (15')
21.15: MODI (97')
  - szines, olasz jatekfilm -
  Zene: Stafano Torossi. Operator: Romano Albani. Forgatokonyv: Taviani,
  Maria Carmela Ciennati, Peter Exacoustos
  Rendezte: Franco Brogi Taviani
  Amadeo Modigliani festomuvesz egyike azoknak, akik zsenialitasat csak 
  az utokor ismerte el. Ez a film a rendkivuli, de onpusztito tehetseg 
  es az ot mindenestol elfogado, rajongva szereto tars onfelaldozo 
  szerelmet, az egymasrautaltsag keseru, megis felemelo boldogsagat 
  tarja elenk.
22.55: A JOVO OROKSEGE (XV/15. - ism. - 59')                 
  Rombolas, ujjaepites, ujratapasztalas
  - szines japan kulturtorteneti sorozat -
23.50: VERS (4')
  Ady Endre: Elbocsato, szep uzenet
  Elmondja: Darvas Ivan
1995. jan. 19. csutortok
8.00-12.00: KE'PES KRONIKA
  Tajekoztato musor
  A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban 20-20 
  perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.

                             MIATT SZUNETEL.

16.00: A SZENTFOLD  (47')
  - szines amerikai zenes film -
  Rendezte: Edward J. Payne
  Rendhagyo zenei osszeallitas a vilag legnagyobb korusanak, a Mormon 
  Tabernacle Choirnak kozremukodesevel.
16.45: TIZENHE'T E'VESEN (25')
  E'rmindszent ' 94
  - dokumentumfilm -
  Operator: Ko~to" Zsolt. Szerkeszto-rendezo: Sipos Andras
  Kozremukodnek: Kolczonay Katalin. Szatma'rne'meti es nagyva'radi diakok
  Ady Endre szuletesnapjan diakcsoportok rovid musorokkal emlekeznek a 
17.10: KERTGAZDA  (20')
  Szerkeszto: Komisza'r Lajos. Rendezte: Lehel Laszlo
  Teli temak szerepelnek a januari Kertgazdaban, megpedig tarolasi es 
  helyes hajtatasi tudnivalok. Szo lesz a kerti novenyek varhato teli 
  viselkedeserol is. A kulonlegesseg ez alkalommal a szobabonsaiok 
17.30: Mese
  PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: Pumukli es a Mikulas  (24')
17.55: Musorismertetes  (5')
18.00: HIRADO (15')
18.15: SZAKITS HELYETTEM ! (64')
  - magyar filmvigjatek -
  Irta: Bokay Janos. Rendezte: Hajdu'fy Miklos
  Szereplok: Kern Andras, Eszenyi Eniko, Ba'cs Ferenc, Ma'te' Gabor
  Hogy a nokkel mennyi baj van! Soha sem elegedettek azzal, ami mar 
  megvan, mindig tobbet akarnak: oltalmazo ferfikarokat, apro 
  csokocskakat a hodoloktol. Persze, ha az ember a ferfiakat utolag  
  megkerdezi errol, ezt mindig helyenvalonak talaljak. Ja, kerem, az 
  attol fugg...
  Eloadja a Budapesti Strauss Zenekar
  Vezenyel: Boga'r Istvan. Rendezte: Horva'th Zoltan
20.00: VALTO -- Gazdasagi magazin  (45')
  Foszerkeszto: Szabo' Laszlo Zsolt. Rendezte: Oblath Peter
20.45: ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja (13')
21.00: HIRADO (15')
21.15: TIZPARANCSOLAT / 1989./  (60')
  - lengyel filmsorozat -
  II.parancsolat: "Isten nevet hiaba ne vegyed!"
  Rendezte: Krzysztof Kieslowski
  Szereplok: Krystyna Janda, Aleksander Bardini, Olgiero Lukaszewicz
  Dorota tudni akarja, eletben marad-e halalos beteg ferje. Dorota
  valaszt akar, tudni azt, amit ember nem tudhat bizonyosan.
22.15: ELET AZ ELET UTAN /ism./ (50')
  - francia dokumentumfilm -
  A klinikai halalhoz kotodo elmenyekrol egyre gyakrabban esik szo 
  manapsag. A filmben megszolalo vallasos emberek hituk fenyeben 
  vallanak a halal kozelsegeben ateltekrol.
23.05: VERS  (2')
  Juha'sz Gyula: Ballada
  Elmondja: Papp Zoltan
1995. jan. 20. pentek
8.00-14.00: KE'PES KRONIKA
  Tajekoztato musor
  A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban 20-20 
  perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast. 
14.00: LAPOZO (15')
  Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15: REGIOK -- Tudositok studioja /ism./ (45')
  Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos
14.15: BAYWATCH (47')
  XXII/21. resz: Regi baratok
  - amerikai tvsorozat -
  Operator: James Pergola. Rendezte: Gregory J.Bonann
  Az eletmentoket toborzo vizsga resztvevoi koze keveredik egy fiatal 
  lany, aki a felelmetes hiru kabitoszer-kereskedo elol menekul.
  XXVI/6.: EIet a tengerben
  - szines finn termeszetfilm-sorozat -
  Rendezte: Veikko Korkolainen
  A tenger eletet nem ismerhetjuk meg a partrol, be kell menni a vizbe.
  A sta'b egy egesz evet toltott a partmenti vizekben, hogy pontos kepet 
  adjon e ketfele kozeg talalkozasanak e'lo"vilagarol.
  A gongok
  - kanadai ismeretterjeszto sorozat -
  Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
16.20: SMARAGD SZIGET II/1. (35')
  - ismeretterjeszto film -
  Forgatokonyv: La'ng G. Istvan. Operator: Be'csi Imre
  Rendezte: Szent-Andra'ssy lmre
  Iroszag gazdag tortenelmi emlekeit mutatja be a ketreszes film.
16.55: ASZTALTARSASAG  /ism./  (46')
  Latogatoban Rego"s Istvan mutermeben Szentendren
  Vendegek: Csiszentmiha'lyi Robert szobraszmuvesz, Deim Pal festomuvesz,
  Rego"s Anna textilmuvesz
  Szerkeszto-musorvezeto: Temesi Ferenc
  Operator: Pap Ferenc, Kurucz Sandor. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
17.40: Mese
  RE'MUSZ BA'CSI MESEI: Liba-anyo mestersege  (14')
17.55: Musorismertetes (5')
18.00: HIRADO  (15')
  - szines de'l- afrikai filmsorozat -
  Irta: Paul C. Venter
  Operator: Jakes de Villiers. Zene: Louis van Rensburg
  Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
  Foszereplok: lan Robert, Libby Daniels, Brian O'Shaugnessy
  Herkules, az idegenvezeto is megerkezik, Steenkamp eladja birtokat,
  igy masnap reggelre kituzik az indulas orajat. A tobbiek is 
  felkeszultek az utra, az utolso ejszaka azonban varatlan 
  meglepetesekkel szolgal.
19.05: MUZZY IN GONDOLAND XX/15. /ism./  (5')
  A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
19.10: THIS IS THE WAY 40/15. /ism./  (20')
  Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
  Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
  Tanit: Jilly Viklor
19.30: LISZT FERENC   XVI/9. (25')
  A jovo zeneje
  - magyar tvfilm-sorozat -
  Rendezte: Szineta'r Miklos
  A weimari evekben Liszt zeneszerzoi munkassaga is kibontakozik. Ezzel
  parhuzamosan szaporodnak az ellensegei, ugyanakkor tehetseges fiatal
  muveszek eppen Liszt kedveert erkeznek Weimarba.
  Anglia 1926-1935: A gyengebb nem
  Rendezte : Annty Lanner
  Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
20.45: ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja  (13')
21.00: HIRADO  (15')
21.15: A PROFI  /1981./  (104')
  - szines francia krimi -
  Forgatokonyv -- Patrick Alexander regenye nyoman: Michel Audiard
  Zene: Ennio Morricone. Operator: Henri Decae. Rendezte: Georges Lautner
  Szereplok: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Desailly, Robert Hossein,
  Jean-Louis Richard, Michel Beaune, Elysabeth Margoni, Cyrielle Claire
  A Francia Biztonsagi Szolgalat tisztje, a profi, specialis feladatot 
  kap: az afrikai MAMAWAY Koztarsasag elnokenek likvidalasat. Idokozben 
  a politikai helyzet megvaltozott, igy a terv a megbi'zo't nem erdekli 
  tovabb, a profi kuldetese es szemelye feleslegesse valik. A bosszu 
  mindket oldalrol kaoszhoz es eroszakhoz vezet.
22.55: VERS (4')
  Sik Sandor: Gyerekek az utcan
  Elmondja: Andai Gyorgyi
1995. jan. 21. szombat
8.15: KOZEP-EUROPAI MAGAZIN /ism./  (45')
  Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
9.00: Hirek, musorismertetes  (5')
9.05: SLAPAJ   (23')
  Slapaj es a szerelem
  "Enyem-Tiem " -- Beszelgetes a gyernmeknyelvrol
  - nyelvmuvelo musor -
  Szerkeszto: Matula Agnes
  Rendezte: Sipos Andras
10.00: MUZZY IN GONDOLAND XX/15. /ism./  (5')
  A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
10.05: THIS IS THE WAY 40/15.  /ism./ (20')
  Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
  Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
  Tanit: Jilly Viktor
10.25: OROSZLANSZIVU FIVEREK (V/3. - ism. - 25')
  A vadrozsak volgye
  - sved mesefilm -
  Irta: Astrid Lindgren. Zene: Bjorn Isfalt, Lasse Dahlberg
  Operator: Rune Ericson. Rendezte: Olle Hellbom
  Szereplok: Staffan Gotestam, Lars Soderdahl, Allan Edwall, Gunn
  Wallgren, Folke Hjort, Per Oscarsson Nangiolaba
10.50: ELSO SZERELEM  VI/4. /1991./ (25')
  - szines norveg ifjusagi film -
  Forgatokonyv: Jan-Olof Agren. Zene: Jacob Groth
  Operator: Henning Kristiansen. Rendezte: Leif Magnusson
  Foszerepben: Alexandra Royal, Johan Lilja, Linus Aberg
  Daniel sejtesei beigazolodnak, Jester bulijan kegyetlenul kitolnak 
  vele. Egyertelmuen a hazigazda, Jester a ludas, o tervelte ki az 
  egeszet, de baratja, Anders sem nevezheto artatlannak. Annat akarta'k.
  Reggelre aztan minden tisztazodik, ekkor viszont Anna anyja tiltja el 
  oket egymastol, mivel tul keson keveredtek haza.
11.15: KEDVES /ism./ (45')
  Szorakoztato magazin -- Nokrol noknek
  Szerkeszto-musorvezeto: Barko' Judit, Kalocsai Andrea, Ozsda Erika
  Rendezte: Bozsogi Janos
12.00: Deli harangszo, musorismertetes
12.05: LUMEN 2000 -- Veletek vagyok    (30')
  Kereszteny tanusagtetelek
12.35: KEREKEK ES LEPESEK   (45')
  XXVI/14.resz: Nyirse'g homokjan
  - ismeretterjeszto sorozat -
  Operator: Stenszky Gyula, Szabados Tamas. Rendezte: Gyenes Karoly
  Az egykori megyeszekhely, Nagyka'llo utan kicsi, homokon gazdalkodo,
  nyirse'gi falvak, Pocspetri es Ma'riapo'cs kovetkeznek. A filmet 
  Nyirba'tor gyonyoru muemlekeivel fejezzuk be.   
13.20: SMARAGD SZIGET  II/2. (35')
  - ismeretterjeszto film -
  Forgatokonyv: La'ng G. Istvan. Operator: Be'csi Imre
  Rendezte: Szent-Andra'ssy Imre
  Irorszag gazdag tortenelmi emlekeit mutatja be a ketreszes film.
14.00: LAPOZO  (15')
  Lapszenmle, friss hirek
14.15: CIMBORA -- Tallozo  (50')
  Operator: Marcali Laszlo. Szerkeszto: E'. Szabo' Marta
  Rendezte: Andra's Ferenc
15.05: Musorajanlat (10')
  Riporter: A'gai Kis Andras. Szerkeszto: Juni Gyorgy
16.25: KATEDRALISOK KORA  /1984./  (53')
  IX/4.: Katedralis, varos, iskola
  - ismeretterjeszto sorozat -
  Forgatokonyv: Roger Stephane, Roland Darbois. Zene: Fr. Michel Albaric
  Operator: Roland Dantigny. Rendezte: Roland Darbois.
  Eloado: Georges Duby tortenesz
  A XII. szazad legnagyobb reszeben szerzetesek voltak a muveszet
  hordozoi. De a legaktivabb muveszi muhelyek fokrol-fokra mashova
  helyeztek kozpontjukat. A muveszet tovabbra is szent maradt. Fo celja
  az ima helyenek diszitese. Ez azonban mar nem a monostorokba,
  kolostorokba iranyul, hanem a katedralisba. Vajon miert?  Mert a vilag
  megvaltozott. Kinyilt az eletre. Nincs tobbe visszahuzodas a csiga-
  hazba. Az eletben kell dolgozni. Ennek a munkanak az ugynoke a papsag
  volt, iranyitoi a puspokok. A katedralis a puspok temploma. Varosonkent
  van egy templom. Ez az elso keresztenyseg maradvanya. Minden romai 
  varosban es csak itt van egy puspok. Ezert a katedralisok muveszete
  Europaban a varos ujjaszuletese, a varosi felviragzas. A katedralis 
  tornyai uralkodnak a varos folott. A legszebb francia, eg fele toro
  katedralisokat bemutato film "szines uvegablakaival" jol erzekelteti
  a gotika kiteljesedeset a francia epiteszetben.
  - szines csehszlovak mesefilm - 
  Rendezte: Milos Mesvadba
17.30: Mese  (22')
                               Sivatagi proba
18.00: HIRADO (15')
18.15: DOBPERGE'S  /1938./ (93')
  - angol- amerikai kalandfilm -
  Forgalokonyv: Arthur Wimperis, Patrick Kirway, Hugh Gray
  Zene: John Greenwood. Operator: Georges Perinal
  Rendezte: Korda Zoltan
  Szereplok: Raymond Massey, Valerie Hobson, Roger Livesey, David Tree
  1938.-India. Tokot egy kicsi, fuggetlen allam fovarosa, amely oreg 
  ka'nja barati jobbot nyujt Anglianak. Ugy gondolja, ha az angolok es a 
  skot hadsereg baratja, akkor bekeben elhet India minden egyes 
  torzsevel. A Ka'n occse, Ghul herceg azonban hajthatatlan, eszelos 
  almai egyike a regi Mogul megmentese. Vezerelve: O~lj es pusztits! Egy 
  vezer, egyetlen hadsereg! Batyjat megoleti, Anglia diplomaciai
  kepviselete ellen haborut indit. A kis Herceg torzsevel Peshawarba 
  menekul, s kivarjak, mig eljo az o napjuk. Mire megvirrad, a tokoti 
  szentdob is megszolal, a dobperges az unnepet jelenti, de van mikor 
  veszelyhelyzetet jelez.
19.50: TENGERSZEM  (20')
  "Husz perc Ma'csai Pallal"
  Operator: Jankura Peter. Rendezte: Sipos Istvan
20.15: BONANZA BANZAl-UNNEP '93  I.resz (42')
  (Budapest Sportcsarnok - 1993. oktober 29-30-i koncert felvetelrol)
21.00: HIRADO (15')
21.15: A FRANCIA FORRADALOM I-II.  /1989./ (170')
  - szines francia-olasz-nemet-kanadai film -
  Irta: David Ambrose. Zene: Georges Delerue. Operator: Bernard 
  Zitzermann es Francois Catonne.
  Rendezte: Robert Enrico es Richard T. Heffron
  Foszerepben: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Claudia Cardinale, Jane Seymour, 
  Andrzey Severyn, Christopher Lee, Sam Neill
  Nagy idok... A francia kiralysag uszik az adossagban. Az udvar 150 ev 
  utan kenytelen osszehivni a rendeket, hogy tamogatasukat kerje a 
  gazdasagi talpraallashoz. Franciaorszag nepe azonban elsosorban 
  politikai valtozasokat akar. A nepnek vezerei vannak, konkret 
  politikai programokkal...
24.05: VERS (2')
  Ra'cz Oliver: A bohoc
  Elmondja: Marsek Gabi
1995. jan. 22. vasarnap
9.00: Hirek, musorismertetes (5')
  - szines de'l- afrikai flmsorozat - XXXIII/27. resz
  Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
10.00: SPORTKEPEK (heti osszefoglalo)
  Foszerkeszto: Juni Gyorgy
12.00: De'li harangszo, musorismertetes  (5')
12.05: KA'NON -- vallas es kultura (30')
  Szerkeszto: E'zsia's Aniko. Rendezte: Ku'tvo~lgyi Katalin
  XI/11. resz: Klarisszak es ferencesek Megenben
  - ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat -
  Forgatokonyv: Michel van der Plast. Zene: Pieter Verlinden
  Operator: Ben Tenniglo. Rendezte: Jan Gruyaert
  Megent a hollandiai Assisinek is nevezik, utalva az italiai Assisi 
  varosara, ahol Szent Ferenc es Szent Clara megalapitotta a ket koldulo 
  rendet, a ferenceseket es a klarisszaket. A Maas folyo partjan mindket 
  rend kovetoi otthonra talaltak.
13.00: BAYWATCH /ism./  (47')
  XXII/21. resz: Regi baratok
  - amerikai tvsorozat -
  Rendezte: Gregory J.Bonnan
13.50: ROBOTVADASZOK  (88')
  - szines amerikai jatekfilm -
  Zene: Randy Miller. Operator: Pael Elliot. Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: 
  Tony Cookson
  Szereplok: Marcia Strassman, Joshna Miller, Edan Gross, John Quade
  Az apa nelkul maradt ket tinedzser fiu, Josh es Max indul a varosi 
  junior feltalalo-bajnoksagon. Az elso dijbol hazi-robotemberkejuket 
  fejlesztik tovabb. Azt azonban maguk sem gondoljak, hogy a fejlesztes
  ennyire jol sikerul...
15.20: VILAGTORTENET  VIII.  (25')
  Szines, angol ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat a TIMES magazin vilag-
  torteneti atlasza alapjan
  Az iszla'm
  Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operator: Mike Fash. Rendezte: Paul Fisher
  Bar ma elsosorban vallasi mozgalomkent ertekeljuk, tortenelmi szerepet
  illetoen az iszlam szervezo- es vederokent lepett szinre a kisazsiai
  teruleten elo nepcsoportok kozott. Mohamed kovetoi az Ige neveben 
  szent haborukat hirdettek ugyan, de a fennhatosaguk ala tartozo 
  nepeknek hallatlan toleranciaval biztositottak sajat vallasuk 
  gyakorlasat. A birodalom letrejotte azonban egyben azt is jelentette, 
  hogy a tavoli kelet es Europa tobb evszazadon keresztul csak kozvetito 
  reven erintkezhetett egymassal.
  Felleg a varos felett. Epizodok Kuncz Aladar regenyebol
  - tvjatek -
  Forgatokonyv: Juha'sz Istvan. Irodalomtortenesz: Nemesku~rty Istvan
  Szerkeszto: Ugrin Aranka. Operator: Kurucz Sandor. 
  Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
  Kozremukodnek: Vajda Laszlo, Kiss Eszter, Csa'sza'r Angela, Cseke Peter,
  Blasko' Balazs
  Az utolso be'kee'vben, 1913-ban fiatal tanart neveznek ki a kolozsvari 
  gimnazium elere. A modern szellemisegu tanar felborzolja a varos 
  hangulatat, sot beleszeret a fo"ispa'n lanyaba. A regeny reszleteinek 
  dramatizalt valtozatat lathatjuk, s kozben Nemesku~rty Istvan bemutatja 
  Kuncz Aladart, elemzi a ket haboru kozti erdelyi irodalmat.
  Szerkeszto: To~ro~k Erzsebet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Kalman
  Bokor Peter musora
17.05: TANCHAZ  (25')
  Nepzenei magazin
  Szerkeszto: Rosta Katalin. Rendezte: Szomjas Gyorgy
17.30 Mese (24')
  SZIPPANCSOK: A roboszippancs
17.55: Musorismertetes
18.00: HETI HIRMONDO  (60')
  Foszerkeszto: Csa'ky Zoltan
19.00: A'LOMASSZONY (15')
  - balett-etud ot tetelben -
  Tancolja: Ha'gai Katalin. Koreografia: Gajdos Jozsef
19.15: BUDAI NAGY ANTAL (68')
  - tvjatek -
  A Kisva'rdai Va'rszinha'z a Muveszetek Haza es a Duna Televizio kozos 
  Irta: Ko's Karoly. Rendezte: Para'szka Miklos (Szatma'rne'meti)
  Szereplok: Czintos Jozsef (Szatma'rne'meti), Gyo"rffy Andras 
  (Marosva'sa'rhely), Molna'r Gizella (Sepsiszentgyo~rgy), A'cs Alajos 
  (Szatma'rne'meti), Do'sa Zsuzsa (Koma'rom), Hunyadi Laszlo 
  (Marosva'sa'rhely), Kova'cs Eva (Szatma'rne'meti), Nemes Levente 
  Diszlet: Dea'k Barna (Sepsiszentgyo~rgy)
  Zene: Hencz Jozsef (Marosva'sa'rhely)
  Jelmeztervezo: Dea'k M. Ria (Sepsiszentgyo~rgy)
20.20: A ZENE ARCAI  (50')
  Komolyzenci magazin
  Szerkeszto-musorvezeto: Bartalus Ilona
  Tudositas a Ko~lcsey Tarsasag unnepi nmegemlekezeserol a szatma'rcsekei 
  reformatus Templombol es a csonakos-fejfas temetobol.
21.45: MODI' /ism./ (97')
  - szines olasz jatekfilm -
  Zene: Stafano Torossi. Operator: Romano Albani
  Forgatokonyv: Taviani, Maria Carmela Cicnnati, Peter Exacoustos
  Rendezte: Franco Brogi Taviani
  Amadeo Modigliani festomuvesz egyike azoknak, akik zsenialitasat csak 
  az utokor ismerte el. Ez a film a rendkivuli, de onpusztito tehetseg 
  es az ot mindenestol elfogado, rajongva szereto tars onfelaldozo 
  szerelmet, az egymasrautaltsag keseru, megis felemelo boldogsagat 
  tarja elenk.
23.20: VERS (3')
  Ko~lcsey Ferenc: Honva'gy es szerelem
  Elmondja: Csikos Sandor