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1 OMRI Daily Digest - 19 June 1995 (mind)  60 sor     (cikkei)
2 CET - 19 June 1995 (mind)  187 sor     (cikkei)
3 International Law Enforcement Academy (mind)  92 sor     (cikkei)
4 DunaTv 27. heti musora - 95. julius 3. - julius 9. (mind)  817 sor     (cikkei)
5 E-journal Conferenc (mind)  168 sor     (cikkei)

+ - OMRI Daily Digest - 19 June 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

No. 118, 19 June 1995

SLOVAK POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS. The ruling Movement for a Democratic
Slovakia (HZDS) on 17 June demanded again the resignation of President
Michal Kovac, Slovak media reported. The party criticized a recent
interview Kovac gave to the Austrian weekly Profil in which he allegedly
questioned Slovakia' s democratic system and thus "damaged Slovakia' s
interests abroad." The HZDS claimed that Kovac has made a habit of such
actions. The party went on to back the recent changes in the government'
s privatization concept, stressing that the first wave of coupon
privatization gave an unfair advantage to those who had information
about firms being privatized. It also criticized investment funds for
defending business interests rather than those of shareholders. Chairman
of the HZDS parliamentary caucus Tibor Cabaj said the ratification of
the Slovak-Hungarian treaty will not be discussed at the next parliament
session, which begins on 21 June. -- Sharon Fisher, OMRI, Inc.

WORLD BANK EXTENDS CREDIT TO HUNGARY. The World Bank on 16 June approved
a $1.3 billion three-year credit line for Hungary, Reuters reported.
Millard Long, head of the bank' s Budapest office, called the
government' s recent measures to cut the 1995 budget and current account
deficits "much needed" and "very significant." But he stressed that
economic reforms must continue before Hungary will be allowed to fully
utilize the credit line. Hungary' s net debt of $21.4 billion is the
highest per capita debt in Central and Eastern Europe. A portion of the
credit line is conditional on Hungary signing a deal with the IMF.
Hungary hopes that working out a new standby loan agreement with that
organization will boost business confidence and raise foreign
investment. -- Sharon Fisher, OMRI, Inc.

Democratic Federation of Romania (UDMR), in a communique issued on 17
June, said that an education bill recently adopted by the Romanian
Senate curtails the rights of ethnic minorities in Romania. The
statement, signed by UDMR chairman Bela Marko, criticized the law for
failing to conform with both the principles of the Romanian Constitution
and European standards. The UDMR will make every effort, the communique
added, to expose what it described as "the anti-constitutional and anti-
democratic character" of the law. -- Dan Ionescu, OMRI, Inc.

[As of 12:00 CET]

Compiled by Jan Cleave

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
Alapitvany tamogatja.

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+ - CET - 19 June 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Monday, 19 June 1995
Volume 2, Issue 117


  The World Bank has approved a $1.3 billion three-year credit
  line to Hungary.  Bank officials said they're impressed by
  Hungary's efforts to restore order to its public finances. But
  they add that further action is needed if the country wants
  actual loans to the full value of the credit line. Hungary
  adopted a series of austerity measures last month to cut its
  huge planned 1995 budget deficit.  The government is also
  trying to reduce its current account deficit, the broadest
  measure of foreign trade and international payments, by
  slashing domestic demand.  But the World Bank wants Hungary to
  go one step further and keep the budget deficit low over the
  next few years.  The Bank also wants Hungary to ensure that
  its current account deficit isn't bigger than the amount of
  foreign investment coming into the country.  That way, the
  shortfall can be financed without any more foreign loans.
  About $400 million of the credit line will depend on Hungary
  signing a deal with the World Bank's sister organization, the
  International Monetary Fund.  Hungary recently began talks
  with the IMF for a $300 million standby credit line and a
  three-year loan agreement.  The IMF said it wants proof that
  Hungary will continue its fiscal austerity and speed up
  privatization before an agreement can be reached. --David Fink


  By Duncan Sheils

  While central European stock exchanges remained sluggish last
  week, there are signs that things may pick up.  In Budapest, a
  series of new stocks are due on the market soon, starting next
  week with the holding company Pannon Valta, whose portfolio
  has stakes in 11 companies.  Prague is waiting for the results
  of the tender for giant SPT Telecom, while Warsaw is biding
  its time until the tax picture becomes clearer.  All in all a
  quiet week as Nick Wergen at Smith New Court in London told

  Wergen:  A quiet week for volumes and a quiet week for
  performance as well: Poland off by 3.7 percent, Czech Republic
  off by just over half a percent, Hungary up by half a percent.
  Not particularly exciting in terms of stock movements or
  levels of investment really, but some fairly key things going
  on in each market.

  CET:  Let's go with Budapest, which was the only one to gain,
  even if only slightly.  Is it anything to do with the new
  listings coming up?

  Wergen:  Yes, Hungary is totally dominated by privatization
  now. It's difficult to see how the main market is going to get
  excited, in particular the secondary stocks, the medium to
  small second liners, given the fact that the attention of all
  the capital houses and most brokerage firms is now entirely on
  the likes of OTP, Matav and which ever investments come up
  next in the privatization scheme.

  CET:  There is one new listing due up next week which is Pannon
  Valta.  How do you think that will go?

  Wergen:  I think it will have a difficult time from the
  international perspective.  There are some good things being
  said about the stock, but the attention is really on the much
  larger lines of stock coming through from the likes of OTP
  within the next month.

  CET:  Moving on to Prague, the fall continues.  This week it
  seems to have been brought on really by SPT Telecom.

  Wergen:  Yes, SPT is basically doubling the volumes of the
  market.  You had volumes kicking up from $10, $15 million to
  close to $30 million in some sessions, focusing on stocks like
  SPT and Komercni Banka.  But at the same time, in the
  macro-situation, some question marks around politics, with the
  increasing support for the Social Democratic Party and the
  closing in of the polls to within three points of Prime
  Minister Vaclav Klaus' party.  And, at the same time,
  questions surround the subsidized department business.  Also,
  there's international focus on the SPT strategic acquisition
  and the GDR issue forthcoming in Komercni Banka. But not
  enough international volumes to compensate for domestic
  selling and it won't until the market improves its visibility
  in terms of structure and in terms of trading.  It can't
  access enough international accounts, in particular, say US
  Mutuals, until there is more visibility.

  CET:  I suppose it's a sign of how small central European
  markets still are that one paper can have such an effect on
  the whole market.

  Wergen:  Exactly.  Like in Hungary new stocks are transforming
  the market.  It's just still slightly early in the case of the
  Czech Republic.  You still have the feeling that your paying
  European Union multiples for central European quality.  As the
  prices become cheaper, than you could actually get value-based
  investors coming back in, but not at the moment when I think
  the market is going to keep on drifting.

  CET:  The reason for Warsaw's sluggishness is, I suppose, not
  quite so obvious.  Is it to do with the capital gains tax
  announcement due?

  Wergen:  I think certainly tax in general has put a slight
  cloud over the market this week.  The stock exchange tax, the
  furor over that:  is it on? is it off? is it delayed? is it
  back on? capital gains tax next week.  But volumes have just
  been low, internationals have been on the sidelines.  With
  volumes around $10 to $15 million a day you know it's the
  domestics and the domestics have been wrapped up in the tax
  issue.  Come next week you get some company results coming
  through, those should be good for May, some good increases in
  operating earnings.  You'll see the real leverage of Poland
  coming through. Next week could be better.  I think they'll be
  volatility the whole way through to the election for the
  president in October, but certainly, in terms of next week
  compared to this, I look for a more optimistic environment.


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+ - International Law Enforcement Academy (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

FBI Director Announces Graduation of First Session of
International Law Enforcement Academy

 Contact: FBI National Press Office, 202-324-3691

   WASHINGTON, June 16   -- FBI Director Louis J. Freeh
said today that 33 law enforcement officers from Hungary,
Poland and the Czech Republic completed their training in the first
session of the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in
Budapest, Hungary.
   There are 10 students all at the middle management level of
their police services and one counselor from each of the three
countries represented in this first session.  At the graduation
ceremony today Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), chairman of the Senate
Juciciary Committee, gave the commencement address.  Also attending
were senior government and law enforcement representatives from
Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and the United States.
   The ILEA is a multi-national police training facility designed
to train officers from Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the
Newly Independent States.  The academy is a joint initiative among
the United States, Hungary, countries sending students to the
academy and a number of Western European nations that have pledged
support.  ILEA seeks to develop closer working ties and greater
cooperation among the participating countries on a wide range of
crime control matters.  The first session began on April 24.
   Freeh said, "Europe and the United States share a common concern
-- crime and violence -- and the academy represents the common
vision of democratic law enforcement and the realization of the
need for standardized international police training.  ILEA will
yield solid working relationships with law enforcement officers in
the emerging democracies of Central and Eastern Europe.  The
training fosters a commitment to the rule of law and develops
strong partners essential to our efforts to stop the spread of
emerging organized crime groups that now freely transcend national
   To date, 27 countries from Central and Eastern Europe have
indicated an interest in sending students to the facility, where
the curriculum is modeled after the successful FBI National Academy
in Quantico, Va.  Initially, 11 countries will send students to the
academy -- Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia,
Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia.
   Freeh said, "The first session was extremely successful and the
students selected for training represented some of the best future
leaders of their law enforcement organizations."
   Freeh said the FBI is deeply grateful to the Department of State
and the Department of Justice for their crucial support in the
planning and development of priority programs to train foreign law
enforcement personnel and develop joint multi-nation programs to
prevent and combat a wide range of deadly crimes.  "Many officials
have aided these efforts but special thanks go to Secretary of
State Warren Christopher, Attorney General Janet Reno and Assistant
Secretary of State Robert Gelbard," Freeh said.
   The academy's training program is based on an eight-week
professional development course.  Each course will eventually have
about 50 students.  There will be five courses per year for a total
of 250 police officers to be trained annually.  The curriculum
focuses on the investigative process, ethics, rule of law in a
democratic society, leadership, personnel management, financial
management and other significant law enforcement matters.
Additionally, there are short-term training courses in specific
types of investigations such as organized crime, financial crimes,
drug trafficking, terrorism and nuclear trafficking.  Instruction
throughout the course was provided by law enforcement officers from
the FBI, DEA, U.S. Secret Service, ATF, U.S. Customs, IRS and the
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  In addition, expert
consultants from the academic community made presentations to the
   "We must fight crime at the critical points of origin.  Crime
that originates in Europe harms the United States just as our own
crime problems cause harm when they find their way overseas.  The
academy and the relationships that flow from it represent a first
line of defense for all of the participating nations against
burgeoning international crime and terrorism," Freeh said.

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+ - DunaTv 27. heti musora - 95. julius 3. - julius 9. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

  Figyelem, va'ltozott a bevezeto" szo:veg!
  A DUNA TV ada'sa mu"holdro'l ege'sz Euro'pa'ban, E'szak-Afrika'ban
  e's a Ko:zel-Keleten veheto".
  Az ada'sido"n kivu:l a monoszko'p ke'pe alatt a Barto'k ra'dio'
  hangja hallhato'.
  A Duna Televizio' Teletext ada'sa - a Dunatext - a nap 24
  o'ra'ja'n keresztu:l mu"ko:dik.
  A DUNA TV a Ke'pes Kro'nika c. mu"sor kerete'ben
  naponta 7.30 -- 7.45 ko:zo:tt a BBC mu"sora't,
          7.45 -- 8.00 ko:zo:tt a Vatika'ni Ra'dio' magyar ada'sa't
 Eutelsat II. F.3
 Keleti h. 16 fok
 Oldalszo:g 184.2 fok
 Emelkede'si szo:g 35.3 fok Budapesten
 Transzponder 33 csat. 11,596 GHz horiz. pol.
 A Duna Televizio' hangvivo" frekvencia'ja: 6,5 MHz
 A Duna Televizio' hangcsatorna'in a Kossuth e's Peto"fi ra'dio'
 mu"sora is hallhato' a ko:vetkezo" vivo"frekvencia'kon:
 Kossuth ra'dio':  7,02 MHz,
 Peto"fi ra'dio':  7,38 MHz.
 A Duna Televizio'  7,02 MHz  hangcsatorna'ja'n e'jfe'lig a Kossuth
 ra'dio', e'jfe'l uta'n a ku:lfo:ldi ada'sok hallhato'k.
 DUNA TV cime: Budapest, Me'sza'ros utca 48-54
               H-1016 Hungary
 Tel.: +36-1-156-0122
 FAX:  +36-1-156-6772
 Ko:zo:nse'gszolga'lat Tel.:         +36-1-156-9682
 Telefonu:gyelet ada'sido" alatt:    +36-1-267-6542
 FAX:                                +36-1-267-6460
 A mu"sor a Duna Televizio'to'l, a parame'terek a Duna Televizio'
 Teletext ada'sa'bo'l sza'rmaznak.
  Jo' TV-ne'ze'st!

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1995. ju'l. 3. he'tfo"
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televi'zio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'         (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 GAZDAKO:R     /ism./     (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Zala Simon Tibor
15.00 PUFO'KA KALANDJAI     /ism./     (10')
      Mozgalmas a'tkele's
      Belga anima'cio's film   
15.10 CIMBORA -- Tallo'zo'    /ism./    (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta. Rendezte: Kardos Ferenc
      Mai mu"sorunkban Tama'si A'ron mu"veivel ismerkedhetu:nk meg.
16.00 VOLVO DI'JUGRATO' VILA'GKUPA       (60')
      O:sszefoglalo' a XXI. Hortoba'gyi Nemzetko:zi Lovasnapok
      Riporter: Juni Gyo:rgy. Szerkeszto": Kelemen Zsolt
17.00 HE'LE'NE E'S A FIU'K         (28')
      10. re'sz: Az e'n szi'vem ingatag
      Francia ifju'sa'gi te've'filmsorozat
      Rendezte: Jacques Samyn
17.30 Mese
      MUSTI: Musti az a'llatkertben             (6')
      PILI E'S POLI: Merlin mester nagyapja     (6')
      RUMCA'JSZ KALANDJAI                       (7')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's      (5')
18.00 HI'RADO'               (15')
18.15 A SZAHARA TITKA    VII/3.       (52')
      Olasz-francia-ne'met kalandfilmsorozat
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Nicola Badalucco, Sergio Donati, Alberto Negrin
      Zene: Ennio Morricone. Operato"r: Danie'le Nannuzzi
      Rendezte: Alberto Negrin
      Szereplo"k: Michael York, Ben Kingsley, Andie MacDowell, 
      Mathilda May
      Annak ko:szo:nheto"en, hogy Jordan megmentette Antea e'lete't,
      a vo:ro:sruha'sok fejedelemasszonya ele'ri ne'pe'ne'l, hogy 
      ku:lo:nleges elba'na'sban re'szesi'tse'k az amerikait. Kive'gze'se
      elo"tt engede'lyezik, hogy megvizsga'lja a hegy titokzatos
      le'tesi'tme'nyeit, anna'l is inka'bb, mert o"k maguk is tana'cs-
      talanok mu"ko:de'se't illeto"en, s bi'znak a tudo's ke'pesse'ge-
      iben. Ke'so"bb azonban bizonyossa' va'lik Antea sza'ma'ra is,
      hogy itt to:bbro"l van szo', mint egyszeru", rideg sza'mi'ta'sro'l
19.05 EMBER A HAVASON          (25')
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Xantus Ga'bor
      A Gyergyo'i-havasok egy eldugott, ta'voli tanya'ja'n e'l Csibi
      Imre, aki hiszi e's vallja Tama'si A'ronnal: "Aze'rt vagyunk a
      vila'gon, hogy valahol otthon legyu:nk benne."
19.30 ERDE'LYORSZA'G SOK SZE'P VIZE...   II/1.    (21')
      A Te'ka egyu:ttes mu"sora
      Szerkeszto": Kelemen Magda. Rendezte: Cziga'ny Zolta'n      
20.00 MU"-TEREM-TE'S                          (45')
      Ke'pzo"mu"ve'szeti magazin
      Szerkeszto": Nagy T. Katalin      
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  --  A nap interju'ja      (13')
21.00 HI'RADO'        (15')
21.15 A SZ.E.R.-VEZET           (58')
      Dokumentumfilm a Szabad Euro'pa Ra'dio' to:rte'nete'ro"l
      Ke'szi'tette a Pesty Fekete Doboz
      Rendezte: Orosz Csilla
22.15 KO:TO"JEL                   (57')
      Ukra'n film
      Forgato'ko:nyvi'ro': Victoria Bondar, Valery Balayan
      Operato"r: Anatoly Khimich. Rendezte: Sergei Bukovsky
      Ogyessza'ban - ahol Vera Holodnaja si'rja van - filmeket
      csina'lnak e's Izraelbe elutazo'kat ki'se'rnek ki. Kalifornia'ban
      re'gi orosz filmeket ne'znek, e'nekelnek e's ke'szu:lnek a
      hala'lra. Hegyi Karabahban temetnek e's tu'le'lni tanulnak,
      egy kamera senkit sem menthet meg. A le'nyeges e's a mu'lando',
      a valo's e's a tudatalatti, a le'tezo" e's az ele'rhetetlen -
      ez mind a tie'd, ez mind az e'letedet alkotja, s ennek
      szinoni'ma'ja a ko:to"jel: egy vonal, amely ke't da'tumot el-
      va'laszt. A 20. sza'zad lenyomata la'thato' a filmen, mely
      elnyerte a Mediawave '93 nagydi'ja't.
23.10 VERS      (3')
      Rab Zsuzsa: Add meg
      Elmondja: Moo'r Marianna
1995. ju'l. 4. kedd
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televi'zio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'          (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 VA'LTO'     /ism./      (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
15.00 TOM E'S JERRY SHOW             (23')      
15.20 NYELVO"RZO"    /ism./     (30')
      Nyelvmu"velo" mu"sor
      Szerkeszto": Matula A'gnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andra's
15.50 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'             (51')
      XXVI/23.: A Csendes-o'cea'n
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      I'rta: David Wheeler. Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Peter Lang,
      Mike Fash, Frank Hodge. Rendezte: John Pett
      A te'rse'g u:tko:zeteinek ko:zo:s jellemzo"je a kisarki'tott kegyet-
      lense'g. A japa'n katona menta'lisan olyan ero"t ke'pviselt, olyan
      elsza'ntsa'got tanu'si'tott a hadszi'nte'ren, amely zavarba hozta
      az ellense'get. Gondoljunk a kamika'zerepu:lo"k a'ltal kiva'ltott
16.40 SZABO' NO'RA             (16')
      Rendezte: Sze'kely Orsolya
      A Vasarely Mu'zeum e's az Amerikai Magyar Koali'cio' rendeze'se'ben
      keru:lt sor Szabo' No'ra (USA) festo"mu"ve'sz kia'lli'ta'sa'ra.
17.00 HE'LE'NE E'S A FIU'K       (26')
      11. re'sz: A teszt
      Francia ifju'sa'gi te've'filmsorozat
      Rendezte: Jacques Samyn
17.30 Mese
                     A szu:lete'snapi torta         (8')
      GURUL AZ ALMA: A szarvasboga'r televi'zio'ja   (7')
      POPEYE: Mueller o"ru:lt szo:rnyetege           (5')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's        (5')
18.00 HI'RADO'                (15')
18.15 ABRAHAM LINCOLN   /1930./      (84')
      Amerikai film  (FF.)
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Stephen Vincent Benet. Zene: Hugo Riesenfeld
      Operato"r: Karl Strauss. Rendezte: David Wark Griffith
      Fo"szerepben: Walter Huston, Una merkel, Russell Simpson
      Az Amerikai Egyesu:lt A'llamok ne'pe soket ko:szo:nhet Lincolnnak,
      aki az 1800-as e'vek ko:zepe'n az U'nio' megmarada'sa'e'rt harcolt.
      A film az eseme'nyek felide'ze'se'n tu'l emberko:zeli portre't rajzol
      erro"l a fizikai e'rtelemben is nagyereju" emberro"l, akit gyil-
      kossa'g a'ra'n ta'voli'tottak el az elno:ki sze'kbo"l.
19.40 MESTERMU"VEK      (10')
      Modern Mu"ve'szetek Mu'zeuma, New York
      Andrew Wyeth: Christina
      Operato"r: Konrad Kotowski. Rendezte: Rainer E. Moritz
20.00 GAZDAKO:R         (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto": Papp Ferenc. Mu"sorvezeto": Dr. Gyo"rffy Sa'ndor
      Rendezte: To:rko:ly Ro'bert
      Cseresznyeszu:ret Magyarde'cse'n. - Van-e tova'bb erde'lyi piros-
      tarka? - A bethleni me'nes. - Ahol romlik a legelo", ott jo:n
      a bivaly. - Szo"lo"-bor-sa'rgapa'linka. Jegyzet az o"si magyar
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  --  A nap interju'ja     (13')
21.00 HI'RADO'        (15')
21.15 STIKLI     (1985. - ism. - 105')
      Amerikai ja'te'kfilm
      Joseph C. Stinson novella'ja'bo'l a forgato'ko:nyvet i'rta: Elmore
      Leonard. Zene: Barry de Vorzon, Joseph Conlan. Operato"r:
      Nick McLean. Rendezte: Burt Reynolds
      Szereplo"k: Burt Reynolds, Candice Bergen, George Segal,
      Charles Durning
      Stick ne'gy e'v bo:rto:n uta'n isme't nehe'zfiu'k ta'rsasa'ga'ba 
      keru:l. A banda'nak kokaincsempe'sze's a profilja. Ba'r Stick ideje-
      kora'n kisza'll az u:zletbo"l, bara'tja az e'lete'vel fizet. E's 
      Stick nem szokott ado's maradni...
22.55 SZI'NHA'ZI E'LET    /ism./      (30')
      Szi'nha'zi magazin
      Szerkeszto": Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Bala'zs        
23.25 VERS          (4')
      Csokonai Vite'z Miha'ly: Zsugori uram
      Elmondja: Vajda La'szlo'
1995. ju'l. 5. szerda
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televi'zio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'     (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 SZIPPANCSOK           (23')
      Jo-jo a segi'to"ke'sz
      Belga anima'cio's film
14.35 RGADOZO' NO:VE'NYEK  /1959./     (15')
      Ismeretterjeszto" film
      Operato"r: Vancsa Lajos. Rendezte: Kolla'nyi A'goston
14.50 DELFI E'S BARA'TAI      (25')
      52/9.: A vara'zs vira'g
      Spanyol rajzfilm sorozat
      Rendezte: Antonio D'Ocon
15.15 A ZENE ARCAI   /ism./        (50')
      Komolyzenei magazin
      Szerkeszto"-riporter: Fehe'r Aniko'. 
      Felelo"s szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Bartalus Ilona
      Rendezte: Vesazpre'mi Andra's
      1995. ma'jus 31. e's ju'nius 5. ko:zo:tt keru:lt megrendeze'sre a IV.
      Euro'pai Ifju'sa'gi Zenei Fesztiva'l Budapesten. To:bb mint ti'zezer 
      euro'pai fiatal demonstra'lta a muzsika segi'tse'ge'vel a huma'num
      ereje't az ero"szakkal szemben. Ennek a rendki'vu:li eseme'nynek
      szentelju:k ku:lo:nkiada'sunkat.
16.05 MAGYARLAPA'D          (53')
      IV/3.: Jelenle't
      Operato"r: Jankura Pe'ter. Rendezte: Sipos Istva'n      
17.05 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/19.     (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.10 THIS IS THE WAY    40/39.    (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tani't: Jilly Viktor
      Megismerju:k Downtown, Schooltown, Greenfield e's Churchtown 
17.30 Mese
      KISVAKOND: Kisvakond e's a zo:ld csillag       (7')
      MESE'K A NAGYVILA'GBO'L: A hitetlen fiu'         (5')
      BOB E'S BOBEK: A benzinku'tna'l                 (7')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's          (5')
18.00 HI'RADO'                  (15')
18.15 Radva'nyi Ge'za-sorozat
      EGY ASSZONY VISSZANE'Z  /1941./         (101')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm
      Zene: Fe'nyes Szabolcs. Operato"r: Makay A'rpa'd
      Rendezte: Radva'nyi Ge'za
      Szereplo"k: Ja'vor Pa'l, Tasna'dy-Fekete Ma'ria, Somlay Artu'r
      Sze'kely A'gnes, a ko:ru:lrajongott, u:nnepelt szi'ne'szno" pa'lya-
      futa'sa'nak, ha'zassa'ga'nak, szerelme'nek e's o:nfela'ldoza'sa'nak 
      15 e'vet a'tfogo' to:rte'nete. To:rte'nik Budapesten, Pa'rizsban e's
20.00 RE'GIO'K              (45')
      Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja
      Fo"szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
      Aktua'lis eseme'nyek, tudo'si'ta'sok, portre'k, dokumentumok 
      a hata'ron tu'lro'l.
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  --  A nap interju'ja   (13')
21.00 HI'RADO'          (15')
21.15 TUTAJOSOK   I-II.      (131')
      Magyar film
      Operato"r: Hala'sz Ga'bor. I'rta e's rendezte: Elek Judit
      Szereplo"k: Ga'spa'r Sa'ndor, Hete'nyi Pa'l, Franciszek Pieczka,
      Stohl Andra's, A'cs Ja'nos, Ero"ss Tama's, Berta Dominguez, Fodor
      Tama's, Koltai Ro'bert, Luka'ts Andor, Me'sza'ros Istva'n, Mucsi
      Zolta'n, Tarja'n Gyo:rgyi
      A film Solymosi Eszter titkok o:vezte vi'zbefu'la'sa e's a tisza-
      eszla'ri per nyomdoka'ba ered. Egy zsido' hegyi pa'sztor, Scharf
      Jo'zsef a koza'k pogrom elo"l meneku:l a Monarchia teru:lete're.
      Ruszin e's zsido' fava'go'k veszik gondoza'sba. Hersko' Da'vid
      fogadja be a csala'dja'ba, egyu:tt u:lik a hu'sve'tot. Mikor a fa-
      u'sztato'k szoka'sos e'vi u'tjukra ke'szu:lo"dnek a Tisza'n, egy 
      holttest bukkan fo:l a vizen. A nyomoza's sora'n Scharf fia't, 
      Mo'ricot betani'tja'k a zsido'k elleni hamis tanu'valloma'sra.
23.25 VERS       (4')
      Gergely A'gnes: Pannon e'g alatt
      Elmondja: Bodna'r Erika
1995. ju'l. 6. csu:to:rto:k
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televi'zio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g,  mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'         (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 EMLE'KKE'PEK - RE'GI HI'RADO'K   /ism./     (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
14.30 NE'PTA'NC        (5')
      Operato"r-rendezo": Halom Jo'zsef
15.00 A "re'gen" la'tott Ja'vor:
      LA'NGOK     /1940./       (90')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm   
      Rendezte: Kalma'r La'szlo'
      Fo"szereplo"k: Mezei Ma'ria, Ja'vor Pa'l, Makla'ry Zolta'n 
      Barbara, egy bankigazgato' felese'ge hegyvide'ki u:du:le'se sora'n
      ve'letlenu:l megismerkedik Ma'trai Pe'terrel, a vila'ghi'ru" zongora-
      mu"ve'sszel. Egyma'sba szeretnek, de az asszony, ba'r nem szere-
      lembo"l ment fe'rjhez, nem bi'rja elviselni a bu"no:s viszony fe-
      szu:ltse'ge't e's hazautazik csala'dja'hoz. Ma'trai azonban nem tud
      elszakadni to"le s uta'namegy, e'ppen akkor, amikor ma'r a fe'rj
      is gyanu't fog.   
16.05 E'LNIVA'GYO'K            (30')
      Szerkeszto": Kondor Ferencne'
      A ko:ztudatban keve'sse' ismert, hogy gyerekek is szenvedhetnek 
      ra'kos e's leuke'mia's megbetegede'sben. A gyo'gyula's lassu' e's 
      keserves, a sok szenvede's pro'ba'ra teszi a gyerekek tu:relme't. 
      Az orvosi kezele'sen tu'l nagyon fontos lelki a'llapotuk e's hitu:k 
      ero"si'te'se, hogy meg lehet gyo'gyulni. Bakonyszu"cso:n, a ple'ba'-
      nia e'pu:lete'ben rehabilita'cio's otthon mu"ko:dik sza'mukra, ahol 
      a kezele's alatt a'llo' gyerekek boldog heteket to:lthetnek el, gyo'-
      gyult ta'rsaikkal egyu:tt. ( A film a Va'rosi Televi'zio'k Orsza'gos 
      Fesztiva'lja'n elso" di'jat nyert 1993-ban.)
16.40 HUBERTUS              (20')
      Vada'szati magazin
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Cseko" Sa'ndor
17.00 HE'LE'NE E'S A FIU'K      (26')
      12. re'sz: A jogosi'tva'ny    
      Francia ifju'sa'gi te've'filmsorozat
      Rendezte: Jacques Samyn
17.30 Mese
      PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: A'prilis elseje    (25')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's          (5')
18.00 HI'RADO'                  (15')
18.15 KIPURCANT A BE'BICSO"SZ, ANYA'NAK EGY SZO'T SE!  /1991./   (101')
      Amerikai filmvi'gja'te'k
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Neil Landau e's Tara Ison. Zene: David Newman
      Operato"r: Tim Suhrstedt. Rendezte: Stephen Herek
      Szereplo"k: Christina Applegate, Joanna Cassidy, John Getz, Keith
      Coogan, Josh Charles
      Kiapadhatatlan gegek forra'sa, mikor maga'ra marad o:t ku:lo:nbo:zo"  
      koru' gyermek a szu:nido"ben. A mama'nak is ja'r egy kis kikapcso-
      lo'da's Ausztra'lia'ban, a be'bicso"sz pedig sajnos elhala'lozik u't-
      ko:zben. A fo"szerep a nagyla'nye' lesz, aki mindent kipro'ba'l, hogy
      felu:gyelje e's eltartsa a csala'dot.                           
20.00 VA'LTO'          (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga. Rendezte: Nagy Katalin
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  -- A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HI'RADO'           (15')
21.15 NAGY KATALIN CA'RNO"  /1934./     (89')
      Angol to:rte'nelmi filmkome'dia  (ff.)
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Bi'ro' Lajos, Arthur Wimperis, Melchior Lengyel
      Zene: Muir Mathieson. Operato"r: Georges Perinal, Robert Lapresle
      Rendezte: Paul Czinner
      Szereplo"k: Elisabeth Bergner, Douglas Fairbanks, Gerald du 
      Maurier, Flora Robson
      Oroszorsza'g, 1745. Pe'ter nagyherceg e'li nagyvila'gi e'lete't, a
      vada'szlak mulatsa'gok e's titkos tala'lkahelyek helyszi'ne. Pe'ter
      nagyne'nje, Erzse'bet elhata'rozza, hogy felese'get hozat a herceg
      sza'ma'ra Ausztria'bo'l. Az ifju' ara't Katalinnak nevezik el.
      Erzse'bet e's kora erko:lcse szerint a fe'rfin uralkodni kell,
      csak a szerelem ne'lku:li ha'zassa'g erko:lcso:s.
22.45 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'     /ism./    (51')
      XXVI/23.: A Csendes-o'cea'n  
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      I'rta: David Wheeler.  Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Mike Fash, 
      Frank Hodge, Peter Lang. Rendezte: John Pett   
23.35 VERS        (2')
      Petri Gyo:rgy: Nagy Imre'ne'  
      Elmondja: Vallai Pe'ter   
1995. ju'l. 7. pe'ntek
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televi'zio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'        (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 RE'GIO'K       /ism./      (45')
      Tudo'si'to'k stu'dio'ja
      Fo"szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
15.00 Olvaso'naplo'
      A BESZE'LO" KO:NTO:S    /1941./          (89')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm    (FF.)
      Miksza'th Ka'lma'n rege'nye'bo"l i'rta: Asztalos Miklo's, No'ti 
      Ka'roly. Rendezte: Radva'nyi Ge'za
      Szereplo"k: Ja'vor Pa'l, Tasna'dy-Fekete Ma'ria, Csortos Gyula, Kiss 
      Kecskeme't va'ros fo"bi'ra'ja egy sze'p "vira'gsza'le'rt" csere'be 
      aja'nde'kot kap a szulta'nto'l. Akkor me'g nem is sejti, hogy a 
      ko:nto:s mekkora kincset e'r. Viselo"je elo"tt minden igazhitu" 
      porba omlik e's minden parancsa't teljesi'ti. (Ez az elso" magyar 
      film, melyben egyes jelentek szi'nesben la'thato'k.)
16.20 ASZTALTA'RSASA'G    /ism./    (45')
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Temesi Ferenc. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      Vende'gek: Do:brentei Korne'l ko:lto", Lacza Ma'rta ke'pzo"mu"ve'sz,
      Nagy Ga'spa'r ko:lto", Simonffy Andra's i'ro'
      Ko:zremu"ko:dik: Ga'spa'r Imola
17.05 MUZZY COMES BACK    XX/19.   /ism./     (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.10 THIS IS THE WAY     40/39.  /ism./     (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tani't: Jilly Viktor
17.30 Mese
      EGYSZER VOLT, HOL NEM VOLT: A rest macska      (8')
      SZUTYI, A KIS KE'ME'NYSEPRO": Ja'te'kos repu:lo"      (7')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's     (5')
18.00 HI'RADO'              (15')
18.15 LA'NGOLO' MEZO"K    VI/4.     (52')
      Ausztra'l filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Miranda Downes
      Zene: Mark Moffat, Wayne Goodwin. Operato"r: Ross Berryman
      I'rta e's rendezte: Robert Marchand
      Fo"szerepben: Todd Boyce, Melissa Docker, Kris McQuade, Peter 
      Franco e's Kate ha'zassa'ga egyre elviselhetetlenebbe' va'lik mind- 
      ketto"ju:k sza'ma'ra, ba'r anyagi gondjaik egya'ltala'n nincsenek.
      Amikor Paolo unokatestve're, Gina mege'rkezik Olaszorsza'gbo'l,    
      u'j helyzet a'll elo" e's ezt mindke't no" e'rzi. Tynie ha'zassa'gon   
      to:ri a feje't, egyedu:l Jaco marad a re'gi csapatbo'l, aki csak 
      az u:zlettel foglalkozik. Bluey, Dusty e's Elsie ku:lfo:ldo:n tar-
      to'zkodik, csak a beko:vetkezo" hala'lhi'rre e'rkeznek haza, hogy
      megadja'k a ve'gtisztesse'get a trage'dia a'ldozata'nak.
20.00 KO:ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN          (45')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S   --  A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HI'RADO'           (15')
21.15 UTOLSO' NYA'R TANGERBEN  /1986./      (119')
      Francia bu"nu:gyi film
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Alain Le Henry, Tito Topin, Alexandre Arcady
      Zene: Serge Franklin. Operato"r: Robert Alazraki
      Rendezte: Alexandre Arcady
      Szereplo"k: Thierry Lhermitte, Valiria Golino, Roger Hanin,
      Vincent Lindon, Jacques Villeret, Anna Karinaanger
      1956-ban Tanger me'g francia kiko:to", ahol vira'gzik a feketepiac,
      de a va'ros statuszva'ltoza'sa a levego"ben lo'g, s ez e'rze'kenyen
      e'rinti a helyi francia kolo'nia't. Egy titokzatos no", Carla 
      e'rkezik a va'rosba, hogy kideri'tse e'desapja meggyilkola'sa'nak
      ko:ru:lme'nyeit, 20 e'v ta'vola'bo'l. 
23.10 "E'S MINDIG CSAK KE'PEKET"     II. re'sz.    (30')
      Az Euro'pa Kiado' koncertje
      Operato"r: Gazsi Zolta'n, Klo:pfler Tibor. 
      Rendezte: Menyha'rt Jeno"
23.40 VERS          (3')
      Gyurkovics Tibor: Orsza'g
      Elmondja: Gyurkovics Tibor
1995. ju'l. 8. szombat
08.00 Hi'rek, mu"sorismertete's     (5')
08.05 HUBERTUS   /ism./          (20')
      Vada'szati magazin
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Cseko" Sa'ndor
08.25 OTTHON       /ism./        (30')
      Csala'di magazin
      Operato"r: Czabarka Pe'ter. Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Juha'sz Judit
      Rendezte: Pa'sztory Ja'nos
      A zene mindenkie'? Kamaszok tervei - a vaka'cio' vesze'lyei. A szi'v-
      infarktus nem fa'tum. Csendes csoda'k - egy versmondo' ba'baasszony
      valloma'sa. Go'lya, go'lya gilice... mada'rlesen a hata'rban.
08.55 KOBOLD KO'PE'K: Az unikornis szarva      (23')
09.15 NYELVE'DESANYA'NK                        (30')
      Egy kis se'ta
      Nyelvmu"velo" mu"sor
      Szerkeszto": Matula A'gnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andra's            
09.45 MUZZY COMES BACK     XX/19.   /ism./     (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
09.50 THIS IS THE WAY      40/39.   /ism./     (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tani't: Jilly Viktor
      VIII/8.: Alapi'to'kro'l
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Szerkeszto": Papp Ferenc. Operato"r: Rozsnyai Alada'r, Sza'sz 
      Ko:zemu"ko:dnek: dr. La'szlo' Gyula, dr. Horva'th Istva'n re'ge'szek 
      e's dr. Du:nmerth Dezso" to:rte'ne'sz
10.25 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo'                  (78')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta. Rendezte: Sza'sz Ja'nos
      A mai alkalommal egy rendhagyo' operaelo"ada'sba pillanthatunk bele.
      Fiatal e'nekesek mutatja'k be Rossini Hamupipo"ke'je't, me'ghozza' az
      Operaha'z le'pcso"je'n.
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's     (5')
12.05 MUZSIKA'L A MOZI      (28')
      O:sszea'lli'ta's re'gi magyar mulato's filmekbo"l
      Forgato'ko:nyvi'ro'-szerkeszto": Nemlaha Gyo:rgy
      Mu"sorvezeto": Ga'lvo:lgyi Ja'nos. Operato"r: Ba'nhegyi Istva'n
      Rendezte: Szemes Katalin
      Szereplo"k: Ajtay Andor, Beneva Dorita, Bajbuka't Ilona, Ja'vor
      Pa'l, Kara'dy Katalin, Go'zon Gyula, Go:rbe Ja'nos, Pethes Sa'ndor,
      Rajnay Ga'bor, Ro'zsahegyi Ka'lma'n, Sa'rdy Ja'nos, Serrano Rosita,
      Szilassy La'szlo', Tolnay Kla'ri
12.30 FEDEZZU:K FEL A VILA'G CSODA'IT!       (30')
      Le'ghajo'val az Alpokon a't
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" film
      Ku:lo:nleges hobbynak rendeznek fesztiva'lt e'venke'nt az ausztriai
      Mu:rrenben. Ne'ha'ny elhivatott fe'rfi ho"le'gballonon a'tkel az 
      Alpokon E'szak-Olaszorsza'gba. A japa'n forgato'csoport most elki'-
      se'rte o"ket  erre a kalandos u'tra.
13.00 KO:ZE'P-EURO'PAI MAGAZIN    /ism./     (45')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
13.45 A'LMOK KA'RPA'TALJA'RO'L                 (12')
      Szirko csala'd
      Forgato'ko:nyvi'ro': Mag Istva'n, Szo"ke Andra's
      Operato"r: Pa'los Gyo:rgy. Szerkeszto"-riporter: Szoha'r Ferenc
      Rendezte: Szo"ke Andra's
      A Ka'rpa'talja'ro'l sza'rmazo' orvosha'zaspa'r ke't ku:lo:nbo:zo" 
      vide'ki ko'rha'zban dolgozik, gyermekeiket a felese'g neveli. U'gy 
      la'tszik, ve'gke'pp letelepedtek E'sztorsza'gban, noha minden sza'l 
      szu:lo"fo:ldju:kho:z, Ka'rpa'talja'hoz ko:ti o"ket.
14.00 LAPOZO'      (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hi'rek
14.15 LA'NGOK   (1940. - ism. - 90')
      Magyar ja'te'kfilm
      Rendezte: Kalma'r La'szlo'
      Fo"szereplo"k: Mezei Ma'ria, Ja'vor Pa'l, Makla'ry Zolta'n
15.45 KEDVES    /ism./         (45')
      Szo'rakoztato' magazin -- no"kro"l no"knek
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Barko' Judir, Kalocsai Andrea
      Rendezte: Bozsogi Ja'nos
16.30 ETNO FESZTIVA'L '94        (8')
      Spondo - Franciaorsza'g
      Rendezte: Nagy Katalin      
16.40 VA'RATLAN UTAZA'S    (51')
      XlII/12.: A jo' boszorka'ny
      Kanadai ifju'sa'gi filmsorozat
      Lucy Maud Montgomery rege'nye'bo"l i'rta: Heather Conkie
      Zene: John Welsman, Don Gillis. Operato"r: Manfred Guthe
      Rendezte: Paul Shapiro
      Szereplo"k: Sarah Polley, Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna,
      Mag Ruffman, Jackie Burroughs, Cedric Smith
      A helyesi'ra'si verseny do:nto"je're ke'szu:lnek a gyerekek, mely a   
      va'rosha'za di'szterme'ben lesz. A legeredme'nyesebb Endrew, de
      Felicity akar elso" lenni. Hazafele' menet tala'lkoznak Pag Boennal,
      a boszorka'nnyal, akit Felicity anyja kizavart a telku:kro"l,
      ahol magokat gyu"jto:tt. Fe'lixnek nem megy a helyesi'ra's, eze'rt
      Pag Boanhez fordul segi'tse'ge'ert, aki egy vara'zsko:vet ad neki.
17.30 Mese
      TOM E'S JERRY SHOW      (23')
18.00 HI'RADO'     (15')
18.15 BALKEZES BANKRABLO'  /1988./     (86')
      Ne'met film
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Detlef Michell. Operato"r: Fritz Seemann
      Rendezte: Peter Timm
      Willi, akit me'g apja is semmirekello" alaknak tart, elhata'rozza,
      hogy kirabol egy bankot, me'ghozza' e'ppen azt, amelyben a csala'di
      bete'teket is o"rzik. A gondos elo"ke'szu:let meghozza gyu:mo:lcse't, 
      csakhogy Willi egy dologro'l megfeledkezett: mi lesz ezuta'n?
19.40 JOHN LEE HOOKER E'S BARA'TAI       (40')
      Angol koncertfilm
      Operato"r: Tom Adza, Hank Gevindos, David Neugegauer, Rob Palmer
      Rendezte: Janet Fraser Crook
      Bara'tja, Robert Cray azt mondta Hookerro"l egy alkalommal:
      "Mindenkinek megvan a maga zenei alkata. E's John olyan egyedu:l-
      a'llo' egye'nise'g. Sokan megpro'ba'lta'k ma'r uta'nozni o"t, de 
      senki nem tudta ugyanu'gy csina'lni. Belo"le csak egy van." 
      Ismeretterjeszto" film
      Operato"r-rendezo": Lakatos Iva'n
      Mednya'nszky La'szlo' festo"mu"ve'sz e'lete't, mu"ve'szete't mutatja 
      be a film a festo" naplo'ja alapja'n.
21.00 HI'RADO'         (15')
21.15 KE'T MAGYAR NOBEL-DI'JAS     (40')
      II/2.: Harsa'nyi Ja'nos
      Operato"r: Benyo' Miha'ly. 
      Szerkeszto"-riporter-rendezo": Gaa'l Pe'ter
      Az elmu'lt e'vben nem teljes informa'cio'ju' ja'te'kok elme'lete'nek   
      tova'bbfejleszte'se'e'rt kapott ko:zgazdasa'gi Nobel-di'jat Harsa'nyi
      Ja'nos professzor. Sza'zadunk tala'n utolso' polihisztora't ismerheti
      meg a ne'zo", hiszen a nemzetko:zi hi'ru" tudo's 1942-ben gyo'gysze-
      re'szke'nt szerzett diploma't, majd a ha'boru' uta'n filozo'fiai,
      pszicholo'giai e's szociolo'giai tanulma'nyokat folytatott. 1947-
      ben a filozo'fiai tudoma'nyok doktora lett. Portre'filmu:nkben
      Harsa'nyi professzor mese'l magyarorsza'gi tanulma'nyairo'l, kiva'n-
      dorla'sa'ro'l, a folytonos tanula's eredme'nye'ro"l e's hitvalla'-
      sa'ro'l, miszerint az etikus viselkede's gazdasa'gilag is megte'ru:l
      orsza'gon ele'rt eredme'nyeinek ko:szo:nheto"en jut elismere'shez.
21.55 EGY FE'RFI KO:NNYEI   II/1.   (80')
      Angol film
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Stan Barstow. Zene: Richard Hartley
      Operato"r: Fred Tammes. Rendezte: Michael Whyte
      Gray Mason nem e'lt e'ppen boldog ha'zassa'gban. Felese'ge nehezen 
      tu"rte, hogy szereto"t tart, s eze'rt o:rdo:gi tervet eszelt ki, 
      hog megtarthassa saja't anyagi biztonsa'ga't. A'm sza'mi'ta'sa nem 
      va'lt be, a fe'rje bo"ro:ndbe rakta a legfontosabb szeme'lyes holmi-
      ja't e's fia'val nekiva'gott az orsza'gnak. 
23.45 VERS       (2')
      Radno'ti Miklo's: Sem emle'k, sem vara'zslat
      Elmondja: Sinko' La'szlo' 
1995. ju'l. 9. vasa'rnap
08.00 Hi'rek, mu"sorismertete's    (5')
08.05 Valla'si mu"sor
      FALAK A SZI'V KO:RU:L       (30')
      X/4.: A la'zada's    
      Holland e'letvezete'si sorozat
      Ko:zremu"ko:dik: Dr. Bruce Thomson
      E'letu:nk minden mozzanata a szeretet ada'sa'nak e's elfogada'sa'nak
      jegye'ben to:rte'nik. A mai ta'rsadalmak to:bbnyire a teljesi'tme'ny     
      me'rte'ke szerint jutalmazza'k vagy i'te'lik el az embert mint a
      ta'rsas kapcsolatok alanya't. Aki olyan csala'dban no"tt fel, ahol
      hia'nyzott a ko:lcso:no:s szeretetre valo' to:rekve's, ke'so"bbi 
      e'lete sora'n maga is egyre nehezebben tudja e'lete konfliktusait 
      poziti'v mo'don feldolgozni. Kiu'tke'nt la'tszo'lag egyetlen megol-
      da's ki'na'lkozik: a la'zada's.
08.30 U:NNEP TOROCKO'N      (25')
      Szerkeszto": Kira'lyhegyi Ottilia. Operato"r: Sebo"k Pe'ter
      Torocko' lako'i unita'riusok. A konfirma'cio' mindig nagy u:nnep a
      falu e'lete'ben. Ilyenkor o:sszegyu"lnek a ta'volba szakadt csala'd-
      tagok, hogy egyu:tt u:nnepeljenek.
08.55 NE'PZENE        (10')
      Kalotaszegi ta'ncok
      Muzsika's egyu:ttes e's O:kro:s Csaba
      Zenei rendezo": Halmos Be'la. Rendezte: Szomjas Gyo:rgy
09.05 POPEYE         (22')
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat  
09.30 KIMBA, A FEHE'R OROSZLA'N       (23')
      52/16.: A rejte'lyes bo"ro:nd
      Kanadai-japa'n rajzfilmsorozat
      Rendezte: John Rust      
09.30 A VADON PEREME'N    VI/43.     (25')
      Angol ifju'sa'gi te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko:nyvi'ro': John Coomber, Martin Riley. Zene: Alan Evans
      Operato"r: Steve Martland. Rendezte: Julian Jarrold
      Szereplo"k: Carry Cooper, Charmian Gradwett, Hilary Meclean
      Ami'g a kisebbek a kincsvada'szattal vannak elfoglalva, a nagyok-
      nak is "anyagi" gondjai ta'madnak.       
10.20 MAGYAR NE'PMESE'K     (11')
      Az e'gig e'ro" fa           
10.30 VISEGRA'DI PALOTAJA'TE'KOK       (90')
      Lovagi torna
      1995-ben megrendeze'sre keru:lo" Nemzetko:zi Palotaja'te'kok az 
      1335-o:s Visegra'di Kongresszust eleveni'ti fel. Erre a maga ko'ra'-
      ban euro'pai jelento"se'gu" eseme'nyre emle'kezu:nk a 660. e'vfordulo' 
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's   (5')
12.05 AMEDDIG A HARANG SZO'L             (11')
      Rinya-parti emle'kek - Babo'csa 
      Rendezte: Erde'lyi Ja'nos, Zsigmond Dezso"
12.15 ERDE'LYORSZA'G SOK SZE'P VIZE...   II/2.    (22')
      A Te'ka egyu:ttes mu"sora
      Szerkeszto": Kelemen Magda. Rendezte: Cziga'ny Zolta'n 
12.35 KAPCSOK            (55')
      Ismeretterjeszto" magazin 
      Szerkeszto": Lengyel Gyula. Rendezte: Orba'n A'gnes
13.30 AZ OROSZ VADON         (27')
      A fehe'r teve
      Orosz-finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat
      Operato"r: Leonid Novikov, Michail Ultarov
      Rendezte: Youri M. Klimov
      A fehe'r teve ritka jo'sza'g, o" a puputeve'k kira'lya. A ko:ze'p-
      a'zsiai Go'bi sivatagban e'l, ez az egyetlen hely a vila'gon,
      ahol tala'lhatunk me'g vadteve't. Alig ne'ha'ny sza'zan maradtak,
      eze'rt ritka e'rte'ku"ek a most la'thato' felve'telek.
13.55 VUK   IV/3.         (18')
      Magyar rajzfilmsorozat
      Fekete Istva'n rege'nye alapja'n i'rta: Dargay Attila, Imre 
      Istva'n, Tarbay Ede. Zene: Wolf Pe'ter. Operato"r: Henrik Ire'n
      Rendezte: Dargay Attila
      Vuk megno"tt, s Karak legnagyobb o:ro:me're u:gyes, ba'tor kisro'-
      ka'va' fejlo"do:tt. Okossa'ga't akkor bizonyi'tja be, amikor a 
      ro'kala'nyt kiszabadi'tja'k a vada'sz fogsa'ga'bo'l.
14.15 AZOK A CSODA'LATOS A'LLATOK             (15')
      A ne'ne' e's a ho'bagoly 
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Szerkeszto": Palugyai Istva'n. Rendezte: De've'nyi La'szlo'
14.20 A SZAHARA TITKA   VII/3.   /ism./            (53')
      Olasz-francia-ne'met kalandfilmsorozat
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Nicola Badalucco, Sergio Donati, Alberto Negrin
      Zene: Ennio Morricone. Operato"r: Danie'le Nannuzzi
      Rendezte: AIberto Negrin
      Fo"szereplo": Michael York, Ben Kingsley, Andie MacDowell,
      Mathilda May
15.20 EGY REJTO"ZKO:DO" HA'Z TO:RTE'NETE      (40')
      Operato"r: Kurucz Sa'ndor. Szerkeszto": Ugrin Aranka
      Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      A Jo'zsefva'rosban - elhanyagolt ha'zak ko:zo:tt - az egyik udvarban
      megbu'jik egy mu"teremha'z, amely sza'zadunk kiemelkedo" ke'pzo"-
      mu"ve'szeinek biztosi'tott leheto"se'get az alkota'sra. A ha'z mai
      lako'ja, M. Szu"cs Ilona festo"mu"ve'sz Fra'ter Zolta'nnal besze'l-
      getve emle'kezik a ha'z e'lete're.
16.00 AZ ISZLA'M TO:RTE'NETE       (25')
      IV/2.: Az iszla'm vira'gkora
      Angol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Operato"r: Nigel Reed e's Nicholas Struthers
      I'rta e's rendezte: John Dooley
      A VII.-VIII. sza'zadra teheto" az iszla'm valla's fe'nykora. A teru:-
      leti gyarapi'ta'sok, a ho'di'ta'sokkal megszerzett u'j orsza'gok e's 
      ne'peik gazdagi'totta'k a mohameda'n kultu'ra't e's vila'gbirodalmat,
      amely  kello"en tolera'ns e's integrati'v volt, s igyekezett minden 
      o:ro:kse'get feldolgozni a Kora'n sza'ma'ra.
16.25 POSTABONTA'S -- LEVE'LVA'LTA'S       (15')
      Szerkeszto": To:ro:k Erzse'bet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Ka'lma'n
16.40 EMLE'KKE'PEK -- RE'GI HI'RADO'K       (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
16.55 TA'NCHA'Z                          (30')
      Ne'pzenei magazin
      Szerkeszto": Rosta Katalin. Zenei rendezo": Halmos Be'la
      Rendezte: Szomjas Gyo:rgy
17.25 Mu"sorismertete's                 (5')
17.30 Mese
      SZIPPANCSOK: Nem minden arany, ami fe'nylik     (24')
18.00 HETI HI'RMONDO'                   (60')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Csa'ky Zolta'n
19.00 KOLUMBUSZ KRISTO'F    VI/5.      (55')
      Olasz-francia-ne'met filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Laurence Heath. Zene: Riz Ortolani
      Operato"r: Franco Di Giacomo. Rendezte: A lberto Lattuada
      Szereplo"k: Gabriel Byrne, Rossano Brazzi, Oliver Reed, Raf 
      Vallone, Max von Sydow, Faye Dunaway
      Kolumbusz e's lege'nyse'ge hazafele' puszti'to' viharba keru:l, i'gy
      ke'nytelen elo"szo:r Portuga'lia'ban kiko:tni, s Ja'nos kira'ly 
      elo"tt tisztelete't tenni. A kira'ly felvila'gosi'tja Kolumbuszt az 
      1480-ban ala'i'rt portuga'l-spanyol egyezme'nyro"l, mely Portuga'lia
      privile'giuma't hangsu'lyozza az u'jonnan felfedezett teru:letekro"l.
      A spanyol kira'lyi pa'r nagy diadallal fogadja Kolumbuszt, aki
      Isten kegyelme'bo"l Spanyolorsza'got, s eza'ltal az ege'sz keresz-
      te'nyse'get hatalmassa' e's gazdagga' tette. Kolumbusz nem soka'ig
      marad otthon szeretteival, szeptember 25-e'n a vila'gto:rte'nelem  
      legambicio'zusabb felfedezo" expedicio'ja'ra indul, 17 hajo' e's 
      1200 fo" ki'se'rete'ben.
19.55 12 OLASZ VA'ROS - 12 OLASZ FILMRENDEZO"      (7')
      Genova, ahogy Alberto Lattuada la'tja
      Olasz film
      Zene: Piero Piccioni. Operato"r: Lamberto Caimi
      Dokumentumfilm az erde'lyi arisztokra'cia sze'tszo'rattata'sa'ro'l
      VIII/1.: Villa Bonchyda'to'l Bontida'ig
      Operato"r: Lajos Tama's. Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Cziga'ny Zolta'n
      A sorozat elso" re'sze a bonchidai Ba'nffy-kaste'ly to:rte'nete't,
      valamint utolso' gazda'ja, Ba'nffy Miklo's gro'f irodalmi, ke'p-
      zo"mu"ve'szeti, a'llamfe'rfiu'i munka'ssa'ga't mutatja be.
20.50 EGY FE'RFI KO:NNYEI   II/2.   (80')
      Angol film
      Forgato'ko:nyv: Stan Barstow. Zene: Richard Hartley
      Operato"r: Fred Tammes. Rendezte: Michael Whyte
      Gray Mason e's fia egy auto'szerelo"ne'l tala'lt munka't, menede'ket,
      s a tulajdonos hala'la uta'n felese'gu:l vette az o:zvegyet, Hilda't,
      pedig valo'ja'ban annak hu'ga'ba volt szerelmes.
      Kanadai film
      Rendezte: Jean-Jacques Sheitoyan
      Ko:zremu"ko:dik: Pat Metheny - gita'r, Garry Thomas - szaxofon,
      fuvola, Greg Osby - szaxofon, Lonnie Plaxico - bo"go", Mick Goodrick
      - gita'r, Nana Vasconcelos - u:to"hangszerek, Jack Delohnette - dob
23.10 VERS        (2')
      Ve'szi Endre: Az o"rtorony
      Elmondja: Keres Emil

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___MAGYAR ELEKTRONIKUS TOZSDE____________________________HU-ISSN_1216-0229

Dear Sir,
We organize an international

                      to  BUDAPEST, HUNGARY
                      on  November 9-10-11 ,1995


Papers are invited on all subjects mentioned. Please submit ASCII text and
image (uuencode) [written in English] 5.000 words containing a
65 character/line a brief abstract (at max. 5 lines long)

subject: papers

Lecture Authors will be notified about the acceptance of  papers by August
20, 1995. The conference proceedings are intended to be
published on flopy disc.

CONFERENCE LANGUAGE:  English (translation into Hungarian)

Csaba S. Orczan [chair]
Zsolt Orczan Dr [co-chair)   

Welcome Cocktail                                     November 9,  1995
Excursion , Theatre,  Opera...

To participate in the conference please fill in and e-mail the attached
Registration Form to the  at your earliest
convenience.  Please note that for early registration a reduced fee is
applicable.  You will receive the confirmation of your participation and
the detailed program in due time.

Early Registration until August 20, 1995
                          before August 20,            after
                              299 USD                 350 USD
are welcome and may attend the welcome cocktail, the Conference reception
and the lunches on the conference days
at a fee of: 120 USD

Participants are kindly requested to transfer the fees to the following:


or POSTA BANK Budapest H-1920 account number: 131-121844 ORCZAN Zsolt

Please note that in case of cancellation only a 50 % of the
paid fee will be refunded.


MET Budapest Pf.311 Hungary H-1536

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Family Name:...              ... male/female
First Name(s):...
I intend to submit a paper  ... yes/no
Title /area of paper:...
Technical equipment required:...

I pay the fee MoneyGram ... yes/no or  Bank account ...yes/no
transaction date:...    and number......

I register ...  accompanying persons.
Please send me information about available accomodations ... yes/no
I need a hotel room ... single/double
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Date from ...... to ......

Please inform me about  Excursion, Theatre, or Opera... yes/no

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                    About BUDAPEST

In 1835, an English peer by the name of John Paget got his
first look of Buda and Pest from the crest of Gellert Hill. Of
what he saw there he wrote as follows: "Buda with its blue
chain of hills, Pest with its yellow plain, and the majestic
Danube with its green isles were all sprawled out at our
feet... and we sat for some time, enthralled by all that
beauty... One hundred and fifty years have passed since the
ousting of the Turk, and in this space of time, the city has
risen from squalid ruins to become one of the great cities of
Europe. Pest owes its progress not to the good will of a
benevolent ruler, but to its natural endowments and the en-
ergy of its people... It lies on the banks of a river that
traverses half of Europe, and may expand unbounded in
every direction. All this leads one to anticipate a splendid
future for Pest-Buda."

 It is interesting to compare Paget's description with the
observation made by the geographer Kohl from Bremen just
seven years later. The order-loving German appraised the
city with satisfaction: "Pest was conceived in an orderly
manner, the city plan was elaborated with proper circum-
spection. The main thoroughfares leading in every direction
from the centre of the town are broad and straight." The
haphazardness of Buda, however, was less to his liking.
"There is no sign of planning. The streets are neither cen-
tralized nor straight; consequently, the town has no core,
and in its network of streets, one will find nothing that re-
sembles order. The reason for this is the unfavourable soil
and the fact that the roads are cut off by hills, preventing the
population from building their houses in a rational manner."
 Whether we think of the past or the present, the descrip-
tion is faithful. Whether to its advantage or otherwise, Pest
is comparable to other big cities lying on the plain. But Buda
is unique, like Stockholm, Istanbul, or Rio, and this is due
precisely to its "disorderliness". Pest may expand without
constraint, but Buda is bound by the surrounding hill coun-
try. In the course of its development, Pest has smothered
and devoured its environment, as most big cities do. But
even today, Buda is inseparable from it, despite the fact that
the "peaceful coexistence" between man and nature is being
increasingly threatened. More and more houses are appear-
ing on the formerly sparsely populated hillsides, and the ten-
tacles of urbanization feel their way not only upward: they
bore their way into the remotest hollows of the valleys.
Small plots of land are being congested by large houses, and
even sometimes entire neighbourhoods; the gardens are
shrinking, the woods receding into the distance. New roads
are being built, public utilities, service accommodations es-
 Nevertheless, Buda continued to be characterized not so
much by its wreath of hills as by the fragmentedness of its
inner area. It has no rational geometrical scheme. The inner
city hills - Rozsadomb, Naphegy, Varhegy (Castle Hill),
Gellert-hegy and Sashegy, - which boast perhaps the
world's only big city nature conservation area, divide the
body of the town into sections, thus giving the whole a diver-
sified, exciting aspect. The old sixteenth-century Italian say-
ing according to which the world has three gems: Venice on
the water, Florence on the plain, and Buda on the hill, in all
probability still holds true, and so does the ironic saying of
Hungarian architects, according to which the natural en-
dowments of Buda are so beautiful that even they, the ar-
chitects. can't wipe them out completely.

Please reply as soon as possible!
Yours  sincerely,
Dr. ORCZAN, Zsolt & ORCZAN Csaba

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