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+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 16 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RFE/RL Daily Report
	No. 237, 16 December 1994

statement issued on 15 December, Hungary's four opposition parties
protested the government's decision to reduce by half over the
next four years the country's 7,800-kilometer rail network in
order to save 6.4 billion forint, MTI reported. The opposition
parties said the cuts would have adverse effects on the
development of small localities and on the environment. They
called for the creation of a special committee to review all
problems facing the railroads. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

Jozsef Antall's government were marked by a political consensus in
foreign policy, there have been repeated domestic political
debates over foreign policy-making since before the 1994
elections, former State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Janos
Martonyi told a 15 December seminar on foreign policy. According
to Martonyi, this development is fraught with potential dangers.
He called for the preservation of the consensus for the next four
to five years, which, he said, were very crucial for Hungary. --
Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

HUNGARIAN INFLATION RATE. Hungary's consumer price index rose by
1.9 percent in November compared with the previous month and by 21
percent compared with November 1993, the Central Statistical
Office told MTI on 16 December. In November, an urban family of
two adults and two children needed a minimum of 57,300 forint a
month to make ends meet--1,000 forint more than a month earlier.
-- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

Association of Hungarian and Romanian Intellectuals, set up in
June in Debrecen to develop good-neighborly relations between the
two countries, met on 14 and 15 December at the town's medical
university, MTI announced. Some 40 physicians from Hungary and
five large Transylvanian cities discussed ways to enhance
bilateral cooperation in the fields of science, education, and the
arts. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

[As of 1200 CET] 

(Compiled by Jan Cleave and Pete Baumgartner)
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (dec (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
553/1994.                                       Budapest, December 15, 1994

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Magyar Nemzet - The National
Association of Large Families (NALF) sent an open letter to the government
and Parliament to protest against a recent change to the income tax law,
which is disadvantageous for families with children. According to NALF
president Agota Benko, the elimination of former tax allowances means that
the tax burdens of a family on the minimum subsistence level with two
children will be seven times higher than of those having no children. NALF
presses for a family allowance rise of HUF 1,000 to 1,500. (page 6)

        - Nepszabadsag - Concerning the rapid growth of homicides in
Hungary, it would be unfortunate if criminal prosecutions were less severe
in the future, Janos Fabian, deputy of the Supreme Prosecutor, told the
paper. It is of prime importance to implement efficient measures in crime
prevention, he stressed. (page 1)

         - Nepszabadsag - The rail strike that began on Monday evening and
was called off on Tuesday afternoon as a result of successful negotiations,
has shown the strength of railway workers, said Imre Markus, president of
the Rail Unions. The wage problems at the Hungarian Railways Rt, however,
can be only settled in the medium run by fully re-structuring and
modernizing the company, said Kalman Kovacs, parliamentary state
secretary at the Ministry of Transport, Telecommunications, and Water
Management. (page 5)

* * *

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Nepszava - Nowadays, with some
exaggeration, guns go off almost as easily in Budapest as in the infamous
U.S. "gangster capital" Chicago of the twenties. Russian and Ukrainian
gangs are trying to control shares of the underground markets, ready to
fight or carry out massacres for the purpose, police Lieutenant-Colonel
Erno Toth, head of the

        Street changing of convertible currency, prostitution, and illegal
gambling are flourishing businesses. A sizable portion of profits from
street money-changing in Hungary, worth an annual DM 4 to 4.5 million,
comes from the trafficking of counterfeit money.
        Reselling stolen cars is the largest business. According to police
estimates, there are 80-85 organized groups for this in Hungary, which have
close contacts with Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Serb
gangs, says the Nepszava article.

Prime Minister Horn Holds Press Conference in Paris

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Hungary asked France, the upcoming
chair for the European Union from January next year, to put on the agenda
the start of negotiations to be conducted with the EU relatively soon, before
the start of the 1996 reform conference. In turn, President Francois
Mitterrand responded to that extremely constructively at a meeting Tuesday
evening, signaling he would welcome holding yet another round expected
to tackle this topic, sometime in February, Hungarian PM Gyula Horn told
reporters today.

        This French readiness is a great step forward for Hungary joining the
EU, and it is a new development in any case, Horn added at the press
conference, ending a working visit to Paris.

        He denied that an imbalance developed in Hungary's foreign
relations. He said Hungarian-German relations were particularly good, but
not to the detriment of French-Hungarian or other relations, and lately, - as
has proven by repeated visits - closeness of links between France and
Hungary has not reduced.

        In addition, the French-German link and its strengthening is a key
condition to cooperation and stability in Europe: it follows that neither
Germany nor France will take any single action on affairs of such import
such as joining the European Union.

        Thus it is in Hungary's vested interest to see France support our
domestic and external policy goals, Prime Minister Horn pointed out, also
emphasizing the significance of his trip to Paris.

        He said Prime Minister Eduard Balladur reiterated at Tuesday's
meeting that Paris had supported the invitation sent out to the six East and
Central European states to Essen, and also felt he was contented that
Hungary - alone among the "six" - had already sent its ideas concerning the
further schedule.

        We gave this to Chancellor Kohl in Essen, current EU chairman, and
now to Prime Minister Balladur in the form of a memorandum, and the
French prime minister pledged to study the document after which
consultations would take place, Horn said.

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - As regards accession to NATO, the
second major objective of Hungarian foreign policy, Horn said the talks he
had been in persuaded him that France was not opposed to the expansion
of NATO.

        The talks also covered a "conference on stability" initiated by the
French, which has since then become part of the common foreign policy
programme of the European Union.

        Horn pointed out that his French partners attached great importance
to the normalization of relations between Hungary and its neighbours, and
appreciated Hungarian efforts made to date.

        PM Horn said this was not a precondition set by France to Hungary
joining the European Union: it is also a precondition to other EU member
states fostering settled relations in the region.

        As regards the specific schedule (France would like to stage a final
conference next March, and wants to sign bilateral treaties settling the
conflicts by then), Horn said it was hardly worth defining any date.

        "We support a pact on stability, and I for one, am ready to meet the
new Slovak prime minister Vladimir Meciar", Horn said, adding that no
results can be achieved without negotiations.

        But he denied in answer to a question that Hungary was ready to
make major concessions for the sake of signing basic treaties.

        "It is out of the question that anybody demands concessions in
principle, since during the negotiations neither Romania nor Slovakia called
into question the European norms and requirements regarding ethnic

        The press conference wound up Prime Minister Horn's day-long
working visit to Paris: the special plane carrying the Hungarian delegation
took off from Orly airport, to head back to Hungary.

UN High Commissioner's Office for Refugees - Gal

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Zoltan Gal, speaker of Hungarian
Parliament, today saw at Parliament Philippe Labreveux, representative in
Budapest of the UN High Commissioner's Office. Labreveux paid tribute to
Hungary's work in recent years to solve the refugee problem, the press
office of Parliament told MTI today.

        The representative said Hungary, of all the countries in Central
Eastern Europe, had been most affected by the refugee issue.

        The overwhelming majority of the more than 100,000 refugees in
Hungary had managed to adjust to society, he said, adding that the main
problems are those in camps, and illegal immigrants.

        He expressed pleasure at the idea that Hungary wants to regulate the
status of refugees with a new law.

        Gal also considered a comprehensive codification to settle the issue
necessary, although, as he put it, our present laws and procedures are in
line with the practice of European democratic countries and international

        He expressed the hope that a reduction in the readiness of western
countries to receive refugees would not force Hungary to undertake tasks
over and above our capacity in coming years.

        Even in the present tough economic situation Hungarian people have
shown readiness to receive refugees, but coping with a larger refugee wave
is only feasible with the help of the international community and with a
proportionate division of the load.

        The Hungarian parliament and the government will do their best to
meet obligations specified in international treaties, Gal said, stressing that
all responsible Hungarian political forces advocated a democratic and
receptive policy on refugees.

Parliamentary Committee Examines National Security Chief

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Today behind closed doors, the
Hungarian Parliament's National Security Committee interviewed Col. Tibor
Vidus of the Border Guards and decided to support his appointment as
chief director of the National Security Office, the committee's chairman
Peter Boross told MTI today.

        The current director, Sandor Simon, has been relieved of his post
with effect from January 1, 1995, with recognition of his merits.

        Bela Katona, minister without portfolio in charge of the civilian
national security services, said he would like the question of Vidus's
appointment to be on the agenda of Sunday's cabinet meeting so that the
prime minister could give his consent as soon as  possible.

        Vidus told reporters that he did not plan organizational changes or
redundancies in the security services. After the legislation on national
security has been passed by Parliament, he will concentrate his attention
on working out internal regulations for the security services that are within
the spirit of the law. Vidus said he would spare no effort to assure non-
political and non-partisan civilian security services.

Hungary's External Debt Amounts to USD 27 Billion

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - Addressing a conference organized
by the Hungarian Economics Society, Frigyes Harshegyi, Vice-President of
the National Bank of Hungary (NBH), said that Hungary's gross external
debt had reached USD 27 billion by late September.

        Of this sum, USD 5.5 billion was raised from the private sector and
USD 21.5 billion by the Hungarian state, of which the gross external debt of
the government budget made up USD 2-2.5 billion. The gross external debt
recorded in the books of the NBH stood at USD 19 billion, Harshegyi said.

        To finance external debts, the NBH has so far issued USD 13 billion
worth of bonds on foreign stock exchanges, he said.

        In late September Hungary's net external debt amounted to USD 17.8
billion. The net external state debt (composed of the debt of the NBH and
the Hungarian state) was equivalent to USD 15 billion, the NBH Vice-
President said.

        In Harshegyi's view, Hungary's situation as a debtor is stable and its
economy can be financed, because the net external state debt falls short of
half of GDP, which the vice-president expects to reach USD 42 billion this

        Since Hungary's return to democracy, USD 8.5 billion worth of
foreign working capital has been invested here, including USD 7-7.5 billion
worth of cash and USD 1-1.5 billion worth of contributions in kind. The joint
ventures operating in Hungary have raised USD 3 billion worth of loans for
development projects.

        Hungary has received 40 per cent of its credit from the Japanese
money market, and 10 per cent from the U.S. money market.

Hungarian MPs Visit Bucharest

        Budapest, December 14 (MTI) - National identity, basic human rights
and religion are closely interrelated concepts which have nothing to do with
the economic situation, Gabor Gellert Kis, Chairman of the Committee on
Human Rights, and Minority and Religious Affairs, told MTI on his return to
Budapest after a three-day official visit to Bucharest.

        However, the Romanian leaders argue that these rights can only be
guaranteed when the situation of the Romanian economy improves, he

        In Bucharest, the Hungarian six-party parliamentary delegation held
talks with the human rights committees of the Senate and the House of
Representatives, and Viorel Hrebenciuc, the government"s secretary-
general and coordinator of the Council of National Minorities, and met the
Speaker of the Senate and the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

        The delegation met members of the Hungarian-Romanian Friendship
Society and representatives of all the churches in Romania. The talks
focused on the situation of the Hungarian minority, the teaching of
Hungarian as a mother tongue, difficulties in crossing the border, and the
return to the churches of their property.

German-Hungarian Interior Ministries Cooperate

        Bonn, December 14 (MTI) - Hungarian and German interior ministry
officials examined what they had achieved jointly in the fight against
organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism in Bonn on Tuesday and

        Brig.-Gen. Karoly Nagy said that cooperation between the two
countries" criminal investigation authorities had yielded major results in
the anti-drug struggle.

        In line with a Hungarian proposal, the bilateral agreement on
combating organized crime will be extended to cooperation in preventing
the smuggling of radioactive materials and cars.

        Hungary and Germany will soon start talks on an agreement allowing
German policemen to take part in Hungarian investigations and vice versa,
Nagy said.

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+ - VoA - World Trade 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

type=yearend report
title=1994:  World Trade
byline=Barry Wood
voiced at:

Intro:  World trade in 1994 grew by eight percent, twice the rate
of the increase in global output.  V-o-A's Barry Wood reports on
trade issues that have been at the center of the world economic

Text:  Nineteen ninety-four was the year that the Uruguay round
of negotiations to lower barriers to world trade were finally
completed and a new trade agency created.  At the beginning of
1995 the World Trade Organization (WTO) replaces the more modest
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the GATT.  The new
organization like the one it replaces will be based in Geneva.
More than 100 nations will be charter members.

Experts say the reason that trade grew so rapidly in 1994 was the
strength of economic growth in the United States and the recovery
from recession in Western Europe.  Indeed, the global economy in
1994 perhaps at its highest level in eight years.

At the International Monetary Fund meeting in Spain (in October)
outgoing U-S treasury secretary Lloyd Bentsen spoke of the
commitment to keep markets open and promote increased trade.

                       // Bentsen act //

         We're seeing the global economy moving, improving.  And
         we're turning our attention now to the sorts of actions
         that are going to keep it moving smoothly over the
         coming years.

                         // End act //

Mr. Bentsen was referring to U-S approval of the new world trade
agreement, further efforts to reduce the disruptive U-S budget
deficit, and plans to reduce trade barriers in the Asia Pacific

In November in Indonesia the major trading nations of the Pacific
basin held their second annual informal leaders meeting.  Known
as APEC -- the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, these
major powers that include the United States, Japan and China
promised to achieve completely free trade among themselves by
early in the new century.

In Miami in early December president Clinton hosted a meeting of
the heads of state of Western Hemisphere countries.  They spoke
in favor of expanded and freer trade.  And Chile is moving to
become the first South American country to join the so far
successful North American Free Trade Agrement, NAFTA, that since
1993 has connected the markets of the United States, Canada and

In Europe also, freer trade is seen as the engine for economic
growth.  The now 15 nation (Austria, Finland and Sweden join
January first) European Union is the world's biggest importer,
accounting for 38 percent of all world imports.  It is also the
world's biggest exporter.  And the largest European Union
economy, Germany, has seen its exports rise by nine percent in

So successful is the European Union as a trading entity, that
post-communist countries in Eastern Europe have set E-U
membership as a major foreign policy goal.  Jeffrey Sachs, an
economist at Harvard University, advises the East Europeans  not
to take E-U membership for granted.

                        // Sachs act //

         I think the commitment (to including the East Europeans)
         has to be made (by the E-U) now and it has to be made
         clearly.  And  frankly, I don't think it is going to be
         so easy to get.  Because whatever is said in public or
         in private, the truth is there is going to be a lot of
         discussion needed to make it (membership) possible by
         the year 2000.

                         // End act //

At their meeting in Essen, Germany, in December the E-U countries
committed themselves to eastern expansion but they provided no
timetable.  Six post-communist countries (Czech Republic,
Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland) already have
association agreements with the E-U and the three Baltic states
are in the process of negotiating such agreements.  (Signed)


15-Dec-94 1:21 pm est (1821 utc)

source: Voice of America

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+ - Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (dec (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
552/1994.                                       Budapest, December 14, 1994

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - Nepszabadsag - In Hungary, nearly 2
million people have been affected by the still ongoing privatization process,
but only every tenth can claim to have made a good deal, Gusztav Merczer,
president of the social organization working beside the National
Compensation and Restitution said in an interview with the paper. In
Merczer's view, only those have made a good choice who have used their
compensation coupons to buy their council flats or to acquire some land
they are cultivating themselves. (page 17)

        - Magyar Nemzet - The fire brigades do not plan to strike although
they earn rather little. However, they will hold a demonstration in front of
the Parliament building on December 14, said Gabor Szoke, spokesman of
the National Fire- and Civil Protection Command of the Ministry of the
Interior. Over the past few weeks several casualties have occurred to
firemen who therefore feel the need to claim more attention. (page 20)

        - Nepszabadsag - Hungary has a good chance to become a full
member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD) in one and a half years, Istvan Major, general secretary of the
Hungarian Ministry of Industry and Trade, told the paper's correspondent in
Paris. Major is the head of the Hungarian delegation currently attending this
year's session of the OECD committee that examines the relations between
Hungary and the OECD once a year. (page 1)

* * *

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - Nepszabadsag - The paper's Tuesday
supplement on Budapest says that Sunday's local elections have made the
political line-ups of the local authorities of both Budapest and its districts
more colourful. One thing is sure, the situation following the 1990 local
elections, when a single party (the Alliance of Free Democrats, AFD) gained
most of the seats in the Budapest municipality and in most districts, has
not recurred. Although Free Democrat Gabor Demszky has been re-elected
Budapest mayor, the AFD has lost its relative majority in the Budapest
General Assembly. Now most of the representatives in the assembly will be
Socialists, being followed by an equal number of Free Democrats and the
candidates entered jointly by the opposition's Civic Alliance, the Hungarian
Democratic Forum, the Federation of Young Democrats and the Christian
Democratic People's Party. Another novelty in the line-up of the Budapest
authorities will be the deputies of the also opposition Independent
Smallholders' Party and the Hungarian Justice and Life Party.

        The changes to the political structure of the Budapest authorities are
also indicated by the party membership of the mayors. Of the 23 districts,
eight have elected conservative mayors from the candidates of the
opposition parties, four have elected members of Hungarian Socialist Party
(HSP), the major partner in the governing coalition, three have elected
members of the Alliance of Free Democrats (AFD), the minor partner in the
coalition, and another three have decided for candidates entered jointly by
the HSP and AFD, and also three districts have elected candidates entered
jointly by the AFD and opposition parties, and in two districts independent
candidates have won the elections.

Environmental Protection PHARE Support for Hungary

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - The European Union is extending
another ECU 14.5 million to support environmental protection in Hungary
as part of the PHARE programme.

        An agreement to this effect was signed by Hans Beck, ambassador of
the European Union accredited to Budapest, and the Hungarian Minister of
Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ferenc Baja in
Budapest today.

        The European Union extended considerable support to Hungary
within the framework of the PHARE Programme three times in the past,
thus in 1990 ECU25 million, and in 1991 and 1992 ECU 10 million each.

        Of the present sum ECU 6.5 million will go to local authorities over
the coming years, and ECU 3.5 million to help Hungary adjust to the
environmental protection norms of the European Union.

        A further ECU 3 million will go toward modernization of laboratories
used by environmental protection supervisory boards, while ECU 1 one
million will go to company investments.

EU Ambassadors Call on Parliament' Foreign Affairs Committee

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - Hungary and the European Union
must make major efforts to ensure that Hungary is admitted to the Union as
a full member, Otto-Raban Heinichen, Germany's EU ambassador
accredited to Budapest, said at a meeting where the ambassadors of the EU
countries in Budapest evaluated, together with the members of
Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, the results of the Essen summit
meeting, the new strategy on Eastern Europe accepted there, and the
memorandum presented by Hungary.

        The ambassador of Germany as current chairman of the EU also
stressed that the decision made in Essen had opened a new stage in
relations between countries seeking full membership and the European

        Matyas Eorsi, (Alliance of Free Democrats), chairman of the Foreign
Affairs Committee, drew attention to the fact that all the Hungarian
parliamentary parties had supported and would support the foreign policy
line pursued by the prevailing government, the top priority being to gain full
EU membership. At the same time he expressed hope that Hungary's
efforts would be fruitful as early as before the next parliamentary elections.

        Dutch EU ambassador Hans Sondaal outlined the memorandum on
the accession of Central-Eastern European countries called Opportunities
and Problems. The document states that the Netherlands supports the
efforts of Central Eastern European countries including Hungary to win full
membership, because it is convinced that such a move will promote
stability in Europe.

        According to the Dutch government these countries must not be
treated as one bloc, and their application for admission should be assessed
on a case by case basis.

        Erich Kussbach, Austria's EU ambassador, who contributed to the
debate in Hungarian, called on Hungary to carry out the harmonization of
its visa policy to EU policies as soon as possible, as that would facilitate
the process of helping people from third countries enter Hungary. He firmly
denied a false rumour which in his assessment has spread in Hungary that
Austria's admission to the EU on January 1, next year would close the
Austrian-Hungarian border.

        Istvan Szent-Ivanyi, political state secretary at the Hungarian Foreign

Ministry, said the Hungarian government regarded its admission to the EU
as a multi-phase process, adding he hoped that negotiations on Hungary's
admission can immediately begin after an intergovernmental EU conference
due to be held on 1996.

Rail Strike Called off

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - The rail unions who went on strike on
Monday night at 10 p.m. have called off their strike after reaching an
agreement with the Hungarian State Railways.

        The only change compared with the previous agreement, is that over
and above a 10 per cent guaranteed wage increase, the management of the
State Railways agreed to guarantee half of a further wage increase of 4 per

        A 4 per cent performance bonus is to be paid under a collective
agreement to be concluded before March 31, 1995.

        According to information released by the Hungarian State Railways it
will take about 10 hours to restore rail services back to normal.

        All efforts will be made to ensure normal rail services by 10 p.m.

CSCE Summit Raised Hungary's Profile - Foreign Affairs

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - The excellent organization of the
CSCE summit in Budapest on December 5-6 has raised Hungary's
international profile. This is how the participating heads of state and
government expressed their satisfaction to the Hungarian ambassadors
who, in keeping with diplomatic protocol, met them on their return from
Budapest, Hungarian Foreign Affairs Spokesman Gabor Szentivanyi told a
news conference today.

        Diplomats consider it an achievement that the summit made
progress towards the institutionalization and development of the CSCE,
and, for the first time, won the consent of Russia to a CSCE peacekeeping
mission in Nagorno-Karabakh, the spokesman said.

        In their view, it is also to the credit of the summit that the CSCE
started a dialogue with representatives from adjacent regions. It is
generally believed that much will depend on how intensively Hungary, as
the chairman-in-office, exploits the achievements of the summit,
Szentivanyi said.

        In reply to a question, the spokesman said that applying the principle
of consensus has become more difficult since the enlargement of the
CSCE. "When the CSCE process started, in a bipolar world it was easier to
reach consensus on the most crucial issues. Now that its membership has
grown from 35 to 52 and the two political poles have become a thing of the
past, the principle of consensus may, as happened at the Budapest summit,
prevent decision-making in the CSCE, and in the OSCE as it will be known
from January 1, 1995," Szentivanyi said.

Talks with Ukraine, Slovakia - Foreign Affairs Spokesman

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - In Budapest, Hungarian and Ukrainian
diplomats have held talks on questions of border crossing, including ways
of updating the 1978 Hungarian-Soviet agreement on visa-free travel,
Foreign Affairs Spokesman Gabor Szentivanyi told the press today.

        Taking into account the recent changes, they reached an
understanding on the interpretation and application of that agreement.

        The talks constituted the first steps towards a new and modern
agreement on this matter between Hungary and Ukraine, he said.

        Hungarian and Slovak diplomats started talks on the Basic Treaty in
Bratislava today, the spokesman said. The delegations will discuss the two
drafts presented previously.

What Does Hungary Expect from the EU? - Spokesman on Essen

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - The European Union (EU) is actively
engaged with the integration of Central and Eastern Europe, the Hungarian
leaders concluded after the Essen summit last weekend, Hungarian Foreign
Affairs Spokesman Gabor Szentivanyi told reporters today.

        If all goes to plan, the EU will hold similar meetings with the East
European countries annually, he said.

        Concerning the strategic document approved at Essen, the
spokesman said, "Budapest considers it an important achievement that
cooperation plans already include the second and third pillars of the
Maastricht Treaty. This means that the Eastern and Central European
countries may reckon with EU cooperation in the fields of common foreign
and security policy, home affairs and judicial policy."

        Another important achievement is the EU's decision to provide a
"road map" for the Baltic and Eastern European states, showing them how
to get closer to the single European market, he said.

        Hungary welcomes the decision to increase to 25 per cent the share
of funds earmarked for the development of the infrastructure within the
PHARE programme, but regrets that the EU prime ministers have not raised
the amount for the programme as a whole (ECU 5.5 billion for five years),
the spokesman said.

        Hungary regrets the summit's failure to make progress in
coordinating the agricultural policies of the EU and the associate members.
However, It is encouraging that the EU has started assessing the measures
required for the new members" admission in this field, Szentivanyi said.

* * *

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - The spokesman briefly summed up
the memorandum that Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs presented
to the ambassadors of the EU countries in Budapest, on Monday.

        As reported yesterday, the memorandum contains the measures
which Hungary considers important for developing relations between
Brussels and Budapest.

        Hungary proposes expanding contractual relations to include
cooperation in foreign and security policy, home affairs and judicial policy,
and extending the mandate of the Association Council to coordinating
preparations for admission. Budapest indicated its desire to coordinate
with the EU its three-year plan of economic modernization which will come
into effect next year, and put together its work plan on legal harmonization
in keeping with the Essen "White Paper".

        Hungary expects the EU to support the restructuring of its economy,
and would like to be involved in the various Trans-European networks
ranging from transport to information technology. In this effort, it hopes for
effective support from international financial institutions.

        The memorandum declares that regional cooperation may greatly
promote the integration of Eastern and Central Europe into the EU. In
relation to this, the document emphasizes the importance of the Pact on
Stability in Europe which is based on the Balladur Plan and is still taking
shape, and aims to strengthen the Central European Free Trade Agreement

        In conclusion, Hungarian diplomacy urges the adoption of a
differentiated approach to the applicants for membership of the EU, and
that decisions on their admission be based on their merits and

Prime Minister Horn in Paris

        Paris, December 13 (MTI) - "France backs unreservedly Hungary's
endeavours to join the European Union," French Foreign Minister Alain
Juppe said after his talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn and
Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs today.

        During its term as EU president starting in January, France will make
every possible effort to maintain a "structured dialogue" between the EU
and Eastern and Central Europe, Juppe said adding that Hungary would be
invited to five or six sessions of the EU Council of Ministers.

        The Hungarian prime minister arrived in Paris on a 24-hour working
visit this morning. He first had talks with Prime Minister Edouard Balladur
and then with Alain Juppe.

        After the talks, Kovacs told reporters that France supports the
Central European countries" ambitions to join the European Union and
NATO. "Due to Russian objections, however, Paris seems to be laying
greater emphasis on enlarging the EU," Kovacs said.

        With regard to this, Juppe said that the Russians had no veto right
but we should try to prevent them from considering NATO as a military
organization directed against Russia. He added that the dialogue should
continue, and that he was convinced that Russia could be persuaded to
give up its opposition.

        Concerning Hungary's accession to the EU, Balladur offered French
assistance in removing all legal, taxation, financial and technical obstacles.

        Both Balladur and Juppe made it clear that they believe the EU, in
agreement with the Hungarian position, should judge the applications for
EU membership using uniform criteria but separately, on the basis of the
applicants" merits and performance.

        After his negotiations, Horn paid a visit of remembrance to the
memorial plaques to Jozsef Antall Sr. and Jr. In the evening, he is
scheduled to hold talks with President Francois Mitterrand.

Hungarian-Romanian Talks on Minorities

        Bucharest, December 13 (MTI) - Csaba Tabajdi, State Secretary of the
Prime Minister's Office who is in charge of ethnic Hungarians abroad and
ethnic minorities in Hungary, and Titular State Secretary Laszlo Labody,
Chairman of the Office of Hungarians Beyond the Borders, held talks with
Teodor Melescanu, Romanian Foreign Minister, Oliviu Gherman, Speaker of
the Senate and chairman of the senior governing party, Viorel Hrebenciuc,
the government's secretary-general and coordinator of the Council of
National Minorities, in Bucharest today.

        In the evening, Tabajdi and Labody left for Timisoara to attend a
colloquium on the 1989 December revolution, at the invitation of Calvinist
Bishop Laszlo Tokes.

        In Bucharest Tabajdi told journalists that his visit was the result of
initiative by the Hungarian government. In January Hrebenciuc will come to
Budapest. At a certain stage of talks, Tabajdi said, the Federation of
Romanians in Hungary and the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania
may also be brought into the negotiations.

Rail Services Back to Normal

        Budapest, December 13 (MTI) - After the 36-hour strike by Hungarian
railway workers had been called off halfway through, scheduled
international and domestic rail services will be restored by midnight on
Tuesday, Lajos Domokos, spokesman for the Hungarian State Railways told
MTI tonight.

        A third of railway workers did not take part in the strike, he said,
adding that no major incident had been reported.

Horn Meets President Mitterrand

        Paris, December 13 (MTI) - Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn had
talks with French President Francois Mitterrand for more than half an hour
in Paris tonight. The meeting was the last stage of Horn's talks during his
24-hour visit to France.

        The prime minister has not yet commented on his talks with

        The second half of Horn's visit will focus on economic issues.
Tonight the president of Banque Nationale de Paris, the third biggest
French bank, is hosting a gala dinner in the prime minister's honour. The
event will be attended by the presidents of giant French companies with
business interests in Hungary, including Sanofi, Lyonnaise des Eaux and
Telediffusion de France.

        On Wednesday morning a similar meeting will take place at the
Hungarian embassy. Horn's programme will end with an international press

        Members of Horn's entourage told MTI that the visit had already been
successful because Paris had declared its unambiguous support in the key
issue of Hungary's integration into the European Union.

        Both Prime Minister Edouard Balladur and Foreign Minister Alain
Juppe had emphasized the necessity of Hungary's joining the EU. They
support this endeavour as do the Germans, and from next January, during
its term of EU Presidency, France will aim to maintain the "Essen impetus".

        The visit had one concrete result- Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo
Kovacs presented to Alain Juppe a note informing him that in the future
French citizens will be allowed to enter Hungary on showing their personal
identity card and will not require a passport.

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
Alapitvany tamogatja.

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           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

Reposting is supported by Hungarian Human Rights Foundation News
and Information Service.

+ - DunaTv 51. heti musora - 94. december 19. - december 25 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

1994. dec. 19. hetfo
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRONIKA  Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	A SELYEMUT     /27. resz-ism./	   49'
	A karavanok nyugatnak tartanak
	- szines, japan, ismeretterjeszto filmsorozat -
	Zene: Kitaro.   Rendezte:Hajime Suzuki
15.05	GAZDAKOR /ism./ 45'
	Magazinmusor gazdalkodoknak
	Szerkeszto: Papp Ferenc.  Rendezte: To~rko~ly Robert
	- angol, ismeretterjeszto film - 
	Rendezte: Lawrence Moore 
	A szazad masodik feleben a tudosok mar figyelmeztettek:
	csak egyetlen Foldunk van! Ha a kornyezetkarositas globalis
	meretben a korabbi utem szerint  halad, az emberiseg sajat
	jovojet eli fel. Nem fenyegetesekrol van szo, a veszely
	o~lthet, o~lto~tt fenyegeto mereteket, s nemcsak a medveket
	hozhatjuk lehetetlen helyzetbe!
16.40	ZENEI PILLANATOK    /ism./ 3'
	A hegedu   - kanadai, ismeretterjeszto film -
	Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
16.45	CIMBORA - Tallozo     /ism./ Szerkeszto: E. Szabo Marta	  50'
17.40	Mese
	MUSTI: Musti otthon	5'
	PILI ES POLI: Eb Ubulnak faj a foga	6'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO	15'
18.15	JENNIE  /1974./	 51'
	Lady Randolph Churchill
	VII/3. resz: Felepules    - szines, angol filmsorozat - 
	Forgatokonyv: Julian Mitchell                     
	Operator: David Motture, Ken Tester-Brown, Zene: Andre Previn
	Rendezte: James Cellan Jones                   
	Foszerepben: Lee Remick, Ronald Pickup, Cyril Luckham
	Helen Norton Irorszagban a lord elerkezettnek latja az idot
	arra, hogy reszt vallaljon az angol politikai kozeletben.
	Jennie lelkesen helyesel, elbajolo hevvel koveti ferje gyors
	karrierjenek minden rezduleset, okos noi logikaval, elragado
	egyenisegevel tagadhatatlanul komoly szerepe van Randolph elert
	sikereiben. Disraeli hallgatolagos beleegyezesevel ez egyebkent
	a miniszterelnoki szek bevetelenek lehetoseget is magaban
19.05	N -  EZ EGY SZAM   56'
        Portrefilm Erdo"s Palrol
	Operator: John Knoop.  Zene: Mark Adler
	Rendezte: George Paul Csicsery                           
	Erdo"s Pal, a matematika utazo nagykovete tobb mint otven eve
	nem rendelkezik allando lakcimmel. Minden olyan matematikai
	muhelyben felbukkan, ahol uj eredmenyek szuletnek, mert  onkent
	vallalt misszioja, hogy tovabbi kutatasokra inspiralja a
	tudosokat. Munkassagaert 1991-ben a Cambridge-i Egyetem
	diszdoktorava avattak.
20.00	MU-TEREM-TES	45'
	Kepzomuveszeti magazin
	Szerkeszto: Nagy T. Katalin  Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja 	13'
21.00	HIRADO	15'
21.15	CSALADI BALHE'	  100'
        - francia filmvigjatek -
	Zene: Georges Delerue  Operator: Robert Lazzarini
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Costa Gavras
	Szereplok: Johnny Holliday, Fanny Ardant, Guy Marchand
	Az apa, a baratja, a felesege, a fia es a lanya 
	szovetkeznek a tokeletes bunteny vegrehajtasara. A  csaladi
	szovetseg mukodik is egeszen addig, amig a fiu fel nem
	lazad, s az osszeeskuvesbol balhe nem lesz...
23.00	LEFEGYVERZETT ELLENSEGES EROK      I.resz /1992./  57'
	Amerikai hadifogsag
	- magyar dokumentumfilm -
	Operator: Kurucz Sandor, Pap Ferenc. Rendezte: Sa'ra Sandor
	A film a II. vilaghaboru tortenetenek - Magyarorszagon
	szinte ismeretlen - szeletet deriti fel: a nyugati,
	nevezetesen az amerikai es francia hadifogsagba esett magyar
	katonak sorsat. 
23.55	VERS	1'
	Ady Endre: Szeretnem, ha szeretnenek
	Elmondja: Luka'cs Sandor
1994. dec. 20. kedd
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek				
14.15	VALTO  /ism./	45'
	Gazdasagi magazin
	Foszerkeszto: Szabo' Laszlo Zsolt
15.00	TOM ES JERRY GYEREK-SHOW						     22'08"
	Tom es a cicalanyok 
	Hiper-szuper vadasz
15.25	A HOS CSIRKEFOGO     IV/1.  /1991./	50'
	- szines, ausztral filmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyv: Sonia Borg  Zene: David Hirschfelder
	Operator: Dan Burstall  Rendezte: Oscar Whitbread
	Foszerepben: Cameron Nugent, Marcus Graham, Peter Fisher,
	Elaine Smith
	Ausztralia az 1930-as evekben. Meglehetosen nehez sors jut
	azoknak az embereknek, akik a civilizacio peremen elnek.
	Mick apja, favagassal keresi a kenyeret, ugyhogy a csalad
	jobbara egyedul van, idegenek kozott. A kamasz  Mickre ezert
	komoly feladatok harulnak, occse es edesanyja el is varja ezt.
	Ertheto, hogy igy aztan mellekesse zsugorodik az iskola,
	amit persze nem is nehezmenyez kulonosebben, hiszen a kornyeken
        akad eppen eleg latnivalo, tennivalo, a kaland igezeteben.
16.10	REGO"SE'NEK	37'
	I. Dozmat, Vas megye    
	- magyar, ismeretterjeszto film - 
	Rendezte: Sze'kely Orsolya    
	A forgatocsoport Nagy Laszlo kisereteben felkereste azokat
	az idos embereket, akik a szazad elejen meg gyakoroltak a ma mar
	neprajzi kuriozumnak szamito tevekenyseget.
	- szines, dan dokumentumfilm -
	Keszitettek: a Dr-Derude Dokumentar alkotoi   
	Ki gondolna, hogy a foldkereksegen letezik ma meg  olyan orszag,
	ahol az allampolgarokat arra kotelezik, hogy nemzeti viseletben
	jarjanak hetkoznap is? A vilag egyik legelzartabb orszaganak
        terulete negyszer nagyobb hazankenal, de csak hatszazezren
        lakjak. A modernizacio elerte ezt a foldi paradicsomot is, s a
        kiraly polgarainak boldogulasa jegyeben hozzaertessel vezerli
        a nagy ugrast a kozepkorbol a XX. szazadba. 
	- ismeretterjeszto film -
	Operator: Vancsa Lajos
	Irta es rendezte: De've'nyi Janos
	Irinyi Janost altalaban a gyufa feltalalojakent unnepeljuk,
	pedig a mult szazadban elt tehetseges vegyesz meg szamtalan
	tudomanyos eredmennyel buszkelkedhet honfitarsai elott.
17.40	Mese
	DINI, A KIS DINOSZAURUSZ: Tavaszi gondok   11'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO	15'
18.15	KEOMA	/ism./	 96'
	- olasz jatekfilm -
	Forgatokonyv: Luigi Montefiori.	Rendezte: Enzo G. Castellari
	Szereplok: Franco Nero, Olga Carlatos
	Keoma, a fiatal mesztic visszater szulofoldjere, ahol az
	egyszeru embereket, a lakossagot kegyetlenul kizsakmanyoljak
	es jarvany pusztit. Az elnyomok kozott felfedezi harom
	feltestveret, akik gyerekkora ota gyulolik ot. Keoma vallalja
	a harcot, amiben csak oreg edesapja es egy neger ferfi all
	mellette. Keoma bosszut all ellensegein sajat magaert es az
	elnyomottakert is.
20.00	GAZDAKOR    45'
	Magazinmusor gazdalkodoknak
	Kalendarium -- Agrarhirek -- Gazdaszamtan -- Kerti patika --
	Vetomagajanlat -- Gazdaportre: Magyar Jozsef Balatonlelle --
	Piaci korkep a Karpat-medencebol -- Karacsonyi elelmiszer-
        ellatas -- Visszatekintes az idei evre
	Szerkeszto: Zala Simon Tibor
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	13'
21.00	HIRADO	15'
21.15	Taviani sorozat:
	JO REGGELT, BABILONIA    1987.-ism.	 113'
	- olasz-francia-amerikai jatekfilm -
	Rendezte: Paolo es Vittorio Taviani
	Szereplok: Vincent Spano, Joaquim de Almeida, Greta Scacchi,
	Desiree Becker, Omero Antonutti, Charles Dance
	Befejezodott a gyonyoru toscanai katedralis restauralasa.
	A ket legifjabb az utolso pillanatig dolgozott, egy elefantos
	dombormuvet tisztogattak. Tokeleteset akartak alkotni. Minden
        erofeszitesuk ellenere a ceg csodbe jut, valamennyien szelnek 
	erednek. Nicola es Andrea bucsut vesznek apjuktol, s 
        kivandorolnak Amerikaba. Evekig csak tengodnek az idegen
	vilagban. Kapora jon hat, hogy Pastrone Cabiria cimu muvenek
	hatasara a nagy amerikai rendezo, D.W. Griffith olasz mestereket
	keres keszulo remekmuvenek diszletezesehez. A ket fiatal Griffith-
        szel egyetertesben ugy gondolja - a filmforgatas a kozepkori
        katedralisok epitesevel rokon. 
23.10	SZINHAZI MAGAZIN   /ism./  25'
	Szinhazi magazin
	Szerkeszto: Ka'llai Katalin. Rendezte: Sa'ra Balazs
23.35	VERS   4'
	La'szlo'ffy Aladar: Vandor ido balladaja
	Elmondja: Petrozse'nyi Eszter
1994. dec. 21. szerda
8.00-14.00  KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	SZIPPANCSOK	/ism./	22'18'
	Ficsur titkai,  Cimlap sztori
14.35	DOBPERGES   /1938./	93'
	- angol-amerikai kalandfilm -	
	Forgatokonyv - A.E.W.Mason nyoman: Arthur Wimperis,
	Patrick Kirway, Hugh Gray.  Zene: John Greenwood
	Operator: Georges Perinal.  Rendezte: Korda Zoltan
	Szereplok: Raymond Massey, Valerie Hobson, Roger Livesey,
        David Tree
	1938. - India. Tokot egy kicsi, fuggetlen allam fovarosa, amely
	oreg ka'nja barati jobbot nyujt Anglianak. Ugy gondolja, ha az 
        angolok, a skot hadsereg baratja, akkor bekeben elhet India
	minden egyes torzsevel. A Ka'n occse, Ghul herceg azonban
	hajthatatlan, eszelos almai egyike a regi Mogul megmentese.
	Veze'relve: O"lj es pusztits! Egy vezer, egyetlen hadsereg!
	Batyjat megoleti, Anglia diplomaciai kepviselete ellen haborut
	indit. A kis Herceg torzsevel Peshawarba menekul, s kivarjak,
	mig eljo az o napjuk. Mire megvirrad, a tokoti szentdob is
	megszolal, a dobperges az unnepet jelenti, de van mikor
	veszelyhelyzetet jelez.
   	- szines, magyar animacios film -
	Rendezte: Baksa Tamas
	Szines korkep negy kontinens naiv festoirol
	- szines, holland, kepzomuveszeti filmsorozat -
	Zene: Frits Hooft.  Operator - rendezo: Alex Boon
	Ebben az epizodban a kenyai naiv festo, Bertiers es a kertek
	festoje, a holland Ilona Schmit kepeit lathatjuk. Mindket muvesz
	egy harmonikus vilagot ahit, s ezt kulonbozo modon szembesitik
        kepeiken a mindennapok realitasaival.
16.45	DON QUIJOTE  /ism./  26'
	XXXIX/31.resz: Sancho Panza kormanyzo  
	Rendezte: Cruz Delgado
	A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
17.20	THIS IS THE WAY	40/11.	20'
	Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
	Tanit: Jilly Viktor
	A gyerekek megtanuljak  - termeszetesen angolul - hogy mit kell
	tenni, ha faznak vagy meleguk van, ha szomjasak vagy ehesek,
	tovabba eleneklik az  `I had a cat`  kezdetu dalt.
17.40	Mese
	FUTRINKA UTCA: Sza'jkosa'r   12'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO	15'
18.15	CSALADI BALHE'	/ism./	  99'
	- francia vigjatek -
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Costa Gavras
	Zene: Georges Delerue  Operator: Robert Lazzarini
	Szereplok: Johnny Holliday, Fanny Ardant, Guy Marchand
20.00	REGIOK -- Tudositok Studioja	45'
	Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos
	Karacsony kozeledtevel itt Kozep-Europa keleti felen osszeszorul
	torkunk arra a gondolatra, hogy hogyan tudunk majd sok kedves
	ajandekot tenni szeretteinknek a fa ala. Mennyit er a leju~nk,
	a kuponunk, az uj dinarunk, a koronank es a forintunk?
	Ezust-, aranyvasarnap, keszulodes a karacsonyra a regiokban.
	Korkep Erdelybol, Karpataljarol, Vajdasagbol, Burgenlandbol es
	a Felvidekrol.
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	13'
21.00	HIRADO	15'
	UTOSZEZON /1966./   118'
	-fekete-feher magyar jatekfilm -
	Forgatokonyv - Ro'nay Gyorgy "Esti gyors" c. regenye nyoman:
	Sza'sz Peter. Zene: Fe'nyes Szabolcs. Operator: Ille's Gyorgy
	Rendezte: Fa'bri Zoltan
	Szereplok: Pa'ger Antal, Rajz Janos, Ko"mives Sandor, Bala'zs
        Samu, Kova'cs Karoly, Szendro" Jozsef, Apor Noemi, Ba'sti Lajos,
	Tolnay Klari, Za'ch Janos, Kamara's Gyula, Liska Zsuzsa,
	Temessy Hedi, Patho' Istvan, Molna'r Tibor
	A balatoni udulohelyen az utoszezont elvezo nyugdijasok
        unalmukban elhatarozzak, hogy megviccelik a tarsasag egyik tagjat,
        Kerekes	nyugalmazott gyogyszereszt. Felhivjak telefonon es a megyei
	fokapitany neveben "igen fontos ugyben" beidezik masnapra. Nem is
        sejtik, hogy a trefa milyen valsagot idez elo Kerekesben.
	O ugyanis a II. vilaghaboru alatt Szila'gyiek patikajaban
	dolgozott es elszolasa miatt baratja, a rendorkapitany 
        deportaltatja a hazaspart Auswitzba, ahonnan nem jonnek tobbe
	haza. Kerekesnek lelkiismeretfurdalasa van miattuk es sajat maga
	ellen ker vizsgalatot a "barataibol allo birosagtol"...
23.15	A JOVO OROKSEGE	/ism./	58'
	XV/13.resz: Erotika az antik kulturaban
	 - szines, japan, kulturtorteneti sorozat - 
24.15	VERS   3'
	Radno'ti Miklos: Kolombusz - Ifjusag
	Elmondja: Jorda'n Tamas
1994. dec. 22. csutortok
8.00-14.00 KE'PES KRoNIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag, musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
	Bokor Peter musora
14.30	MINIBOCS	 51'
	- magyar mesefilm -
	Forgatokonyv: Fe'su"s Eva. Zene: Do~me Zsolt
	Operator: Dobay Sandor.  Rendezte: Kova'cs Kati
	Szereplok: Meixner Ildiko, Papp Agnes, Ba'nd Anna, Gyu'rko'
        Henrik,	Varanyi Lajos, Horva'th Karoly, Szo~llo"sy Iren, Kasza's
        Laszlo,	Roma'n Kati, Sima'ndi Anna
	Minibocs aprocska termete miatt sokat szomorkodik, erdei tarsai
	es testverei is csufoljak. Brummanto apukat elfogjak a cirkuszosok
	es Szerteso"rte vaddiszno halalhiret kolti. Minibocs azonban rajon
	az igazsagra es kiszabaditja apukajat. Ezzel a tettevel kivivja az
	erdei pajtasok elismereset is.
15.20	Sa'rdy Janos filmjei
	A'LOMKERINGO"	/1942./	 96'
	-  fekete-feher, magyar jatekfilm -
	Forgatokonyv: Ungva'ri Nagy Marta. Zene: Fe'nyes Szabolcs
	Operator: Icsey Rudolf. Rendezte: Podmaniczky Felix
	Szereplok: Sa'rdy Janos, Zsilley Margit, Erde'lyi Mici,
	Solthy Gyorgy, Csortos Gyula, id.Lataba'r Kalman, ifj. Lataba'r
	A becsi opera unnepelt sztarja, Turi Gabor, hatalmas foldbirtokot
	orokolhet Magyarorszagon, ha lemond a szinpadrol. A visszavonulni
        szandekozo enekest tanara es a birtokert harcba	szallo tavoli 
        rokonlany fondorlata teriti vissza hivatasahoz.
	Operator: Halom Jozsef. Szerkeszto-riporter: Vila'gi Gyula
	Go~ncz Arpad koztarsasagi elnokot azsiai utjara elkiserte  mintegy
	negyven uzletember. Kozuluk tizenkettovel keszitettunk riportot.
	Ezekbol keszult az osszeallitas.
17.30	Mese
	PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: Titokzatos hinta	23'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO	15'
18.15	A BE'KE SZIGETE	/1983./	   67'
	- magyar tvfilm -
	Irta: Nemesku~rty Istvan. Operator: Hala'sz Mihaly, Biro' Miklos.
        Rendezte: Hajdufy Miklos
	Szereplok: Bessenyei Ferenc, Temessy Hedi, Ma'di Szabo' Gabor,
	Ga'ti Oszkar, Mensa'ros Laszlo, Ha'mori Ildiko, Kalo' Florian,
	Herceg Csilla
	Alapy Gaspar, Koma'rom polgarmestere, a tortenelmi dokumentumok
	szerint az egyetlen polgarmester volt, aki tiltakozott a zsidosag
	deportalasa ellen. Ugyanarra a sorsra jutott, mint azok, akiket a
	vedelmebe vett. Dachauba kerult, es ott is halt meg.
	Ko"szeghy Peter es Szabo' Geza megemlekezese
	Operator: Banok Tibor. Szerkeszto: Ugrin Aranka
	Rendezte: Lesta'r Janos
20.00	VALTO	45'
	Gazdasagi magazin
	Foszerkeszto: Szabo' Laszlo Zsolt. Rendezte: Oblath Peter
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	  13'
21.00	HIRADO	15'
21.15	TIZPARANCSOLAT  /1989./	    53'
	- lengyel filmsorozat -         
	I.parancsolat: "En vagyok a Te Urad Istened, uradat ,istenedet
	imadjad es csak neki szolgalj"
	Rendezte: Krzysztof Kieslowski
	Szereplok: Henryk Baranowski, Wojciech Klata, Maja Komorowska
	Pavel egyedul el apjaval, neha apja novere, Irena vigyaz ra.
	A szamok es a computer vilaga veszi oket korul. Hiszik: minden
	merheto, a gep kiszamit lehetsegest es lehetetlent.
22.10	ESIK AZ ESO	8'
	- magyar, animacios kisfilm -
	Keszitettek: Olajos Bea, Cso~mo~r Bela, Kardos Boglar
22.15	A KUTYAS HOLGY     /1960.-ism./	 84'
	- orosz jatekfilm -
	Csehov novellajabol irta es rendezte: Joszif  Hejfic
	Szereplok: Anna Szergejevna-Ija Szavvina, Gurov-Alekszej Batalov
23.40	VERS  1'
	Nagy Laszlo: Ki viszi at a szerelmet? 
	Elmondja: Berek Katalin
1994. dec. 23. pentek		
8.00-14.00	KE'PES KRONIKA
	Tajekoztato musor
	A Duna Televizio tajekoztato musora, amelyben minden oraban
	20-20 perc kepujsag,  musorajanlat es varoskepek valtjak egymast.
14.00	LAPOZO	15'
	Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15	REGIOK  -- Tudositok studioja  /ism./
	Szerkeszto: Tanos Miklos	 45'
15.00   BAYWATCH   47'
	XXII/ 17. resz: A szerencse forgando
	- amerikai tvsorozat -
	Operator: James Pergola. 
        Eddie es John egy tiltott szerencsejateknak otthont ado hajo
	fedelzeten teszik tetjeiket valtozo sikerrel. 
15.45	A SZENTFOLD	46'
	- amerikai, szines zenes film -
	Rendezte: Edward J. Payne
	Rendhagyo zenei osszeallitas a  vilag legnagyobb korusa, a
	Mormon Tabernacle Choir kozremukodesevel. 
16.30	AHOGY KELL...	15'
	- holland, ismeretterjeszto film -
	Rendezte: Bert Koetzier
	Hollandiaban letezik egy nosztalgiavonat, amely jellegzetes
	holland tajakon vezet keresztul, kb. 20 km hosszan. A dolog igazi
	szenzacioja egy felujitott gozmozdony, amely ezt megelozoen
	evekig rozsdasodott a tengerparton. Vezetojevel, egyben
	karbantartojaval, szerelojevel ismertet meg bennunket a film.
16.45	ZENEI PILLANATOK      3'
	Le ghatan
	- kanadai ismeretterjeszto film -
	Rendezte: Alain Rondeau
16.50	ASZTALTARSASAG	/ism./	 45'
	Engeltevan Istvan grafikusmuvesznel
	Vendegek: Ka'ntor Peter kolto, Rakovszky Zsuzsa kolto,
	To'th Krisztina kolto
	Szerkeszto-musorvezeto: Temesi Ferenc
	Operator: Papp Ferenc, Kurucz Sandor. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
17.40	Mese
	REMUSZ BACSI MESEI: Szurokbaba	      13'
17.55	Musorismertetes
18.00	HIRADO	15'
	-szines, del- afrikai filmsorozat- XXXIII/ 24. resz
	Irta: Paul C.Venter. Operator: Jakes de Villiers.
        Zene: Louis van Rensburg. Rendezte: Dirk de Villiers
	Foszereplok: Ian Robert, Libby Daniels, Brian O'Shaugnessy
	Az elore eltervezett kirakatper Kerwin es Stewart ugyeben
	egyaltalan nem az angolok kenye-kedve szerint alakul, a bur
	tanuk vallomasa ketsegesse teszi bunosseguket a felhozott
	vadakkal szemben. Raadasul Kerwin felesegenek hajoja is
	veszjosloan kozeleg Fokvaros fele, tehat az ugyesz siettetne a
	targyalas menetet.
19.05	MUZZY IN GONDOLAND   XX/11.  /ism./	5'
	A BBC English kalandos nyelvlecke-sorozata gyerekeknek
19.10	THIS IS THE WAY	40/11.	/ism./	20'
	Operator: Molna'r Peter, Tolnai Gabor
	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
	Tanit: Jilly Viktor
19.30	LISZT FERENC	XVI./6.	  26'
	"Van-e hangod a beteg hazanak...?"
	- magyar tvfilm-sorozat -
	Rendezte: Szineta'r Miklos
	Magyarorszag minden eddigit felulmulo diadalut Liszt szamara.
	Megismerkedik a reformkor nagy egyenisegeivel, magyar zenet
	hallgat es Erkel Ferenccel egyutt erosen foglalkoztatja a nemzeti
	zene es zenekepzes megteremtese.
	Anglia 1926-35
	Rendezte: Annty Lanner
	Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
20.45	ESTI KERDES -- A nap interjuja	  13'
21.00	HIRADO	15'
21.15	CINEMA PARADISO  /ism./	 117'
	- szines, olasz- francia film 
	Irta es rendezte: Giuseppe Tornatore. Zene: Ennio Morricone.
        Operator: Blasco Giurato 
	Foszerepben: Philippe Noiret, Brigitte Fossey, Antonelli Attli,
	Leopoldo Trieste
	,A' mozi viszonyitasi helyszin, a multat, a gyermekkor izeit
	idezi, azt a korszakot, amelyben szigoruan az igenek es nemek
	vezettek a kamaszodo fohost  es nem a felnottkor "is-is" leha
23.15	VERS   3'
	Csana'di Imre: Maria es Erzsebet
	Elmondja: Gyo~rgyi Anna
1994. dec. 24. szombat							
9.00	Hirek, musorismertetes	 5'
	- angol, animacios mesefilm - 
	Rendezte: Dave Edwards  
	A furge kis gozmozdony, aki csak nagyobb, erosebb tarsai
	kiszolgaloja egy allomason, elete nagy utazasarol almodozik.
	A nagy kaland, a nagy probatetel ideje elerkezik, amikor  egy
	szulinapi ajandekokkal -teli szerelvenyt kell atjuttatnia a
	hegyen a varosba, ahol mar turelmetlenul varjak...
	A szo szuletese    - nyelvmuvelo musor -
	Szerkeszto: Matula Agnes. Rendezte: Sipos Andras
	Az unnepi keszulodes hangulataban, fenyofa diszites kozben
	beszelgetunk a targyak, fogalmak megnevezeserol, a szoalkotas
	modjairol. Bibliai kezdetektol, a gyermeknyelvi szoalkotason
	keresztul a karacsonyhoz kapcsolodo szavakat is ertelmezzuk. 
	- olasz mesefilmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Luigi Comencini
	Zene: Fiorenzo Carpi. Operator: Armando Nannuzzi 
	Szereplok: Nino Manfredi, Gina Lolobrigida
	A kulonos, csipos megjegyzeseket tevo fahasabbol Gepetto egy
	babut farag, melyet a Jo'tu~nde'r ejszaka eletre kelt.
10.45	KEDVES...	/ism./	45'
	Szorakoztato magazin -- Nokrol noknek
	Szerkeszto-musorvezeto: Barko' Judit, Kalocsai Andrea
	Rendezte: Bozsogi Janos
	- dokumentumfilm -
12.00	Deli harangszo	 5'
12.05	LAPOZO	15'
	A Karacsony tortenete szoban es zeneben
	Beszelgetotarsak: Dr. Dobszay Laszlo zenetortenesz
			  Dr. Torok Jozsef liturgiatortenesz
	Kozremukodik: A Schola Hungarica Voces Aequales enekegyuttesek
	Operator: Ko~rte'si Bela. Szerkeszto: Lehoczky Laszlo
	Rendezte: Kecza Andras
	Betlehem-epitok Krakkoban
	Operator: Urbanics Lajos. Szerkeszto: Sutarski Konrad
	Rendezte: Wonke Rezso
13.25	CIMBORA -- Tallozo	50'
	Szerkeszto: E'. Szabo' Marta. Rendezte: Kardos Ferenc
	Kozremukodik: Udvaros Dorottya, To'th Eniko, Cserhalmi Gyorgy,
	Juha'sz Jacint, Kiss Mari, Szacsvay Laszlo, Koltai Robert,
	Miko' Istvan, Nova'k Janos, Sebo" Ferenc
	Ezt a karacsonyi verscsokrot, dalokkal, jelenetekkel tarkitva
	szanjuk minden Cimbora karacsonyfaja ala.
	Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia
	Rendezo-operator: Wonke Rezso. Hazigazda: Gyurkovits Tibor
	Csiksomlyon: Bolberitz Pal, Su~to" Andras, Csoo'ri Sandor,
	Gyurkovits Tibor
15.00	SZENTFOLD	24'
	Szerkeszto: Balogh Julia. Operator: Wonke Rezso
	Keszitette: Vicsek Karoly
	A  Kala'ka egyuttes musora
	Szerkeszto: Ugrin Aranka. Diszlet: Ro'zsa Janos
	Operator: Czabarka Peter. Rendezte: Cziga'ny Zoltan
16.15	SA'NDOR MA'TYA'S	VI/1.	59'
	- magyar-francia-nemet-olasz ifjusagi filmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyv - Verne Gyula regenye alapjan: Claude Desailly
	Zene: Bert Grund. Operator: Kende Janos
	Rendezte: Jean Pierre Decourt
	Szereplok: Bujtor Istvan, Simon-Claude Giraud, Giuseppe Pambieri
	A tortenet 1859-ben kezdodik. Magyarorszagon a titkos,
        fuggetlensegi mozgalom vezetoje Sandor Matyas. Az osztrak
	rendorseg tudomast szerez tevekenysegerol s el akarjak tenni lab
	alol. Felfogadnak ket bergyilkost, Carlo es Giuseppe Zirone-t,
	akik tevedesbol nem Sandor Matyast, hanem feleseget robbantjak
	fel. Giuseppe-t elfogjak s rovid per utan felakasztjak.	Carlo
        bosszut akar allni, szovetkezik Sa'rka'nnyal Sandor Matyas ellen.
	Kozremukodik: a Budapesti Enekes Iskolak egyuttese - hangszeres 
        kiserettel. Vezenyel: Mezei Janos
	Batyam Jonatan
	- sved mesefilm -
	Irta: Astrid Lindgren. Zene: Bjorn Isfalt, Lasse Dahlberg
	Operator: Rune Ericson. Rendezte: Olle Hellbom
	Szereplok: Staffan Gotestam, Lars Soderdahl, Allan Edwall,
	Gunn Wallgren, Folke Hjort, Per Oscarsson 
	Az elso fejezetben "A batyamrol akarok meselni. A batyam
	Oroszlanszivu Jonatan. Olyan az egesz, mint valami tundermese,
        pedig mindvegig	szintiszta igazsag. S ezt csak en es Jonatan
        tudjuk.	Mindenki szerette Jonatant a varosban. S eloszor nem
	hivtak Oroszlanszivunek, csak Oroszlannak. Az en nevem Karl,
	de Jonatan elnevezett engem Piskotanak. Csak mert szereti a
	piskotat. Azt mondta. Ez pont azon a napon volt, amikor	megtudtam,
        hogy meghalok."  Hogy lehetseges az, hogy valaki meg nem toltotte
        be a tizedik eletevet es meg fog halni?
18.00	HIRADO	15'
	Irodalmi osszeallitas
	Szerkeszto: Ugrin Aranka. Rendezte: Maa'r Gyula
	Kozremukodok: Bodna'r Erika, Sinko' Laszlo, So~ptei Andrea,
	Papp Zoltan, To~ro"csik Mari, Varga Zoltan
	Irok, koltok muveinek megidezesevel elevenitjuk fel regi
	karacsonyok hangulatat.
	Karacsonyi enekek a tortenelmi egyhazak enekeibol
	Kozremukodik a Thomkins Enekegyuttes. Szerkeszto: Sa'ndor Katalin.
        Operator: Haraszti Zsolt. Rendezte: Hajdu' Gyorgy
	Elsullyedt Atlantisz karacsonyi fenyben
	Operator: Sa'ra Balazs, Papp Ferenc. Szerkeszto-riporter: Csa'ky
        Zoltan.	Szerkeszto-rendezo: Ordo'dy Gyorgy
	Szent Istvan kiralyunk 1009-ben alapitotta az erde'lyi puspokseget
        Gyulafehe'rva'r szekhellyel. Az egyhazmegye misszios terulet volt,
        akkor indult meg az evangelizacio. Gyulafehe'rva'r Erde'ly 
        zivataros szazadaiban tortenelmunk es muvelodestortenetunk
        jelentos szinhelyeve notte ki magat. Del-Erdely muvelodestorteneti
        multja: Nagyenyed, Alvinc, Magyarigen, Marosszentimre kovei a
        templomok - feher folt a mai nezo szamara - errol beszelnek a
        gyulafehe'rva'ri Hittudomanyi Intezet professzorai. De misszios
        terulet volt es maradt Del-Erdely Trianon utan is, mignem a pa'pa
        e'rsekse'gi rangra emelte. Az egyhazmegye fejlodestortenetet
        Dr. Jakubinyi Gyorgy mutatja be.
21.00	HIRADO	10'
21.10	NYOMORULTAK   I.resz	/1958./	   97'
	- francia-nemet-olasz jatekfilm -
	Forgatokonyv - Victor Hugo regenye alapjan: Rene Barjavel es
	Jean-Paul Le Chanois. Zene: Georges van Parys. Operator:
        Jacques Natteau. Rendezte: Jean-Paul Le  Chanois
	Szereplok: Jean Gabin, Bernard Blier, Daniele Delorme, Bourvil,
	Elfriede  Florian, Giani Esposito
	Ero, nemeslelkuseg, szeretet es szepseg, legyozik-e az emberi 
        szamitast, gonoszsagot es kimeletlenseget? 1800-ban Francia-
        orszagban, Toulon ko"ba'nya'ja'ban nehez bilincsbe verve dolgoznak
        a fegyencek, kozottuk Jean Valjan. Roppant ereju, de meggyotort,
        keseru ember. Szabadulasa utan, egy  tolvajlas kozben, eleteben
        eloszor	talalkozik a josaggal, mely megvaltoztatja addigi eletet.
	Hamarosan tekintelyes vagyon birtokosa, a szegenyek es elesettek
	gyamolitoja lesz. Mindaddig, amig Javert felugyelo fel nem ismeri
	a polgarmesterben az egykori fegyencet...
	a budavari Matyas templomban
	II. Ja'nos Pa'l pa'pa karacsonyi ejfeli misejenek kozvetitese a
	Szent Peter Bazilikabol
	Kommentator: Dr. To~ro~k Jozsef a budapesti Pa'zma'ny Peter
	Katolikus Egyetem Teologiai Karanak professzora
	Szerkeszto: Lehoczky Laszlo.
1994. dec. 25. vasarnap		
9.00	Hirek, musorismertetes	5'
9.05	HOLLE ANYO      /1985./	   89'
	- szlovak mesefilm -
	Forgatokonyv: Lubomir Feldek, Juraj Jakubisko
	Operator: Dodo Simoncic. Rendezte: Juraj Jakubisko
	Foszereplok: Giulietta Masina, Petra Vancikova, Tobias Hoesl,
	Sona Valentova
	Holle anyo megrazza dunnajat - szalljon a sok hopihe! Elore-hatra
	ho borul a vilagra. Miert van az, hogy az egyik helyen havazik, a
        masik helyen esik? Ez a vilag rendje. Razzuk csak oda a havat
        ahova szukseges: erdore, mezore, foldre...
	Magyar nepdalfeldolgozasok
	Operator: Bo'nis Gyula. Szerkeszto: Szijja'rto Csaba
	Rendezte: Ledniczky Marton
	Kozremukodik: Sebestye'n Marta, a Harlekin Gyermekszinhaz
	gyermekszineszei, a Bihari Egyuttes gyermektancosai
	Zene es szoveg: Cserepes Karoly
	- olasz mesefilmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyviro-rendezo: Luigi Comencini
	Zene: Fiorenzo Carpi. Operator: Armando Nannuzzi
	Szereplok: Nino Manfredi, Gina Lolobrigida
	A rakoncatlan Pinocchio nem hallgat e'lo" lelkiismeretere, a
	hazitucsokre es eladja az iskolaskonyvet. A'ra'n a mutatvanyosokat
	nezi meg.
	Enekel: Lova'sz Iren
12.00	Deli harangszo,  musorismertetes	5'
12.05	"KARACSONYI SZIVKULDI     56"          15'
	Az 1956-os forradalom utan 1957-ben, 1958-ban kuldott karacsonyi
	uzenetek eredeti szovegei es dalai, amelyek a Szabad Europa
	Radioban es az Amerika Hangja-ban hangzottak el 1957-58
	Bokor Peter musora
12.45	SA'NDOR MA'TYA'S   VI/2.  61'
	- magyar-francia-nemet -olasz, ifjusagi filmsorozat -
	Forgatokonyv - Verne Gyula regenye alapjan: Claude Desailly
	Zene: Bert Grund. Operator: Kende Janos. Rendezte: Jean Pierre
	Szereplok: Bujtor Istvan, Simon-Claude Giraud,Giuseppe Pambieri
	Sa'rka'ny es Zirone elfogtak a Ba'thory grof titkos uzenetet vivo
	postagalambot. Toronta'l Simon ajanlatara Sa'rka'ny konyvelokent
	bejut a Ba'thory-ha'zba, itt megszerzi a titkosiras rostelyat.
	Sa'ndor Ma'tya's a felkelesre szant 2 millio forintot Toronta'l
	bankjaban helyezi el. A penz megszerzesenek remenyeben Toronta'l
	es Sa'rka'ny a titkosiras megfejtese utan feljelenti Sa'ndor
        Matyast, Szathma'ry Istvant es Ba'thory Istvant. A felkeloket a
        birosag	halalra iteli. Sa'ndor Matyas  es Ba'thory Istvan
        megszoknek a bortonbol, Szathma'ry grofnak nem sikerul idoben 
13.45	EUROPA KARACSONYA  I.  /1987./	45'
	- osztrak-nemet-magyar koprodukcio, zenes film -
	Dalok es emlekek a "Csendes ej"-en
	Forgatokonyv: Gu~nter Tolar
	Operator: Peter H.W. Tost, Michael Martin, Volker Schlotterbeck
	Narrator: Josef Meinrad. Rendezte: Hermann Leitner
	Szereplok: Budapesti Operahaz Gyermekkorusa, Be'cs - Mozart
	Sangerknaben, Salzburg-i Gyermekkorus, Komensky Gyermekkorus
	Cseh-Szlovakiabol, Alfred Fredrik Fiukorus Stockholmbol,
	Astrid Lindgren, Giulietta Masina, Michel Piccoli, Peter Ustinov
        es meg sokan masok
	Tiz europai orszagbol a leghiresebb gyermekkorusok karacsonyi
	dalokat enekelnek a vilag minden reszerol.
	Igy Budapest, Szentendre, Becs, Salzburg, Oslo, Amalfi
	/Spanyolorszag/, London, Parizs, Velence, Glasgow, Koln, Praga,
	Amsterdam, Stockholm  legszebb helyszinein enekelnek a gyerekek,
	a Malaren to partjan ho'golyoznak...
	Elmondja: Galko' Balazs, Kari Gyorgyi
	Kozremukodik: Sebestye'n Marta
	Szerkeszto: To~ro~k Erzsebet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Kalman
15.10	Frank Capra sorozat:
	AZ ELET CSODASZEP  /1946./  143'
	- amerikai film -
	Forgatokonyv: Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Frank Capra
	Operator: Joseph Walker, Joseph Biroc. Zene: Dimitri Tiomkin.
        Rendezte: Frank Capra
	Foszerepben: James Stewart, Thomas Mitchell, Lionel Barrymoore,
	Donna Reed 
	Kisvaros Amerikaban - karacsonykor. George Bailey, aki csaladjaert,
        varosaert sok-sok aldozatot hozott, ongyilkossagot kiserel meg.
        Beavatkoznak az egiek, ugymint: Uristen... Atgondoltatjak vele a
17.35	OROSZLA'NSZIVU" FIVE'REK   V./2.   25'
	A vadhegyeken tul
        - sved mesefilm -
	Forgatokonyv: Astrid Lindgren. Zene: Bjorn Isfalt, Lasse Dahlberg
	Operator: Rune Ericson. Rendezte: Olle Hellbom
	Szereplok: Staffan Gotestam, Lars Soderdahl, Allan Edwall,
	Gunn Wallgren, Folke Hjort, Per Oscarsson
	Jonatan es Karl a pasztortuzek es tundermesek volgyeben,
	Nangiolaban talalkoznak ujra. Itt a Cseresznye Volgyben lettek
	ok az oroszlanszivu fiverek. Felpattantak a szelek szarnyara,
	mint valami hopehely, s vagtattak hegyen-volgyon at.
	A hegyeken tulra csak Szofia galambjai repulhettek at.
	Ott ugyanis, a Vadrozsak Volgyeben Tenger uralkodott, s az ottelo
	szegenyeket rabszolgasorsra itelte. Orvar vitte a titkos
	uzeneteket a ket volgy kozott, mignem az ellenseg kezere kerult,
	s bezartak az Oshegyseg barlangjaba.
18.00	HETI HIRMONDO	   60'
	Foszerkeszto: Csa'ky Zoltan
19.00	BE'NI BA'CSI  52'
	Portre Rajeczky Benjaminrol
	Forgatokonyv: Gaa'l Istvan, Radno'ti Katalin
	Rendezo-operator: Gaa'l Istvan
	Gaa'l Istvan mestererol, "testvererol", baratjarol az utolso
	pillanatban keszitett filmet, mely szemelyes hangvetelevel,
	sugarzo egyenisegevel minden lelket megerint. 
19.50	NYOMORULTAK  II.  /1958./  97'
	- fancia-nemet-olasz jatekfilm -
	Forgatokonyv - Victor Hugo regenye alapjan: Rene Barjavel es
	Jean-Paul Le Chanois. Zene: Georges van Parys. Operator: Jacques
        Natteau. Rendezte: Jean-Paul Le  Chanois
	Szereplok: Jean Gabin, Bernard Blier, Daniele Delorme, Bourvil,
	Elfriede Florian, Giani Esposito
	A Jean Valjan gondjaira bizott gyermekbol elokelo megjelenesu,
	szep fiatal lany lesz. Elerkezik 1830. juliusa, Parizsban kitor
	a forradalom. Cosette szerelme , a fiatal forradalmar, Marius is
	a barikadokon harcol. Kozben Javert felugyelo ismet Jean Valjan
        nyomara bukkan...
	Hangverseny Romaban
	Kozremukodik: Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti
	es a Firenzei Maggio Musicale es a Romai Opera Zenekara
	Vezenyel: Zubin Mehta
	A harom nagy tenor elso kozos koncertje, Romaban, a Caracalla
23.35	VERS	  5'
	A'gh Istvan: Varazslat karacsonyfara
	Elmondja: O"ze Aron
23.40	SZOZAT