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+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 12 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

                   NO. 233, 12 DECEMBER 1994

political stalemate following the parliamentary elections on 30
September and 1 October, Slovak Prime Minister-designate Vladimir
Meciar on 11 December signed a coalition agreement with the
extreme-right Slovak National Party and the left-wing Association
of Slovak Workers. Together, the three parties hold 83 seats in
the 150-member parliament. Meciar was ousted twice as prime
minister, most recently in March following a parliamentary
no-confidence vote. Meciar told a 11 December press conference
that his government will pursue integration into Western
structures. Both the SNP and the ASW have expressed doubts about
the value of European integration and NATO membership. But SNP
Chairman Jan Slota argued on 11 December that his party has never
rejected joining NATO and is "interested in Slovakia's integration
into the EU." ASW Chairman Jan Luptak said "one has to distinguish
between the opinions of the [coalition] parties and the government
as a whole." According to Meciar, the new government should be
able to work out its program and draft state budget within one
month of its appointment. He said he wanted to meet with both
Czech Prime Minister Vaclav Klaus as soon as possible to resolve
important bilateral issues and Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn
to resolve disagreements. Jiri Pehe, RFE/RL, Inc.

the preliminary results of Hungary's second free municipal
elections since 1990, independent candidates won 2,573 of the
3,146 mayoral posts, MTI reports on 12 December. They were
followed by the Hungarian Socialist Party (107), the Alliance of
Free Democrats (55), the Alliance of Young Democrats and the
Christian Democratic People's Party (44 each), the Independent
Smallholders' Party (36), and the Hungarian Democratic Forum (23).
Independent candidates won a total of 15,176 local government
mandates, followed by the HSP with 1,614, the AFD (608), and the
AYD (470). Incumbent Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky (AFD) held on to
his office with 66.2 percent of the vote, ahead of the opposition
candidate Janos Latorcai (28.7 percent) and HSP candidate Etele
Barath (26 percent). Opposition candidates won 12 of Budapest's
district mayoralty races, the AFD five, and the HSP four. The
united conservative opposition parties, especially the Young
Democrats, fared better than in the May 1994 parliamentary
elections. Voter turnout was 43 percent. Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL,

meeting of the co-owners of the Paks Nuclear Works Inc. on 9
December, the plant's entire management was replaced, MTI reported
the same day. Laszlo Marothy was appointed board chairman for the
next three years, and Istvan Szabo, Janos Marton, and Zoltan
Szatmary were named board members. Marothy and Szabo have held
leading positions at Paks for decades. The reason for the
dismissal of general manager Erno Petz was not disclosed. Alfred
Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

[As of 12:00 CET]

By Jan Cleave and Penny Morvant
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 13 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RFE/RL Daily Report
                   No. 234, 13 December 1994

index published by the Heritage Foundation in New York on 12
December, the Czech Republic ranks 12th among the world's freest
economies, international agencies report. It is considered freer
than any other postcommunist economy or those of Sweden, Spain,
France, or Italy. Hong Kong and Singapore top the list. The index
ranks 101 economies but omits, for example, the Netherlands,
Norway, and Denmark. It was prepared to help the US government
reform its system of assistance to foreign countries and as a
guide for investors. Of the other postcommunist countries, Estonia
ranks 17th, Slovakia 29th, Hungary 31st, Poland 62nd, and Russia
73rd. -- Jiri Pehe, RFE/RL, Inc.

STRIKES IN HUNGARY. Despite last-minute negotiations between the
government, the Hungarian State Railroads (MAV), and the Railroad
Workers and Engine Drivers unions, Hungary's rail workers launched
a 36-hour strike late on 12 December, MTI and Radio Budapest
reported. Some domestic and international trains are still
running. The workers, who blamed the strike on the government and
the MAV, are demanding a 20 percent wage increase but have been
offered only 9 percent to date. The workers of the High Alloy
Steel Works of Diosgyor are holding a two-hour warning strike on
13 December to protest the government's delay in reorganizing the
county's ferrous metallurgical sector. Talks between employer and
labor officials on raising the national minimum wage ended without
success on 12 December. Three days earlier, the Democratic Union
of Teachers expressed dissatisfaction with the current
negotiations on teachers' wages. It said it would examine the
possibility of a strike by teachers and other public employees. --
Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

Ethnic Minorities Office Chairman Janos Wolfart says that all
Hungary's 13 minorities--with the exception of the
Ukrainians--requested the creation of minority self-governments,
MTI reported on 12 December. Some 660 direct elections for
minorities were held in the 11 December municipal elections, 67
percent of them for the Roma ethnic minority; and 470 minority
self-governments were set up. In addition, five ethnic Germans and
three ethnic Slovaks were elected mayors. Wolfart called the
initiative a success, noting that it also received strong support
from Hungarians living in minority-inhabited areas. -- Alfred
Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

HUNGARIAN-US TRADE. During the first nine months of 1994,
Hungarian exports to the US rose by 19.7 percent, from $252.6
million to $302.6 million, compared with the same period in 1994.
Imports from the US dropped by 18.2 percent, from $423.4 million
to $346.4 million, Hungary's Ministry of Industry and Trade told
MTI on 13 December. Machinery, transportation equipment, and spare
parts accounted for 51 percent of Hungary's imports, while
materials, semi-finished products and spare parts made up 37.3
percent of Hungary's exports to the US. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL,

[As of 1200 CET] 

(Compiled by Jan Cleave and Pete Baumgartner)
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 14 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RFE/RL Daily Report
                   No. 235, 14 December 1994

journalists on 13 December that Slovakia will continue its
pro-Western orientation and that the country's objective to gain
membership in NATO and the European Union will not change. Schenk
stressed the special importance of relations with the Czech
Republic and said that "historical burdens in relations with
Hungary need to be overcome." He pointed out, however, that such
developments depend on concluding a treaty with Hungary. He also
acknowledged that questions related to ethnic minorities and the
Gabcikovo dam project may need to be solved first. Born in 1948,
Schenk received a degree in sociology from Comenius University,
Bratislava, in 1971 and worked as researcher. From 1975 until his
appointment, the new foreign minister taught sociology at Comenius
University. He was named professor in 1994. Schenk has no
first-hand experience in foreign policymaking. -- Jiri Pehe,
RFE/RL, Inc.

HUNGARIAN RAIL STRIKE OVER. A strike by Hungarian railroad workers
that began on 12 December was called off 18 hours later after an
agreement was reached with government and employer
representatives, MTI reported on 13 December. The rail employees
will receive a 10 percent wage increase in 1995, plus a 4 percent
performance premium guaranteed by the management of Hungarian
State Railroads. The rail workers had originally asked for a 20
percent pay hike. The strike is estimated to have cost the
national economy some 1.2 billion forint. -- Alfred Reisch,
RFE/RL, Inc.

Chairman Aladar Horvath told MTI on 13 December that Hungary's
Romas on Sunday elected 264 self-governing bodies, 163 of them in
localities with less than 10,000 inhabitants. These figures
demonstrate the Gypsies' resolve to have a say in determining
their own affairs. At the same time, Horvath expressed the fear
that, owing to insufficient financial resources, the new bodies
would become mere interest groups influenced by the state. --
Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

on 13 December, the leadership of the Alliance of Free Democrats,
a member of Hungary's coalition government, rejected opposition
claims that the AFD's poor showing in the 11 December local
elections proved that the Hungarian political scene was divided
into a socialist, liberal left-wing and a conservative, national
right-wing, MTI reports. The AFD fared considerably better in the
1990 local elections, when it gained a majority of local
government seats in numerous towns and cities. In the December
1994 elections, the AFD's coalition partner, the Hungarian
Socialists, was the party that won the largest number of seats in
the county parliaments and in the Budapest assembly. AFD campaign
chief Balint Magyar argued that there was nothing remarkable about
this, since in 1990 the HSP still had not emerged from its
political isolation. -- Edith Oltay, RFE/RL, Inc.

terms of an accord signed on 13 December, Hungary is to receive
over the next few years another 14.5 million ecu (nearly 2 billion
forint) for environmental protection purposes, MTI announced. This
sum is to be granted within the framework of the EU's PHARE
Program. The EU granted Hungary 25 million ecu in 1990, 10 million
in 1991, and 10 million in 1992 for the same purpose. -- Alfred
Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

[As of 1200 CET] 

(Compiled by Jan Cleave and Pete Baumgartner)
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - RFE/RL Daily Report - 15 December 1994 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

RFE/RL Daily Report
                   No. 236, 15 December 1994

Guard is planning to eliminate its Sopron and Zalaegerszeg
directorates, in western Hungary, by 31 March 1995, Border Guard
Commander Major General Balazs Novaky told the parliament Defense
Committee on 13 December. The reorganization, which will cost 1.6
billion forint, was originally planned to take place on 1
December 1994. But it was postponed last month by the Defense
Committee, which called it "too hasty" and "ill prepared." The
Border Guard's 1995 budget will be 12 billion forint, a 12.5
percent increase over 1994. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

HUNGARIAN FOREIGN TRADE. Bela Kadar, chairman of the parliament
Budget and Finance Committee and former foreign trade minister,
says Hungary must improve trade with the Far East, the Pacific
region, and Australia, MTI reported on 14 December. Hungarian
exports to the EU and EFTA countries rose in 1994 by 28 percent
and 18 percent, respectively, compared with 1993 levels, while
exports to other countries fell from $1 billion to $400
million--accounting for a mere 15 percent of Hungary's total
exports. According to National Bank Deputy Chairman Frigyes
Harshegyi, Hungary's gross foreign debt reached $27 billion and
its net foreign debt $17.8 billion in September 1994. Over the
past five years, foreign capital worth $8.5 billion flowed into
Hungary, 40 percent of which originated from Japan and 10 percent
from the United States. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL, Inc.

visit to Romania, Hungarian Defense Minister Gyorgy Keleti told
the parliament Defense Committee on 13 December that Bucharest
will reduce its armed forces by an additional 42,000 troops in
1995, following a cut of 35,000, MTI reported. The Defense
Ministry is drafting a proposal dealing with bilateral military
cooperation, including joint maneuvers within the framework of
NATO's Partnership for Peace program. -- Alfred Reisch, RFE/RL,

[As of 1200 CET] 

(Compiled by Jan Cleave and Pete Baumgartner)
Copyright 1994, RFE/RL, Inc. All rights reserved.

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+ - VoA - Kozep-Europa gazdasaga (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

type=yearend report
title=94:  East Europe Economy
byline=Barry Wood
voiced at:  12/14  1:35 p.M.

// Reissue as a year end report //

Intro:  Five years after the collapse of communism in Eastern
Europe there are at last solid signs of economic recovery and a
fundamental shift of public assets into the private sector.
V-o-A's Barry Wood surveys the economic performance of Eastern

Text:  In some countries the signs of recovery are unmistakable.
Poland, for the second year in a row, is Europe's fastest growing
major economy -- five percent growth in 1994.

Other economies are also growing.  In the Czech Republic and
Slovakia there has been growth of at least two percent.  The
economy of tiny Slovenia, in the western part of the former
Yugoslavia, has grown nearly four and a half percent.  And in the
Baltics all three economies are growing. (Latvia three percent,
Lithuania one and one-half percent)

Of equal importance is the shift of assets from the public to the
private sector.  The European Bank for reconstruction and
development says in the Czech Republic the process is nearly
complete, with more than 65 percent of big state enterprises now
in the hands of the private sector.  Privatization has been
slower in Poland and Hungary and slower still in Romania and

Vaclav Klaus, the Czech prime minister, launched Czechoslovakia's
big bang (dramatic change) approach to building a market economy
when he was finance minister in 1991.  An impassioned economist
in the conservative tradition, Mr. Klaus presides over Eastern
Europe's most successful economy.  The budget is in surplus,
inflation is the lowest in the region, trade has been reoriented
to the west and the currency is gaining in value.

Mr. Klaus says economic transformation is like surgery.  Some
countries are still in the waiting room, he says, having  not
yet stabilized their economies, freed prices and liberalized
trade.  Others, like the Czech economy, says Mr. Klaus, have
emerged from the operating room.

                        // Klaus act //

         I would say that the Czech Republic has completed that
         stage and entered the post-transformation stage.  Making
         the hospital analogy, the country (the Czech Republic)
         is already in the rehabilitation center of the hospital.
         And in a better moment, already in the fitness center,
         improving its muscles.

                          // End act //

But with the exception of the Czech Republic unemployment in
Eastern Europe, unheard of under communism, has risen to, in some
cases, alarming levels.  Twenty percent are unemployed in
Bulgaria, nearly that many in Romania and Poland and 14 percent
in Slovakia and Slovenia.

Ursula Beyreuter, an economist at Frankfurt's Deutschebank, says
unemployment might be held down if Eastern Europe's trade with
the former Soviet union could be restored.

                       // Beyreuter act //

         I think  not  today,  not  tomorrow, but later on, there
         will be more trade between these countries.  And this
         trade will  not  only be related to gas and oil coming
         from Russia and Turkmenistan, but for other goods where
         the East European countries are uncompetitive on western

                          // End act //

While Eastern European trade with Russia has declined by about 80
percent since 1990, trade with Germany has increased by about the
same percent.  Germany is the major trading partner of Eastern

The eastern countries want membership in western economic
institutions, particularly the European Union.  That issue was
discussed at the European Union summit in Essen, Germany.  And
while the door is open the East Europeans have been told  not to
expect admission before the year 2000.

In the meantime, the transformation continues.  It is strong in
some economies and weak in others.  But for the region as a
whole, the worst of the transformation recession is over.


14-Dec-94 3:33 pm est (2033 utc)

source: Voice of America

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+ - Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affair - Newsletter (Dece (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
551/1994.                                       Budapest, December 13, 1994

Hungarian Newspapers on Local Elections

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Monday's Hungarian newspapers  give
wide coverage to the local elections held on Sunday and their preliminary
results. All the papers emphasize the calm atmosphere in which voting took
place and the relatively high turnout of 42 per cent. This is slightly lower
than the turnout in the 1990 parliamentary elections, but higher than that in
the second round of those elections.

        "Nepszabadsag's" political commentator says," On the basis of the
data so far, the Hungarian Socialist Party (HSP) has done as well as it did in
the General Elections in May 1994. The Socialists did well in towns, in the
county assemblies and in the capital and its districts . This was underlined
by both HSP deputy chairman Imre Szekeres in his statement on Monday
morning and by former Prime Minister Peter Boross, who said it wasn't
surprising that the HSP had maintained its position because too little time
had elapsed since the General Elections for there to have been any change.

        The Alliance of Free Democrats (AFD) also did well as regards the
number of seats won in county and Budapest local governments, finishing
second behind the Socialists, "Nepszabadsag" continues. Gabor Demszky's
confident victory in the race to be mayor of Budapest was an especially fine
achievement for the Free Democrats, which they see as important also for
their role in national politics.

        Asked by "Nepszabadsag" what effect he thought the increase in
support for his party in the local elections might have, AFD's Deputy Prime
Minister Gabor Kuncze said if the popularity of the HSP and the AFD are
tending to converge, this may have a stabilizing effect on the whole of
Hungary's public life.

* * *

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - As to the opposition parties,
"Nepszabadsag" says that the alliances they formed - most often between
the Hungarian Democratic Forum (HDF), the Christian Democratic People's
Party (CDPP) and the Federation of Young Democrats (FYD) - were
successful in several places. Opposition leaders stress they have gained
ground, and support for them is growing. Preliminary results show the
Independent Smallholders Party (ISP) and the CDPP did better than in the
May General Elections. The slump of the FYD seems to be over; and the
spectacular decline of the HDF has ceased for the time being.

        The "Nepszabadsag" commentator notes: the ruling coalition - as its
conservative predecessor had to - has to reckon with the fact that some
local governments will be the main base for local politics, and possibly for
the Opposition.

        According to "Magyar Nemzet", Sunday's local elections reflected
more balanced political power relations and all the various party alliances
did well.

        "Magyar Hirlap" emphasizes the successful performance of
independent candidates for mayor at the local elections. As in the 1990
municipal elections, independent candidates competed throughout the
country, except in Budapest. As regards the performance of the political
parties, it seems certain that the HSP has not repeated the landslide victory
it had in May. Support for the various parties has become more equally
spread, within the coalition as well. There was no clear winner or loser in
yesterday's elections. The political picture has become more complicated,
and the local authorities are likely to have more difficulties in making
decisions. There will be more arguments, but perhaps the different political
parties will learn to cooperate with one another at a local level. "The
palette is now more varied - and this is good," "Magyar Hirlap" says.

Local Elections - Results based on an analysis of 93.29-pct of votes

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Sunday's local elections have brought
a landslide victory to independent candidates. They have won a total of
15,176 seats, and 2,573 independent candidates have been elected mayor.

        According to data based on a computer analysis of 93.29 per cent of
the votes cast, the HSP has come second with 1,614 seats, including 107
candidates elected mayor. The AFD has come third with 608 seats (of which
55 are for the post of mayor).

        The other parties finished as follows:

                4th: FYD - 470 (total number of seats), 44 (posts of mayor)
                5th: ISP - 458, 36
                6th: CDPP - 428, 44
                7th: HDF - 240, 25
                8th: HSP/AFD - 177, 21
                9th: HDF/ISP/CDPP/FYD - 177, 18
                10th: FYD/CDPP/HDF - 171, 8
                11th: CDPP/HDF/ISP - 165, 16
                12th: HSWP: 134, 6
                13th: HDF/CDPP - 102, 3
                14th: Agrarian Alliance - 67, 9
                15th: ISP/CDPP - 55, 5
                16th: HDF/CDPP/ISP/HJLP - 43, 4
                17th: ISP/ HJLP - 40, 0
                18th: AFD/HDF/CDPP/FYD - 24, 5
                19th: AFD/FYD - 22, 5
                20th: HDF/ISP/Democratic Smallholders Party/CDPP - 20, 1

        A further 10 organizations have gained 10 seats or more.

Hungarian Parliament Commemorates Late Prime Minister

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - At its plenary session on Monday, the
Hungarian Parliament remembered the late Jozsef Antall, the first prime
minister of the newly-democratic Hungary.

        Recalling the historic merits of Antall, who died on December 12,
1993, Ivan Szabo, leader of the Hungarian Democratic Forum's parliamentary
group, said that he had put all his energy into the service of the nation. He
had made a double commitment that of being a Hungarian and a democrat.

        Parliament President Zoltan Gal pointed out that Antall's outstanding
personality and the work he did have been instrumental in building a new,
democratic society in Hungary. This is recognized by everybody regardless
of party affiliation, he said.

        Following this, Gal underlined the importance of Sunday's local
elections, which had provided additional evidence that Hungarian
democracy is stable and viable.

        During the session, the members of parliament - with the exception of
the Young Democrats and the Smallholders - passed the bill on the
implementation of Hungary's 1993 central budget. Last year's budget closed
with a deficit of HUF 199.666 billion, which is the difference between revenue
of HUF 1,266.51 billion and expenditure of HUF 1,466.218. The Appropriation
Accounts also provided for financing the deficit through the issue of long-
term government bonds worth HUF 73.56 billion and increasing the stock of
treasury bonds by HUF 126.106 billion.

Leading Minorities Official Leaves for Romania

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Csaba Tabajdi, parliamentary State
Secretary at the Prime Minister's Office responsible for Hungary's national
minorities and ethnic Hungarians abroad, is to lead a delegation to Romania
from December 12-15, at the invitation of the Romanian government and the
Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania.
        His secretariat said the state secretary would be received by
Romanian Senate President Oliviu Gherman and Foreign Minister Theodor
Melescanu in Bucharest.

        The Hungarian delegation, which includes titular State Secretary
Laszlo Labody, President of the Agency for Hungarians living outside
Hungary, will hold discussions with General Cabinet Secretary Viorel
Hrebenciuc, President of the Council of National Minorities, and leading
officials at the Foreign Ministry.

        On December 14 in Timisoara, the delegation will meet senior
representatives of the Democratic Organization of Hungarians in Romania,
and attend an international conference, entitled "Eastern and Central Europe
after 1989", at the invitation of Oradea Bishop Laszlo Tokes.

No Agreement: 36-Hour Rail Strike at 10 p.m. Tonight

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Railwaymen will go on strike from 10
p.m. Monday to 10 a.m. Wednesday.

        Several compromises were reached at talks conducted by union
representatives, Hungarian State Railways executives and transport
administrators, but the parties did not sign the documents.

        Under the prepared draft agreement that was not signed, the
minimum wage next year would have been HUF 12,500, with an average six
per cent basic wage increase guaranteed by the government.

        Representatives of the trade unions requested a further 4 per cent
wage increase payable as performance bonus, but neither the State Railways
nor the government underwrote a guarantee.

        The passenger freight department of the Hungarian State Railways
said in connection with the strike that:

        The Dacia international express train was to run between Bucharest
and Budapest Eastern Railway Station, but would not run between Budapest
Eastern Railway station and Vienna.

        Information is available from the Hungarian State Railways on
international travel: 342-9150, 322-4052.

Parliament Endorses Principal Figures in Budget

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Parliament Monday afternoon
accepted the principal figures specified in next year's budget.

        184 MPs voted yes, 21 voted no, and 9 abstained.

        Accordingly the planned deficit of the central budget will total HUF
282,645 billion forints.

        Both the principal figures for spending and income increased by HUF
4.7 billion through amendments, and the deficit has turned out to be HUF 50
million forints less than originally planned.

Memorandum Presented to EU ambassadors

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs on
Monday gave ambassadors of the European Union to Budapest a
memorandum, summing up initiatives that Prime Minister Gyula Horn
submitted to the Essen summit conference of the European Union.

        The memorandum marks in detail the areas in which Hungary wishes
to develop strategic cooperation with the European Union.

        On the topic of domestic preparation Budapest proposes that the
mandate of the Association Council be extended to preparing for would-be
accession. It also serves rapprochement that Hungary seeks to consult the
European Union on its medium term economic modernization programme.

        Budapest also wants to work out a legal harmonization working
schedule in line with the Essen white book.

        Providing adequate information to the Hungarian general public and
preparing it for future integration would also form part of internal

        Yet another group of topics regulates Hungary's requirements for
support. For instance Hungary needs assistance from the EU for economic

        Budapest also intends to open negotiations with the EU on ways of
linking up with the Trans-European transportation, energy, environmental
protection, and various communications networks.

        A separate clause deals with ways international financial institutions
could take part in financing claims for support.
        Coordinating farm policy and a regular survey on the efficiency of the
PHARE programme are also in the package of proposals.

        On regional cooperation the memo mentions the European pact on
stability, the fundamental treaties and the expansion of the Central European
Free Trade Association.

        Hungarian diplomats presented to European partners a two-year
'menu' of cooperation with the memorandum.

Hungary Gives CSCE (OSCE) Officials Extra Status

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Parliament on Monday afternoon
passed a bill, without a vote against or abstention, extending diplomatic
privileges, exemptions and easing measures to the institutions, officials and
employees of the Conference on Security an Cooperation in Europe and
subsequently to the OSCE, as well as to the representatives of the
participating states.

        In explaining the bill, Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs recalled that
with the cessation of the bipolar world order, the nature of the CSCE has
transformed, and has become more of an international organization.

        This institutionalization is expressed in the change of the name of
CSCE: from January 1, 1995, it will continue work under the name of
Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe.

        The minister said Hungary would hold the post of chairman of the
CSCE for a year.

Some International and Domestic Trains Run During Rail Strike

        Budapest, December 12 (MTI) - Several international trains will run
from Budapest's Eastern Station during the 36-hour rail strike, starting at 10
p.m. tonight, the Budapest Directorate of the Hungarian State Railways told
MTI today.

        Balkan Express will run toward Istanbul and Dacia express via

        Drava international fast train will run between Eastern Railway station

and Venice, Italy Hungaria Eurocity toward Hamburg.

        The international Eurocity train Ferenc Liszt for Dortmund.

        Polonia Intercity Train will run between the Eastern Station and

        Tisza Express for Moscow.

        Venezia express will run from Budapest Eastern Station for Venice.

        Wiener-Walzer for Dortmund.

        Within Hungary some domestic trains will be in service, but more
        sporadically than usual. Some examples:

        A total of eight trains on the Budapest-Komarom-Gyor-Hegyeshalom-
Rajka line, four trains on the Budapest-Esztergom line, four trains on the
Esztergom-Komarom line from Monday 22 hours to Wednesday 10 a.m., four
trains in the Gyor-Celdomolk line. Five trains will run during the strike on
Budapest-Szombathely, six trains on the Budapest-Pecs line, eight lines
between Budapest and Pusztaszabolcs, four trains on the Budapest-
Nagykanizsa line during the strike. Four trains will run between
Pusztaszabolcs-Dunaujvaros, Pusztaszabolcs-Szekesfehervar, Sarbogard
and Szekesfehervar, 10 trains will run between Budapest and Szob, 10 trains
between Budapest-Miskolc and on Budapest-Debrecen-Nyiregyhaza-Zahony
lines each. Four trains will run between Budapest and Somoskoujfalu and
Hatvan and Szolnok.

        12 trains on the Budapest-Ujszasz-Szolnok line, and eight trains
between Budapest and Szeged, seven trains on the Budapest-Szolnok-
Bekescsaba and Lokoshaza line, six trains on the Budapest-Lajosmizse-
Kecskemet line, and four trains between Szolnok-Kiskunfelegyhaza. A
further nine trains will run on the Budapest-Kunszentmiklos-Tas-Kelebia

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
Alapitvany tamogatja.

           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*][*]    [*][*][*]
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]
           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

Reposting is supported by Hungarian Human Rights Foundation News
and Information Service.

+ - Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affair - Newsletter (Dece (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

N  E  W  S  L  E  T  T  E  R

Republic of Hungary                             Budapest, 1394 . 423
Ministry of Foreign Affairs                     Telephone:36(1)156-8000
Press Department                                        Telefax: 36(1) 156-3801
550/1994.                                       Budapest, December 12, 1994

Hungarian Press Review

        Budapest, December 9 (MTI) - Nepszabadsag - The State Property
Agency and the State Holding Company, respectively, committed a series of
breaches against their own regulations when preparing privatization-related
decisions, Minister of the Interior Gabor Kuncze said in an interview. The
documents of some business deals have simply vanished. The committee
examining cases of possible misuse of privatization documents plans to
reveal the results to the public when the investigation is over. (page 11)

        Magyar Nemzet - Ivan Peto, chairman of the minor partner in the
governing coalition (Alliance of Free Democrats) does not welcome Prime
Minister Gyula Horn's plans on changes to the present set-up of the
government. In his view, the people's trust in the government should be
strengthened before the local elections. Peto is quoted by the paper as
saying that the changes will not effect the ministries presided over by Free
Democrats. (page 7)

        Magyar Hirlap - This year Hungary's net foreign debts have risen to
USD 2 billion, and the internal debts have also swelled. The paper quotes
Tibor Draskovics, state secretary of finance, as saying that the government
will be able to slow down the pace of the accumulation of debts, but will not
be able to stop the process. (page 1)

        Nepszava - The Paks Nuclear Plant will buy used but still utilizable
fuel from Germany. The extra fuel is needed because the plant, which
provides half of the energy consumed in Hungary, must not take the risk of
being closed down if any problem occurred to the Russian fuel supply, the
chief physicist of the plant told the paper. (page 3)

        Uj Magyarorszag - Transylvanian Hungarians view the issue of the
Hungarian-Romanian basic treaty with mixed feelings of fear and hope.
Chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Forum Lajos Fur, who recently
returned from Romania, said the situation of the Hungarian minority had
worsened over the past few months. (page 4)

        Kurir - Bernie Ecclestone, the omnipotent lord of Formula 1
championships, has not given up the idea of organizing a Grand Prix in
Hungary in 1995. Senior representatives of the Hungarian auto sport briefed
the paper on their recent meeting with Ecclestone in London. (page 21)

Goncz and Gyarmati on CSCE Summit

        Budapest, December 9 (MTI) - Hungarian President Arpad Goncz on
Friday received the participants of the University Network's Budapest forum.

        The University Network was set up in 1993 with the aim of member
higher educational institutions contributing to the resolution of various
social problems with their own means. The federation now has 90 members,
including Yale, Harvard, Sorbonne, Oxford and Cambridge universities.

        The Network holds a forum every two years, parallel to the CSCE
Summit, with students, professors, and invited business leaders analyzing
the topics on the agenda of the CSCE Summit.

        Participants of the Budapest forum were first welcomed by
Ambassador Istvan Gyarmati, who headed the Hungarian delegation to the
CSCE Summit. He said a number of articles had evaluated the Budapest
summit as a failure, for reasons including the fact that a declaration on the
Bosnian situation was not approved.

        As against this, Gyarmati said the summit reflects the current state of

international institutions, and is the most the international community is
capable of today. Other views consider it a failure that the United States and
Russia engaged in an argument over the enlargement of NATO and the
future of Europe. However, Gyarmati said a result is that these viewpoint
differences were able to clash freely and publicly.

        A result of the documents was that participants could set down how
they conceive of, and how they wish to shape the future of Europe. The most
important message is that the participants of the European summit do not
wish the continent to be divided again, but instead hope for security and
cooperation for all.

* * *

        Budapest, December 9 (MTI) - Speaking to the participants, President
Goncz said the greater part of the international press voiced disappointment
in the CSCE Summit, as the meeting of heads of state and government did
not approve the declaration on Bosnia.

        This personally affected the Hungarian president, who chaired the
closing plenary session. Goncz said many people have since asked him if he
considers this the greatest failure of his political career, to which he firmly
replies with "No". He said he is convinced that the CSCE Summit provided
new experiences for all. Contrary to the usual diplomatic form, participants
had the opportunity for live debating.

        Surprising as it may seem, the result in Budapest regarding Bosnia is
still better than if participants had approved a document full of promises that
cannot be fulfilled, the president said.

        President Goncz also listed among the accomplishments the fact that
the Budapest summit played a major role in the further institutional
development of the CSCE. The closing political document, entitled "Towards
a Genuine Partnership in a New Era" is a compromise summary of the
current situation, which, while setting down the results of the CSCE so far,
also designates the future trends.

Gross Debt Stock Totals USD 27 Billion - NBH Vice-Presidents

        Budapest, December 10 (MTI) - Hungary's gross debt stock totals USD
27 billion. The value of the net debt of the National Bank of Hungary (NBH)
and the government was nearly USD 15 billion in August, 1994. This means
that, as compared to 1990, the net debt stock declined by USD 1.5 billion.

        The above figures were quoted by NBH Vice-President Frigyes
Harshegyi at the Saturday session of Hungarian Parliament's Economic

        The Committee heard Sandor Czirjak and Frigyes Harshegyi, the two
NBH vice-presidents whose mandates have expired, and whose mandates
the Prime Minister has proposed to prolong.

        The committee approved the proposal.

        There is no decision as to who will succeed NBH President Peter
Akos Bod, who resigned a few days ago.

        Harshegyi, who is mainly engaged in coordinating the NBH's activity
on the international capital markets, said that a significant part of the NBH"s
debt today no longer originates from loans, but is embodied in bonds
distributed on nine stock exchanges in the world.

        He stressed that Hungarian economy has, in effect, become self-
financing, as the deficit of the current payments balance in 1993 was almost
fully counterbalanced by the influx of working capital and the direct raising
of foreign loans by companies.

        The country's net credit demand in 1995 will be USD 1-1.5 billion, but
the raising of credits could even be avoided if that would be unfavourable in
view of the development of market relations, as the country's reserves
currently total USD 7.2 billion.

* * *

        Budapest, December 10 (MTI) - Sandor Czirjak, the vice-president in
charge of monetary and financial policy and relations with the International
Monetary Fund, said that if the budget forecasts are met next year, the
central bank will have to handle the influx of nearly USD 4 billion in foreign

        Apart from the NBH, major foreign currency amounts arrive in the
country through the raising of foreign loans directly by corporate and
commercial banks.

        Apart from this, the activity of foreign firms in Hungary is also
accompanied by major direct foreign currency influx, which today is around
USD 100 million a month.

        Hungarian President Arpad Goncz has, on the proposal of the Prime
Minister, appointed Sandor Czirjak and Frigyes Harshegyi Vice-Presidents of
the National Bank of Hungary, with effect from December 10, 1994, for a
three-year mandate.

Essen Summit - Hungarian Prime Minister's Press Conference

        Budapest, December 10 (MTI) - The decisions reached at the Essen
summit of the European Union regarding the Central and Eastern European
region accord to Hungary's expectations and demands, Hungarian Prime
Minister Gyula Horn said at his press conference in Essen on Saturday.

        Following the meeting between leaders of the European Union's
member states and six Eastern European associate countries on Saturday,
Horn said this was the first time that a conference was held by such a group,
and the coming about of this meeting is highly important from the point of
view of further integration of the Union and the associates, which has
become irreversible by now.

        During the meeting with leaders of the EU member states, the
Hungarian Prime Minister said Hungary understands the internal problems
and debates of the Union, therefore it does not table unrealizable demands.

        The countries of the Central and Eastern European region can now,
with the strategic resolution preparing the eventual membership of the
associates, join all three major pillars of the Union, namely the foreign and
security policy, the home policy and justice decision-making processes,
alongside the economic community.

        A meeting between leaders of the EU member states and the
associate countries will be held every year, in the framework of expanding

        Horn moved to expand the authority of the Associate Council, and for
the body to act as the preparatory body for future membership.

        The Prime Minister informed summit participants that, as one of the
most important steps in the course of preparations for membership,
Hungary will compile an economic modernization programme by early next
year, which it wishes to coordinate with EU officials.

        Horn said Hungary requires assistance and support for its
restructuring programme. He asked for the Union to encourage its financial
institutions in ensuring this support.

* * *

        Budapest, December 10 (MTI) - In answer to MTI's question, Prime
Minister Horn said talks are still in progress about the ECU 2 billion
restructuring loan requested by the Hungarian government.

        Horn welcomed the fact that the proportion of sums that can be spent
on investments had been raised from 15 to 25 per cent within the PHARE
programme, which aims at assisting the East European countries.

        He proposed that the PHARE fund also be available for research and
development goals.

        Horn called for talks about how the Eastern European associate
states can join the European Union's infrastructural development

        The Prime Minister considered it extremely important to have the so-
called White Paper containing the preconditions of membership be worked
out by next spring. He moved to evaluate the fulfillment of the membership
requirements every six months.

        Horn said that in agreement with the European Union, the Hungarian
government considers it an important condition of membership to have
good neighbourly relations between the six associate countries. "It is in the
interest of all of us to have the countries of a stable and developing region
strive for membership," he said.
        The Hungarian government therefore considers it important to
conclude basic agreements with the neighbours, and would welcome the
readiness of the European Union to help in these, Horn said.

        In answer to a question, the Prime Minister again rejected the idea of
membership en bloc for the associate states.

        Instead, Horn called for examining the fulfillment of the membership
conditions separately for each and every country.

        "Why would Hungary wait for others, as our chances of being the first
to fulfill the membership requirements are quite good, perhaps the best," the
Prime Minister said.

AFD's Gabor Demszky Elected Mayor of Budapest - Gallup Survey

        Budapest, December 11 (MTI) - According to the prediction of the
Hungarian Gallup Institute, the candidate of the Alliance of Free Democrats
(AFD), Gabor Demszky, was re-elected Mayor of Budapest, winning 38 per
cent of the votes cast.

        Etele Barath of the Hungarian Socialist Party (HSP) came in second
with 29 per cent, third is Janos Latorcai, the joint candidate of the Christian
Democratic People's Party (CDPP), the Federation of Young Democrats
(FYD) and the Hungarian Democratic Forum (HDF), with 26 per cent.

        Janos Szabo of the Independent Smallholders' Party (ISP) won 4 per
cent, Pal Kollat of the Workers' Party 2 per cent, and Gyorgy Magyar of the
Republic Party 1 per cent.

        The predicted final result for the Metropolitan General Assembly
according to party lists is as follows:

1. Hungarian Socialist Party                                          34 per ce
2. Alliance of Free Democrats                                         28
3. HDF-CDPP-FYD                                                       27
4. ISP-Hungarian Justice and Life Party                               7
5-6. Republic Party-Agrarian Federation-Entrepreneurs' Party    2 per cent
Workers' Party                                                        2 per cen

        Based on these predictions, the HSP will have 23, the AFD 19, the
HDF-CDPP-FYD 19, the Independent Smallholders-Hungarian Justice and
Life Party 5 mandates in the 66-member Metropolitan General Assembly.

        Staff of the Hungarian Gallup Institute carried out exit polls at the
Budapest voting stations, and questioned 30,625 voters. The prediction is
based on their answers.

Hungarian Prime Minister to Visit Germany on December 19

        Budapest, December 11 (MTI) - Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn
is to hold talks with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Bonn on December
19, following his visit to Munich.

        In answer to MTI's question, diplomatic sources in Bonn confirmed
that the Hungarian Prime Minister will first hold talks during the morning
hours of December 19 with Bavarian Prime Minister Edmund Stoiber in
Munich, and will travel to Bonn in the afternoon, to discuss bilateral
cooperation with Chancellor Kohl.

        Horn visited Bonn in July, immediately after his election as Prime
Minister, and held talks with the German Chancellor.

Local Elections - Demszky Offers Coalition to Socialists

        Budapest, December 11 (MTI) - "If, based on the election result, the
Alliance of Free Democrats will be able to appoint the Mayor of Budapest,
then it will, in the next few days, propose a coalition with the Hungarian
Socialist Party," the AFD's Budapest Mayor candidate, Gabor Demszky, said
on Sunday evening in the AFD headquarters, in answer to questions by

        Demszky added that the AFD would also provide a programme
alongside its offer: the professional programme for the capital, put together
with work over the last 18 months.

        "However, we do not consider the Hungarian Socialist Party as the
only possible partner," Demszky added.

        Demszky said that bargaining can be possible both about the
programme and certain issues related to power, and talks can also be
possible as regards the persons of the deputy mayors and committee
chairmen, which are issues for later talks and agreement.

        As regards the reason for his good election result, Demszky said he
believes this was due to the fact that they did not commit major errors over
the last four years.

A tovabbterjesztest a New York-i szekhelyu Magyar Emberi Jogok
Alapitvany tamogatja.

           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*][*]    [*][*][*]
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]
           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

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and Information Service.

+ - Uj konyvek 94 november II. (utolso) resz (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

UJ KO:NYVEK 1994. november II. re'sz
 A Ko:nyvvila'g c. havonta megjeleno" lap 1994 novemberi sza'ma
  A MOZAIK-ban utolja'ra a Ko:nyvvila'g augusztusi sza'ma'nak
 anyaga't ko:zo:ltu:k.  A Ko:nyvvila'g c. lap 1994 szeptemberi
 e's okto'beri sza'ma'nak anyaga't me'g nem ko:zo:ltu:k.  Ezt a
 ko:zeljo:vo"ben po'tolni igyekszu:nk.
 Disclaimer: az esetleges hiba'ke'rt nem tudunk felelo"sse'get
 --- Ko:nyvvila'g c.lap 1994 november sza'm Uj Ko:nyvek rovat ---
  Rovatunkban - a Ko:nyvta'rella'to' Va'llalat adatba'zisa
  alapja'n - az 1994. szeptember  30-ig megjelent (illetve
  regisztra'lt) mu"vek szerepelnek.
 Zima'nyi Magda
 --------------------------- II. resz --------------------------
 Szo'rakoztato' olvasma'ny (folytata's)
 Amerikai la'nyok
 259 oldal,fu"zve                 374Ft
 Kalandos e's romantikus to:rte'net.
 Fu:ller, Ingrid:
 Becsu:letbeli u:gy
 avagy Mi viszi a no"t ma's fe'rfi karja'ba?
 171 oldal,fu"zve                298 Ft
 Az iro'no" megpro'ba'lja felta'rni a fe'lrele'po" asszonyok indokait.
 223oldal,fu"zve                 348Ft
 A szerelmes rege'nyek kedvelo"inek aja'nljuk.
 Jimenes, Hombre:
 Az angyalok va'rosa
 2.ko:tet: Va'lsa'gban
 246oldal,fu"zve                248Ft
 A Megveszem ezt a no"t cimu" sorozat tova'bb folytato'dik.
 A Sze'l Ta'ncosa
 2.ko:tet: Sze'lvihar
 544oldal,ko:tve                 498Ft
 A  vagyonos  banka'r  e's  a nincstelen arisztokrata mu"ve'szla'ny
 ve'letlen   ismeretse'ge'bo"l   szo:vetse'g   kova'csolo'dik,    hogy
 megoltalmazza'k az a'rtatlanokat.
 Ma'sodik ese'ly a boldogsa'gra 17.
 159 oldal,fu"zve                 154Ft
 Vajon ke'pes-e a ce'ltudatos fiatal no" a boldogsa'got ige'ro" u'j
 ese'ly e'rdeke'ben szembesu:lni egykori do:nte'se
 ko:vetkezme'nyeivel, e's va'llalni o:nmaga't?
 A sivatagi harcos
 261oldal,fu"zve                379Ft
 A kalandot,izgalmat kedvelo" olvaso'knak aja'nlhatjuk.
 410oldal,ko:tve                 448Ft
 Ibrahim, a szege'ny egyiptomi fiu' gyermekkora'to'l kezdve arro'l
 a'lmodozik,hogy egyszer majd hires orvos lesz...
 437oldal,Fu"zve                298 Ft
 Izgalmas e's fordulatokban bo"velkedo" olvasma'ny.
 Lucas, Norman:
 Uj Ve'nusz.
 283 oldal, fu"zve 248 Ft
 Re'szIetesen dokumenta'lt harminc bu"neset olyan fe'rfiakro'l e's
 no"kro"l, akiket aberra'lt szexualita'suk ke'sztetett gyilkolni.
 MacLean, Alistair:
 Az elso" sza'mu' le'giero"
 Lap-ics, Debrecen.
 270 oldal, fu"zve 249 Ft
 Isme't izgalmas ko:nyvet olvashatunk a
 ko:zkedvelt iro'to'l.
 Merle, Robert:
 Ve'dett fe'rfiak
 491 oldal, ko:tve 550 Ft
 Oliver, Jane:
 A fo"no:kno" is tud...
 127 oldal, fu"zve 154 Ft
 Egy szenvede'lyes szerelem rege'nye.
 Peters, Ellis:
 Az elte'vedt holttest
 250 oldal, fu"zve 378 Ft
 A ko:ze'pkori krimi fo"szereplo"je, Cadfael bara't egy csala'rd
 gyilkossa'g nyoma'ra bukkan.  A szerzetes nyomozni kezd, e's
 o:rdo:gi ellenfelek esze'n kell tu'lja'rnia...
 Sandemo, Margit:
 Nyugtalan sziv
 Je'ghegyek ne'pe 12.
 233 oldal, fu"zve 240 Ft
 Villemo't nyugtalan szive vakmero" elhata'roza'sra sarkallja:
 kedvese uta'n ered a sve'dorsza'gi Go:inge erdeibe, ahol az
 irgalmat nem ismero" haramia'k gara'zda'lkodnak...
 Scheffler, Ursel:
 Go:mbvilla'm felu:gyelo"
 Az aranysa'rka'ny
 Egmont Hungary.
 119 oldal, ko:tve 325 Ft
 A felu:gyelo" u'jabb kalandokba keveredve folytatja furfangos
 Scheffler, Ursel:
 Go:mbvilla'm felu:gyelo"
 A ro'zsaszin vizilo'
 Egmont Hungary.
 120 oldal, ko:tve 325 Ft
 Pe'nzhamisita's, cserbenhagya's, rabla's...  Effe'le bonyolult
 u:gyeket kell most megoldania Go:mbvilla'mnak.
 Shaw, Irwin:
 Gazdag ember, szege'ny ember
 Csala'di rege'nyta'r 1.
 622 oldal, ko:tve 800 Ft
 Shaw, Irwin:
 Pe'nz, szerelem, sze'passzonyok
 383 oldal, ko:tve 480 Ft
 Kis- e's nagystilu" csirkefogo'k, csa'bos no"k. ha'borodott vagy
 mosolyogtato' figura'k kavalka'dja a ko:nyv.
 Sternhagen, Kyle:
 Valhalla Pa'holy.
 299 oldal.fu"zve 379 Ft
 Bud Thorpe e'letre szo'lo' trauma't szerez, amikor bara'tno"je apja
 ve'rfu:rdo"t rendez ha'zukban. . .
 Taylor, Martha:
 Szerelmes szivdobbana's
 Lap-ics, Debrecen.
 259 oldal, fu"zve 269 Ft,
 Ke't megsebzett, lelkileg o:sszeto:rt ember tala'lkoza'sa'ro'l e's
 szerelme'ro"l szo'l a rege'ny.
 Wren, Percival Christopher:
 A fekete szire'n
 258 oldal, fu"zve 348 Ft
 Izgalom, kaland, bosszu', szerelem -- ez mind megtala'lhato' a
 Szatira, humor
 Breinholst. Willy:
 Anyu a legjobb a vila'gon!
 119 oldal, fu"zve 195 Ft
 Egy kisgyermek elso" e'lete've't ko:vethetju:k nyomon azzal a
 gyermeki deru"vel e's terme'szetes humorral, ahogy ezt a be'bi
 la'tja e's a'te'li.
 Durrell, Gerald:
 Szama'rfu:les ko:nyvek.
 127 oldal, fu"zve 148 Ft
 Az iro'to'l megszokott humor jellemzi  a kisrege'nyt.
 Fable, Vavyan:
 Valhalla Pa'holy,
 300 oldal, fu"zve 379 Ft
 Burleszk, paro'dia, karikatu'ra e's kalandrege'ny egy ko:tetben.
 Kipling, Rudyard:
 Ha'rom ko'pe'
 235 oldal, fu"zve 284 Ft
 A rege'ny ifjaknak, felno"tteknek egyara'nt szo'rakoztato',
 humoros e's lebilincselo" olvasma'ny.
 Moldova Gyo:rgy:
 A kalo'zok szereto"je
 Dunakanyar 2000, Szentendre.
 200 oldal, Fu"zve 398 Ft
 Az iro' u'j humoreszkjei, szomoreszkjei e's nyomoreszkjei az
 uto'bbi e'vek to:rte'nelmi tu:kre.
 Nagy Lajos:
 Ke'ptelen terme'szetrajz
 Szama'rfu:les ko:nyvek:
 112oldal,fu"zve                 148 Ft
 Saja'tos humorral e's kifogyhatatlan nyelvi leleme'nnyel va'zol
 fel egy-egy "a'llati portre't'.
 Fantasztikus ko:nyvek
 A dosadi kise'rtet
 Valhalla Pa'holy.
 443oldal,fu"zve                 389Ft
 Egy ta'voli,elszigetelt bolygo' lako'it e'hinse'gek, ha'boru'k
 pusztitja'k, de mo'dot tala'lnak ra', hogy bosszu't a'lljanak...
 Ace'l e's oroszla'n
 Valhalla Pa'holy.
 330oldal,fu"zve                  369Ft
 A ko:nyv a '90-es e'vek fantasyje.
 Thompson,Paul B.:
 Tu:ske e's Tu"
 268 oldal,fu"zve                 299Ft
 Eredeti fantasy rege'ny.
 Horva'th Ka'roly:
 Csu'folo'k a Kerka mente'n
 Szerzo"i kiada's,Zalaegerszeg.
 62oldal,fu"zve                   250Ft
 Horva'th Ka'roly:
 Vo"fe'lyko:nyv Zala'bo'l  e's Mura-vide'kro"l
 Szerzo"i kiada's,Zalaegerszeg.
 88 oldal,fu"zve                 415Ft
 Lakodalmi versek, rigmusok, ko:szo:nto"k, hujjogato'k.
 Szemerke'nyi A'gnes:
 "Ko:zmonda's nem hazug szo'la's"
 A proverbiumok haszna'lata'nak  leheto"se'gei
 Ne'prajzi tanulma'nyok.
 202oldal fu"zve                  253Ft
 Ifju'sa'gi irodalom
 149oldal,fu"zve                 160Ft
 Egy amerikai iskola'sla'ny he'tko:znapjai.
 Ga'lik Pe'ter:
 Dia'k Murphy, avagy A proble'ma'k kezdete
 nem esik egybe a felno"ttkor kezdete'vel
 Szama'rfu:les ko:nyvek.
 111oldal,fu"zve            148Ft
 Ha tiszta'ban vagyunk a murpholo'gia
 to:rve'nyszeru"se'geivel,ko:nnyedebben e'lhetju:k az e'letet.
 A puszta'k vadvila'ga
 32oldal,fu"zve             198Ft
 A vila'g pampa'in e's szavanna'in  e'lo" a'llatok e's
 no:ve'nyek e'lete't e's viselkede'se't ismerteti.
 Laki llona:
 Fo:ldrajzi album
 95oldal,fu"zve             468Ft
 Milne, Alan Alexander:
 Hate'vesek lettu:nk - Now we are six
 143oldal,fu"zve            238Ft
 Milne,Alan Alexander:
 Micimacko' - Micimacko' kucko'ja
 292oldal,fu"zve            348Ft
 A ke't mese Karinthy Frigyes ragyogo' fordita'sa'ban, E.H.Shepard
 rajzaival jelenik meg u'jra.
 Minden napra egy ke'rde's
 103oldal,ko:tve            448Ft
 A ko:tet hasznos ismeretbo"vito"  forra's a gyerekeknek,e's
 kiva'lo' sege'danyag az a'ltala'nos iskola'sok sza'ma'ra.
 Mo'ra Ferenc:
 Kincskereso" kisko:dmo:n
 Talentum dia'kko:nyvta'r.
 141oldal,fu"zve            138Ft
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k
 95oldal,ko:tve             625Ft
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 95oldal,ko:tve             625Ft
 A dzsungel ko:nyve
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 96oldal,ko:tve             625Ft
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 96 oldal,ko:tve              575Ft
 Ha'rom mese 2.ko:tet
 Egmont Hungary.
 120oldal,ko:tve               625Ft
 Micimacko' szaka'csko:nyve
 Egmont Hungary.
 45oldal,fu"zve                299Ft
 Ko:nnyen e's szo'rakoztato'an tanulhat nak a gyerekek
 su:tni-fo"zni Micimac ko'val e's vida'm bara'taival.
 Mickey e's az o'ria'sok
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 91oldal,ko:tve                299Ft
 Robin Hood
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 95oldal,ko:tve                575Ft
 Susi e's Tekergo"
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 95oldal,ko:tve                625Ft
 101 kiskutya
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 95oldal,ko:tve                625Ft
 A Sze'pse'g e's a Szo:rnyeteg
 Egmont Hungary.
 Klasszikus mese'k.
 96oldal,ko:tve                625Ft
 Tala'nyok,forte'lyok,te'nyek ko:nyve
 Egmont Hungary.
 157oldal,fu"zve               349Ft
 Tiki,Niki e's Viki fantasztikus tippekkel e's tru:kko:kkel
 szolga'l a gyerekeknek.
 A Grimm testve'rek legszebb mese'i
 Egmont Hungary.
 164oldal,ko:tve               575Ft
 A Grimm testve'rek legkedveltebb 15 mese'je't tartalmazza.
 Grund,Josef Carl:
 A mano'falvi mano'k kalandjai
 Napsuga'r Kft.
 128oldal,ko:tve               598Ft
 Gya'rfa's Endre:
 32oldal,ko:tve                438Ft
 Gyermekverseket, mondo'ka'kat tartalmaz.
 Ismerkede's az a'llatokkal
 Egmont Hungary.
 77oldal,ko:tve       349Ft
 A falu e's az a'llatkert a'llataival tala'lkozhatnak a gyerekek a
 Legszebb mese'im
 Chevron.- Hemma.
 164oldal,ko:tve      665Ft
 Fe'lsza'z esti mese
 Faluko:nyv-Cicero' Kft.
 93oldal,ko:tve       498Ft
 12 arany mese
 192oldal,ko:tve      999Ft
 Tu'l az o'perencia'n
 Magyar ne'pmese'k
 Fo'rum, Ujvide'k.
 210oldal,ko:tve      350Ft
 Van Gool:
 A ru't kiskacsa
 60 oldal,ko:tve       398Ft
 Nevele's, oktata's
 Felkai La'szlo':
 Magyarorsza'g oktata'su:gye a millennium ko:ru:li e'vekben
 164oldal,fu"zve      220Ft
 Fu:lo:p Zsuzsanna:
 Hid a gyermekvila'gba
 184oldal,fu"zve      275Ft
 Kisgyermekes csala'dok re'sze're ad eligazita'st
 gondoza'si,nevele'si ke'rde'sekben.
 Horva'th Attila:
 Kooperativ technika'k
 OKI lskolafejleszte'si Ko:zpont.
 Alternativ pedago'gia'k e's mo'dszerek 7.
 96oldal,fu"zve       311Ft
 Iskolava'laszta's elo"tt 1995
 490 oldal,fu"zve      359Ft
 Eligazit a szakma'k e's foglalkoza'sok vila'ga'ban,e's teljes
 iskolava'laszta'si kina'latot ad.
 A Veszpre'mi Egyetem Pedago'giai e's Pszicholo'giai Tansze'ke.
 167oldal,fu"zve      330Ft
 Orsza'gos pa'lyava'laszta'si u'tmutato' 1995
 Ko:zgazdasa'gi e's Jogi.
 238 oldal,fu"zve                800Ft
 Szecsko' Ka'roly:
 Somos Lajos
 Magyar pedago'gusok.
 103 oldal,fu"zve                 99Ft
 Somos Lajos munka'ssa'ga't tisztes hely illeti meg a XX.sza'zad
 magyar pedago'giai irodalma'ban.
 Vincze Erzse'bet:
 Waldorf iskola
 Ita Wegman Alapitva'ny.
 44oldal,fu"zve                 164Ft
 A szerzo" egy holland iskola'ban a'te'lt e'lme'nyeiro:l sza'mol be.
 Weszely O:do:n:
 Bevezete's a nevele'studoma'nyba
 A magyar pedago'giai gondolkoda's klasszikusai 1.
 460oldal,fu"zve                440Ft
 Bla'zsovics Jo'zsef:
 Ennyit kell(ene) tudnod matematika'bo'l
 Akkord.- Panem.
 416oldal,fu"zve                350Ft
 Civiliza'cio'k e's valla'sok
 399oldal,fu"zve                682Ft
 Elso"sorban a ko:ze'p- e's felso"foku' oktata'si programok
 re'szvevo"inek aja'nlhato'.
 Fizika: ennyit kell(ene) tudnod
 Akkord.- Panem.
 342oldal,fu"zve                350Ft
 Lantos Ferenc:
 Ke'pekben a vila'g
 Nemzeti Tanko:nyvkiado'.
 202oldal,fu"zve                948Ft
 Az ember vizua'lis teve'kenyse'ge'nek lega'ltala'nosabb alapjait
 mutatja be.
 Ma'ndics Dezso"--Molna'r Katalin:
 Biolo'gia: ezt kell(ene) tudnod
 Akkord.- Panem.
 229oldal,fu"zve                350Ft
 Cs.Nagy Lajos:
 Helyesira'si gyakorlo'ko:nyv
 362oldal,fu"zve                264Ft
 Taka'cs Ga'bor:
 Maga'no'ra'k algebra'bo'l
 Unio' Kiado'.Dia'kko:nyvmu"hely.
 109oldal,fu"zve                198Ft
 A Maga'no'ra'k ko:nyvcsala'd az a'ltala'nos iskola
 terme'szettudoma'nyos tanta'rgyainak tanula'sa'ban siet a szu:lo"k
 e's a dia'kok segitse'ge're.
 Turda Tama'sne':
 Maga'no'ra'k biolo'gia'bo'l
 Unio' Kiado',Dia'kko:nyvmu"hely.
 101oldal,fu"zve                   198Ft
 A magyar nyelv ko:nyve
 623oldal,ko:tve                   990Ft
 O:sszefoglalta mindazt, amit anyanyelvu:nkro"l tudni nemcsak
 ko:telesse'g, hanem gyakorlati haszonnal ja'ro'i szu:kse'ges
 ismeret is.
 O.Nagy Ga'bor:
 Mi fa'n terem?
 Magyar szo'la'smonda'sok eredete
 517oldal,ko:tve                   450Ft
 Ra'cz Endre-Taka'cs Etel:
 Kis magyar nyelvtan
 331oldal,fu"zve                   248Ft
 Szikszaine' Nagy Irma:
 219oldal,fu"zve                   440Ft
 Feldolgozza a stilisztika elme'leti ke'rde'seit e's pe'lda'kat a
 Magyar nagylexikon
 2.ko:tet: And - Bag
 831oldal,ko:tve                  3800Ft
 Budaine' Heller E'va- Kelecse'nyi La'szlo'ne':
 Der Gast ist Ko:nig
 Ne'met nyelvko:nyv a sza'llodaipar e's a vende'gla'ta's sza'ma'ra
 Pro Lingua
 1.ko:tet.87oldal,fu"zve            297Ft
 2.ko:tet.96oldal,fu"zve            363Ft
 De've'ny A'gnes:
 Angolul az iroda'ban
 Ke'ziko:nyv kezdo" ku:lkereskedelmi levelezo"k sza'ma'ra
 Pro Lingua.
 126oldal,fu"zve                   495Ft
 Top secret
 1.ko:tet: Amerikai angolkurzus kezdo"knek e's ko:ze'phalado'knak
 2.ko:tet: Amerikai angolkurzus halado'knak
 SuperLearning BT.
 167,275oldal,fu"zve              3900Ft
 Kova'cs Ja'nos-La'za'r A. Pe'ter-Merrick, Marion:
 Angol nyelvtan lexikon
 875 oldal, ko:tve 1480 Ft
 Angol-magyar kereskedelmi, pe'nzu:gyi e's bankszo'ta'r
 Mu"szaki Fordito' e's Szolga'ltato' Rt.
 180 oldal; fu"zve 600 Ft
 Gyo:rko:sy Alajos:
 Latin-magyar szo'ta'r
 616 oldal, ko:tve 990 Ft
 Magyar-angol ke'pes szo'ta'r
 677,93 oldal, ko:tve 1650 Ft
 Magyar-angol kereskedelmi,  pe'nzu:gyi e's bankszo'ta'r
 Mu"szaki Fordito' e's Szolga'ltato' Rt.
 213 oldal, fu"zve 600 Ft
 Ne'met-magyar ku:lkereskedelmi   szo'ta'r
 1. ko:tet: A-K
 2. ko:tet: L-Z
 Mu"szaki Fordito' e's Szolga'ltato' Rt.
 624 oldal, fu"zve 1600 Ft
 Iparjogve'delmi ke'ziko:nyv
 498 oldal, ko:tve 2500 Ft
 Osborne, David-Gaebler, Ted:
 U'j utak a ko:zigazgata'sban
 341 oldal, ko:tve 3000 Ft
 Fehe'rva'ri Erzse'bet:
 Ko:zgazdasa'gi e's Jogi.
 186 oldal, fu"zve 980 Ft
 Halpern La'szlo':
 A ku:lgazdasa'gi orienta'cio'va'lta's te'nyezo"i e's hata'sai
 Va'llalati adatok elemze'se
 MTA Ko:zgazdtudoma'nyi Inte'zet.
 KTI/IE tanulma'nyok 2.
 153 oldal, fu"zve 495 Ft
 Kereskedelmi ke'ziko:nyv
 Verza'l ko:nyvek.
 413 oldal, fu"zve kb. 1200 Ft
 Officina vila'ge'vko:nyv '94/95
 Officina Nova.
 513 oldal, ko:tve 1495 Ft
 A fo:ld 192 orsza'ga'nak aktua'lis adatai.
 Benko" Tiborne'-Benko" La'szlo'-To'th Bertalan:
 Programozzunk C nyelven!
 554 oldal, fu"zve 1190 Ft
 Clemenz, G. Langer, P.:
 Sza'mito' pe'nzta'rge'p
 100 oldal, fu"zve 484 Ft
 Segitse'get nyu'jt a sza'mito'ge'pek kiskereskedelemben valo'
 Halassy Be'la:
 Az adatba'zisterveze's alapjai e's titkai
 IDG Magyarorsza'gi Lapkiado'.
 379 oldal, fu"zve 1800 Ft
 Inotai La'szlo':
 Egyszeru"en Word
 180 oldal, fu"zve 400 Ft
 La'szlo' Jo'zsef:
 A VGA-ka'rtya programoza'sa Pascal e's Assembly nyelven
 350 oldal, fu"zve 1375 Ft
 Nagy Zolta'n-Winkler Zsuzsanna:
 AmiPro 3.0 for Windows
 151 oldal, fu"zve 1089 Ft
 Pe'tery Kristo'f:
 AutoCAD LT a Windows alatt
 285 oldal, fu"zve 1100 Ft
 Pinte'r Miklo's:
 292 oldal, fu"zve 899 Ft
 Programoza's Borland Pascal 7.0 rendszerben
 659 oldal, fu"zve 1586 Ft
 Sze'kely Vladimir:
 Ke'pkorrekcio', hanganalizis, te'rsza'mita's PC-n
 236 oldal, fu"zve 1258 Ft
 Ha'mori Miklo's:
 Ara'nyok e's tala'nyok
 155oldal,fu"zve                   390Ft
 Bemutatja,hogy a matematika sza'mos a'ga az ara'ny fogalma'ra
 e'pu:l; a terme'szetben e's a mu"ve'szetekben pedig szinte'n
 felfedezheto" ara'nyok a valo'sa'g to:rve'nyeinek engedelmeskednek.
 Tasna'di Pe'ter-Juha'sz Andra's- Horva'th Ga'bor:
 Fizika ko:ru:lo:ttu:nk
 257oldal,fu"zve                   770Ft
 A ko:ze'piskola'ban tanult to:rve'nyek segitse'ge'vel sza'mtalan
 mindennapi jelense'g va'lik e'rtheto"ve'.
 Orvostudoma'ny, egeszse'gu:gy
 Andics La'szlo':
 Alapfoku' e's ko:zu'ti elso"sege'ly
 76oldal,fu"zve                    198Ft
 Betega'pola's otthon
 Gyermek e's felno"tt betegek, valamint ido"skoru'ak gondoza'sa
 174oldal,fu"zve                   560Ft
 Divinyi Tama's:
 Foga'szati implantolo'gia
 Springer Hungarica.
 190oldal,fu"zve                  1290Ft
 Az elso"sege'ly ke'ziko:nyve
 264oldal,fu"zve                   640Ft
 A belgyo'gya'szat alapjai
 Springer Hungarica.
 784oldal,ko:tve                  2900Ft
 Medikusok, rezidensek e's ha'ziorvosok ko:nnyen e's ce'lszeru"en
 haszna'lhatja'k ko'rha'zban, ambulancia'kon vagy a su:rgo"sse'gi
 Jo'zsa La'szlo':
 Ne'vvel jelo:lt szindro'ma'k
 352oldal,ko:tve                   889Ft
 Gyakorlo' e's kutato' orvosoknak, valamint medikusoknak nyu'jt
 Schmidt Pa'l-Szila'gyi Endre:
 Springer Hungarica.
 280oldal,fu"zve             980Ft
 Zolta'n Zso'fia:
 Mit egyen a gyerek?
 255oldal,fu"zve             275Ft
 Ferry, Luc:
 U'j rend: az o:kolo'gia
 305oldal,fu"zve             380Ft
 Azt vizsga'lja, hogy mike'nt kapcsolo'dnak a mai terme'szetve'do"
 zo:ld mozgalmak a mu'lt filozo'fiai a'ramlataihoz.
 Zo:ld ha'lo'zat 1993/94
 Az O:kolo'giai Kultu'ra Fejleszte'se'e'rt Alapitva'ny.
 216oldal,fu"zve             190Ft
 Az o:kolo'giai kultu'ra terjeszte'se're e's fejleszte'se're
 va'llalkozo' szervezetek e's inte'zme'nyek magyarorsza'gi cim-
 Galo' Miklo's-Harangozo' La'szlo'-Szalay Istva'n:
 Na'dbetakarita's nagy teljesitme'nyu" ge'pekkel
 A mezo"gazdasa'g mu"szaki fejleszte'se'nek tudoma'nyos ke'rde'sei 84.
 77oldal,fu"zve              275Ft
 Szodfridt Istva'n:
 Erde'szeti termo"helyismeret-tan
 317oldal,ko:tve             1200Ft
 A tu:relmes elefa'nt
 181oldal,ko:tve             498Ft
 U'jabb egzotikus esetek a vila'g legkiva'lo'bb
 vada'llatgyo'gya'sza'nak praxisa'bo'l.
 Amerika '94
 A 15.labdaru'go'-vila'gbajnoksa'g   kro'nika'ja
 Are'na 2000.- MR Stu'dio':
 231oldal,ko:tve             1298Ft
 Ballantine, Richard- Grand,Richard:
 Mindentudo' bicikliko:nyv
 191oldal,ko:tve             2200Ft
 Az auto'versenyze's ko:nyve
 62 oldal,ko:tve              875Ft
 Kutassi La'szlo':
 A fo"iskolai sportmozgalom egyetemes to:rte'nete
 Nemzeti Tanko:nyvkiado'.
 247oldal,fu"zve              487Ft
 Sportko'dex A-Z
 P&L Grafika.
 672 oldal,fu"zve              612Ft
 Sportegyesu:letek e's sportszervezetek ne'v- e's cimjegyze'ke.
 Ha'zunk ta'ja
 De'zsakertek, apro' vizikertek
 Pesti Szalon--Faluko:nyv-Cicero'.
 68oldal,fu"zve               248Ft
 Ko:nnyen alkalmazhato' o:tletek e's gyakorlati tana'csok minden
 erke'lytulajdonos sza'ma'ra.
 292 oldal,ko:tve              560Ft
 900 kitu"no" receptet tartalmaz.
 Horva'th Ilona:
 402 oldal,fu"zve              399Ft
 Kaltenbach, Marianne:
 Su:te's,fo"ze's mikrohulla'mon
 Uj Ese'ly.
 139oldal,ko:tve              999Ft
 Kinai e'a ta'vol-keleti konyha'k
 Officina Nova.
 Nova szaka'csko:nyvek.
 63oldal,ko:tve               490Ft
 Lajos Mari-Hemzo" Ka'roly:
 99 krumplis e'tel
 33 szines e'telfoto'val
 64oldal,ko:tve               440Ft
 Mere'nyi Ka'roly:
 A he'tve'gi kerte'sz ko:nyve,
 Kerte'szkedju:nk okosan.
 105oldal,fu"zve              360Ft
 F.Nagy Ange'la:
 A csala'd szaka'csko:nyve
 404oldal,fu"zve           380Ft
 Dr.Oetker - hidegta'lak e's bu:fe'k
 109oldal,ko:tve            450Ft
 Dr.Oetker - mikrohulla'mu' szaka'csko:nyv
 159oldal,ko:tve          490Ft
 Pelle Jo'zsefne':
 269oldal,fu"zve            320Ft
 Fogle, Bruce:
 A kutyatarta's nagy ke'ziko:nyve
 Sub Rosa.
 191oldal,ko:tve           1620Ft
 Pe'nzes Bethen:
 Terra'rium hu:llo"knek, ke'te'ltu"eknek, kisemlo:so:knek
 231 oldal,fu"zve           595Ft
 Kutyakozmetika le'pe'sro"l le'pe'sre
 Pesti Szalon.
 Kutyatulajdonosok ke'ziko:nyve.
 115oldal,ko:tve            550Ft
 Szina'k Ja'nos-Veress Istva'n:
 A kutya he'tko:znapjai
 Dunakanyar 2000,Szentendre.
 226oldal,ko:tve            495Ft
 Kutyatarto'k e's -tenye'szto"k ke'ziko:nyve.
 Officina ke'pes vila'gatlasz
 A Fo:ld e's a terme'szet
 Officina Nova.
 376oldal,ko:tve           2970Ft
 31 oldal,fu"zve            198Ft
 Az o:sszes bemutatott minta't ko:nnyen e's
 gyorsan ki lehet va'gni szines papirbo'l.
 Mie'rtek e's hogyanok
 203oldal,fu"zve            320Ft
 Ugy ko:zvetiii a korszeru" alapmu"veltse'get, hogy ko:zben
 egyetlen pillanatra sem va'lik nagyke'pu"ve'.  Egyara'nt alkalmas
 ta'rsasa'gi ja'te'kke'nt, pontoza'sos vete'lkedo"k megszerveze'se're.
 Smith, Bill:
 Star Wars: a szerepja'te'k
 Valhalla Pa'holy.
 179 oldal, ko:tve 999 Ft
 A  ko:nyv idea'lis kezdo" e's halado' ja'te'kosok sza'ma'ra egyara'nt.
 A Zenemu"kiado' kotta'i
 LISZT F.:  Frei Bearbeitungen XII.
   zongora'ra (Sulyok, Mezo") 1834 Ft
 WUNDERLlCH, H.  Introduction und Toccata
   orgona'ra 210 Ft
 A dal mesterei  e'nek zongorakise'rlettel (A'da'm) I.,
   III. ko:tet a' 493 Ft
 BACH, J. S.:  13 ko:nnyu" kis zongoradarab
   (Barto'k) 178 Ft
 BALASSA GY: BERKES K.:  Klarine'tiskola
   I. ko:tet 409 Ft
 CSEPEI T.:  Basszusgita'r iskola
   Modern akkordja'te'k  a gita'ron 282 Ft
 HERRER P.:  Szaxofoniskola 354 Ft
 JOPLIN, S.:  Ragtimes  zongora'ra (Fellegi),
   I. ko:tet 535 Ft
 KURTA'G GY.:  Ja'te'kok,
   IV. ko:tet ke't zongora'ra  e's ne'gy ke'zre 437 Ft
 LISZT F.:  Etu:den
   zongora'ra (Ga'rdonyi, Szele'nyi)  I. ko:tet 1439 Ft
   - Frei Bearbebeitungen VII.
   zongora'ra (Sulyok, Mezo") 1439 Ft
   - Fune'railles  zongora'ra (Sulyok, Mezo") 155 Ft
 MAZAS, F. J.:
   Etudes spe'ciales, op. 36  hegedu"re (Orsza'gh) 282 Ft
   Gita'riskola,   II. ko:tet 354 Ft
   Gita'rgyakorlatok  III. ko:tet 233 Ft
   Va'logatott etu"do:k zongora'ra  (Teo"ke),1. ko:tet 233 Ft
   Va'logatott etu"do:k fuvola'ra
   (Ba'ntai, Kova'cs), II. ko:tet 354 Ft
   Zongoraiskola (Komja'thyne'), I.  ko:tet 437 Ft
  ----------------- II. (utolso) resz vege ---------------