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+ - OMRI Daily Digest - 15 May 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

No. 93, 15 May 1995

14 May demonstrated in front of the parliament building against planned
cuts in child care benefits, Magyar Nemzet reported on 15 May. They also
demanded the resignation of Finance Minister Lajos Bokros. Under an
austerity package drawn up by Bokros, from July 1 the government is to
pay allowances only to the poorest families. At present, all families
are eligible for the benefits. The demonstration was organized by the
National Association of Large Families. Several leading officials who
served at the Welfare Ministry under the previous, conservative
government, including former Welfare Minister Laszlo Surjan,
participated in the demonstration. -- Edith Oltay, OMRI, Inc.

[As of 12:00 CET]

Compiled by Jan Cleave

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+ - CET - 15 May 1995 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Monday, 15 May 1995
Volume 2, Issue 93


  The summit between Russian President Boris Yeltsin and U.S.
  President Bill Clinton left many differences unresolved, such
  as NATO's plans to expand, Moscow's plans to sell nuclear
  technology to Iran, and the Russian military campaign in
  Chechnya.  Clinton, however, had more luck in Ukraine where he
  met a warmer attitude to NATO expansion.  President Leonid
  Kuchma even said he favored "evolutionary" expansion of the
  alliance.  Many of the agreements reached by Kiev and
  Washington focus on defense.  Ukraine was granted some $27
  million in new assistance, $1 million to take part in NATO's
  Partnership for Peace scheme.  Ukrainian troops will conduct
  up to 10 joint military exercises with NATO members this year.
  The first manuevers with U.S. forces are scheduled for later
  this month.  Unlike Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and
  Slovakia, Ukraine does not want to join NATO.   
  Hungarian Defense Minister Gyorgy Keleti wants to meet with his
  Russian counterpart Pavel Grachev to discuss Moscow's concerns
  over Hungary joining NATO.  After meeting top officials at
  NATO headquarters in Brussels, Keleti reiterated that
  Hungary's bid for membership could not be subject to veto by
  Russia.  Grachev had put off the meeting so far due to the
  crisis in Chechnya.  Keleti will push Hungary's bid for NATO
  membership with U.S. officials in Washington next week.


  The U.S. ambassador in Prague said its almost certain the Czech
  Republic will be admitted to the Organization for Economic
  Cooperation and Development this year.  This would make it the
  first post-communist country to join the elite organization of
  the world's richest countries.  Ambassador Adrian Basora said
  the Czech Republic's economic reforms are far ahead of Poland,
  Hungary and Slovakia.  In fact the economy grew 2.7 percent
  last year.  Inflation is also down, 10 percent for 1994, and
  umeployment is low, 2.9 percent for March.  Prime Minister
  Vaclav Klaus said last week however, that the United States
  and Japan have raised objections to Czech membership in the
  OECD.  Western diplomats have said non-European Union mebers
  of the OECD are upset by Czech provisions for investment flows
  favoring EU countries.

  Hungarian Finance Minister Lajos Bokros is defending the
  government's decision to secretly inject $100 million into
  Budapest Bank.  He said the government is willing to lend
  capital to help any state bank with a realistic chance of
  privatisation.  Bokros said the transaction has not affected
  the state budget because the securities have already been
  issued.  Budapest Bank will also have to repay the loan plus
  interest by the end of the year.  He said the December
  decision to give the money was kept secret because it would've
  encouraged speculation in government securities and in
  over-the-counter business in Budapest Bank shares.  Opposition
  parties are protesting the decision saying such a loan is
  unacceptable at a time when the government is cutting social
  welfare.  Bokros was the chairman of Budapest Bank at the time
  of the injection.  Some politicians have since called for his


  By Tom Hoover
  Central European stocks generally fell if they moved at all
  last week.  The bulls stopped running in Budapest and Warsaw's
  waiting for the effects of a currency appreciation.  Most of
  the action was in Prague, but it wasn't what traders had in
  mind.  The PSE hit record lows Tuesday and Friday and foreign
  investors still can't get a good look at the Czech market. CET
  spoke with Nick Wergen at Smith New Court in London who found
  a silver lining that could stop the Czech Republic's market
  free fall.

  Wergen:  The bright spots would probably be the movement of the
  stocks like Tabak which has performed quite strongly.  Another
  bright spot is the fact that the PSE has clearly been making
  indications to be moving towards a three tier exchange by
  September.  An exchange that will be bringing on to the
  markets a great deal of the OTC trading.  That's the sort of
  visibility that is needed in terms of trading to start
  bringing the international investors into the market.  We're
  talking about at the moment roughly 85 percent of the trading
  is off-market OTC trading, that's a big disincentive for
  foreign investment.

  CET:  Why have the heavily capitalized stocks in Prague taken a
  beating this week?

  Wergen:  I think Czech in general has taken a beating.  There's
  little incentive when you compare the valuations of certain
  Czech stocks and their growth outlook to invest compared to
  some of Czech's neighbors.

  CET:  For two weeks now analysts have been predicting the bull
  run would end in Budapest.  Are they gonna be right this week?

  Wergen:  I think they are.  I think the run in Budapest was a
  kneejerk reaction into liquid stocks following the run in
  Poland.  If you look at the stocks that moved it was Gedeon,
  Fotex to begin with, Egis, Pick, before Pick started to set
  back.  Unlike Poland, Hungary doesn't have a bubbling volume
  of domestic activity that can hold up stocks that have been
  pushed up by internationals when that international buying
  stops.  Any stock in Hungary that has sparked fairly heavily
  up I would be wary about over the next week or two.

  CET:  Polish shares gained this week.  When will the
  announcement of the capital gains tax for next year begin to
  show up on the WIG?

  Wergen:  I don't think it's gonna show in the short term.
  Capital gains tax is a cloud on the horizon, but it's fairly
  far off.  In the short term investors are focusing far more
  strongly, and that's domestic and international investors, on
  the revaluation of the zloty from May 16 and from the interest
  rate cuts that should follow on even if they are disappointing
  compared to the initial expectations.

  CET:  Is Poland still the best central European bet for long
  term investment?

  Wergen:  Poland shows some of the clearest growth potential
  though I'd still suggest that the Polish market is beginning
  to look as though its stretched slightly ahead of itself.  I
  wouldn't particularly want to be adding to the market until I
  saw a bit more value in some of the manufacturing stocks.  I
  think it has run ahead of itself and is set perhaps for a
  slight correction.  That being said domestic activity in
  Poland, unlike the other two markets, is keeping the market

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (maj.10) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


from the Daily Bulletin of the Hungarian News Agency MTI
distributed by the Department for Press and International Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hungary

H-1394, Budapest P.O.B. 423.
Telephone: 36 (1) 156-8000
Telefax: 36 (1) 156-3801
No. 91/1995                                                             10 May

VE Day in Moscow - Hungarian President

        Moscow, May 9 (MTI) - Hungarian President Arpad Goncz called for the
creation of a world order that can prevent crises before these lead to war, and
is able to halt them once they erupt in war.
        Speaking to Hungarian journalists working Moscow on Tuesday, the
President summed up his impressions from the London, Paris and Moscow
commemorations that marked the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second
World War.
        Goncz said he hopes the world will never again see the likes of what
ended 50 years ago. He termed it of historical importance that the victory over
fascism laid the foundations of a new world order which "the world has
accepted and professes, albeit not perfectly, and is not always able to
        The President, who participated in the resistance movement, added he
felt it a natural obligation to be present in Moscow. He felt very moved by the
parade of veterans in Red Square, and said it was a beautiful event.
        Goncz said he had exchanged a few words with Russian President
Boris Yeltsin.
        As regards his impressions, he said one cannot differentiate between
the suffering of the winners and losers, "although we are rather inclined to do
so". History will decide the reasons that led to the Second World War, but the
human suffering caused by war is basically the same for all, he said.
        "The soldiers, who were fired upon and were forced to fire back, were
the victims of war, as were the civilians, the children and the old on both
sides," Goncz said.
        In this context, the President said the 50th anniversary of the victory
Europe should serve as the day of reconciliation.

Budapest Commemorates Victory in Europe

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - A commemoration ceremony marking the 50th
anniversary of the conclusion of the Second World War in Europe began with
representatives of the most important religious denominations in Hungary
praying for the victims of the war, at Budapest's Heroes Square on Tuesday.
        On behalf of President Arpad Goncz, titular state secretary Robert Pick

laid a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier on Heroes" Square.
Representing the government at the ceremony were Prime Minister Gyula
Horn, Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs and Justice Minister Pal Vastagh.
        Another commemoration of the victory of the allies 50 years ago was
held today at the Szabadsag Square memorial to the Soviet soldiers who died
in Hungary during W.W.II. A wreath was laid on behalf of the president of the
republic by titular state secretary Robert Pick, and Defence Ministry State
Secretary Istvan Fodor and Interior Ministry State Secretary Gabor Vilagosi
laid wreaths on behalf of the government.

Allied Heroes Commemorated

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - To mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the
Second World War in Europe and the victory of the allies over fascism, a
wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Budaors Street memorial to American
soldiers, in Budapest on Tuesday.
        On behalf of President Arpad Goncz, Brigadier General Janos Reti laid
a wreath on the memorial. A wreath was laid on behalf of the government by
Defence Ministry State Secretary Istvan Fodor and Interior Ministry State
Secretary Gabor Vilagosi. Representatives of the Hungarian Armed Forces
and the U.S. Embassy in Budapest were also present.

        A wreath-laying ceremony was also held today at the cemetery in
Solymar, near Budapest, where Australian, British, Canadian, French, Polish,
South African and New Zealand soldiers are buried, and at the Rakosliget
memorial to Romanian soldiers in Budapest.

Wreath-Laying Ceremony - VE Day

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - A wreath-laying ceremony was held with full
military honours on Tuesday in Solymar, near Budapest, at the joint memorial
of Australian, British, Canadian, French, Polish, South African and New
Zealand soldiers, to mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World
        The wreath of the Hungarian President was placed at the memorial by
Brigadier General Janos Reti. On behalf of the government, a wreath was
placed by the political State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Istvan
on behalf of the Ministry of Defence and the Hungarian Army by the deputy
State Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Laszlo Borsics.
        Wreaths were also placed by the Polish Ambassador to Hungary
Mattcies Kozminski, and Polish Colonel Ladislav Pelcztar, military and air
attache; by Australian Ambassador to Hungary Donald Kingsmill; on behalf of
the Budapest Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
Ireland by counsellor Christopher Prentice and Colonel Howard Stephens,
military and air attache.

Foreign Affairs Spokesman's Briefing

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs will
participate in the meeting of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of
Europe (CE) in Strasbourg on May 11. The ministers plan to discuss questions
concerning the expansion of the CE and related issues. Monitoring of the
fulfilment of the commitments made by the member states and the elaboration
of an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights will
also be on the agenda. The Protocol will contain provisions guaranteeing
individual cultural rights, in particular, for persons belonging to national
minorities. At the request of the Secretary-General of the CE, the Hungarian
foreign minister will deliver one of the two key-note speeches at the
conference, in which he will outline Hungary's position on the expansion of the
organization, foreign affairs spokesman Gabor Szentivanyi told the press on
        Szentivanyi also said that in line with the decision made at the Budape
Summit of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a
seminar on tolerance and related issues will be held in Bucharest May 23-26.
The four main issues to be addressed by the seminar will be "Legal Measures
and Law Enforcement", "Education and Culture", "The Media", and "Local
Authorities and NGOs".
        This month Hungarian observers will visit the MFO peacekeeping
mission on the Sinai peninsular to examine the possibilities for stationing
Hungarian peacekeepers including soldiers and policemen. They will inform
the government of the results of their visit, while Parliament will make the
decision on whether to send a Hungarian unit to the region.
        Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs and State Secretary of Defence Istvan
Fodor will attend a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Western
European Union (WEU) in Lisbon on May 15, 1995. The conference
terminating the six-month-long Portuguese Presidency will center on issues
related to the European common security policy. Hungary, an associate
partner of the WEU, would like to improve the functioning of the organization
and to promote its common foreign and security policies.
        During his two-day visit to Lisbon, the Hungarian foreign minister will

have talks with his Portuguese counterpart, Durao Barroso, on May 16. The
foreign ministers will sign a Hungarian-Portuguese agreement on the
avoidance of double taxation and a protocol on cooperation between the two
ministries. The main objective of the talks will be to secure Portuguese
for Hungary's Euroatlantic integration efforts. The ministers will touch upon
activities of the OSCE chairman-in-office and questions of bilateral relations.
        The Hungarian foreign minister, taking advantage of his visit to Lisbon
will also meet ambassadors of Portuguese-speaking African countries
accredited to Portugal. The aim of the meeting will be to inform the
representatives of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Bissau-Guinea, Sao
Tome e Principe that Hungary, in spite of having been forced to close its
embassies in the region, is interested in developing relations with those
        At the invitation of Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Morocco
Abdellatif Filali, Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs will pay an official visit to
Morocco from May 17-19. In addition to having talks with his counterpart, the
Hungarian foreign minister will have consultations with the minister of foreign
trade and representatives of the Moroccan Parliament on the issue of Euro-
Mediterranean cooperation and the relationship between the OSCE and non-
participating countries, Szentivanyi said.

Austrian Defence Minister in Budapest

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - Austrian Federal Defence Minister Werner
Fasslabend today arrived in Budapest for a two-day official visit, at the
invitation of his counterpart, Gyorgy Keleti.
        Defence Ministry press officers said the two ministers will discuss
possibilities of joining the European Union, the Western European Union and
NATO, and the development of bilateral military relations, including the
up of a joint Austrian-Hungarian U.N. mission.
        Fasslabend will visit the Gassalkovich Castle in Godollo, accompanied
by Minister of Environment and Regional Policy Ferenc Baja and Keleti, and
will meet Prime Minister Gyula Horn, Speaker of Parliament Zoltan Gal,
Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs, Parliamentary Defence Committee Chairman
Imre Mecs and Colonel-General Janos Deak, Commander of the Hungarian
        After concluding their talks, the Hungarian and Austrian defence
ministers will hold a press conference at noon on Wednesday.

Italy's ENI Group Considering Investment in Energy Sector

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - The Italian ENI holding group is interested in
the privatization of the energy sector in Hungary, the company's delegation,
currently in Budapest, told Hungarian Minister of Industry and Trade on
        Of the ENI members, AGIP Petroli is interested in the privatization of
MOL, and Italgas in the Hungarian gas sector. The AGIP already has 20 petrol
stations and a hotel in Hungary and plans to open more.
        At present there are some 1,000 Hungarian-Italian joint ventures
registered in Hungary, with investments totalling USD 0.5 billion. There are
such major ones as Ganz-Ansaldo, Generali Insurance Company and Malev,
but most of them are small businesses which are present on the Hungarian
market with their services or through trading.

Parliament Approves Privatization Law

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - Hungarian Parliament approved the
privatization law, and the bill on public acquisitions at its plenary session
Tuesday in Budapest.
        The now approved privatization law creates the legal regulation for
privatization. Its aim is to intensify economic relations based on private
property, to speed up the reduction of state property in a rational manner, to
transfer state-held assets into private property on market bases, and to reduce
the state's economic role.
        The law decrees on setting up the State Privatization and Property
Management Company (SPPM Co.). The state property shares which
represent the state's entrepreneurial property share will be transferred to the
SPPM Co. from the State Property Agency, the State Holding Co. and the
Treasury Asset Management Organization. The state assets will become
assets handled by the SPPM.
        The exceptions from under the law are the State Development Institute
Co., certain firms that fall under the authority of the Minister of Justice,
and the
forests in state property.
        The privatization law determines the sphere of assets that can remain i
long-term state ownership: the national public utility companies, companies in
the strategic branches, and firms that realize defence or other special tasks.
general, the share of the state in firms that remain in long-term state
will be 50 per cent plus one vote, however, the privatization law can, in
cases, stipulate smaller shares. Shareholders" rights in the SPPM will be
exercised by the Minister without Portfolio in charge of privatization.
        The law also sets down the means of selling off assets that are handled

by the SPPM Co. The main means are direct sales, marketing through the
system of capital market institutions, privatization on investment bases or
through societies, and so-called simplified privatization. Privatization
prior competition is possible only in exceptional cases, under the law.
        The privatization law will come into force 30 days after its publicatio
n in
the official gazette "Magyar Kozlony".

Nobel Laureates Hold Press Conference

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI) - Hungarian society, and within this Hungarian
scientific life, is currently struggling with major financial difficulties, but
obviously is only a temporary crisis which will slowly be resolved, Hungarian-
born Nobel Prize laureates Janos Harsanyi and Gyorgy Olah, who now live in
the United States, said at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday,
summing up the experiences of their visit to Hungary.
        Harsanyi, who won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1994, said the
erroneous policy of the last 50 years is mainly to blame for the current state
Hungarian economy, as that set it on an incorrect course.
        The huge foreign loans raised were used to raise the living standard of

the population and for the development of branches as, for instance, coal
mining and iron industry, which proved to be enviable.
        Austerity is definitely necessary, he said, however, it is also importa
for the West to assist the easing of the debt burdens, and to make the Western
exports of Hungarian products possible.
        In answer to a question George Olah, winner of the 1994 Nobel Prize
for chemistry, said that, based on current knowledge, the replacement of the
diminishing energy sources of the Earth is only possible with nuclear energy at
present. Even environment and nature protection must realize that this is the
only clean energy source, the production of which must naturally be made
totally safe.
        The long-term solution, however, would be to develop a new technology
based on a new scientific branch, he added.

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (maj.11) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


from the Daily Bulletin of the Hungarian News Agency MTI
distributed by the Department for Press and International Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hungary

H-1394, Budapest P.O.B. 423.
Telephone: 36 (1) 156-8000
Telefax: 36 (1) 156-3801
No. 92/1995                                                             11 May

Horn's Letter to Slovak President

        Bratislava, May 10 (MTI) - Hungary's Ambassador to Slovakia, Jeno
Boros, on Wednesday handed over a letter from Hungarian Prime Minister
Gyula Horn to Slovak President Michal Kovac.
        In the letter, Horn thanked the Slovak President for his earlier letter
welcoming the Hungarian-Slovak basic agreement.
        The Prime Minister wrote the agreement was reached by two
independent states, from the free will of both sides, as a result of
compromises, and by respecting the interests of both sides.
        Horn stressed Hungary feels the earliest possible ratification and
implementation of the agreement would be the best for all.

HSP Conference on Basic Treaties

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Hungary's Parliament will probably ratify the
Hungarian-Slovak basic treaty on May 22 or 23.
        Parliamentary foreign policy consensus and continuity would improve
Hungary's image abroad, Csaba Tabajdi, a Hungarian Socialist Party (HSP)
minorities official, said at an HSP conference in Budapest on Wednesday,
where analysts and politicians discussed the Hungarian-Slovak basic treaty
and the (still unfinished) Hungarian-Romanian basic treaty. Andras Balogh,
Institute of Foreign Affairs head, said Hungary's neighbours want borders
recognized and do not feel wholly safe even 75 years after Trianon.
        The treaties could do more for Hungarian minorities, and business can
also develop only with less suspicion between nations.
        Andras Gyenge, ministerial minorities commissioner, believed it was
important that Hungary's Parliament ratify the Hungarian-Slovak treaty without
fierce debates, giving the world a positive signal and helping Slovaks
committed to reconciliation. Talks on the basic treaty with Romania should
continue, but it must not mean a step back from the treaty with Slovakia,
Gyenge said.
        Discussing possible ratification of the treaty by Slovakia, Miklos Dura
Coexistence political movement head in Slovakia, said the parties in the
Bratislava government coalition are split over the issue, as is the opposition.
        Legal rules are being drafted in Slovakia, like the language law,
contradicting the spirit of the basic treaty, he added.
        Several speakers thought Hungary should demonstrate that it wants a
Hungarian-Romanian treaty, and should inform the West about Romanian
conduct experienced at the talks.
        Andras Barsony, Socialist Deputy Chair of Parliament's Foreign Affairs
Committee, felt Hungary would not be practicing what it preaches if it failed
over parliamentary representation of minorities in Hungary.

Prime Minister Meets Fasslabend

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn on
Wednesday saw Austrian Minister of Defence Werner Fasslabend, who is
currently having talks in Hungary at the invitation of Hungarian Minister of
Defence Gyorgy Keleti.

Speaker Talks to Fasslabend

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Speaker of Hungarian Parliament Zoltan Gal
met Austrian Minister of Defence Werner Fasslabend in Budapest on
Wednesday. Hungarian Minister of Defence Gyorgy Keleti and Austrian
Ambassador to Hungary Erich Kussbach were also there.
        The Austrian Defence Minister said Austria will strongly support
Hungary's integration efforts, feeling obliged to take Hungary into the
European Union once Austria is a firm member of the community.
        Gal said that many people in Hungary feel the country has drifted away
from Austria since the Schengen agreement, and that obstacles have gone up
along Hungary's western borders, though both countries need to cooperate
against migrants and drug traffickers.
        "We are interested in defending against these mainly along our eastern
borders, rather than the western," Gal said. He added that Hungary needs
help for these defences.
        Gal felt minority problems pose a genuine danger in the region if
integration is postponed indefinitely, and the countries concerned believe that
they are left to fend on their own.
        "We need clear prospects of membership from both European Union
and NATO members," the Speaker of Hungarian Parliament said.

Kovacs Meets Fasslabend

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs
had talks with Austrian Federal Minister of Defence Werner Fasslabend in
Budapest on Wednesday.
        According to information from the Foreign Ministry Press Office, the tw
sides discussed current security issues, with particular respect to the roles
NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
        Kovacs and Fasslabend also discussed the crossability of the
Hungarian-Austrian border and agreed Austria's membership of the European
Union should definitely not make free crossings of the joint border more

Hungarian-Austrian Peacekeeping Cooperation

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Hungary and Austria will jointly participate i
United Nations peacekeeping missions. A unit of the Hungarian peacekeeping
company trained last autumn will be the first to go into action, in Cyprus in
second half of the year, announced Defence Minister Gyorgy Keleti in
Budapest on Wednesday after talks with Austrian counterpart Werner
        Keleti said about 40 soldiers would go to Cyprus and first costs of
buying equipment would be HUF 88 million. This, some of which will be
refunded by the U.N., will come from the central budget.
        The government recently approved sending Hungarian peacekeepers,
and the soldiers will be trained for the task in Austria soon.
        Austria had helped with peacekeeping in Cyprus since the crisis began
there in 1964, but this is the first time a European Union member will work
a non-member country in these operations.
        Keleti said that an air-defence agreement had been prepared for
signing, and cooperation in training was also planned as part of NATO's
Partnership for Peace plan.

Parliament Approves Bill on Public Purchases

        Budapest, May 9 (MTI-ECONEWS) - On Tuesday afternoon Parliament
approved a bill on public purchases, with slight modifications. The government
could defend the establishment of the Public Purchases Committee. The
conditions on prioritizing local bidders over foreign ones eased, and a unified
value limit has been set for central budget-funded organizations and local
        Under the new law the legality of public purchase procedures will be
supervised by the Public Purchases Committee, which will work under
Parliament. The refused proposals put the responsibility of the supervision in
the scope of the courts" authority. The committee will comprise 21 members,
of which one-third will be nominated by the government, one-third by the caller
of the tenders, and one-third by the bidding entrepreneurs. The law stipulates
that public purchase tenders will have to be carried out in public and tender
invitations will have to be published in the local councils' Public Purchases
        The deadline for submission of public purchase bids must not be less
than 40 days after the publication of the tender invitation. The tenders have
be evaluated within 30 days after the opening of the bids. (In the case of
building industry investments the deadline is 60 days.)
        Public purchase tenders have to be invited if the value of the product
be purchased exceeds HUF 10 million. In the case of services the value limit is
HUF 5 million, of building industry investments HUF 20 million, of engineering
HUF 5 million, and of pre-qualification obligations of investments HUF 200
million. These limits are valid until the end of next year, and later they will
specified by the annual budget law.
        The law comes into force on November 1, but the establishment of the
Public Purchases Committee can begin 8 days after the law's enactment.

Parliament's EU Committee Holds Session

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - Both the European Union and Hungary
believe that Hungary's membership of the European Union has become
irreversible with the position taken at the Essen summit of the community last
December. Preparations should be made to ensure the free flow of labour and
integrating agriculture.
        A government report prepared for Hungarian Parliament was discussed
by Parliament's European Integration Affairs Committee on Wednesday.
Hungary, as an associate member of the EU, submitted its membership
request on March 31, 1994. In late 1994 the EU worked out a strategy on
preparing Central and Eastern European countries for joining, which was
approved at the Essen summit last December.
        Under its terms, the "White Book" on legal harmonization will be
prepared in the first half of 1995.
        Hungarian Foreign Minister Laszlo Kovacs will be at the Budapest
European Union-Hungary Associate Parliamentary Committee session from
May 22 to 24. Hungarian President Arpad Goncz and Prime Minister Gyula
Horn should meet European Parliament officials Hungarian integration
committee chairman Viktor Orban (Federation of Young Democrats -
Hungarian Civic Party), said.

        As preparation for the session, leaders of Hungarian Parliament's EU
committee talked to European Parliament leaders of the joint committee at the
end of April.
        Reporting the talks, Orban said the EU representatives do not wish to
deal with farm issues at the May session, contrary to the Hungarian request,
citing the lack of proper preparations.
        They also did not approve the part of the Hungarian draft
recommendation saying Hungarian membership talks should begin within six
months after the 1996 inter-governmental conference.
        Their proposal, to use the term "immediately", was thus put into the te
in its place.

Honorary Degree for Nobel Laureate Economist

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - The Budapest University of Economics today
conferred an honorary degree on John C. Harsanyi, Nobel prize-winning
economist of Hungarian descent, who now lives in the United States.
        The rector of the university, Rudolf Andorka, presented the degree to
the economist, who is emeritus professor at the University of California.
        At the ceremony, where Harsanyi briefly outlined his game-theory, it
was stated that the professor's work on decision and game theory had exerted
a profound influence on the development of modern economics.

NATO Civil Defence Conference in Budapest

        Budapest, May 10 (MTI) - "The civil defence workshop conference held
in the framework of NATO's Partnership for Peace programme was a success.
The 130 representatives of the 26 countries attending were able to acquire
information which will help them to more effectively prepare for peacetime
catastrophes, for crisis management, and for protecting the lives and property
of citizens," NATO Deputy Secretary General Vice-Admiral Herpert van
Foreest said at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday.
        He said the organizational frameworks for handling catastrophes differ
in each country, with no single uniform method, as the state, provincial, and
local authorities are separated.
        Brigadier General Istvan Orovecz, civil defence chief director of the
Hungarian Ministry of the Interior, said conference participants gave special
attention to bringing rules for emergency situations into line with democratic

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           [*][*][*]  [*][*][*]  [*][*]    [*][*] 
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]  [*]  [*]    
           [*]   [*]  [*]   [*]  [*]   [*] [*]

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+ - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Newsletter (maj.12) (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)


from the Daily Bulletin of the Hungarian News Agency MTI
distributed by the Department for Press and International Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Hungary

H-1394, Budapest P.O.B. 423.
Telephone: 36 (1) 156-8000
Telefax: 36 (1) 156-3801
No. 93/1995                                                             12 May

Council of Europe - Hungarian Foreign Minister

        Strasbourg, May 11 (MTI) - Laszlo Kovacs said on Thursday: "I
understand that various international statements (Such as remarks in Moscow,
Editor) show occasional differences as regards (NATO) membership plans.
We follow these statements with attention, but  these do not alter our
to join."
        Kovacs was in Strasbourg, France, where he is attending the ministerial

committee session of the Council of Europe today.
        The Hungarian Foreign Minister, chairman in office of the Organization
for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), spoke at the conference for
Hungary. He said the first job of the Council of Europe now is to help create a
democratic and more unified Europe, integrating into the European democratic
family states which will not be among the first to join NATO or the European
        But the Council of Europe cannot grow at the expense of quality. Basic
principles of the international organization, human rights, and plural
democracy cannot be given up.
        Kovacs saw Slovak Foreign Minister Juraj Schenk, who said Bratislava
will submit the minority protection framework agreements for ratification in
coming weeks, after which the Hungarian-Slovak basic agreement can be

Somogyi Has Talks in Bonn

        Bonn, May 11 (MTI) - Administrative State Secretary of the Hungarian
Foreign Ministry, Ferenc Somogyi, had talks about enlarging the European
Union and NATO, the Yugoslav crisis, and the French election result, in Bonn
on Thursday.
        "There are regular, and by now fully natural consultations between the
foreign ministries of the two countries, and on this occasion we mainly
discussed world issues as there are no problems to be solved in our bilateral
relation," Somogyi said.
        He said he had reviewed with German negotiators the current state of
preparations for the inter-governmental conference of the European Union
next year, and exchanged views about the possible developments in relations
between NATO and Russia.
        They agreed that it is difficult to predict the probable development of

events in Yugoslavia, in view of current tension, so lifting the sanctions in
cannot be expected at present.
        The Germans do not expect major French foreign policy or European
policy changes, after the election of Jacques Chirac as president. They expect
slight shifts in emphasis, Somogyi said.

HSP Deputy Chairman Ends Visit to Bonn

        Bonn, May 11 (MTI) - Imre Szekeres, deputy chairman of the Hungarian
Socialist Party (HSP) and head of the HSP parliamentary group, held talks with
all faction leaders and foreign policy spokespersons of the German Parliament
during his visit to Bonn, which ended on Thursday.
        His German negotiating partners unanimously assured Szekeres of the
far-reaching support of the German legislature for Hungary's accession to the
European Union.
        They agreed that the concrete date for admitting Eastern and Central
European states should be set at the Union's inter-governmental conference
next year, with a detailed programme worked out on the schedule of
        Union members have not yet reached an agreement as to whether the
associated countries of Eastern and Central Europe should be invited to the
        Regarding admission, EU members treat Hungary, the Czech Republic
and Poland practically as one group, Szekeres said summing up his talks.
        Concerning NATO expansion, the German politicians stressed Russia
can neither veto nor block the acceptance of new members. Several of them
expressed the opinion that the North Atlantic Alliance should make its
expansion intentions absolutely clear in the first half of next year.

        During a discussion on Yugoslavia, Szekeres proposed lifting the
embargo against Yugoslavia step by step.
        The German politicians inquired about relations between Hungary and
its neighbours, and welcomed the conclusion of the Hungarian-Slovak basic
        Regarding German-Hungarian cooperation, the HSP deputy chairman's
hosts said Hungary should pay far more attention to the eastern provinces, the
economies of which are developing exceedingly fast.
        Rudolf Scharping, chairman and parliamentary group leader of the
German Social Democratic Party (SPD), offered assistance to the Hungarian
Socialist faction in preparing for joining the EU. They agreed that the SPD,
HSP and the Austrian Social Democratic Party would organize an international
conference next spring to discuss problems facing Eastern European

Foreign Affairs Committee Holds Session

        Budapest, May 11 (MTI) - The Foreign Affairs Committee of Hungarian
Parliament held a session on Thursday, at which participants agreed that the
Benes decrees passed in 1945 were unjust. The committee therefore
unanimously supported that a request to be made to the Slovak National
Council on repealing these documents be placed on Hungarian Parliament's
        Reporting on the closed session, committee Chairman Matyas Eorsi
(Alliance of Free Democrats) said the majority of MPs believe it would be good
if Hungarian Parliament discussed this parliamentary resolution proposal only
after the Slovak ratification of the Hungarian-Slovak basic agreement.
        In the proposal, Istvan Musto (Alliance of Free Democrats), Matyas
Szuros (Hungarian Socialist Party), Tamas Katona (Hungarian Democratic
Forum), Laszlo Varga (Christian Democratic People's Party), Nandor Rott
(Christian Democratic People's Party), and Zoltan Rockenbauer (Federation of
Young Democrats - Hungarian Civic Party), call on the Slovak National Council
to revoke the decrees, in the spirit of the Hungarian-Slovak basic agreement
signed in Paris on March 19, 1995, as the documents discriminated against
Hungarians through collective legal deprivation.
        In their justification, the MPs point out their proposal is a contribut
ion to
creating an open and trusting atmosphere between the two countries. The
committee approved, with 19 votes for, and 5 abstentions, the placing of a
parliamentary resolution proposal for allowing a joint Hungarian-Romanian
military exercise on the area of the two countries, on the agenda.
        However, several opposition MPs said that although they support the
policy of confidence-building, the military exercises can, in the current
situation, be questioned.
        Committee deputy chairman Gyorgy Csoti (HDF) argued that the
situation of Hungarians in Romania has deteriorated recently. There is no
chance of concluding the basic agreement between the two countries in the
near future, and Romanian official political forces have, on several occasions,
called for banning the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (HDUR).

        Eorsi said cooperation between the Hungarian and Romanian armies
had been good in the past, and these military exercises are of a confidence-
building nature.
        A representative of the Hungarian Ministry of Defence said he would
regret it if military relations between the two countries were used as a
barometer for relations between the two countries.
        He said the Ministry of Defence has no illusions as regards Romanian
policy, but Hungary's security interests require that military relations not
deteriorate between the two countries.
        A 15-point report by the Hungarian side is the basis of the planned
military exercises, as Hungary is aware that NATO is not as yet satisfied with
the current level of relations between the two neighbouring countries. Hungary
must therefore prove that there will be no disputes within the alliance like,
instance, the one which    came about between Greece and Turkey, even after
NATO's expansion.
        The committee consented to placing an independent motion by Tamas
Deutsch (FYD) on its agenda. Deutsch submitted a draft resolution about the
government"s tasks that have become necessary due to the building of the
Mochovce nuclear power plant.
        The MP claims that the Hungarian cabinet has so far not dealt with the
proposed reactor in proportion with its importance and has not made use of its
diplomatic and international opportunities.
        Government representatives present at the session did not agree either
with the proposal or Deutsch's views.

Government Spokesman's Briefing

        Budapest, May 11 (MTI) - Hungarian government spokesman Elemer
Csak on Thursday said ministers had approved a Hungarian-Indonesian
aviation agreement, authorizing freight carriers to launch direct flights
the two capital cities.
        Staff cuts in Hungarian Television would affect 1,000 workers in two
stages. Chief of Hungarian Television, Adam Horvath, informed the cabinet
about plans for the second stage, with some work sub-contracted, like
cameras, film editing, and costumes.
        Hungarian News Agency director-general Karoly Alexa told the cabinet
staff cuts were progressing on schedule.
        Csak said Finance and Education ministries will continue discussing
staff cuts in higher education, and whether these happen in the first half of
1996, or by the end of this year.
        Csak announced the cabinet will give Parliament a bill on state secrets

and service secrets. The cabinet, asking for exceptional urgency, proposes
that Parliament revoke the decree of legal force on the promulgation of the
1960 Hungary-GDR welfare policy agreement. A further bill will go in its place.

        The government asked the Minister of Finance and the President of the
State Banking Inspectorate to prepare reports in their own institutions on the
Agrobank affair, to determine personal responsibility. The National Bank of
Hungary and the State Audit Office will investigate also. The cabinet will
discuss the Agrobank affair at its session next week.
        Minister of Agriculture Laszlo Lakos told reporters that the cabinet ha
decided that subsidies to farmers will go up by HUF 4 billion (USD 1 = HUF
123) this year, and the deadline for requesting subsidies for the exports of
wheat and fodder maize will be postponed until mid-June and the end of
August. This is to help sell 100,000 tons of wheat and 500,000 tons of maize

Central Bank Vice-President on Talks in Tokyo

        Tokyo, May 12 (MTI) - Frigyes Harshegyi, vice-president of the National

Bank of Hungary (NBH), held talks recently with the heads of 16 Japanese
financial institutions, including such banks as Sanwa, Bank of Tokyo, Tokai,
Dai Ichi Kangyo, Mitsubishi and Fuji. These negotiations followed on from the
talks that Finance Minister Lajos Bokros, NBH President Gyorgy Suranyi and
the vice-president began in Tokyo at the start of the week.
        Harshegyi said, in an interview given to MTI, that the Japanese had
pledged they would help the NBH take out syndicated loans in Japan, and
even lead-manage such transactions.
        Japan, alongside Germany, is Hungary's most important creditor,
providing the most favourable credit terms with regard to interest rates and
time allowed for repayment. For instance, an agreement is expected to be
signed in the near future on a 13 billion yen loan for the Export-Import Bank
be repaid over 12 years, which is intended to support small and medium-sized
businesses in Hungary.
        In answer to a question, Harshegyi said: this year Hungary may claim
credit of up to USD 3 billion in net terms (which roughly equals the loan
repayments due this year). With one schilling and three samurai bonds issued
so far, the NBH has taken up USD 600-700 million and is expected to draw a
further USD 500 million to 1 billion of credit before the end of the year. This
can be done through bond transactions and a syndicated dollar loan,
Harshegyi explained.

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+ - DunaTv 21. heti musora - 95. majus 22. - majus 28. (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

MOZAIK    DUNA TV musora 1995. majus 22. - majus 28.                 

                      DUNA TV

  A DUNA TV adasa muholdrol egesz Europaban, Eszak-Afrikaban
  es a Kozel-Keleten veheto.
  Az adasidon kivul a monoszkop kepe alatt a Bartok Radio
  hangja hallhato.

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1995. ma'j. 22. he'tfo"
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 PUFO'KA KALANDJAI  /ism./   (13')
      Pa'rizsi kaland
      Belga anima'cio's film
14.25 GAZDAKO~R  /ism./     (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Zala Simon Tibor
      XIII/10.: Tuanku Ja'afar ketto"s o~ro~kse'ge
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Francois Floquet
      Tuanku Ja'afar egy ko~zel hatsza'z esztendo"s dinasztia lesza'r-
      mazottja, aki ma'r Oxfordban ve'gezte tanulma'nyait. Lelkiisme-
      retes, bo~lcs, s egye'bke'nt teve'keny u~zletember is - a leg-
      kiva'lo'bb uralkodo'k egyike'nek tartja'k o"t alattvalo'i.
15.40 AZ EMBERISE'G KALANDJA   /ism./    (52')
      XIII/7.: Ha'rom indiai la'ny
      Spanyol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Alberto Oliveras filmje
      Zene: Juan Carlos Perez. Rendezo"-operato"r: Yon Inchaustegui
      Ma'r Gandhi is u'gy tartotta, ha valaki India valo'di arca't, 
      le'nyege't akarja megismerni, legjobb, ha falura ko~lto~zik. A 
      falu lehet India jo~vo"je'nek kulcsa. Az e'vezredes hagyoma'nyok, 
      a mindennapi e'let ritua'le'i, a kasztrendszer valo'di megnyilat-
      koza'si forma'i, a ve'res a'ldozatok az isteneknek, a hitben 
      gyo~kerezo" -  olykor hamis - tudat mind-mind csak adale'ka annak 
      az e'letforma'nak, amelyet Mahatma is csak o'vatosan, tapintatosan 
      a megtartva-befolya'solni mo'dja'n kezelt. Ezt pe'lda'zhatja a 
      filmbe'li ha'rom la'ny sorsa.
16.30 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo' /ism./      (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta. Rendezte: Kardos Ferenc
17.20 DINI, A KIS DINOSZAURUSZ     (12')
      Para'zska kereszteshadja'rata
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat
17.40 Mese
      MUSTI: Musti e's a le'ggo~mb     (5')
      PILI E'S POLI: A ro'zsaszinu" elefa'nt   (6')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's     (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 MELBA   VIII/6.     (51')
      Ausztra'l filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Roger McDonald. Zene: William Motzing
      Operato"r: Dean Semler. Rendezte: Rodney Fisher
      Fo"szerepben: Linda Cropper, Hugo Weaving, Peter Carroll, O~do~n 
      Gyalog, Todd Boyce
      Az o'ria'si siker, amit hazai fo~ldo~n, Ausztra'lia'ban aratott, 
      isme't sza'rnyakat ad az operae'nekesno"nek, s anyake'nt is pozitiv 
      va'ltoza'sokat hoz Nellie e'lete'ben: jelentkezik a fia, aki 
      ido"ko~zben komoly fe'rfva' va'lt.
      Fa'y Ferenc e's Fa'y Istva'n
      Riporter: Szabo' Imre. Operato"r: Ramm La'szlo'
      Szerkeszto": Petrovszki Zolta'n
      Fa'y Ferenc ko~lto" neve't kevesen ismerik Magyarorsza'gon, 1981-ben 
      beko~vetkezett hala'la uta'n a toronto'i Vo~ro~sva'ry Kiado' gondo-
      za'sa'ban, testve're, Fa'y Istva'n irodalomto~rte'ne'sz e's fele-
      se'ge a'ldozatos munka'ja re've'n jelent meg e'letmu"ve'nek eddigi 
      legteljesebb gyu"jteme'nye.
19.45 VARSO' E'PITE'SZETE   X/9.   (10')
      Rendezte: Anna Gatuszko
20.00 ASZTALTA'RSASA'G     (45')
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Temesi Ferenc. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      Vende'gek: Gion Na'ndor iro', Bala'zs Attila iro', Benes Jo'zsef 
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: Bubik Istva'n, Ga'spa'r Imola, Rudolf Pe'ter
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja     (13')
21.00 HIRADO'     (15')
21.15 E'N IS JA'RTAM ISONZO'NA'L    (91')
      Magyarok e's az I. vila'gha'boru'
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Operato"r: Gulya's Ja'nos. Rendezte: Gulya's Gyula e's Gulya's Ja'nos
      A film az olaszorsza'gi hadszinte'r eseme'nyeit ko~vetve szo'l a 
      ha'boru' a'ltala'nosabb jellemzo"iro"l, a tisztek e's beosztottak 
      kapcsolata'ro'l, az "ellense'ggel" valo' tala'lkoza'sro'l e's annak 
      megite'le'se'ro"l, fe'lelmekro"l, gondokro'l, ho"si ku~zdelmekro"l.
      "Nem to~rekedtu~nk tudoma'nyos felfedeze'sekre, nem akartunk ma'st, 
      mint a sokat emlegetett '"kisemberek" lelki-szellemi nagyszeru"se'-
      ge't s gyarlo'sa'ga't megide'zve, mego"rizni magunknak, s az 
      uta'nunk ko~vetkezo"knek az utolso' husza'rok, egykori uta'szok, 
      tu"ze'rek e's gyalogosok sza'zadunk hajnala'n mege'lt, megfizetett, 
      megala'zott e's sokszor meghamisitott e'lme'nyeit, sorsa't. Hogy 
      la'tva la'thassuk eredo"inket, utunkat." (Gulya's Gyula, Gulya's 
22.45 TANGO' VIII/6.    /ism./     (58')
      Spanyol te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Antonio Larreta, Manuel Marinero, Miguel Hermoso, 
      Luis Arino. Zene: Bernardo Bonezzi. Operato"r: Hans Burmann, Tote 
      Trenas, Hugo Colace. Rendezte: Miguel Hermoso
      Szereplo"k: Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano, Antonio Ferrandis, 
      Luis Brandoni, Mario Santana, Miguel Rellan, Susana Becker
23.45 VERS     (5')
      Molna'r Anna
      Elmondja: Molna'r Gizella
1995. ma'j. 23. kedd
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'      (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 VA'LTO'     /ism./    (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Rendezte: Jean-Louis Frund
      Ez az apro'termetu" ragadozo' rendkivu~l o'vatos a'llat, szinte 
      barlangrendszerben hozza vila'gra uto'dait, amelynek aka'r 46 
      kija'rata is lehet.
      Magyar anima'cio's film
      Operato"r: Pethes Zsolt. Rendezte: Hauni Jo'zsef
      Angol sportto~rte'neti sorozat
      Operato"r: Chris Openshow.
16.00 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'    (52')
      XXVI/17.: Reggel  --  1944. ju'nius-augusztus
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: David Wheeler. Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Ray Sieman, 
      Peter Lang. Rendezte: Peter Batty
      Az euro'pai ma'sodik front megnyita'sa'nak te'nye'ben a ke't angol-
      sza'sz szo~vetse'ges hatalom vezeto"je, Churchill e's Roosewelt 
      ma'r 1943-ban mega'llapodott a kanadai Quebecben. A terv kivitele-
      zo"je'nek az amerikai Eisenhower ta'bornokot va'lasztotta'k aki 
      Overlord fedo"ne'v alatt a legkisebb hada'szati egyse'gekig le-
      bontva re'szletezte a normandiai partrasza'lla's forgato'ko~nyve't.
16.55 OTTHON   (30')
      Csala'di magazin
      Operato"r: Czabarka Pe'ter. Szerkeszto": Juha'sz Judit
      Rendezte: Pa'sztory Ja'nos
      Ha az ember elmu'lt kilencven e'ves... -- "A szabadkai e'rtelmise'-
      giek e'lete't e'lju~k. -- " Az emlo" o~nvizsga'lata'val megelo"z-
      heto" a baj. --  Ma'rte'lyi falusze'pito"k.  -- A gyermek e's a 
17.30 Mese
      TOM E'S JERRY: Vada'szat a nagyla'bu'ra    (8')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's      (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (5')
18.15 "Tavasz e's nya'r ko~zo~tt"
      KAMAS2TA'RSADALOM   /1967./   (87')
      Csehszlova'k film
      Ivy Hercikove novella'ja nyoma'n irta: Anna Lackovicova
      Operato"r: Jan Cvrik. Rendezte: Ewald Schorm
      Fo"szereplo"k: Andrea Cunderlikova, Jana Krupickova, Lucie Zulova, 
      Dana Matejkova, Marketa Krenkova
      Nincs szebb a te'tova, re'veteg kamaszszerelemne'l. Mikor a la'nyok 
      o~sszesu'gnak a fu'k ha'ta mo~go~tt, mikor a pra'gai boltives kapu-
      aljak o~lelo" kezeket, sze'trebbeno" pa'rokat rejtenek. Mikor a 
      kamaszok oly sza'mkivetettek, hogy sem otthon, sem az iskola'ban, 
      sem a bo"ru~kben nem e'rzik jo'l magukat; s csak a szerelemben 
19.40 ESIK AZ ESO"    (8')
      Magyar anima'cio's kisfilm
      Ke'szitette'k: Olajos Bea, Csomor Be'la, Kardos Bogla'r
20.00 GAZDAKO~R    (45')
      Magazinmu"sor gazda'lkodo'knak
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Gyulai Gyo~rgy
      A pisztra'ngto'l az afrikai harcsa'ig: haltenye'szte's a Ka'rpa't-
      medence'ben. -- Hogyan haszna'ljuk ki a Bodrogko~zben ve'gre meg-
      nyilt, pa'cini hata'ra'tkelo"t? -- Gazdaportre'. -- Veto"magaja'n-
      lat. --  Agra'rhirek.
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  -  A nap interju'ja  (13')
21.00 HIRADO'    (15')
21.15 A'RVERE'S KISU'JSZA'LLA'SON    (63')
      IV/4.: Emberevo" ido"k
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Zolnay Pa'l, Na'dasy La'szlo'. 
      Operato"r: Na'dasy La'szlo'. Rendezle: Zolnay Pa'l
22.15 BELSO" VILA'GUNK   /ism./   (49')
      VI/5.: A mozga's vila'ga: csontok, izmok, idegek
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Josida Ricu. Zene: Hazsaisi Dzso'
      Operato"r: Ohucsijama Maszalori, Carl O. Lofman
      Rendezte: Koide Goro
23.05 VERS      (3')
      Jo'zsef Attila: Gyermekke' tette'l
      Elmondja: Gyo"rffy Andra's
1995. ma'j. 24. szerda
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'    (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 SZIPPANCSOK     (23')
      Segito" karok; O'ria'sbe'bi ja'te'kai
      Belga anima'cio's film
14.35 OROSZ VADON   I.    (27')
      A terme'szet porondja'n
      Orosz-finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Erkki Kivi. Zene: Harri Hamalainen
      Operato"r: Jari Pollari. Rendezte: Ali Viljanen
      Ez a portre'film Youri M. Klimov filmrendezo"ro"l, az egyik legna-
      gyobb terme'szetfilm-producerro"l az Orosz vadon cimu" sorozatot 
      vezeti be. Valloma's e's e'rtekeze's mu"helytitkokro'l, arro'l, 
      hogyan ke'szitette'k ezt a sorozatot e'veken a't, kunyho'kban, 
      sa'trakban e'lve megsza'llott, terme'szetszereto" alkoto'ta'rsaival.
      Francia dokumentumfilm
      Zene: Francois Tusques, Bernard Vitet
      Operato"r: Jacques Weber, Yves Delacroix. 
      Rendezte: Bernard d'Abrigeon
      A vonat, amin utazunk, ege'szen ku~lo~nleges ja'rat. Az orsza'g 
      minden re'sze'bo"l e'rkezett emberek egyetlen ko~zo~s ce'lja, hogy 
      megma'sszanak 6.300 szikla'ba ve'sett le'pcso"fokot. Ez nem homa'-
      nyos e'rtelemben vett zara'ndoklat, a hegyma'sza's egy o"si, poga'ny 
      szertarta's re'sze, a tisztelet e's ha'la kifejeze'se.
16.00 NEMZETKO~ZI JAZZTA'BOR TATABA'NYA'N     /1994./   (41')
      Magyar dokumentumfilm
      Operato"r: Sura'nyi Z. Andra's. Szerkeszto": Gonda Ja'nos
      Rendezte: Szobolits Be'la
16.40 DELFI E'S BARA'TAI   (24')
      52/4.: A civakoda's ba'ja
      Spanyol rajzfilm sorozat
      Rendezte: Antonioni D'Ocon
17.05 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/13.    (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.10 THIS IS THE WAY   40/33.    (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
      Elmagyara'zzuk (angolul) ne'ha'ny ko~zlekede'si ta'bla jelente'se't, 
      s magunk is rajzolunk ke't tilto' ta'bla't, amik viszont nem a 
      ko~zlekede'sre vonatkoznak. Mega'llapitju.k, milyen messze van 
      Budapestto"l London, Ro'ma, Pa'rizs, s megsaccoljuk, milyen a 
      ju'liusi a'tlagho"me'rse'klet Moszkva'ban e's Athe'nban. Ve'gu~l 
      arro'l e'nekelu~nk, hogy a postai ku~ldeme'nynek el kell jutnia a 
      cimzetthez, ha esik, ha fu'j.
17.40 Mese
      KISVAKOND: A vakond e's a muzsika   (6')
      MESE'K A NAGYVILA'GBO'L: Az apa, a fiu' e's a szama'r   (5')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HIRADO'     (15')
18.15 A HONGKONGI GRO'FNO"   (1967. - ism. - 103')
      Amerikai ja'te'kfilm
      Zene: Charlie Chaplin. Operato"r: Arthur Ibbetson
      Irta e's rendezte: Charlie Chaplin
      Szereplo"k: Sophia Loren, Marlon Brando, Sydney Chaplin, Tippi 
      Az amerikai milliomos diplomata u'j a'lloma'shelye're ke'szu~l. 
      Hongkongi bu'csu'estje'n ismerkedik meg Natasa'val, a gyo~nyo~ru" 
      emigra'ns gro'fno"vel. Az a'tmulatott e'jszaka uta'n hajo'ra sza'll, 
      mint kideru~l, nem egyedu~l, mert Natasa a hajo'kabinja'ban 
      elrejto"zve menede'kjogot ke'r.
      (A romantikus kome'dia Charlie Chaplin utolso' filmje.)
20.00 RE'GIO'K      (45')
      Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S - A nap interju'ja  (3')
21.00 HiRADo'  (15')
21.15 CYRANO DE BERGERAC   (1950. - ism. - 108')
      Amerikai ja'te'kfilm
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Carl Foreman. Operato"r: Frank Planer
      Zene: Dimitri Tomkin. Rendezte: Michael Gordon
      Szereplo"k: Jose' Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince, Horris 
      Carnowsky, Ralph Clanton, LLoyd Corrigan
      Cyrano de Bergerac, a nagyorru' rimfarago' Rostand klasszikus 
      dra'ma'ja'nak fo"ho"se. Sziporka'zo' szellem, ko~lto" e's nagylel-
      ku" bara't. Igy fordulhat elo", hogy bara'tja neve'ben udvarol egy 
      sze'p ho~lgynek, akibe egye'bke'nt titkon maga is beleszeret.
      (A cimszereplo" alakita'sa't 1950-ben Oscar-dijjal jutalmazta'k.)
23.00 A TO~RZSFO"NO~K PARADICSOMA   /ism./   (28')
      XIII/10.: Tuanku Ja'afar ketto"s o~ro~kse'ge
      Kanadai ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Zene: Osvaldo Montes. Rendezo"-operato"r: Francois Floquet
23.30 VERS      (2')
      Peto"fi Sa'ndor: Orba'n
      Elmondja: Me'cs Ka'roly
1995. ma'j. 25. csu~to~rto~k
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KRO'NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZO'   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 EMLE'KKE'PEK - RE'GI HIRADO'K    (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
14.30 MIT ESZIK AZ EMBER    (45')
      V/3.: A noma'd ne'pek o~ro~kse'ge
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" sorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Takao Segi. Zene: Akihiko Takashima
      Operato"r: Masami Gato. Rendezte: Youchi Ueda
      Hol su~to~tte'k az elso" kenyeret? Milyen felte'telek ko~zo~tt 
      ke'pesek az e'let fennmarada'sa'nak biztosita'sa'ra a sivatagos 
      teru~let ne'pei?
15.15 Szeleczky Zita-sorozat
      LEA'NYVA'SA'R   /1941./   (86')
      Magyar film
      Jacobi Viktor operettje nyoma'n irta: Martos Ferenc
      Zene: Jacobi Viktor. Rendezte: Podmaniczky Fe'lix
      Szereplo"k: Szeleczky Zita, Sa'rdy Ja'nos, Lataba'r Ka'lma'n
      A lea'nyva'sa'r to~rve'nyei szerint az elkelt lea'nyzo' "egynapos" 
      ha'zassa'got ko~t va'lasztottja'val. Ahhoz, hogy az esku~vo" igazi 
      legyen, kell egy apja kisemmize'se'e'rt bosszu't a'llo' ifju' e's 
      egy erro"l mit sem tudo', csodasze'p la'ny...
      Gazdasszonyokhoz szo'lo' mu"sor
      Szerkeszto": Gelle'r Ro'zsa. Rendezte: Szegezdy Ja'nos
17.00 AZ RMDSZ TO~RTE'NETE  (30')
      Operato"r: Miholcsa Gyula. Szerkeszto": Baraba'si Gyo"zo"
17.30 Mese
      PUMUKLI KALANDJAI: Pumukli asztalos akar lenni  (24')
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
18.00 HIRADO'    (15')
18.15 ARANYIFJU'    (83')
      Magyar te've'film
      Operato"r: Gulya's Buda
      Hunyadi Sa'ndor novella'i alapja'n irta e's rendezte: Ma'lnay 
      Szereplo"k: Ernyei Be'la, David McCallum, Britt Ekland, Zack Norman
      A sa'rmos aranyifju', sze'passzonyok e's anna'l szebb e'kszerek 
      rabja gyilkossa'g gyanu'ja'ba keveredik. Mire kideru~l a'rtatlan-
      sa'ga, mindent elveszit: pe'nzt, a ta'rsasa'g kegyeit, s vele 
      egyu~tt se'rthetetlense'ge tudata't.
      Szerkeszto": Berki Tama's. Rendezte: Bokor Attila
20.00 VA'LTO'   (45')
      Gazdasa'gi magazin
      Fo"szerkeszto": Wiedermann Helga. Rendezte: Oblath Pe'ter
20.45 ESTI KE'RDE'S  -  A nap interju'ja    (13')
21.00 HIRADO'     (15')
21.15 A II. VILA'GHA'BORU'    /ism./    (52')
      XXVI/17.: Reggel -- 1944. ju'nius-augusztus
      Angol dokumentumfilm-sorozat
      Irta: Neal Acherson. Zene: Carl Davis. Operato"r: Ray Sieman,
      Peter Lang. Rendezte: Peter Batty
22.05 PRE'RIFARKAS    /1974./   (108')
      Ne'met filmdra'ma
      Zene: George Guntz. Operato"r: Tom Pinter
      Hermann Hesse rege'nye'bo"l irta e's rendezte : Fred Haines
      Szereplo"k: Max von Sydow, Dominique Sandra, Pierre Clementi,
      Carla Romanelli
      A film a'lmok, la'toma'sok e's a valo'sa'g groteszk szo~veve'nye. 
      Fo"ho"se, Hany maga'nyos fe'rfi, aki az o~tvenedik szu~lete'snapja'n 
      ve'get akar vetni addigi e'lete'ne'k. Az e'jszaka a'rnyai ka'bulatot,
      e'rze'ki va'gyakat, u'j dimenzio'kat ige'rnek.
      (Csak felno"tt ne'zo"inknek! )
23.50 VERS      (4')
      Radno'ti Miklo's: Te'tova o'da
      Elmondja: Dunai Tama's
1995. ma'j. 26. pe'ntek
08.00-14.00 KE'PES KR•NIKA
      Ta'je'koztato' mu"sor
      A Duna Televizio' ta'je'koztato' mu"sora, amelyben minden 
      o'ra'ban 20-20 perc ke'pu'jsa'g, mu"soraja'nlat e's va'roske'pek 
      va'ltja'k egyma'st.
14.00 LAPOZ•   (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 RE'GI•K      (45')
      Tudo'sito'k stu'dio'ja
      Szerkeszto": Tanos Miklo's
15.00 Olvaso' naplo'
      KINCSKERES§ KISKO~DMO~N   (1973. - ism. - 90')
      Magyar ifju'sa'gi film
      Mo'ra Ferenc novella'ibo'l irta: Szemes Marianne 
      Zene: Jeney Zolta'n. Operato"r: Sze'cse'nyi Ferenc
      Rendezte: Szemes Miha'ly
      Szereplo"k: Szu"cs Ga'bor, Gruber Istva'n, Szirtes A'da'm, Bihari
      Jo'zsef, Haumann Pe'ter, Medgyesi Ma'ria, Pongra'cz Imre, Gobbi 
      Ki ne ismerne' Mo'ra Ferenc meghitt hangulatu' novella'ja't a kis
      Bicebo'ca'ro'l, az o~reg Ku~smo~di ba'csiro'l, s a kincskereso" 
      kisko~dmo~nro"l? Az o'ba'nya egy ve'letlen baleset ko~vetkezte'ben 
      felrobban, Bicebo'ca o~ro~kre elveszti egyetlen ta'masza't, 
      Ku~smo~di ba'csit. Ferko'e'k befogadja'k a kis a'rva't. Ferko' 
      kisebb szolga'latokat tesz e's az e'rte ja'ro' krajca'roke'rt 
      ko~rtemuzsika't vesz. A muzsika azonban csak a jo' gyermekeknek 
      szo'lal meg. Ferko' u~gyes-bajos dolgaihoz ne'mi ke'tse'g fe'r; 
      mikor kisinas, bizony hamar kitelik az az egy esztendo". Vagy gon-
      doljunk arra, mikor E'gbela'to' ke'pe'ben megrohanja a lelkiisme-
      retfurdala's, mert legjobb bara'tja dolgozata't hiba'sra javitja. 
      A kincskereso" kisko~dmo~n azonban megmelengeti me'g a rosszalkodo' 
      lelkeket is.
16.30 MU"-TEREM-TE'S     /ism./   (45')
      Ke'pzo"mu"ve'szeti magazin
      Szerkeszto": Nagy T. Katalin
17.15 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/13.  /ism./   (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
17.20 THIS IS THE WAY    40/33.   /ism./  (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
17.45 Mese      (7')
      VIGYA'ZAT, FIU'K!: ...a'llatkert
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's   (5')
18.00 HIRAD•     (15')
18.15 TANG•    VIII/7.   (56')
      Spanyol te've'filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Antonio Larreta, Manuel Marinero, Miguel Hermoso,
      Luis Arino. Zene: Bernardo Bonezzi. Operato"r: Hans Burmann, Tote
      Trenas, Hugo Colace. Rendezte: Miguel Hermoso
      Szereplo"k: Sancho Gracia, Fiorella Faltoyano, Antonio Ferrandis,
      Luis Brandoni, Mario Sautana, Miguel Rellan, Susana Becker
      Marcos Iova az e'vad legnagyobb versenye'n nyero" lehetne, ha nem
      fogna o~ssze ellene a zsoke'k e's tulajdonosok e'rdekszo~vetse'ge, 
      Isabel nagyon szorit az u'j fiatal zsoke'nak e's Marcosnak.
19.10 AZ ANYAVA'ROS: SZE'KELYUDVARHELY   /ism./  (37')
      Da'vid Gyula Tama'si A'ronro'l
      Irodalmi o~sszea'llita's
      Szerkeszto": Ugrin Aranka. Operato"r: Bucsek Tibor
      Rendezte: Cziga'ny Zolta'n
      Tama'si A'ron e's Sze'kelyudvarhely kapcsolata to~bb mint fe'l e'v-
      sza'zadot o~lel a't. Ennek to~rte'nete't mutatja be a film sok-sok 
      dokumentum segitse'ge'vel.
19.45 NAGY LA'SZL•: BU'CSU' TAMA'SI A'RONT•L    (2')
      Elmondja: Nagy La'szlo'
20.00 MAGUNKR•L MAGUNKNAK    (45')
      Szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
      Benne: Esti ke'rde's
      Besza'molo' a Roma'niai Magyar Demokrata Szo~vetse'g Kongresszusa'ro'l
21.30 MESTER E'S MARGARE'TA  /1972./   (93')
      Jugoszla'v film
      Operato"r: Tomislav Pinter. Irta e's rendezte: Aleksandr Petrovic
      Szereplo"k: Ugo Tognazzi, Mimsy Farmer, Alain Cluny
      Mihail Bulgakov klasszikus rege'nye'nek feldolgoza'sa a kereszte'ny
      humanita's megme'rettete'se sza'zadunkban. A to~rte'net ko~ze'ppont-
      ja'ban egy alkoto'mu"ve'sz a'll, aki felismeri az o~rdo~gi, a diabo-
      likus jelenle'te't szu"kebb ko~rnyezete'ben, s erko~lcsi ko~telesse'-
      ge'nek e'rzi, hogy ko~zvetitse azt polga'rta'rsai fele'. A film 1972-
      ben a chicago'i a pulai e's a velencei filmfesztiva'lon sza'mos 
      katego'ria dijnyertese volt.
23.00 VERS    (3')
      Ka'nya'di Sa'ndor: Nagyku~ku~llo"
      Elmondja: Bala'zs E'va
1995. ma'j. 27. szombat
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's   (5')
09.05 SLAPAJ     (22')
      Kiruccana's a ko~lcso~nke'glibe
      Belga anima'cio's film
09.25 BETU"VETO"   (30')
      Nyelvmu"velo" mu"sor
      Mu"sorvezeto": Cserhalmi Zsuzsa, Molna'r Gyo~rgy
09.55 MUZZY COMES BACK   XX/13.  /ism./    (5')
      A BBC English kalandos nyelvleckesorozata gyerekeknek
10.00 THIS IS THE WAY   40/33.  /ism./   (20')
      Operato"r: Markert Ka'roly, Molna'r Pe'ter
      Szerkeszto"-rendezo": Lo"rincz Zsuzsa
      Tanit: Jilly Viktor
10.20 KIMBA, A FEHE'R OROSZLA'N   (22')
      52/10.: Kimba szerelmes
      Japa'n anima'cio's film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Ardwight Chamberlain. Zene: Ted King
      Operato"r: Will Am Smith. Rendezte: John Rust
      VIII/2.: A kelta'k 
      Magyar ismeretterjeszto" film
      Szerkeszto": Papp Ferenc. Operato"r: Bucsek Tibor, Rozsnyai Alada'r
11.05 MAGUNKRO'L MAGUNKNAK  /ism./   (45')
      Szerkeszto": Balogh Ju'lia
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's    (5')
12.05 A FE'NYESSE'G FOLYO'JA    (58')
      IV/1.: A fe'ny folyama
      Izlandi dokumentumfilm
      Zene: Alex Buckley. Operato"r: Michael Gore
      Rendezte: John Bird
      A ko~ze'pkor hajnala'n ha'rom nagy zara'ndokhely le'tezett: Ro'ma, 
      Jeruzsa'lem e's Santiago de Compostela, Szent Jakab apostol sirja. 
      Egy e'vezreden a't az apostolfejedelem siremle'ke'hez torkollott 
      Euro'pa minden zara'ndoku'tja. Ezek a zara'ndokutak a legku~lo~n-
      bo~zo"bb rendu", rangu' emberekre nagy hata'st gyakoroltak.
13.00 SNUKI   (55')
      Magyar te've'film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Priestley J. B. Operato"r: Nagy Jo'zsef
      Rendezte: Sik Ferenc
      Szereplo"k: Ba'rdy Gyo~rgy, Hala'sz La'szlo', Husza'r La'szlo', 
      Pa'sztor Erzsi, Hajdu' Ga'bor, Ma'rton Gabriella, So'lyom Ka'lma'n
      Pag, Robin e's James szu~lei ne'ha'ny napra elutaznak s a gyerekek 
      a nagypapa'val maradnak. Egy eso"s de'luta'n va'ratlan la'togato'juk 
14.00 LAPOZO'       (15')
      Lapszemle, friss hirek
14.15 "FU~GGO"NY FEL!"   II/1.   (59')
      A Lopo'to~k szinta'rsulattal Erde'lyben e's Moldva'ban
      Zene: Tatros egyu~ttes - Kere'nyi Ro'bert, Lada'nyi Ferenc, Nyiri 
      La'szlo', Ro'ka Szabolcs, valamint Antal Zolta'n hegedu"s
      Operato"r: Do~mo~to~r Pe'ter. Rendezte: Domokos Ja'nos
      Szereplo"k: Lopo'to~k egyu~ttes, Boka Ga'bor, Buza's Miha'ly, Dus 
      Polett, Vira'gvo~lgyi No'ra, Zugmann Zolta'n, Pa'lyi Ja'nos
      A szinha'zi elo"ada'st rendezte: Boka Ga'bor
      A magyarorsza'gi Lopo'to~k szinta'rsulat e's a Tatros zenekar az 
      egyhetes turne' sora'n ne'gy helyse'gben adta elo" Ja'nos vite'z 
      to~rte'nete't: a sze'kelyfo~ldi Homoro'dfu"rdo"n, Csiksomlyo'n, 
      Gyimesbu~kko~n e's a moldvai Ku~lso"rekecsinben. A ne'zo" betekinthet 
      a IV. Erde'lyi Dia'ktala'lkozo' helyszineire, elo"ada'saira,
15.15 OROSZ VADON   (28')
      A kazah e's a szirtisas
      Orosz-finn terme'szetfilm-sorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Youri M. Klimov. Operato"r: Leonid Novikov, Michail 
      Ultarov. Rendezte: Youri M. Klimov
      Abilhak Turlibaejev kazahszta'ni vada'sz segito"je az aranysas,
      mely hala'lpontosan csap le a'ldozata'ra. A sivatagi felve'telek, a 
      hosszu' ro~pte'k, a hosszu' va'gta'k, barna'ssa'rga naplemente'k 
      feledhetetlen liraisa'got ko~lcso~no~znek a ritua'lis vada'szat ke'-
      peinek. A film ereje't kazahszta'ni ne'pzene ero"siti. "E'jszaka 
      va'gta'zok a hegyek fele', e'nekem mindenki hallja. Hatalmas lovamon 
      va'gta'zok, o" minden reme'nyem e's bu~szkese'gem. E'lvezem a hold-
      fe'nyt, a nya'r illata't."
15.50 CIMBORA - Tallo'zo'   (50')
      Szerkeszto": E'. Szabo' Ma'rta.
      Forgato'csoportunkkal Amerika keleti partja'n ja'rtunk, Wass Albert 
      iro' otthona'ban.
16.40 VA'RATLAN UTAZA'S   (46')
      XIII/6.: A puding pro'ba'ja
      Kanadai ifju'sa'gi film
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Lucky Moud Montgomery. Zene: John Welsman, Don 
      Gillis. Operato"r: Manfred Guthe. Rendezte: Paul Shapiro
      Szereplo"k: Sarah Polley, Zachary Bennett, Gema Zamprogna, Mag 
      Ruffman, Jackie Burroughs, Cedric Smith
      Az egyre o~na'llo'bb Felicity megfogadja, hogy mig szu~lei ta'vol 
      lesznek,  szigoru'an fogja a gyerekeket. Ko~zben e'rkezik a hir egy 
      ido"s nagyne'ni la'togata'sa'ro'l. Sarah csomagot e'desapja'to'l, 
      benne egy gyo~nyo~ru" ke'k szate'ncipo"vel.
17.30 Mese
      TOM E'S JERRY SHOW        3.  (23')
18.00 HIRADO'        (15')
18.15 AZ ARANY BU"VO~LETE'BEN    /1984./    (102')
      Francia ja'te'kfilm
      Rendezte: Henry Verneuil
      Szereplo"k: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Marie Laforet, Jacques Villeret
      Tune'zia, 1943. Az afrikai fronton du'lo' ha'boru' egyik helyi 
      akcio'ja'nak ne'gy tu'le'lo"je elhata'rozza, hogy megszerzi a romma' 
      lo"tt va'ros bankja'nak 10 tonna aranya't.
19.55 AZ EMBERISE'G KALANDJA     (43')
      XIII/8.: Egy ne'p, amely ku~zd a fennmarada'sa'e'rt
      Spanyol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat 
      Alberto Oliveras filmje
      Zene: Juan Carlos Perez. Rendezo"-operato"r: Yon Inchaustegui
      Bolivia o"slakosai, az aymara'k ma'ig fenntartja'k azt a re'gi 
      szoka'sukat, hogy orvos-sa'ma'njaikat, az u'n. allahualla-kat 
      elku~ldik az orsza'g minden teru~lete're, hogy meggyo'gyitsa'k a 
      ra'szorulo'kat. Oliveras e's sta'bja a Titikaka to'na'l tala'lkozott
      egyiku~kkel, a 160 e'ves vara'zslo'val, aki egya'ltala'n nem egyedu~l 
      e'rt meg ilyen magas kort a teru~leten.
20.40 PLATEA LUPORUM  (15')
      Kolozsva'r, Farkas utca...
      Rendezo"-operato"r: Xantus Ga'bor
      A film elvezet Kolozsva'r egy, ma ma'r szimbo'lumma' va'lt utca'ja'-
      ba, az egykori va'rosfal ko~zele'ben hu'zo'do' Farkas utca'ba. A 
      va'rosnak e cso~ndes szigete, annak minden ko~ve e's e'pu~lete to~r-
      te'nelem. Az e'vsza'zados iskola'k, az elso" kolozsva'ri magyar 
      ja'te'kszin ma'r csak emle'kezetben e'lo" falai, az o'don reforma'tus 
      templom mind-mind a kolozsva'ri magyar kultu'ra e's szellemise'g 
      Benne: Hirado'
      Besza'molo' a Roma'niai Magyar Demokrata Szo~vetse'g Kongresszusa'-
      Ta'ncha'z: Gyo~rgyfalvi Ta'ncha'z, Sze'ki Ta'ncha'z, Kalotaszegi 
      Ta'ncha'z, Kolozsva'ri Ta'ncha'z
23.55 VERS     (2')  
      Sze'kely Ja'nos: Galambok
      Elmondja: Ga'spa'r Imola
1995. ma'j. 28. vasa'rnap
09.00 Hirek, mu"sorismertete's    (5')
09.05 BENJI      (22')
      XIII/11.: Tanulo' pilo'ta
      Amerikai ifju'sa'gi filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyv: Len Jauson, Chuck Menville. 
      Operato"r: Jarry Callaway. Rendezte: Joe Camp
      Fo"szereplo": Chris Burton
09.25 POPEYE     (22')
      A harmadik spento'tsa'g utolso' o~sszecsapa'sa
      Amerikai rajzfilmsorozat
10.00 SPORTKE'PEK (heti o~sszefoglalo')  (120')
      Fo"szerkeszto": Juni Gyo~rgy
12.00 De'li harangszo', mu"sorismertete's  (5')
12.05 FE'NYESSE'G FOLYO'JA   IV/2.       (56')
      Galamb az elza'rt kertben
      Izlandi dokumentumfilm
      Zene: Alex Buckley. Operato"r: Michael Gore. Rendezte: John Bird
      A spanyol to~rte'nelmet ko~vetkezetesen a't- meg a'tszo~vi Krisztus 
      Anyja'nak tisztelete. A te'rse'g valla'si ke'pe't meghata'rozo' 
      iszla'm szent irata a Kora'n Ma'ria't minden asszonyok legkiemelke-
      do"bbike'nek e's legtiszta'bbja'nak tekinti. A hitu~kben elme'-
      lyu~lt mohameda'nok e's kereszte'nyek u'gy la'tja'k: ha le'tezhet 
      be'ke ko~zo~ttu~k, akkor az egyedu~l Ma'ria a'ltal lehetse'ges. A 
      filmben megismerkedhetu~nk a te'rse'g hires Ma'ria-kegyhelyeivel 
      e's a spanyol to~rte'nelem legjelento"sebb szeme'lyise'ge'vel, 
      akinek hosszu' ido"kre kihato' do~nte'seit a Ma'ria-tisztelet e's 
      az istenhit me'lyrehato'an meghata'rozta.
13.00 KUTYAPORTRE'K      (43')
      Az uszka'r
      Francia ismeretterjeszto" sorozat
      Zene: Sebastien Regnier. Operato"r: Thierry Garon, Gilles Roussel
      Rendezte: Gilles Roussel
      Sokan u'gy ve'lik, hogy az uszka'r szalonkutya, a legku~lo~nbo~-
      zo"bben nyirt frizura'kkal. Valo'ja'ban kiva'lo' u'szo'ke'pesse'-
      ge'nek ko~szo~nheto"en e'vsza'zadokon a't kacsavada'szatra 
13.40 BELSO" VILA'GUNK     (51')
      VI/6.: A szervezet hata'ro"rse'ge: az immunrendszer
      Japa'n ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat
      Forgato'ko~nyviro': Josida Ricu. Zene: Hazsaisi Dzso'
      Operato"r: Ohucsijama Maszalori, Carl O. Lofman
      Rendezte: Koide Goro
14.30 VILA'GTO~RTE'NET   22.     (26')
      Az Amerikai Egyesu~lt A'llamok kialakula'sa
      Angol ismeretterjeszto" filmsorozat a TIMES magazin vila'gto~r-
      te'neti atlasza alapja'n
      Zene: Hans Zimmer. Operato"r: Philip Wooley
      Rendezte: John Selwyn Gilbert
      1776-ban az e'szak-amerikai fo~ldre'szen 13 tartoma'ny megele'gelte 
      az angol korma'ny kapzsisa'ga't, hozza' nem e'rte'se't, e's dekla-
      ra'lta'k a Fu~ggetlense'gi Nyilatkozatot. Thomas Jefferson e's 
      George Washington ta'bornok azonban nehezen sza'nta el maga't a 
      ve'ge'rve'nyes szakita'sra, igy csak 1787-ben szu~letett meg az 
      A'llamok Szo~vetse'ge'nek alkotma'nya. Az ezt ko~veto" ido"szak a 
      teru~leti gyarapita'se', a "Go West! " jegye'ben.
15.00 KERMAN      (12')
      Magyar u'tifilm
      Operato"r: Ve'ka's Pe'ter. Rendezte: Rambad Lofti
      Az ira'ni Kerman va'rosa'nak nevezetesse'gei, e's a to"le de'lre 
      fekvo" A'rk-e Ba'm romva'ros bemutata'sa.
15.10 "FU~GGO~NY FEL!"   II/2.   (44')
      A Lopo'to~k szinta'rsulattal Erde'lyben e's Moldva'ban
      Zene: Tatros egyu~ttes - Kere'nyi Ro'bert, Lada'nyi Ferenc, Nyiri 
      La'szlo', Ro'ka Szabolcs, valamint Antal Zolta'n hegedu"s
      Operato"r: Do~mo~to~r Pe'ter. Rendezte: Domokos Ja'nos
      Szereplo"k: Lopo'to~k egyu~ttes, Boka Ga'bor, Buza's Miha'ly, 
      Dus Polett, Vira'gvo~lgyi No'ra, Zugmann Zolta'n, Pa'lyi Ja'nos
      A szinha'zi elo"ada'st rendezte: Boka Ga'bor
      Elmondja: Luka'cs Sa'ndor
      Fe'nyke'pezte: Gergely Sa'ndor
16.10 POSTABONTA'S -- LEVE'LVA'LTA'S     (15')
      Szerkeszto": To~ro~k Erzse'bet. Rendezte: Ka'zsme'r Ka'lma'n
16.25 EMLE'KKE'PEK -- RE'GI HIRADO'K      (15')
      Bokor Pe'ter mu"sora
16.40 KEDVES...     (45')
      Szo'rakoztato' magazin -- no"kro"l no"knek
      Szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Barko' Judit, Kalocsai Andrea
      Rendezte: Bozsogi Ja'nos
17.30 Mese      (24')
      SZIPPANCSOK: Ancsali Ficsu'rt rendbehozza'k
17.55 Mu"sorismertete's    (5')
      Benne: Heti Hirmondo'
      Besza'molo' a Roma'niai Magyar Demokrata Szo~vetse'g kongresszusa'-
19.30 A BAGDADI TOLVAJ  /1940./ (102')
      Angol film
      Forgato'ko"nyviro': Biro' Lajos, Miles Malleson
      Operato"r: Georges Perinal, Osmond Borradaile. Zene: Ro'zsa Miklo's
      Rendezte: Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger, Tim Whelan
      Fo"szereplo"k: Conrad Veidt, Sabu, John Justin, Miles Malleson, 
      June Duprez
      Bagdad jo'szivu" kira'lya, Ahmed vak kolduske'nt bolyong kutya'ja'-
      val birodalma utca'in. Nagyveze're, a gonosz tro'nbitorlo' Jaffar 
      ko~veti, s ero"szakkal bo~rto~nbe veti. Az igazsa'gos kira'ly itt 
      ko~t bara'tsa'got Abuval, az u~gyes e's vida'm tolvaj-gyermekkel. 
      Egyu~tt szo~knek e's egyu~tt csoda'lhatja'k a szulta'n lea'nya't. 
      Ahmed szerelemre lobban a sze'pse'g la'tta'n, de az a'lnok Jaffar 
      ma'gikus hatalma'val isme't ko~zbele'p - a kira'lyt vak fo~ldo~n-
      futo'va', a fiu't pedig kutya'va' vara'zsolja. Jaffar nagyveze'r 
      szerepe'ben Conrad Veidt la'thato', a ne'met expresszionista filmek 
      fo"szereplo"je. A bagdadi tolvaj pedig nem ma's, mint Sabu, a hindu 
      szine'sz, Flaherty felfedezettje.
21.10 A ZENE ARCAI      (50')
      Komolyzenei magazin
      Felelo"s szerkeszto"-mu"sorvezeto": Bartalus Ilona
      Szerkeszto"-riporter: Fehe'r Aniko'. Rendezte: Jeli Ferenc
      Ku~lo~nkiada's, amelyben azokat az erde'lyi zenemu"ve'szeket e's 
      zenepedago'gusokat ismerhetik meg a ne'zo"k ko~zelebbro"l, akik 
      Kolozsva'rott e's Marosva'sa'rhelyen mu"ko~dnek.
22.00 "U'T A BO~LCSO"TO"L..."    (35')
      Riportfilm Farkas Bertalan u"rrepu~le'se'nek 15. e'vfordulo'ja'ra.
      Operato"r: To'th-Szo~llo"s Andra's. Rendezte: Szila'gyi Pe'ter
      1980. ma'jus 26-a'n Farkas Bertalan vada'szpilo'ta, elso" - s ma'ig 
      egyetlen - magyarke'nt u"rutaza'son vett re'szt. Az u"rkutata's 
      to~rte'nete'ro"l, az u"rutaza's sora'n szerzett e'lme'nyeiro"l 
      Zombori Otto' fizikus besze'lget vele.
      Jan Hammer, Tony Williams
      Operato"r: Louis Choquette, Richard Hamel, Eddy Proulx, Pierre 
      Theoret. Rendezte: Pierre Sequin
      Ko~zremu"ko~dik: Jan Hammer, Tony Williams, Jordan Rudes, Fernando 
      Saunders, Andy Topeka
23.35 VERS      (3')
      Sze'csi Margit: Pa'va a tu"zfalon
      Elmondja: Berek Kati